Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/9/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/9/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ goes to Paige's dorm and finds her body in the shower. JJ checks her pulse and finds a tie around her neck in the same way Serena was found.

Chad wakes up on the floor of his hotel room.

Ben and Abigail lay in bed together and kiss. Abigail apologizes for earlier about the wedding planner. Ben can't wait to be married and they continue kissing.

Kayla calls Steve and says she wants to talk about Joey. Steve says to tell him when and where but Kayla gets paged to the operating room and hangs up. Aiden walks by Steve, who says they didn't get a chance to finish their talk but Aiden thinks they did.

Rafe and Hope talk at the station. Rafe says he's still not convinced that they have enough to bring Chad in for the murder. Hope agrees and Rafe thanks her for backing him up. A big bouquet of flowers is brought in for Hope from Aiden. Rafe jokes about it being the sixth time this week.

Eve goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Theresa. Brady jogs by and out the door before Theresa can stop him. Theresa talks about Tate and offers to let Eve hold him but she says it just makes her miss her little girl.

JJ calls 911 and they ask what his emergency is as he can't get the words out.

Rafe asks Hope if arresting Chad would come between she and Aiden since Aiden is defending Chad. Hope says they will manage. Roman arrives and asks what they have. Hope has an appointment so she exits while Rafe fills Roman in. Roman tells Rafe that he's glad he's back and tells him to follow the rules this time.

JJ asks for 911 to send someone to his girlfriend's dorm. JJ cries over Paige's body.

Chad staggers over to an empty bottle on the table and takes a drink of water then falls back down to the floor, questioning what the hell is happening to him.

Steve questions Aiden. Aiden gets that he's Bo's best friend and hates that he's in Hope's life but reminds him that he's the one who left Hope. Steve says allegedly. Hope interrupts. Aiden explains to Hope how Steve feels. Steve questions Aiden swooping in on Hope's life so fast. Hope tells Steve to stop.

A guard drags Bo to the corner of the cell and tells him that he's not making this easy and suggests telling them what they want to know.

Ben and Abigail talk about having a baby. Ben admits he's a little nervous as it's a big responsibility. Ben tells her that it's all happening for them, they are starting a life together and never looking back.

Chad goes to the town square with his tablet and looks up blackouts alcohol. Chad gets up and bumps in to Brady jogging by. Brady comments that he looks like hell and asks if he's alright. Chad mentions the murder charge hanging over his head. Brady goes to leave but Chad stops him to ask a question.

JJ remains with Paige's body until the police arrive.

Rafe tells Roman that he's just trying to do the best he can. Rafe informs him that he saw a heated conversation between Chad and Paige that looked like Chad may have been trying to intimidate a witness. Rafe isn't convinced Chad is their guy but still plans to investigate every angle. Roman gets a call and says he'll be right there. Roman hangs up and informs Rafe that they have another murder on their hands so they exit.

Eve apologizes to Theresa and praises Tate but misses Paige so much. Theresa encourages her to just be patient. Eve talks about when Paige was a baby and now she says she's dead to her. Theresa compares it to her with her mom. Eve complains about not having Paige in her life and can't imagine anything worse.

JJ cries at the cops check Paige's body.

Steve asks for a moment alone with Hope but Hope refuses, wanting Aiden to hear everything she has to say. Hope argues that Aiden didn't swoop in on her like a helpless woman. Hope asks Steve if he thinks she's being disloyal. Hope tells Steve that Bo deserted her just like Steve deserted Kayla. Steve states that he's back now. Aiden points out that Bo is still gone. Steve questions what Hope thinks Bo is doing. Hope doesn't give a damn about the ISA or the mission when family always comes first. Steve brings up seeing Victor and showing him the letters which he questions if Bo even wrote. Hope calls it ridiculous. Steve says maybe not. Hope asks what Victor thought. Steve admits he wasn't sure. Hope talks about how painful it was to finally accept that Bo chose his job over his family. Steve questions how she even knows when she never heard back from Bo after filing for divorce. Hope thinks she should've heard something if he wanted to fight for them.

Roman and Rafe arrive at Paige's dorm. Roman sees Paige's body and orders the other cops to start knocking on doors to find out if anyone saw anything. Rafe checks on JJ. The other cop brings up finding him with the body but Roman says not now. Rafe asks JJ what happened. JJ explains that Paige called, wanting to meet as she had something to tell him but he got there to this. JJ swears he didn't do it and would never hurt her. Roman says they know that. Rafe goes in to see the body and calls for a blanket to cover her up.

Chad tells Brady that he's been hitting the bottle a little bit hard lately. Brady asks if he wants one of his sponsors. Chad talks about waking up and being unable to remember the last couple hours. Brady asks if he thinks he would think it's normal. Chad didn't mean anything by it. Brady suggests he'll probably black out if he drinks that much. Chad talks about it not happening before but Brady points out he may not have drank that much before. Brady suggests he'll never remember the time he lost but sometimes that is something to be grateful for.

Roman asks JJ if he has any information on who would have wanted to hurt Paige and to let him know if he comes up with anything. Rafe finds a crushed flower petal near the body and sends it in as evidence. JJ questions that being the big clue after someone murdered Paige. JJ yells for them to go out and get who did this. Roman knows it's hard but tells him to stay focused and in control. Roman sends JJ with another cop to the station to give his statement. Roman tells Rafe that he will see him back at the station as he's going to notify the next of kin.

Steve sees that Hope has moved on and rebuilt her life but questions how long she has known Aiden. Steve doesn't think Bo would approve. Hope tells him that Bo isn't here and is probably never coming back. Steve questions ever hearing Bo say that. Aiden cuts him off and tells him to try listening to Hope because it's difficult for her. Steve argues that Aiden doesn't know about Bo and Hope's kind of love. Aiden warns him to back off so Steve questions what will happen if he doesn't.

Ben and Abigail eat at the club. Abigail thanks him for taking care of her. Ben says he will see her after his shift and kisses her goodbye then exits. Abigail gets up and bumps in to Theresa. Theresa gathers her design drawings that she dropped. Abigail questions Theresa drawing those.

Roman goes to the hospital to find Eve. Roman asks for a quiet place to talk. Eve asks what's going on. Roman tells her that it's about Paige. Eve asks if she's okay. Roman apologizes and informs Eve that Paige was killed tonight as someone broke in to her room. Eve starts to cry and can't believe it. Roman wishes he was wrong and hugs her as she cries.

Abigail didn't know of Theresa's talents. Theresa mocks her and says she's part of the reason for her career change.

Hope tells Steve that's enough and talks about Bo leaving his family. Hope asks Steve to let it go. Steve tells Hope to do what she wants but he can't let it go. Steve walks away. Hope apologizes to Aiden for Steve having a hard time letting things go. Aiden says he's the one who is sorry for her being shaken up. Aiden asks Hope if she really thinks Bo is in trouble but she says no as she's very happy while they hug.

Bo shivers in the corner of his cell in torn up clothes as the guard exits, leaving him alone.

Rafe gets a call from Justin, who asks about the second murder with the same MO of the Serena case. Justin worries that the public will begin to think they are dealing with a serial killer. Justin asks if they've checked to see if Chad has an alibi.

Brady tells Chad that he knows what to do and offers to send him information or go to a meeting with him but Chad argues that he doesn't have a problem.

Eve cries to Roman, questioning who would do this and how Paige was the sweetest girl. Roman offers to take her to the station but Eve refuses to go anywhere until she sees Paige.

Steve goes to see Kayla in her office. She asks if he's talked to Joey today. Steve says he talked but Joey didn't. Kayla got some words but wishes she hadn't as he gets to her. Steve jokes about how he was at that age. Kayla tells Steve that she's not blaming him for everything that has happened and she doesn't want to move backwards. Kayla is desperate to help Joey so she's going to ask for Steve's help.

Rafe returns to the station. Justin asks where Chad is. Rafe says he hasn't talked to him yet as they just finished securing the crime scene. Justin brings up Paige being a witness against Chad and then being killed under the same circumstance as Serena. Roman enters. Justin asks if Eve had any clue on a suspect. Roman tells him to let her grieve. The testing on the flower petal comes back as a rare flower. Rafe recognizes it from the DiMera Estate.

Clyde meets JJ outside the town square and questions him ever summoning him again. JJ grabs Clyde and accuses him of killing Paige. A red laser target appears on JJ so Clyde warns that he let go of him right now.

Eve goes in to see Paige's body and cries over her that she's so sorry.

Aiden walks through the town square and drops his money. A man appears and steps on it then takes it. He says he came to collect his debt and warns Aiden to give them the rest or he'll be back.

Hope goes home and sits down, thinking back to writing her goodbye letter to Bo.

Bo lays curled up in his cell and dreams of returning to rescue Hope.

Brady comes home to find Theresa pouring a drink. Brady questions what she's doing and decides she doesn't need a drink right now.

Steve tells Kayla that Joey will be angry with him now for dragging him back to Salem. Kayla assumes it's all up to her then but Steve says he's not giving up on Joey or on them. Kayla responds that there is no them. Steve argues that they are still a family. Kayla says there is no him and her anymore. Kayla gets paged and has to get back to running the hospital so she exits.

The guard returns to Bo and puts a pill in his mouth then exits. Bo coughs up and spits the pill out then sticks it in a tiny hole in the wall.

Hope's doorbell rings as Aiden arrives. Aiden thought maybe she wasn't home. Hope says she was just thinking about a lot of things and invites him in. Hope says she knows in her heart that she really needs to move forward in her life. She thanks Aiden for giving her the time she needed to answer his proposal. Hope declares that she accepts and nothing would make her prouder than being Mrs. Aiden Jennings as they hug.

JJ lets go of Clyde. Clyde warns that he is always in his sights so his man knows when he's sleeping or awake. JJ tells him that he didn't have to kill Paige as he never breathed a word about him. Clyde warns that he only needs to focus on their business and not to let him down as he walks away.

Eve goes to the station and hugs Justin as she cries.

Rafe goes to Chad's room at the Salem Inn and asks if he recognizes the flower petal.

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