Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/8/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/8/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ goes home and finds an envelope at the door. He opens it and thinks back to Clyde's warnings as inside is a bullet. Paige shows up and tries to take it but JJ puts it away and tells Paige that she needs to go so she leaves.

Aiden talks on the phone, saying he wouldn't dream of letting them down.

Steve insists to Victor that the letters weren't written by Bo and he can prove it.

Hope and Eric meet at the club. Hope apologizes for missing Serena's funeral. Eric says there were only a dozen people there and blames himself for her being in Salem. Eric talks about not thinking they could be friends. Hope assures him that it's not his fault. Eric asks if there are any other leads or new suspects. They then look over to the bar where Chad is working.

Rafe talks on the phone with a cop, who is at the hospital. The cop informs Rafe that they traced the key found in the park to the main gate to the DiMera Mansion which Abigail overhears. Rafe shows Roman, who feels Chad is looking more guilty by the minute. Rafe is unsure since the DiMeras are not sloppy. Justin joins them and wants to know what the holdup is. Justin tells Rafe to do his job and arrest Chad already.

Eric wants to confront Chad but Hope stops him. Eric says he can't stand the sight of him so they leave the club. Chad gets a call from Abigail, who says she needs to see him. Chad doesn't think that's a good idea but Abigail tells him there is something that he needs to know.

JJ follows Paige to the park and apologizes for wanting to make sure no one was following him. Paige worries that it's a death threat and wants JJ to get through to the DEA but JJ can't take that chance. Paige asks now what. JJ says he was brought in to bring down the head of the drug operation but he has to do it his way so that Clyde never sees it coming. Paige asks how she can help but JJ tells her to just stay away.

Ben is at home and texts Abigail that he thought she was getting off early so they could meet with the wedding planner and asks what is going on.

Abigail meets Chad at the club and informs him that she overheard a cop found the key to the DiMera Mansion gate. Chad laughs. Abigail asks if the key is his and if he was at the park with Serena that night. Chad responds that the truth is he's not sure. Abigail asks how he could not know. Chad admits he doesn't remember everything that night.

Justin and Rafe argue over whether Chad is innocent or guilty. Justin goes over the evidence. Justin asks if Roman agrees but he doesn't necessarily. Rafe tells Justin that this is his case so he's not going to walk in and tell him how to run his investigation. Hope arrives with Eric and questions what's going on.

Steve talks to Victor about pulling up records to prove Bo was never in Tahiti but Victor argues that Steve is just trying to act like a hero. Steve asks what if he's not wrong. Victor decides they need to figure out who wrote the letter and where Bo is.

The body lying face down in an undisclosed location remains. A guard comes in, kicks him and takes the food tray before closing up the cell again.

Paige questions JJ thinking he can bring down a drug lord by himself and argues that he has to let her help but JJ refuses to drag her in to this. Paige worries about something happening to him. JJ responds that he'll do whatever it takes to protect her because he loves her. JJ knows she doesn't want to hear that because he broke her heart and maybe she can't forgive him but someday he hopes they can sit down and talk about her maybe not hating him. Paige tells him that she doesn't hate him so she agrees to maybe do that. Paige decides she should go and asks him to please be careful. JJ reminds her that she can't tell anyone about Clyde. Paige understands and kisses him on the cheek as she then exits.

Ben talks on the phone with the wedding planner that Abigail got stuck at work so he asks if they can reschedule. Ben thanks them and hangs up. Ben checks his messages but doesn't have any so he starts to go to his app but instead goes to his computer. Ben then goes back to his phone to track where Abigail is and finds that she is at the club.

Chad brings Abigail to his office in the club and tells her that Aiden told him not to tell anyone but he can trust her to keep it to herself. Abigail asks Chad why he doesn't remember. Chad calls it a really bad night and goes over getting drunk at the club. Chad tells Abigail about hitting it off with Serena at first until she slapped him and left. Chad went after but doesn't remember anything until waking up in the hotel with the worst hangover. Chad knows it looks bad and he can't even say that he didn't do it for sure. Chad worries that maybe his worst fear came true and he is a murderer.

Justin yells that maybe Hope can convince Rafe to do his job as he walks out. Eric steps out as Rafe complains to Hope and Roman about Justin. Roman doesn't think that Justin is being completely unreasonable. They inform Hope about the key found. Roman points out that Chad is their only suspect. Roman asks Hope if she wants to jump in but Hope has confidence in Rafe handling it. Roman leaves them. Rafe thanks Hope. Hope asks if he wants her to stick around to help but Rafe knows she has to pick up Ciara. Rafe just wants justice served and to find the killer.

Steve tells Victor that maybe Bo hasn't been working for the ISA and someone just wants them to believe that. Victor continues to mock him but Steve says it's not a conspiracy theory. Steve asks if Victor ever heard Bo say he was on an ISA mission. Victor admits he didn't but wonders why someone would want them to believe that. Steve doesn't know but thinks he knows where to get some answers.

Aiden goes to the DiMera Mansion to meet Stefano, thanking him for meeting and adding that he knows it's risky to meet here.

JJ talks to Agent Watts on the phone, saying there is nothing new to report. Agent Watts doesn't like this dragging out and encourages him to get this done. JJ says he's close and knows what's on the line.

Rafe walks through the town square with Paige about what she saw with Chad and Serena. Rafe wants to go over the details in case they missed anything.

Eric asks Roman what Rafe and Justin were arguing about but Roman can't discuss an ongoing investigation. Roman asks about Serena's funeral. Eric complains about hardly anyone being there. Eric wishes she got another shot while she was alive. Roman tells him that he's sorry. Eric says all they can do for her now is to find the killer and make sure they don't hurt anyone else again.

Ben calls the club with an accent pretending to be someone looking for Chad and trying to find out if he's with someone but he can't get it confirmed.

Abigail asks Chad if he really thinks he's capable of killing someone. Chad tells her that he lied to her and the police. Abigail says they know he's capable of lying but she refuses to believe the worst in him because she knows the sacrifice he made to protect her from Stefano. Abigail believes Chad is a person of character and not a violent person. Abigail insists it wasn't him. Chad thanks her, saying it means a lot that she believes in him. Abigail assures him it will be fine and he will be found innocent so this whole thing will be behind him. They get close so Abigail decides she should go and exits.

Stefano asks Aiden what the emergency is. Aiden needs an advance on the fee that he promised. Stefano reminds him that he would only pay when Aiden and Hope are married. Aiden talks about it being an uphill battle to get Hope to fall in love with him and forget about Bo. Aiden reveals that Stefano brought him to town a year ago and says he needs the money now.

Hope brings Ciara home. Ciara talks about boys in school. Hope asks if they could sit and talk. Ciara notes that it sounds serious. Hope brings up getting closer with Aiden. Ciara guesses that Aiden spent the night while she was on her sleepover, noting that she smelled his cologne. Ciara jokes that Hope isn't the only detective in the house. Hope wants to know how Ciara feels about she and Aiden before things get serious. Hope asks if she likes him. Ciara says sure. Ciara guesses that Aiden asked her to marry him.

Roman assures Eric that they will find Serena's killer. Eric wishes it never came to this and brings up Serena saving Caroline's life. Eric doesn't think he ever appreciated her.

Ben gets a call from Abigail and asks if everything is okay. Abigail apologizes and claims that she didn't see his text. She says she felt sick so she went to the club for some tea and forgot about the wedding planner. Ben tells her that he already rescheduled. Ben asks if she really thinks it's a good idea to be hanging out in Chad's club. Abigail says that Chad owns the place but is hardly ever there even though they live in the same town. Ben brings up Chad being a murder suspect so he suggests she keep her distance from him. Abigail doesn't want to talk about it but Ben doesn't think some people deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Chad hides around the corner to listen in as Paige goes over what she saw to Rafe. Paige apologizes for not being able to tell him more. Rafe thanks her and mentions that he will be questioning other shop owners so he might talk to her again to verify details. Rafe thanks her and walks away. Chad comes around the corner and approaches Paige, saying he needs to talk to her.

Steve meets John at the Pub. Steve talks about leaving the ISA while John gets roped back in. John asks what he can do for him. Steve asks about being the last person Bo talked to before he went undercover. John recalls talking to him in Europe and saying that the investigation had gotten bigger. John notes that he didn't give much detail and asks if Steve thinks something is going on.

Hope admits that Aiden proposed. Ciara questions if she said no. Hope says she didn't say no or yes. Ciara is glad she didn't turn him down flat. Hope wanted to talk to her first. Ciara recalls first thinking that Aiden and Chase were jerks but they turned out cool enough. Ciara says what's important is that Aiden makes Hope happy and she doesn't want her to be sad anymore so she should tell him yes. Hope asks if she's sure she's really okay. Ciara jokes that she wants the bigger room when they move in together and she wants to be in the wedding. Ciara asks about the ring. Hope tells her that the big issue is that if they do get married, Aiden would never take Bo's place. Ciara understands but sometimes wishes he could. Hope hugs her.

Stefano warns Aiden to watch his tone with him, reminding Aiden that he works for him. Stefano asks if he couldn't afford a decent engagement ring on his lawyer's salary. Aiden says he had to get the very best. Stefano questions Hope not accepting his proposal yet. Aiden assures that she will because he played it perfectly. Aiden talks about dedicating night and day to this job. Aiden just wants a small advance on the money owed to him because he's earned it. Stefano will not be satisfied until they are married and Bo is out of her memory. Aiden yells about wanting the money. Stefano reminds Aiden of what he knows about his past and warns him about raising his voice or making demands.

Roman knows how difficult this is for Eric. Roman gets call and tells Eric to take all the time he needs. Eric thanks him as Roman encourages and hugs him. Roman exits. Eric sits down and begins to pray, hoping God can help him make sense of all this. Eric says he's been trying to keep the faith but after everything that's happened, he doesn't know why. Eric complains about Serena finally getting her life turned around and it's just not right.

Chad asks Paige what she told Rafe about him. Paige says it was the truth about what happened that night and tells him to leave her alone. Chad grabs her and says whatever she thinks she knows, she's wrong. Paige warns him not to touch her again and storms off. Paige calls JJ and says she has something important to tell him so she asks him to meet at her dorm.

John confirms to Steve that Bo told him he was working for the ISA. John feels Steve went looking for what he wanted. Steve brings up knowing Bo since he was 18 and that he would never leave his family like that. John calls it part of life. John brings up Bo being really driven for the sake of his family so he'll check out Steve's theory but his gut says he went off on his own free will.

Hope walks around her house and looks at a photo of her, Ciara, and Bo on a shelf then flashes back to past memories with Bo, Bo leaving, and getting with Aiden. Hope opens the drawer and looks at Aiden's ring then begins to cry.

The body in the cell rolls over confirming it to be Bo Brady.

JJ goes to Paige's dorm and finds her body in the shower.

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