Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/4/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/4/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena wakes up in bed where John greets her with a yellow rose. Marlena comments on her dream then worries about the time and missing her first patient but John informs her that he made some calls to clear her day which angers Marlena who calls it presumptuous.

Nicole finds Brady in the town square. She says what happened to Serena was terrible. They feel it's a wake up call. Nicole brings up John putting Basic Black on the market. Brady talks about finding the right buyer. Nicole responds that he's looking at her.

Theresa meets with Maggie at the club and tells her that she wants to buy Basic Black. Maggie questions her getting the money. Theresa wants Maggie to be her investor.

Kayla brings Joey to the Pub and talks about making a good impression to get Joey in to school. Mr. Marks from the school arrives to meet them. Joey openly says he's not interested in going to class as Kayla tries to cover.

Victor tells Steve that Bo is undercover for the ISA. Steve believes that Victor knows more but Victor says he doesn't. Steve wants to know what Victor knows and demands to know where's Bo.

A body is seen lying face down in an undisclosed location, struggling to move in ripped up clothes. A guard enters the caged area and drops a plate of food on the ground next to them.

Victor questions Steve thinking he wouldn't tell Hope if he knew where Bo was. Steve argues. Victor warns him and assures that he doesn't know where Bo is. Steve decides he's not leaving without a real answer. Victor repeats that he doesn't know where he is so Steve suggests they try to figure it out together to find out where Bo really is. Victor blames the ISA for shipping him off. Steve asks if he's sure it was them. Victor says he didn't get anywhere with them. Steve argues that it's been way too long and that they know Bo wouldn't leave Hope hanging no matter what. Victor compares it to Steve leaving Kayla and their family. Steve responds that he's not Bo and this isn't about him. Victor points out that Steve is back for the first time in years and questions Bo being his first priority.

Kayla tries to explain to Mr. Marks that Joey had been going through family issues. Kayla goes over Joey's records but Joey continues to complain and point out his wrongdoings so Mr. Marks ends the interview and exits. Kayla questions what is going on with Joey.

John asks Marlena to hear him out and apologizes for presuming as he thought it'd be a gift to her. John calls last night a big step for them which Marlena agrees with. John felt they should savor the moment. Marlena points out John being up and awake then notices his bag packed. John informs her that the ISA called for a briefing in Washington DC. Marlena questions all this romancing being just so he could leave her and save the world again.

Brady laughs off the idea of Nicole buying Basic Black. Nicole argues that she will have the money to make a bid. Brady can't believe she's serious. Nicole wants a real challenge to be proud of. Nicole tells Brady that she was looking for him to ask if John would work with them on the price. Brady apologizes and says he can't talk to John for her.

Theresa tries to convince Maggie to invest. Maggie questions why she would do it when Theresa has not been dependable. Theresa argues that she is now but Maggie feels she doesn't know the first thing about running a business. Theresa insists that she is what Basic Black needs and shows Maggie her design drawings which impresses her. Theresa talks about when she stopped drawing and believing she could be anything but knows she has a talent for drawing.

Brady questions Nicole wanting him to convince John to sell her Basic Black for a lower price. Nicole says she's good to make up the payments and questions why he doesn't want to help her. Brady doesn't think she should get involved in something that could backfire. Nicole asks if he doesn't trust her.

John tries to encourage Marlena about the ISA call and says he'll be back in a day or two. John calls it torture for him but knows it's not as much as it is for her. John insists that she is the most important aspect of his life and he doesn't want to blow it so Marlena tells him not to.

Kayla brings Joey to her office and questions his behavior. Joey complains that he doesn't want to go to prep school. Kayla doesn't think public school is a good fit for him but Joey yells about what he wants. Kayla blames his anger towards Steve. Joey blames her as the reason Steve took off in the first place.

Victor asks Steve about his family reunion. Steve calls it hard to say but Victor says he knows it sucks. Victor tells him to take care of his own business and leave Bo out of it.

Marlena calls it unfair for John to romance her only to leave her so John calls the ISA and tells them that he can't make it to DC and will have to reschedule for next week which surprises Marlena. John says he should have done that in the first place. Marlena accuses John of making it all up so that he could cancel and be her hero. They joke around together and end up kissing.

Brady tells Nicole that it's not about trust but he's being protective. Nicole questions him not being able to imagine her succeeding. Brady admits he's skeptical since she has screwed up in the past. Nicole talks about Brady's second chances. Nicole convinces that Brady owes them both as former screw ups.

Theresa shows Maggie more design impressions that she put together. Maggie finds it hard to believe that Theresa couldn't convince her mother of her passion. Theresa gets upset about her mother but calls it a long time ago and says she's taking charge of her dreams now. Maggie calls her work good which pleases Theresa. Theresa thinks new designs could be a new beginning for her and Basic Black. Maggie calls it still a big leap and she could be setting up for a big fall. Theresa argues that she can't just start at the bottom as she has a lot to prove. Theresa knows it will be hard to convince her and John but she refuses to give up on her dreams this time. Theresa shows Maggie a paper of what she wants and what she's willing to give for it. Theresa asks Maggie to just think about it as she exits.

Kayla tells Joey that he's right that she made choices for him but she tried to make the best ones and apologizes for it. Kayla never wanted him to come from a broken home so Joey questions why she broke it. Kayla says they got to a place where it wouldn't work. Joey accuses her of giving up and driving him away. Kayla cries that he's making this so hard for her but she doesn't want to talk bad about Steve. Kayla tells Joey that she is not the reason Steve left.

Steve admits to Victor that things are rough with his family but he's not giving up on them or Bo. Victor questions if he's looking for an excuse to leave town and look noble doing it. Steve wants to prove to Kayla that she could trust him again. Steve adds that he's worried about Bo which is why he wants to find him. Steve wants Victor to stop treating him like the enemy and help him figure out what happened to Bo.

John brings Marlena breakfast in bed so she forgives him for everything. John asks about making it official with marriage. John wants to know what it's going to take after the trip down memory lane not being enough. John adds that he won't give up. Marlena wants to make a deal.

Nicole jokes with Brady. Brady isn't sure about asking John to lower the price but agrees to lend her half the money. Nicole excitedly hugs him and thanks him, calling him the best friend ever as Theresa walks by and sees them together.

Victor tells Steve that it made no sense to him that Bo would go so he did check on it but his people didn't come up with much. Steve calls it a start. Victor isn't sure Bo wants to be home since he chose work which cost him his wife. Victor asks Steve if that sounds familiar.

Nicole continues thanking Brady then rushes off. Theresa approaches Brady, commenting that Nicole seemed happy and asks what's going on. Brady informs Theresa that Nicole is making a bid on Basic Black and asked for his help. Theresa responds that he can't do that to her.

Marlena agrees to exchange wedding vows with John right now on the bed. John doesn't think that sounds official. Marlena calls it provisional for one month and then they will make it real. John then kisses Marlena.

Kayla talks about having to accept Joey growing up but he's old enough to have a bigger say in his decisions. Joey wants the truth but Kayla doesn't know if there is only one truth. Kayla talks about when she first met Steve and how she refuses to let him hurt them again.

Steve looks over the report from Victor's men and calls it flimsy. Victor says they could only follow Bo so far before being grabbed by the ISA, who said they were putting Bo's life in jeopardy so they had to back off. Victor says Bo wrote a couple of letters but they were nothing of value. Steve still wants to look at them just in case.

John holds a yellow rose to Marlena and tells her his wedding vows, promising to get it right this time. Marlena tells him that she knew she would spend the rest of her life with him from the first moment she laid eyes on him. Marlena wants this life for them to work as she continues her wedding vows. John pronounces them provisionally married as they agree on one month and then kiss.

Theresa tells Brady that she was serious about buying Basic Black. Brady doesn't want to hear it. Theresa tries to explain but Brady brings up Nicole's corporate experience with Titan. Theresa questions why Nicole wants it and argues that she has a vision and plans. Brady remembers the folder Theresa has. Theresa explains they were designs and her meeting with Maggie. Brady stops her. Theresa questions if he thinks she's just going to be a loser. Theresa just wants a chance. Brady brings up hearing this before. Theresa asks if that means he will help with John but Brady can't make her any promises because he just told Nicole that he would help her and he won't back out on that.

Steve looks over Bo's letters and agrees that they are vague like travel blogs. Steve finds one and notes that they never went to Tahiti. Steve points out another letter from Bo that's dated in July and he didn't wish Ciara a happy birthday which he would never do. Steve declares that someone else wrote the letters. Victor asks if the ISA did it to shut him up. Steve responds maybe but if not, Bo is in big trouble.

The body in the undisclosed location remains lying face down on the ground and appears to be Bo.

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