Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/3/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/3/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden wakes up in bed with Hope. Hope notes that he was tossing and turning all night. Aiden hopes he didn't keep her awake. Hope responds that she wasn't sleeping too well herself. Aiden asks if something is bothering her. Hope responds that she can't help feeling that he's keeping something from her.

Rafe wakes up at the police station, having fallen asleep at his desk. Rafe looks over the evidence in Serena's murder.

Abigail wakes up from a nightmare of Chad getting arrested for Serena's murder. Ben wakes up and asks what's wrong. Abigail says it's nothing and apologizes for waking him. Ben is worried about her and asks if she was having a bad dream.

Chad comes out of the shower of his hotel room to find Stefano waiting for him. Chad says he has nothing left to say to him but Stefano disagrees and says they have much to talk about. Stefano tells him that Justin is gunning for Chad's arrest. Chad is surprised Stefano gives a damn after disowning him unless he came to make up. Stefano doesn't want bad publicity. Chad asks what a murder investigation is to the DiMeras after Stefano, EJ, and Kristen. Stefano says this isn't about the past but about Chad's future. Chad thought Stefano no longer cared. Stefano states that he had a change of heart. Chad asks if he is here to welcome him back in to the fold then. Stefano says he is willing to do that and help him get clear of the murder charges. Chad asks what the catch is. Stefano tells Chad that all he has to do is go after what he really wants and win back Abigail's heart and her inheritance.

Abigail tells Ben that it wasn't a dream but her morning sickness. Ben asks what he can do for her. Abigail requests animal crackers which Ben had ready. Ben reminds her of their doctor's appointment today. Ben assures her that he will be at all of her appointments from now on since he hated missing the first one. Ben has decided from now on, he's going to be there. Ben tells Abigail that nothing is more important to him than her and their baby. Ben tells her that he loves her. Abigail feels the same as they hug.

Joey joins Steve in the park. Steve is glad he came and hoped they could come to an understanding. Steve is determined to give it his all because he loves him. Joey turns away. Steve knows he has every right to be mad at him and how hard it must have been during the years he was away. Steve hopes he can explain to Joey and make him understand. Joey wishes him luck with that.

Aiden questions why Hope thinks he's keeping something from her. Hope talks about Aiden being so understanding about her not being ready for marriage yet but she can't help worrying that she upset him. Aiden tells her that he doesn't want her to be pressured ever and he's fine if she's reluctant. Hope assures that she loves him as they kiss. Aiden says he never dreamed he could feel how he does about her. Aiden tells Hope that he's not going to give up on her as he knows they belong together. Hope feels so lucky to have him in her life. Aiden says he's the lucky one and is also patient so he's willing to wait for her no matter how long it takes. Hope thanks him for believing in them and understanding as they kiss.

Justin goes to Rafe's office, questioning why Chad has not been arrested yet. Justin brings up the evidence against Chad and that he has no alibi. Rafe says there are still questions. Justin is sure that he can answer them. Rafe asks what Chad's motive would be. Rafe points out that the crime was not premeditated. Justin insists that Chad went ballistic when Serena told him no. Rafe believes that Chad is nothing compared to Stefano, EJ, or Kristen. Rafe points out that DiMeras are also smarter than that. Justin wonders if Rafe forgot how to build a case or if he's trying to appear impartial. Justin argues that something is stopping Rafe from seeing this case as it is. Justin wants the case closed ASAP and walks out.

Chad tells Stefano no because the best thing for Abigail is to stay away from their family. Chad asks why this land even matters to Stefano when he has money. Stefano says he has his reasons and doesn't need to explain them to anyone. Chad wonders if this is all part of some power trip. Stefano reminds Chad that he's in hot water. Chad reminds Stefano that he disowned him so he asks why he cares. Stefano responds that Chad is a DiMera and if he wants to save himself, he will answer him honestly so he can protect him. Stefano asks Chad if he killed Serena Mason.

Eric enters Rafe's office. Rafe knows it's tough and he's sorry to put him through it but he knew Serena better than anyone. Eric asks what he wants him to look for. Rafe says anything that can help them and tells him to take his time going through the evidence. Eric sits down and looks at Serena's camera, bringing back memories. Eric remembers that Serena hoped one day, one of her photographs would mean something.

Chad looks out the window then checks his tablet. Chad grabs his phone and makes a call, saying he needs help.

Ben and Abigail go to the hospital for their doctor's appointment. Ben brings Abigail yogurt and impresses her with knowing his pregnancy research. They meet with Andrea who plans to help deliver the baby.

Steve tells Joey that he was helping people and what he was doing was important but he was always thinking of him. Steve talks about sending gifts so that he would know his dad never forgot him. Joey asks what he wants him to say and questions him thinking they can be close now. Joey tells Steve that he got his gifts but never opened them and threw them all away because he didn't care where he was since he wasn't there. Steve tells him he's here now but Joey calls it too little, too late and walks away.

Maggie, Julie, Kayla, Hope, and Caroline get together at the club and talk about Jennifer having to leave the town center. Julie brings up Joey being back in Salem. Caroline points out Steve bringing him. Kayla calls it a surprise but she's glad to have Joey home. Kayla informs them that Joey plans to go to school in Salem now. Hope tells Kayla that she and Ciara will come by this weekend. Julie brings up Aiden's proposal to Hope and tells her that they are so happy and excited for her while Caroline's expression disagrees. Maggie asks Hope about wedding plans as Julie enthusiastically wants to celebrate until Hope motions towards Caroline. Julie and Maggie apologize to Caroline for bringing it up. Caroline says it's fine as she wants Hope to be happy too. Julie asks Hope about making her wedding plans part of the Salem Bicentennial. Maggie agrees with the idea but Hope stops them. Hope appreciates their support but reveals that she hasn't accepted the proposal yet because she told him that she isn't ready to get married yet.

Justin finds Chad outside the town square and tells him that he could save the time and money if he just confessed right now because everyone knows he killed Serena. Chad questions him and says he'll do his best to remain civil out of respect to Sonny. Chad argues that he's innocent and there's no way he could hurt somebody like that. Justin mocks him as a DiMera. Chad doesn't want to hear it. Justin brings up Serena saying no to him and accuses Chad of killing her. Chad argues that Justin doesn't know what he's talking about and just wants to see a DiMera go down. Chad tells Justin to get out of his face. Abe interrupts and asks what is going on here. Chad tells Abe to reconsider appointing Justin as DA because he's already drunk with power. Chad then walks away.

Caroline says she has to leave early to get back to the Pub. Hope stops her to step aside and talk with her. Hope tells her that she hasn't accepted Aiden's proposal yet not because of what she said about Bo but because marriage is a huge step and she needs to be sure that he is the right one. Hope offers to walk Caroline to her car but she assures she'll be fine and exits. Hope goes back to the table. Maggie and Julie apologize for assuming but they understand. Julie tells Hope that it's her decision as Hope jokes with them about wanting to plan a party. Hope feels very lucky because she's found love again. Hope states that Aiden is good for her and Ciara as he's become a huge part of their lives. The four ladies toast to love.

Outside the club, Caroline can't remember the passcode for her phone until Victor appears and reminds her that it's 1105 for Bo's birthday. Caroline says she remembers Bo's birthday and walks away.

Chad meets with Aiden in the town square. Aiden agrees to be his lawyer. Chad asks what he needs from him. Aiden wants absolute honesty and the truth, reminding him that whatever he says is confidential. Aiden wants every detail of what happened between Chad and Serena on the night she was murdered. Chad explains that he met her at the club and they had a lot of drinks. Aiden asks about their moods. Chad admits they were both upset about nothing going right for them and they kissed then drank more until she pulled away. Chad says she slapped him and stormed off so he followed her to find out what was wrong. Chad admits he doesn't know where he went as the last thing he remembers is standing outside the club with her then he blacked out. Aiden tells Chad that he doesn't look so sure that he's innocent. Chad admits he doesn't know what happened or where he went. Chad declares that he doesn't know where he was when Serena was killed. Aiden gets that but tells Chad not to share that with anyone else ever. Aiden tells Chad that all he ever wants to hear him say from now on is that he's innocent.

Abe tells Justin that he can't go around throwing accusations at people. Justin gets that Chad is Abe's brother in law. Abe argues that this is not what this is about. Justin feels that Abe is soft on the DiMeras but Abe says he's fair. Abe talks about not knowing what happened to Serena and that Chad being with her doesn't mean he killed her. Abe finds it inappropriate to throw accusations at Chad in public. Justin argues that he's doing his job and if Chad is guilty then he won't rest until he's behind bars. Justin vows that Chad will be the first of the DiMeras he takes down.

Eric wonders why somebody would want to kill Serena. Rafe tells Eric that Chad is their only suspect right now and they believe he was the last person to see her alive but they are still looking. Eric brings up Xander as the only person he could come up with. Rafe says they questioned him but he was in custody at the time. Eric asks if there is no one other than Chad. Rafe says no so Eric declares it had to be Chad.

Maggie and Victor go home to find Steve inside. Maggie hugs him and says it's so good to see him. Steve says the same to them and adds that he brought Joey home too. Steve adds that he saw Victor's man tailing him earlier. Victor admits he knew about his return but doesn't know why the hell he came back. Steve says he will answer and then he has questions for him.

Kayla apologizes to Hope but Hope is sorry that they didn't know she didn't accept Aiden's proposal. Kayla says now Hope will have time to decide. Hope talks about it affecting her life as well as Ciara's. Kayla compares it to her rift with Steve affecting Joey. Hope encourages her. Hope then tells Kayla that Steve ran in to Aiden yesterday and went on about Bo. Hope knows Steve will always be in Bo's corner. Kayla is sure Bo would be doing the same to her for Steve. Hope asks Kayla if she's thinking about taking Steve back. Kayla promises she wants nothing to do with him and will never give him the chance to hurt her again.

Aiden wants Chad to tell him every detail when he comes to his office. Chad says he just did but Aiden wants to hear it again in case he left anything out. Ben and Abigail walk by. Ben notes that Chad hired himself a lawyer, which makes him think he's guilty. Abigail thinks they should go. Eric walks by and sees them. Chad finishes up with Aiden and goes to leave but Eric stops him. Eric questions what he was doing with Serena the other night and accuses him of killing her.

Maggie leaves to let Victor and Steve catch up. Victor offers him a drink but Steve wants answers. Steve asks Victor what the hell happened to Bo.

Hope goes to her office. A cop enters and hands her a present from Aiden. Hope opens the box and it reads "We have all the time in the world, my love" with a watch inside while a flyer for the Salem Bicentennial on November 9 hangs behind her.

Aiden interrupts as Eric questions what he's doing representing Chad. Eric walks away angrily as Chad yells that he didn't kill Serena. Abigail speaks up to say she believes him.

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