Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/2/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/2/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad goes to the club and thinks back to Serena slapping him and walking out. A reporter joins Chad and asks if he has anything to say about Serena.

Hope and Rafe meet at the station where they talk about Serena's murder and how the blood on the napkin didn't match anyone in the system so they are back to square one.

Paige walks through the town square, leaving a message for JJ that the police want to talk to her but she doesn't know what it's about and she's scared.

JJ recovers in Kyle's apartment and tries to run but Clyde returns and shoves him back down. JJ says that Kyle didn't need to hit him. Clyde tells him that he won't do it again. JJ asks where he is. Clyde tells JJ that Kyle is where all bad employees go and he's going to have to call in a cleaner. JJ questions if he killed him. Clyde responds that he's a businessman so he just took care of business. Clyde says the question now is what is he going to do with him. JJ responds that he had no idea Kyle worked for him and guarantees to never screw up. Clyde tells him to shut up and that whatever he needs done gets done. Clyde demands the truth from JJ as he asks if he is working for the cops.

Paige goes to the station to Rafe's office. Paige sits down nervously as Rafe explains that they are interviewing everyone that was at the club the night Serena was killed. Rafe asks Paige if she knows anything about Serena's altercation. Paige says she was only getting there when Serena was running out upset. Paige notes that Chad was coming out when she went in. Rafe asks if she noticed anything from him. Paige says he just seemed really upset and unsteady. Paige mentions seeing blood on Chad's lip but that was it.

Chad tells the reporter no comment and walks out of the club as the reporter yells more questions. Chad gets stopped by a cop and informed that Rafe would like to speak with him.

Hope goes to Kayla's office and asks her what happened with Steve. Kayla doesn't have much to say about him and asks about Aiden's proposal. Hope says it was beautiful and romantic but she wasn't expecting it at all. Hope says she does love him but feels rushed. Kayla says she'll back whatever she wants as she just wants her to be happy.

Aiden talks on the phone in his office, saying he understands and can make this happen with Hope. Aiden promises they will be very happy as he hangs up.

Lucas goes to pick up Adrienne but she tells him that she just had lunch. Lucas suggests a triathlon they can do in November as he's excited for anything they can do together.

Kayla talks on the phone with the school about Joey. Kayla hangs up and informs Joey that the school has decided his actions have him out of school. Kayla wants Joey to put his phone down as Steve arrives with flowers, asking if anyone wants lunch.

Hope prepares Caroline to leave the hospital. Caroline asks about Hope. Hope tells her that there is something she really needs to tell her. Hope informs Caroline that Aiden asked her to marry him. Caroline doesn't know what to say and tells Hope that she has been having a lot of dreams about Bo being in trouble. Caroline knows they are just dreams but she can't shake the feelings. Hope assures that she knows how hard it is but she had to accept that Bo chose his job over his family so she couldn't keep waiting for him and had to move on since he may never come back. Caroline can't accept that. Hope informs her that she hasn't accepted Aiden's proposal and promises to take all the time she needs as she hugs her.

Paige goes to Jennifer's and tells her about leaving JJ a message and not getting a response. Jennifer says he isn't responding to her messages either and has been gone for hours. Paige informs Jennifer that she thinks Eve may have told Kyle that JJ was working undercover.

JJ tells Clyde that he isn't working for the cops or anyone. Clyde points out that's not what Kyle said before he took care of him. JJ blames Eve hating him and says she will say or do anything to hurt him in any way she can. Clyde asks why that. JJ explains to Clyde that he and Eve had a thing which led to he and Paige breaking up. Clyde laughs about it.

Chad goes to the station to see Rafe and asks what he can do for him. Rafe wants a DNA sample which Chad laughs at. Rafe calls it routine but Chad disagrees. Chad says if he says no then he'll look guilty so he agrees to it.

Steve hoped Kayla and Joey would want to go to lunch but Kayla argues that it's not a good time to talk. Kayla informs Steve that Joey was just expelled from school. Kayla complains about Joey not having a father growing up. Steve argues that Joey didn't want to be in boarding school. Kayla argues until Joey yells for them to stop fighting.

Clyde asks JJ how Eve was as he talks about knowing women like that. JJ calls her sick and twisted. Clyde laughs about Eve just wanting him all to herself. JJ complains about Eve and explains that Eve told Kyle that he was working for the cops and he was stupid enough to believe her. Clyde questions why JJ worked with Kyle then. JJ claims he needed the money and would really appreciate if Clyde kept him on. JJ adds that he won't say a word about him to anyone and he knows how to keep his mouth shut. Clyde thinks he can use someone like him. Clyde warns that he may never ever speak to Ben about who he is or what he does. JJ agrees not to say a word to Ben and asks if they are good.

Rafe returns to Chad with his DNA sample. Chad asks why they needed it. Rafe informs Chad that they found a bloody napkin in the park and the sample matches that it's Chad's. Chad argues that it's impossible. Chad goes over what happened. Chad admits that Serena was angry and slapped him which bloodied his lip so he grabbed a napkin. Rafe asks how the napkin got in the park. Chad tells him that he went for a walk and tossed the napkin then went to the Salem Inn. Rafe points out the time between when he checked in. Rafe notes that Serena died at 2:45 AM so he asks where Chad went after the club and before the Salem Inn. Rafe brings up that Chad said he walked through the town square but is now saying the park so he asks him which it is.

Victor and Maggie go to the hospital to check on Caroline. Caroline is ready to get out of the hospital. Victor says they will continue to check on her. Maggie wants Caroline's help in getting Victor to be happy for Hope and Aiden. Caroline responds that she'll have to help Maggie because she and Victor are on the same side when it comes to that.

Lucas encourages Adrienne about the triathlon as she isn't sure she is ready.

Kayla and Steve apologize but Joey says all they used to do is fight anyways. Joey isn't sure who he's more mad at, Steve for dragging him back to Salem or Kayla for being mad that he's out of school when he didn't even like it. Joey storms out. Steve tells Kayla that they can't do that to him again but that still doesn't change things between them. Steve wants to work on it. Kayla tells him that flowers won't make up for all the months and years that he wasn't there for them. Steve understands and knows he made a lot of mistakes but he wants to fix things. Steve tells Kayla that he's staying in Salem and promises to do right by her so that she will change her mind about him and he hopes Joey will too.

Hope walks out of the town square and thinks back to her past with Bo and then to Bo being gone for the last several years.

Chad asks Rafe if he's never gotten drunk and confused. Chad guesses he walked to the town square and then to the park but he just forgot until now. Justin enters and calls Chad the person of interest then asks if they are ready to book him yet.

Clyde tells JJ that he's putting him in Kyle's slot but he does not want to disappoint him. Clyde warns about JJ even thinking about telling anyone. Clyde adds that Paige will be the first person he goes after if he does.

Hope runs in to Aiden in the town square, who invites her to lunch but Hope has to get back to work. Aiden kisses her as Steve walks by. Hope greets Steve and introduces him to Aiden. Steve introduces himself as Bo's best friend. Hope apologizes to Aiden for having to go and not have lunch but she offers to swing by his office later. Hope walks away. Aiden goes to leave but Steve stops him and offers to join him for lunch and buy him a drink.

Rafe tells Justin that they are still gathering evidence and sorting things out so they step out of the room together leaving Chad nervous. Justin tells Rafe that this is huge and he wants to win so he asks when he's going to charge Chad after witnesses and a blood match. Rafe says it's if they get enough evidence but Justin tells him to make it happen and walks away.

Clyde tells JJ that someone will contact him and tell him how he wants things to go down. Clyde reminds him to be very careful. JJ agrees to do things by his book. Clyde adds that this will be very good for both of them money wise. Clyde makes sure he doesn't need another warning as he walks out. JJ sits down and worries.

Aiden and Steve go to the club. Aiden asks about Steve being best friends with Bo. Steve talks about their history and calls Bo one of a kind. Steve states that Bo and Hope were soulmates and still are. Aiden points out that Bo abandoned her and questions disappearing like that. Aiden tells Steve that Hope deserves better.

Hope walks through the town square and calls Rafe for an update. Rafe tells her that Chad's blood was on the napkin. Hope makes sure Rafe isn't liking Chad for this because of their history.

Adrienne finishes a jog in the park where Lucas joins her and tells her that he will be her trainer for the triathlon so they run off together.

JJ goes home and tells Jennifer and Paige that everything is good. JJ claims he lost his phone. JJ thought Jennifer had a lot of people to meet for the town center. Jennifer says that can wait but JJ encourages her to go and promises he'll still be there when she gets back. JJ swears that everything is fine. Jennifer hugs him and tells him to take care of himself. Jennifer exits while JJ motions to Paige to be quiet. JJ turns on loud music and whispers to Paige that the man running all the drugs in town is Clyde Weston. JJ explains that Ben and Abigail have no idea and no one knows. Paige wants to tell the cops but JJ tells her that this guy is insanely dangerous and that Kyle is dead. JJ warns her that Clyde would kill everyone he cares about and him too. JJ says that he's only telling her so that she will stay out of his way and to act natural if she runs in to him. JJ adds that he will never tell Jennifer because she will call the cops and the only way to protect her is to keep her out of it. JJ tells Paige that he will do anything to protect her but no cops as he has to figure out a way to do this on his own.

Justin returns to Chad at the station and tells him that he can go but warns him to hire a very good lawyer as he exits. Rafe comes back in as Justin states that he's going to love sending Chad DiMera to prison.

Hope goes to Aiden's office and greets him with a kiss. She asks how lunch was. Aiden says it was fine and mentions Steve coming but he doesn't think that he's very happy with him being in her life. Hope tells Aiden that she can't say yes to his proposal yet. Hope explains that she doesn't want to hurt him but she isn't ready yet. Aiden understands that it's a big decision but he is optimistic that not ready yet is a lot better than no. Hope thanks him and kisses him. Aiden tells her that he knows and feels that she is the one. Hope assures that she loves him but it's just too soon. Hope hugs him and thanks him for understanding. Hope gets a text to get back to the station to check out new evidence. Hope and Aiden say I love you and kiss before Hope exits. Aiden shakes his head and wonders what he's going to do. Aiden says to himself that he promised as he throws a glass against the wall in frustration.

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