Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/1/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/1/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel goes to Nicole's office. Nicole talks about daydreaming about what to do with Xander's money. Daniel is surprised that she doesn't know the news. Daniel informs Nicole that Serena was murdered last night. Nicole is shocked and asks if they know who did it. Daniel explains that she was strangled in the park. Nicole asks why she feels so terrible and like it's partly her fault.

Theresa enters the living room to talk to Brady about Tate. Theresa brings up Xander and says she can't thank Brady enough for putting him in jail. Brady calls it no big deal but Theresa says it is and wants to tell him why.

Kate meets Clyde outside the town square. Clyde is tired of her being late and her excuses so he thinks have to change right now.

John takes Marlena to the nightclub with a special set up as Victor let them have it all to themselves. John tells Marlena that this is the story of them. Marlena says he didn't have to do this but John feels he did. John says he's here to prove that she will always come first. John wants this trip down memory lane to remind her how wonderful their life was and can be again. John goes to a table and brings up first seeing Marlena. Marlena recalls him saving her life. Marlena brings up all they've been through and not being together forever. Marlena says they lost the ability to trust each other and doesn't understand how this time things can be different.

Theresa talks to Brady about Xander and how Brady will raise Tate differently. Theresa wants to make it up to Brady but he grabs her and says she doesn't know when to quit.

Jennifer bumps in to Eve in the town square. Jennifer tells Eve that she didn't think it was possible for her to hurt JJ more than she already had but he could've been killed because of what she did.

JJ goes to see Kyle. Kyle asks if he's ready for his raise as he's got a new sample of meth for JJ to sample and make sure it's worth the price.

Daniel asks why Nicole would think Serena's death would be her fault. Nicole says she wished so hard for her to be punished for what she did but she didn't want her to die. Daniel encourages her. Nicole's boss Miles interrupts, saying he has a hot story for her as he wants her to interview Eric about Serena's death.

Justin meets with Abe in his office. Abe talks about the corruption and crime rate over the last few months. Abe says he needs Justin's help. Abe talks about the mayor cutting funding and not wanting any press on Serena's murder or to help find who did it. Abe reveals that the mayor finally quit and he was appointed to the position. Justin congratulates him. Abe says his first move was to fire the DA who should've had Serena behind bars then she might have remained alive. Abe wants Justin to be the new DA. Justin is honored but doesn't have a lot of experience in the area. Abe calls him smart, hard working, and points out that his name commands respect. Justin shakes Abe's hand and says he's looking forward to nailing the bastard who stabbed Sonny and getting the killer off the street.

Maggie enters the living room and greets Theresa. Maggie asks her what's wrong but Theresa says nothing. Maggie offers to talk if she ever wants to. Theresa tells her that she was just trying to thank Brady but he just reminded her that he didn't do it because he cares about her. Theresa complains that Brady's never going to love her. Maggie encourages her but Theresa cuts her off. Theresa argues that Brady knows how she feels about him. Theresa talks about bonding when she saved him from a spiked drink but he was dating Melanie. Maggie brings up her scheming. Theresa apologizes for driving Melanie away. Theresa says she wants to do things differently as a mother but she can't help herself. Maggie feels Theresa is just afraid of getting hurt.

JJ tries to tell Kyle that he's just selling and not using. Kyle asks how he can trust him if he doesn't do it. JJ asks why Kyle can't do it. Kyle says he's asking JJ. Kyle says if JJ refuses, he's going to wonder what his deal is.

Jennifer accuses Eve of starting the rumor that JJ was dealing drugs in the Horton town center. Eve denies it and argues that everybody knows JJ was a dealer. Eve says once an addict, always an addict. Jennifer slaps Eve across the face. Eve responds by slapping Jennifer back. Eve calls it the second time Jennifer has accused her. Jennifer shoves her until Justin and Abe break it up. They ask what Eve did this time. Eve complains that Jennifer attacked her. Abe takes Jennifer away. Eve greets Justin, who asks if she needs to get something off her chest. Eve says she does but needs a drink and walks away.

JJ tells Kyle that he's doing him a favor but argues that he shouldn't want the dealer keeping from the customers. Kyle asks if JJ wants to live and if he's not comfortable doing what he asks. Kyle says he'll find someone else to do the job then and he won't need him anymore on the payroll so JJ agrees to do it.

Clyde wants to be the most important thing in Kate's life. Kate doesn't think he'll stop running his trucking company or his children's lives. Kate asks if this is the 1960s or the twilight zone. Clyde grabs her and asks if she has a problem with him asking for respect. Kate calls him a jerk and says she's learning how to cut her losses. Kate liked Clyde's confidence in the beginning but argues that his ego is way out of control. Kate calls him a narcissist and tells him to consider himself dumped as she storms off.

Nicole refuses to exploit Eric's grief. Miles reminds her that it's her job and encourages her to get Eric to spill his guts. Nicole refuses. Miles mocks her standards until Daniel cuts him off. Miles tells Daniel to stay out of it. Nicole tells Miles to give the story to someone else. Miles threatens to fire her so Nicole quits.

John tells Marlena that he can't just tell her how things will be different but he hopes she'll give him a chance to show her. John goes to the next table and uncovers yellow roses. Marlena thinks back to John surprising her years ago with a yellow rose. John knows showing that he loves her is more than bringing her flowers. John says he kept trying to tell himself that they needed space when he was really running away. John assures that he's not going to disappear and he's in this for the long haul. Marlena asks how many more memories he's dug up. John responds as many as it takes. Marlena wants this to work and so does John. Marlena admits she's scared. Marlena says the years they spent together were the happiest of her life and were also some of the most painful. Marlena worries that if she opens up her heart to him again, she runs the risk of that pain all over again but now it's even worse because he'll be risking his life every day in the ISA. John realizes she's afraid he's going to hurt her again.

Theresa assumes Maggie wonders how Shane and Kimberly could've raised her. Theresa talks about Shane not being there and Kimberly having her problems but she doesn't want her to feel sorry for her as she can take care of herself. Maggie understands there's nothing wrong with being vulnerable but Theresa doesn't want to hear it so Maggie gives up on advice. Maggie asks if she knows where Brady is. Theresa doesn't so Maggie guesses he's with John to sell Basic Black. Theresa is surprised by that and says there goes her chance. Theresa talks about always wanting to be a fashion designer when she was little. Maggie doesn't think she's the type to give up on her dream that easily. Theresa agrees and says she could be independent to earn Brady's respect. Maggie bets Brady could get Theresa an internship with whoever buys Basic Black but Theresa wants to shoot for something bigger.

Nicole begins packing her things and assures Daniel that she won't miss the job. Nicole talks about her favorite job being when she ran Titan. Nicole brings up Basic Black being on the market so she wants to own it.

Kyle asks JJ what he's waiting for in trying the meth. JJ doesn't want to risk getting hooked. Kyle gets up and presses his gun against him, trying to find his wire. Kyle tells JJ that he just failed his first and last test.

John says they really put it all on the line when they fall in love. John goes to the next table and uncovers more yellow roses, reminding her of New Orleans. John is grateful for that time and says their future always starts with their past as Marlena thinks back to that time. John asks Marlena if it was worth it.

Brady comes home and Theresa talks to him about applying for a job at Basic Black. Brady offers to talk to the new buyer about an entry level position but Theresa responds that she wants to buy Basic Black. Brady asks where she's going to get the money for that. Theresa hoped Brady would front it to her and claims she would pay him back with interest. Brady argues that she can't be serious. Theresa asks how much experience he had before taking over. Brady tells her no. Theresa responds that she will find the cash elsewhere and will prove him wrong to make this happen as she walks out.

Nicole makes a call and finds the asking price is high so she doesn't have the money. Daniel suggests they could talk to Victor and get him to cover what Xander owes her. Nicole loves that Daniel is treating it like his dream too. Daniel says his dream is to make her happy but he still doesn't think they would have enough money. Nicole decides she will figure something out like she always does.

Justin goes to the club with Eve where she finishes a drink. Justin orders another drink and tells Eve that he's sorry she's having a bad day. Eve calls every day in Salem a bad day and complains about Jennifer, saying some day she's going to cause a world of trouble. Justin asks if Eve is saying she never caused trouble for anybody.

Kyle calls Clyde and tells him that he needs him to come over to handle a problem. Clyde says he was to never call him and handle problems on his own but Kyle insists that Clyde will want to handle this one on his own so Clyde agrees to be there. Kyle holds JJ at gunpoint and sits him down. JJ gets a call from Jennifer but Kyle warns him not to answer. Jennifer leaves a message, saying he hasn't answered her texts so she just wanted to make sure everything was fine.

Theresa goes to the hospital where Anne asks when she's going to come back to work. Theresa hopes never. Anne asks about Brady but Theresa tells her it went badly. Theresa says she found a new way to Brady's heart and that's where Anne comes in.

Kate sits with Roman at the club, complaining about men. Kate feels she needs to take a break from dating. Roman jokes with her. Kate feels bored so it's time to shake things up.

Marlena tells John that it was worth it and never a question. John asks whether it's worth trying all over again. John can't promise smooth sailing. John goes to the next table and uncovers more yellow roses as he brings up their first official wedding. John recalls her vows as they think back to that day. John tells her that he is hers as he takes her hand and walks her to the counter where he presents her with a blank book. John says that was their past and it's been amazing but this is their future and he believes the best is yet to be. John wants to fill the pages together. Marlena responds that she would like that too and she knows how to start page 1 as she kisses him.

Anne agrees to do whatever she can to help Theresa but her bank is overdrawn so she questions how Theresa is going to get the money to buy Basic Black. Theresa tells her that she will get an investor.

Nicole and Daniel sit together at the club. Nicole says she will find an investor. Daniel talks about word being out that it's on the market so buyers are going to be interested. Kate listens in as Nicole says the clock is ticking.

Eve asks Justin about his day. Justin informs her that he got a new job this morning as the new DA. They toast their drinks and Eve congratulates him, saying he's an important person for her to be friends with. Eve adds that she's sorry about what happened between he and Adrienne, calling her a fool to let go of him.

Kyle keeps JJ at gun point as Clyde arrives. Clyde remarks that it's too many drug dealers for one room as Kyle then hits JJ in the back of the head with the gun and knocks him out.

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