Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/31/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/31/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla's son Joey enters the hospital. Kayla runs up and hugs him, saying she was so scared Kayla's ex husband Steve "Patch" Johnson then enters behind him and greets her. Kayla ignores Steve trying to talk and just wants to know what happened to Joey. Kayla turns and asks Steve what he's doing there. Steve responds that he brought her boy back.

Aiden talks to Hope about coming a long way since their first date and falling in love more each day. Aiden never wants that to end. Aiden pulls out the ring and proposes to Hope. Hope doesn't know what to say. Aiden suggests saying yes. Hope says she had no idea though Aiden felt she must have seen it coming. Hope admits she really wasn't expecting this.

Ben and Abigail sit together in the town square. Ben brings up seeing Serena and Chad on the night that Serena was killed. Ben wonders who could've killed her. Abigail assures him that Chad couldn't have killed anyone. Ben points out that Chad was drunk and could have lost control. Abigail insists but Ben wonders if Chad even has an alibi.

Rafe questions Chad about Serena. Chad tells him that he barely knew. Rafe asks him about spending the whole evening together and drinking. Chad tells Rafe that he knows all of this already as Rafe goes over what happened. Rafe asks if all they did was drink. Chad thinks back to how the night ended as Rafe asks if there was something more.

Kayla talks on the phone, saying this is not the school's fault and that she'll be in touch this week about Joey coming back. Kayla hangs up and tells Steve that they need to talk. Joey asks if it's time to deal with him now. Kayla questions why Joey didn't tell anyone where he was going and why he dropped in on Steve in New York City. Steve offers to answer these questions and lets Joey go get a drink. Steve asks Kayla if they can go somewhere private to talk so they walk away.

Chad tells Rafe that he doesn't have anything else to share and he doesn't know where Serena went after leaving. Chad says he walked through the town square to sober up. Rafe asks if he last saw Serena when she left the club. Chad confirms he didn't see her again. Rafe then asks about Chad's busted lip.

Aiden is surprised by Hope's reaction and says he wasn't trying to catch her off guard. Hope appreciates everything Aiden did tonight but she truly didn't see this coming at all. Hope calls marriage a huge step and for her, it came out of left field. Aiden jokes about hiding his emotions and brings up being through so much so he assumed she was ready to take their relationship to the next level. Aiden asks if that's not the case.

Abigail questions Ben as to why Chad needs an alibi when there's no proof that he did anything after leaving the club. Ben brings up Chad being a DiMera. Abigail asks Ben to stop using Serena's death as an excuse to trash Chad.

Chad claims to Rafe that he busted his lip last night while drunk but doesn't remember how it happened. Rafe figures it must have hurt a lot and questions him not remembering. Chad blames being so drunk. Rafe asks again if he has any history with Serena. Chad repeats that last night was the first time they ever talked. Rafe points out that they talked a lot. Chad says they drank a lot after they both had a stressful day. Rafe notes them being in bad moods and asks if that spilled over in to their long conversation. Rafe asks if there was any tension or ill will.

Kayla brings Steve to her office. Steve notes her going by Kayla Brady and brings up his name of Johnson. Kayla asks what he wanted to talk about. Steve figured she wanted to raise her voice. Kayla questions how Joey ended up at Steve's place in New York. Steve responds that it was his fault and admits that he and Joey have been in touch for awhile now. Kayla notes that he never mentioned it which Steve guesses there's a good reason why.

Aiden puts the ring away as Hope apologizes, not wanting to hurt his feelings. Aiden assures that she didn't and he made a mistake. Hope says she was just surprised. Aiden says he rushed things and would like to make his case without the proposal. Aiden tells Hope that she's amazing and says he's never met a woman like her who knows and understands who he really is. Aiden says they both had their guard up when they met but she grounded him. Aiden thanks Hope for making him see that life was worth living. Aiden declares that he wants to share the rest of his life with her. Hope kisses him and tells him the feeling is mutual. Hope admits when she divorced Bo, she felt defeated and like she had failed. Hope tells Aiden that she loves him and wants to be with him but she needs to be sure that it's the right thing for Ciara as well as Aiden and Chase. Hope asks Aiden to take a maybe for now which he agrees to. Aiden promises not to pressure her for an answer. Aiden then asks her for one last dance so they get up and kiss as they dance together.

Rafe points out these straightforward questions stumping Chad. Chad continues to blame being drunk. Rafe questions Chad remembering drinking with Serena but not what happened after. Chad admits they kissed and then she realized that they were both drunk and didn't want to make any mistakes. Rafe asks about Serena leaving and if it made Chad angry. Chad says he was disappointed but saw her point and that was the last he ever saw of her. Rafe asks if he's positive about that.

Ben apologizes to Abigail, saying he didn't mean to trash Chad or disrespect Serena. Abigail gets him wanting to trash Chad after all he put him through but assures Ben that Chad is history while Ben and their baby are her future. Abigail tells Ben to focus on that. Abigail asks Ben to just let all of this go. Ben swears he will try but warns that he'll have to do something if Chad ever puts her in danger. Abigail insists that there is no threat or danger so they should just focus on them as they kiss.

Kayla says it's been a long time since she has heard one of Steve's explanations. Steve says they should stick to talking about their son. Steve says he and Joey have been texting thanks to social media and he found out that Joey wasn't happy at the boarding school. Kayla questions him inviting Joey to drop out and move to New York. Steve says he wouldn't do that and Joey just showed up. Joey interrupts. Kayla says Steve did the right thing in bringing him but she wishes someone let her know what was going on. Steve hoped they'd make it before she heard from the school but admits he came back for another personal reason. Steve reveals that he's thinking about staying in Salem permanently.

Aiden and Hope finish their dance. Hope calls it a wonderful night. Aiden points out that it doesn't have to end but Hope thinks it's best she sleeps in her own bed tonight as she has a lot to think about. Aiden gives her the ring to take with her as a memory of the night. Hope agrees to take care of it as they kiss. Aiden offers to walk her out but Hope assures that she's fine. Hope thanks him for everything and apologizes for disappointing him tonight. Aiden tells her that she didn't and couldn't. They kiss goodnight and Hope then exits the nightclub.

Kayla questions Steve thinking about coming back to Salem. She tells him that this isn't his home anymore. Steve disagrees but Kayla tells him to go back to New York. Steve wants his family. Kayla questions for how long this time and accuses him of using Joey to try to recapture the past. Steve argues that he's thinking about the present and future with his family in Salem. Kayla argues that he can't talk to her about family when he joined the ISA and they had to learn to live without him. Steve informs her that he's not with the ISA anymore and he just wants to start over. Kayla questions him just being done because their son showed up at his door. Kayla cuts him off and tells him to just go. Steve agrees to go for now but tells her that this isn't over as he's not going to just go away. Steve then exits the office.

Chad tells Rafe that he's positive that Serena leaving the club is the last time that he remembers seeing her. Rafe tells him to feel free to call if he remembers anything else because he's back at work. Rafe exits and Chad pours a drink. Stefano returns and questions that being how Chad got in to this mess in the first place. Chad comments on knowing Stefano was lurking in the shadows, listening. Stefano reminds that it is his house. Chad tells him that it's about to be all his but before he goes, he hopes Stefano doesn't think he had anything to do with Serena's death. Stefano asks if he's sure about that.

Ben and Abigail walk out of the town square as she talks about being pregnant and getting married. Abigail starts talking about thinking Christmas time is a good time to get married. Abigail calls it a magical time of year and all the holiday traditions. Ben thinks it's too long to wait and wants to get married in the next couple of weeks. Abigail questions him rushing it all of a sudden.

Steve walks through the town square and comes across the Horton town square plaque, commenting that Tom and Alice are still the center of it all. Steve declares that it's good to be home and he knows just who he needs to see next.

Stefano questions where Chad went after Serena left. Chad tells him that he left the club, went for a walk, and checked in to the Salem Inn. Chad questions why Stefano is asking when he already knows. Stefano says he needs to know where he was after the club and before the Salem Inn but that's the part he doesn't remember.

Kayla takes Joey to the Brady Pub. Kayla tells him that she's not just mad but worried about him leaving school. Joey argues that she thinks everything he does is wrong. Kayla thinks he's just making some mistakes. Joey says at first he thought Steve wanted to be his dad, but it's just like she said that he's only using him as an excuse to come back here.

Steve shows up at Hope's office, surprising her. Steve hugs her as Hope notes that it's been a long time and asks what he's doing there. Steve explains that Joey took off from boarding school so he brought him back to Kayla. Steve jokes about their kids not being like they were. Steve brings up Bo and asks how he's doing. Hope responds that she doesn't know which confuses Steve. Hope informs Steve that Bo went undercover for the ISA and she hasn't seen him in three years. Steve notes that's unlike him but Hope responds that people change and Bo deserted her.

Kayla tells Joey that she won't pretend she and Steve don't have issues but she assures that he loves him and wasn't using him. Joey mocks the idea of him being a good dad. Kayla says she was just taken back by him wanting to stay in Salem. Kayla doesn't want to trash Steve but thinks he means what he says. She just isn't sure he can follow through. Kayla feels that Steve loves them as much as he can but it might not be as much as they want.

Steve asks how long Bo has been gone and how Ciara is doing. Hope responds that he's been gone a long time and Ciara is wonderful. Steve notes that she doesn't want to talk about it. Hope asks if he's heading back to New York. Steve isn't sure what he's doing. Steve mentions not being with the ISA anymore and trying to get to know his son Joey. Steve points out that Kayla didn't welcome him back with open arms which doesn't surprise Hope. Steve says that made him realize how much work he's going to have to do to make things right with his family again. Hope talks about being put in a position to make it on your own after being deserted by a husband. Hope tells Steve that she's working on a case so she has to go. Hope adds that they'll talk later and suggests Steve stick around this time as she exits.

Chad tells Stefano that he just got the third degree from Rafe and doesn't need it from him. Stefano questions his alibi being that he doesn't remember. Chad calls it the truth. Stefano asks who would believe that. Chad says he may be a DiMera but he's not a killer and he resents that Stefano is implying that he is. Chad then walks out.

Kayla returns to her office to find Steve waiting. She questions what he's doing there. Steve informs her that he went to see Hope and she told him about Bo which made it painfully clear what he did to Kayla so he came to apologize. Steve admits he wanted to come back to see her because he missed her. Kayla stops him and says he can't just swoop back in like nothing's happened. Kayla argues that he left them in Africa and she can never forgive him for that. Steve says he understands but she doesn't think he could understand what that was like or else he'd know sorry isn't going to cut it. Kayla tells Steve that making their past his present and future isn't going to happen so he'll have to learn to live with that. Kayla gets a call and tells Steve to show himself out as she exits.

Aiden talks on the phone in the town square and says he's good for the money but needs another month or so. Aiden promises it won't be long and he'll be able to pay them back and then some.

Ben tells Abigail that he's in a rush to get married because he loves her. Ben knows he needs to slow down and tells her it's her big day so if she wants a Christmas wedding then that's exactly what she's going to get. Abigail excitedly hugs him.

Hope joins Rafe with cops at the crime scene in the park. Rafe found a napkin from the club with blood on it. They talk about it not being Serena's and Rafe calls for a blood analysis, wondering if the killer got sloppy or they got lucky. Hope tells Rafe that it's good to have him back.

Chad goes to his hotel room at the Salem Inn. He opens his tablet and sees the headline about the investigation of Serena's murder being underway. Chad wonders why he can't remember.

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