Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/28/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/28/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Roman joins John at the station office. John talks about how he'll miss working with Hope. Roman questions why he's going back to the ISA then. John says he misses that as well. Roman hopes he knows what he's doing.

Ben and Abigail walk through the town square after Abigail bought a bunch of pregnancy books from the bookstore. Abigail gets a text message from Maxine that Serena was murdered last night. Ben is shocked as Clyde interrupts and asks if they are talking about Serena. Abigail can't believe it and asks if the police got who did it. Clyde says no but reveals that Serena was in a hell of an argument with Chad an hour before it happened.

Hope and Rafe talk at the crime scene as other cops clean up. Rafe calls it a hell of a first day back on the job.

Chad sits down and looks up an article on Serena's murder. Chad tells himself that he didn't follow her to the park. Chad tries to calm down and think about what happened. Chad remembers following her to the town square and there was yelling.

Maggie comes home to find Victor in the living room. Maggie excitedly talks about the house that Victor dedicated to the Salem Bicentennial but she notes that Victor isn't listening. Victor apologizes and says he was thinking about a board meeting. Maggie feels that isn't the only thing on his mind and that he's worried about Caroline.

Caroline sleeps in her hospital bed and dreams about Victor's visit. Kayla enters and asks if Caroline is ready to go. Caroline says she guesses so but she feels a little nervous and doesn't know why.

Abigail argues that Chad can't be responsible for this. Clyde asks what Ben thinks since he saw them at the club. Ben says they weren't arguing when he saw them. Clyde adds that Chad must have come on too strong as Serena slapped him and then he took off after her. Ben feels you have to admit it's possible if he was drunk and mad since he's a DiMera.

Chad paces in his room going over what happened and wants some answers. Chad then exits the room.

Victor admits Maggie is right that he's worried about Caroline as her stroke shook him up. Maggie points out that Kayla said it was mild with no lasting effects. Maggie understands it makes him wonder if he's next. Maggie hugs him and encourages living every day. They kiss until Julie walks in. Victor asks if it's another meeting about the Salem Bicentennial and decides he will go to his board meeting at the hospital. Victor exits. Julie starts talking with Maggie about ideas that she and Doug came up with.

Kayla checks Caroline's blood pressure and offers to keep her another day but Caroline wants out and back to running the Pub. Kayla understands the experience gave her anxiety.

Hope and Rafe talk about Serena being strangled with a tie. Hope brings up her first thought being Xander. Rafe wonders if Serena was loyal to Xander or afraid of him. Hope points out that Xander is in jail. Aiden arrives, saying he just heard what happened. Hope tells him that she might have to cancel their plans tonight but Rafe tells her not to worry as he's got it covered. Aiden thanks Rafe as he has a surprise for Hope tonight. Aiden exits.

Abigail refuses to believe that Chad is the killer. Ben apologizes. Clyde thinks there is a point and brings up Stefano. Abigail argues that Chad never wants to be like Stefano. Ben doesn't want her getting upset but brings up how Chad treats women like Jordan and Gabi. Abigail points out that he never killed any of them. Ben states that he's just seen how mean he can be. Abigail finds it wrong to speculate and Ben agrees. Abigail decides to get to work and walks off.

Chad goes to the club and looks at the table where he and Serena were as he thinks back to the night before. Chad sits down and wonders what happened next.

Hope and Rafe go over evidence before Hope exits.

Aiden sits in the Pub and gets another text.

Roman talks to John about how him joining the ISA affects everyone like Marlena. John says it won't be the same this time. Roman talks about John putting her through a lot over the years and he doesn't want him to get himself killed.

Clyde asks Ben how he and Abigail are doing. Ben says they are great and talks about looking at pregnancy books. Marlena arrives so Ben leaves. Marlena talks to Clyde about their sessions but Clyde decides he's done with therapy as he feels a whole lot better thanks to her but won't be needing her help anymore.

Abigail goes to the crime scene. Chad shows up as well. Abigail asks what he's doing there. Chad says he had to see it where it all happened. Abigail tells Chad that she heard something and asks if it's true that he might have been the last person to see Serena alive.

Kayla tells Caroline that she's feeling anxious herself. Kayla brings up her son Joey going back to school but she hasn't heard from him. Caroline laughs it off as him being a teenager but Kayla feels it's unlike him. Caroline encourages her to make a call so she agrees and exits.

Clyde asks Marlena if she thinks he could use more help. Marlena thinks they made a lot of progress but Clyde doesn't care what she thinks. Clyde appreciates her concern but has told her everything he has to say. Clyde says he's ready to face things as a different man. Marlena calls it amazing that he's cured after a couple of sessions. Clyde says she's very good at what she does. Marlena calls him very sure of himself but worries about him being blind to reality. Clyde argues that he sees things more clear now than ever before. Clyde tells her to take care and walks away.

Rafe goes to the club and asks the bartender about Serena. He informs him that she was with Chad and they were still there when his shift ended.

Chad and Abigail walk out of the town square. Chad asks Abigail who said they saw him with Serena. Abigail tells him it was Clyde and he also said they had a pretty big fight. Abigail worries that the police are going to talk to him. Abigail asks Chad to tell her first, what he did after Serena left the club.

Julie and Maggie talk about the Salem Bicentennial and Jennifer having to resign from the Horton center. Maggie prays it gets cleared up quickly. Julie is sad that Tom and Alice can't be there. Julie brings up what JJ has gotten in to. Maggie hopes he can exonerate himself. Maggie encourages Julie that the Horton family will still be represented. Julie agrees that it will be exciting and calls it the biggest thing to happen in Salem in years so she hopes everyone shows up for it. Julie points out it being in November which Maggie notes isn't that far off so they get back to planning.

Victor goes to visit Caroline at the hospital.

John joins Marlena in the town square and asks how Eric is doing. Marlena tells him that Eric is devastated and feels some guilt over what happened with Serena because they weren't on good terms which could've led to her drinking. John has his box of things from the station as he's no longer a cop. John reminds her that he promised the ISA would not come between them again. John adds that there is one more major change he's about to make.

Chad tells Abigail that Serena walked out of the club and he realized he was pretty wasted to he left too. Chad went to the Salem Inn and booked a room. Abigail questions why he didn't go home. Chad informs her that Stefano kicked him out. Abigail says she's so sorry. Chad tells her that it's not her fault but Abigail feels it kind of is in a way. Abigail encourages Chad and appreciates that he did the right thing. Abigail thanks him for protecting her from Stefano. Chad says he never liked being a DiMera. Abigail assures him that he'll be fine. Chad appreciates her faith in him. Abigail is glad that he won't be around Stefano anymore since he's a better person. Abigail brings up all the pain that Chad has had to deal with in his life. Chad says they have that in common. Abigail repeats that he is nothing like Stefano. Chad hopes the cops think the same thing. Abigail wonders who would do this to Serena. Chad says he never talked to her before last night. Abigail asks why the ended up fighting. Chad blames it on having too much to drink and she was already upset when she got there. A cop walks by so they stop talking and decide to go. Chad tells Abigail not to worry about this. Chad adds that he is happy for her pregnancy as she walks away.

John informs Marlena that he is selling his interest in Basic Black. Marlena notes the timing of him going back to the ISA and asks if this is his way of removing all distractions so he can focus on the ISA. John realized he wouldn't be able to carry his share with Basic Black but his full time focus is on her if she'll have him. John just wants her to believe that nothing comes before her in his life. John asks what if he asked her to marry him.

Caroline wakes up to see Victor at her side and asks what he's doing there. Victor says he had a board meeting and decided to stop in and see her. Caroline says she's waiting on Kayla to release her. Victor asks about not having a peaceful sleep. Caroline admits she had a horrible dream about Bo.

Hope goes to the station and talks to Roman about questioning Xander who seemed shocked that Serena was murdered, noting that he didn't have any visitors and doesn't have his phone. They talk about hoping the necktie leads them somewhere. Aiden enters and hopes he's not interrupting. Hope apologizes and tells him that she and Roman have so much work to do. Aiden thought Rafe volunteered to handle it for the night. Aiden decides he can cancel but Roman tells Hope to go ahead. Roman tells Hope to make sure she's back in the morning so Hope exits with Aiden.

Chad goes to the DiMera Mansion and tells Stefano not to worry as he just came back for his stuff. Stefano tells him that it did not have to be this way if only he did as he asked then they could have both have what they wanted. Stefano says the piece of land would have cemented the fortune of their family. Chad mocks him. Stefano knows it doesn't matter to him but he's broken his heart.

Kayla talks on the phone, saying she's concerned about her son. Kayla is shocked to learn that he didn't arrive and can't believe no one from the school called her. Kayla says she did not write a letter explaining his absence and questions them having no idea where her son is right now.

Marlena questions if that was a proposal. John says it wasn't. Marlena tells him that it would take a lot more than that to convince her. John thought marriage was the ultimate commitment. Marlena brings up that they've walked down the aisle 5 times and marriage shouldn't be something to prove a point but to celebrate two people wanting to spend their lives together. John asks how he can convince her that's what he wants as he kisses her.

Stefano can't believe it has come to this when he and Chad were so close over the last two years. Chad disagrees and feels Stefano was just playing him the whole time. Stefano says he only wanted him to be happy. Chad argues that he just tried to use him wanting Abigail to his own advantage. Chad adds that he won't end up like his siblings and he will make his own life far away from the DiMera shadow. Chad goes to leave but Rafe arrives and asks if it's a bad time. Chad asks what he wants. Rafe shows him his badge, revealing he's been reinstated and he wanted to have a talk with Chad about Serena.

Kayla demands on the phone to have everyone who knows Joey called to find out who has heard from him. Kayla hangs up, saying she has to call her brother. Joey then enters the hospital. Kayla runs up and hugs him, asking where he's been as she was about to call the police. Kayla's ex husband Steve then enters behind him, making a surprise return and tells Kayla that it's been a long time.

Aiden and Hope have their date at the nightclub and talk about their first date then they kiss.

Victor asks Caroline about her dream. Caroline talks about being unable to help Bo.

Aiden talks to Hope about coming a long way since their first date and falling in love more each day. Aiden never wants that to end.

Caroline continues telling Victor that she dreamed that Bo was in terrible pain.

Aiden pulls out the ring and proposes to Hope.

Caroline tells Victor that she has dreamed about Bo many times but not like this as it was real and terrifying, as a body is seen lying face down.

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