Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/27/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/27/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena joins John at the police station. Rafe comes in and talks about getting reinstated. John encourages him to get all of his papers in. Marlena tells Rafe they need him back on the force.

Eric calls Hope and tells her that Serena seems to be missing as she didn't show up for work. Eric explains that he's her emergency contact and she just got a big project. Hope thought she was going out of town. Eric says she changed her mind. Hope agrees to let him know if she hears anything and hangs up. Aiden enters and asks if everything is okay.

Chad wakes up in bed with a hangover. He slowly gets up and drinks water then sits back down against the bed, wondering how he got there and what happened to him last night. Chad thinks back to telling Abigail that she would never be bothered by the DiMeras again and Abigail announcing her pregnancy.

Abigail wakes up where Ben surprises her with breakfast in bed. Ben apologizes for trying to push her to do things she didn't want to do. Ben assures her that he's okay with everything as he praises her.

Jennifer and JJ sit together at home and go over graphics for a donation website for the town center. The doorbell rings and Roman arrives with Agent Watts, saying they have a big problem.

Hope kisses Aiden and checks on him. Aiden assures her and asks if he could use her office to make a call. Aiden jokes with her about surprises. Hope says she can't wait to find out what he's up to and exits. Aiden says to himself that with any luck, she never will.

Kyle runs in to Paige outside of the club. Kyle mentions being on his way to a meeting. Paige asks if it's with JJ. Paige talks about people saying untrue things about JJ. Kyle tells her that he heard from a grown woman who knows JJ and his family. Kyle says he'll catch her later and walks away. Paige pulls out her phone and calls JJ, leaving a message to call her because he's in danger.

Roman and Agent Watts inform JJ that there's a rumor going around that JJ has gone back to dealing drugs. JJ explains that's what it's supposed to look like but Agent Watts angrily says the rumor now is that JJ is selling meth out of the Horton town center. Jennifer questions who would come up with that as Eve listens in from her bugging device.

Hope goes to John's office to go over drug cases. Hope comments on John and Marlena then tells him not to let the ISA spoil things for them. John brings up Hope and Bo being a great team. Hope responds that then they weren't. Hope insists that she's so past it as she and Ciara are happy.

Aiden talks on the phone while looking at his engagement ring.

Abigail enjoys her breakfast in bed with Ben and talk about their plans with the baby. Ben assures her that he's okay with staying in Salem and they hug.

Chad falls back onto his bed and thinks more about telling Abigail about Stefano's plan then Stefano kicking him out. Chad remembers drinking with Serena.

Eric walks through the town square and gets a call that he hopes is Serena but it's a wrong number.

Jennifer worries about the rumor and assures they are going to fix it. Agent Watts warns her not to make this any worse. Roman adds that it could be nothing. JJ knows they have to clear the Horton center. Agent Watts warns about the dangers. Roman explains that Kyle and his boss may decide that JJ is bringing too much attention so they'll drop him. Agent Watts brings up JJ possibly getting hurt. JJ assures Jennifer that it won't happen. Jennifer doesn't want him to go after Kyle anymore. JJ insists that he can clear this up. Roman wants to track down the source and orders JJ to just sit there.

Paige joins Eve at the Brady Pub. Eve is glad that she wanted to see her. Paige questions what she's done to put her in a good mood. Paige reveals that she knows Eve ratted out JJ to Kyle and questions if she knows what she's done. Eve admits running in to Kyle. Paige worries about what Kyle may do to JJ. Eve questions why Paige is involved and not in Stamford right now. Eve tells her to just let those thugs play their game and it will all be over soon. Paige questions what she means by over.

Abigail gets a call from Will and thanks him for checking on her but assures him that it's her, Ben, and the baby. Ben suggests they go shopping but Abigail says she has a lot of work to do. Ben agrees to wait at the hospital until she's done. Abigail says that's fine as she wants to spend time with him as they hug.

Eric goes to the club and talks on the phone, finding out that all of Serena's things are still in her hotel room including her computer. Eric thanks them and hangs up. Eric calls Serena, leaving a message for her to call him back because everyone is starting to get really worried.

Chad checks his face in the mirror and remembers Serena slapping him then storming out of the club. Chad wonders what he did next.

Roman assures JJ and Jennifer on what to do and not to do. Agent Watts adds that it could be blow over but they'll do what they can to squash it. JJ knows what to do if he hears from Kyle. Roman tells Jennifer to call him any time as they exit. JJ insists that this is going to go away. Jennifer worries but JJ assures that he will get rid of Kyle. Jennifer reminds him that he can't do anymore. JJ tells her that he is so close to nailing Kyle but Jennifer doesn't think it's worth it. JJ adds that he's so close to another chance with Paige.

Paige asks Eve what she knows. Eve calls JJ and Kyle bad boys who always get what's coming to them in the end. Paige questions if she set them up but she denies it. Eve asks if that's the only reason she called. Paige warns that if JJ or anyone gets hurt, she will answer to her as she storms out.

Aiden finishes his call about a surprise for Hope. Aiden gets a text that someone needs to see him now and not to keep them waiting which frustrates Aiden. Hope returns and asks Aiden what's wrong. Aiden tells her that he has to go to the court room on a filing. Aiden kisses her and they agree on plans for tonight. Hope jokes that his surprise better be good as Aiden exits.

Jennifer gets a call from Agent Watts, who informs her that they are on the home page online so they need to lay low while they try to stop this. He hangs up for another call while Jennifer waits for the page to load. Jennifer answers the door as Maggie and Julie arrive, saying they are concerned about what's on the website. Jennifer looks at the Sonix magazine site to see an article calling her and JJ the new drug lords.

Chad sits in a cafe and looks out the window as Ben and Abigail walk through the town square, talking about baby gifts. They kiss as Chad watches.

Eric walks through the park and tries to call Serena again. Eric hears the ring and finds Serena's phone in the park. Eric then looks further in to the bushes and finds Serena's dead body.

Paige runs in to JJ outside the town square and tells him that he's in danger because someone told Kyle that he's a snitch.

Jennifer tells Maggie and Julie not to worry as it's total garbage. Jennifer can't believe they are saying this about the Horton town center. Jennifer announces she is resigning from the town center board immediately. Maggie and Julie argue that they need her but Jennifer says the center doesn't need this and it will go away without her there. Maggie asks how JJ is doing. Jennifer assures that he's fine and they can't believe this about him either. Maggie asks if she's sure he's not dealing. Jennifer tells her that she can't say much but it's not what it looks like. Maggie and Julie are heading to the center. Jennifer says she will e-mail her resignation. They hug Jennifer as she apologizes and they exit.

Ben hugs Abigail and sees Chad in the cafe window. Chad turns away and exits. Ben keeps Abigail looking the other way as Chad walks off.

John finishes up with Hope and tells her that he'll be around if she and Rafe have any questions. Marlena comes back with Rafe, informing them that he passed the psych evaluation. Hope jokes with them then gets a call from Eric. Hope asks if he found Serena. Eric reaches down to check her pulse and reveals that he found Serena in the park and she's dead.

JJ thanks Paige for the warning but tells her she needs to get going. Paige wants to figure something out but JJ says he got in to this so she needs to stay far away from him until this is over. Paige wants to help. JJ says she did so now the worst that could happen is for Kyle to see her with him. Paige asks him to call or text if anything happens. Paige kisses JJ on the cheek and calls him really brave. JJ assures her that it will be over soon as Paige walks away. JJ walks off then Paige comes back and follows him.

Jennifer calls JJ, leaving a message to call before he talks to anyone especially Kyle because she has some news for him. Jennifer texts Maggie to check her e-mail for her resignation. Jennifer goes back to her tablet and looks at the Sonix article.

Rafe goes to meet Roman in his office. Roman tells him that he went through his paperwork. Rafe tells him how grateful he is that he's considering putting him back on the force. Roman says to thank John which Rafe says he did. Roman admits to Rafe that he's got concerns since he broke the rules once so he's going to be breathing down his neck and if he breaks the rules again, he'll make sure he never comes back to the force again. Rafe assures he won't be breaking the rules. Rafe talks about admiring Roman and brings up being his son in law in the past. Rafe believes he had Roman's respect and hopes to earn it back. Roman officially welcomes Rafe back to the police force. Rafe thanks him and says it's an honor to be back.

Chad returns to his hotel room with a bottle of alcohol. Chad sits down and turns on the TV where he hears that the murder victim in the park has been identified as Serena Mason which shocks him.

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