Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/26/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/26/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve listens to the conversation JJ & Jennifer had that she recorded on her bugging device about JJ talking about his plan and wanting Paige back. Eve calls JJ brash, brave, and so stupid as she walks on.

Lucas prepares to take Adrienne out but Justin stops her and says he needs to talk to her as he got a letter from Sonny.

Marlena joins Will at the Pub and asks if he's heard from Sonny but he hasn't and doesn't think he's going to. Will tells her that he's lost him for good because of Paul.

Paul and John talk in the park. John asks if everything is okay but Paul says it's not great. John asks if he's talked to Derrick lately. Paul tells him there's nothing really left to say thanks to Will.

Ben paces at home, noting that Abigail said she was coming right home. Ben brings up Clyde telling him that he won and Chad lost so he's a lucky guy because Abigail chose him.

Abigail stands in the town square with a bridal magazine.

Serena and Chad continue drinking together in the club. Clyde watches them from the counter.

Paige sits alone in the town square thinking back to talking to JJ.

JJ sits in the park, waiting on a call from Kyle and wonders what's going on.

Kyle goes to leave his apartment when Eve shows up at his door, questioning how she knew where he lived. Kyle tells her that Paige isn't here but Eve says she's not here about Paige directly. Kyle assumes it's about JJ and invites her in. Eve asks about Kyle making JJ partner in his illegal business. Kyle pretends not to know but Eve reveals to him that JJ is working for the cops. Kyle brings up Paige saying that Eve hated JJ and would say anything to get back at him so he's going to need some proof.

Serena tells Chad that she didn't expect to have so much fun today. Serena goes to the restroom to freshen up. Clyde gets a call and asks what they've got for him. Chad imagines Abigail appearing to tell him that she made a mistake and she wants to be with him.

Aiden, Hope, Victor, Maggie, Kayla, Doug, and Julie come together in Caroline's hospital room. They announce that they want Caroline out to help plan the Salem Bicentennial celebration but Caroline says she can't.

Serena returns to Chad and asks him what's wrong. She talks about being a journalist and observing that he looked really sad. Chad claims he was just missing her.

Abigail returns home. Ben was wondering where she was. Abigail apologizes for being late and says she got caught up as she shows him the bridal magazines. Ben suggests looking at them later as he begins kissing her.

Eve plays the recording for Kyle revealing JJ's plan. Kyle says JJ could have just been lying to Jennifer but Eve disagrees. Kyle questions Eve being more interested in sticking it to JJ than nailing the possible drug dealer dating her daughter. Eve says it's her business and asks what Kyle plans on doing about this.

Will talks to Marlena about Arianna starting to talk and asking where Sonny is. Will decides he can't talk about this right now.

Paul talks to John about how Will thought he was trying to save his marriage. John doesn't excuse what he did. Paul brings up what happened between he and Will being such a mistake. John points out him not knowing he was Sonny's husband at the time. Paul states that they can't change the past. Paul never imagined talking about this stuff with John, his dad. John admits he's not an expert on the subject. Paul thinks he's good at the dad part. John isn't sure Brady would agree but Paul informs him that Brady told him he does. John wishes he got to know Paul earlier and jokes that he could've got free tickets to the all star game.

Justin and Adrienne read Sonny's letter. Justin comments that it sounds like Sonny knows he made the right decision. Adrienne points out that he mentions missing Arianna and Will too. Justin doesn't know why after what Will did to him. Adrienne compares it to missing Justin after what he did to her so she knows how Sonny is feeling. Adrienne apologizes and says she's running late so she exits to join Lucas outside. Lucas asks if everything's okay. She tells him it's fine. Lucas takes her out for a surprise.

Eve walks through the town square on the phone, calling in an anonymous tip. Eve states that the drug problem in Salem can all be traced back to Jennifer. Eve adds that it's not a prank but JJ is a known drug dealer which can be checked out on the internet. Eve says Jennifer knows all about it and is covering for her son like always.

Marlena tells Will about her and John's relationship and now they are trying to find their way back together step by step. She asks if it's possible that Sonny went to Paris to begin that process. Will notes that he has to give him time and can't push things or try to make things happen. Marlena encourages him to be patient and give Sonny time.

Paul and John talk about Paul's baseball career. Paul wishes John knew he was his son then. John wishes he was around when he was growing up. Paul tells him it's not too late to go to games together.

Ben and Abigail kiss to the bedroom. Abigail stops him and says they have all night and all the time in the world. Abigail suggests starting over and taking it slow as he kisses her.

Clyde continues watching as Chad drinks more with Serena. Serena finishes her drinks and Chad reminds her they're on the house. Chad then begins kissing Serena.

Lucas and Adrienne go running through the park, laughing about never doing anything like that as they just finished bungee jumping. Lucas talks about Adrienne not being afraid of anything. Adrienne starts telling an old story of her and Justin but stops and apologizes though Lucas tells her it's okay.

Hope has Aiden tell Caroline that they are putting together a digital photobook to put in a time capsule so they want Caroline to go through all the old pictures to celebrate Salem's 50th anniversary. Maggie adds that they are having the celebration in a Victorian house that Victor bought and it will be like going back in time. Julie and Victor encourage Caroline to be there. Caroline excitedly agrees to be there and they all hug.

Eve finds Paige in the town square and wants her to let her anger go and forgive her. Eve argues that she needs her but Paige disagrees. Eve feels Paige's anger is causing her to make bad choices. Paige doesn't know what she's talking about. Eve brings up going from JJ to Kyle. Paige tells her that she doesn't know anything about it. Eve claims she heard a rumor about JJ working for the cops to bring down Kyle. Eve tells Paige to stay away from those two losers. Paige asks if she's done something. Eve warns her about if Kyle finds up what JJ is up to as drug dealers are very violent. Paige tells Eve that she's living her life and she's no longer a part of it as she walks away.

JJ goes to Kyle's. Kyle thanks him for coming on short notice. Kyle says they need to have a talk. Kyle holds his gun as he talks about JJ wanting to work together and says he doesn't know a lot about him. Kyle says he knows JJ's stats and some of his history but he's not sure that he knows how he thinks. JJ doesn't like mind games so he wants to know if something is wrong. Kyle tells him to relax. JJ talks about his connections to Salem in ways Kyle will never be with Abe being like an uncle to him and Jennifer being like a sister to detective Hope Brady so he needs someone who knows what he knows. Kyle says if that's the case, he has just the job for him.

Chad and Serena finish kissing. Serena says that so wasn't a good idea because she's plastered and the town pariah so she's no good but Chad doesn't care what people think of her. Serena advises him to listen but Chad wants to continue kissing. Chad says there is nothing Serena could do to hurt his reputation since he's a DiMera. Serena says he seems like a really nice guy but she had a lousy day. Chad says it's another thing they have in common so he suggests they be nice to each other.

Abigail and Ben undress and kiss in bed as they have sex.

Hope and Aiden go outside of the hospital room and kiss. Aiden thanks Hope for including him and making him part of this. Hope wouldn't have it any other way. Aiden calls her amazing and talks about how she's included Chase as well. Aiden knows everyone in the room loves Bo but they have accepted him thanks to Hope. Hope talks about everything changing when she met him as they kiss. Aiden tells her that he has a surprise for her. Hope wants to know what it is. Aiden tells her that he has his own contribution to make to the Salem Bicentennial.

Kyle tells JJ that he's going to promote him. Kyle wants JJ to do everything and be involved in the day to day stuff. JJ says that's great. Kyle says he has a shipment of meth coming in and he wants JJ to sample it for him to tell him if it's the real deal.

Paul runs in to Will in the town square. Will tries to walk away but Paul asks him to wait. Will has nothing to say to him and blames him for Sonny being gone, saying he'd be happily married if he never came to Salem. Paul suggests they just live their own lives and walks away.

Hope asks Aiden about his contribution to the Salem Bicentennial but Aiden wants it to be a surprise. Doug and Julie come out, saying they need Hope back in Caroline's room. Hope tells Aiden not to go anywhere as she heads back in. Aiden pulls out the engagement ring and talks about his contribution. Aiden then gets a call, saying he's doing his job but could use another advance. Aiden says not to insult him as he knows what he's doing. Aiden reveals on the phone that he had been given one task ever since he came to town and that's Hope Brady. Aiden adds that he's sure she is over Bo. Aiden tells them to trust him that she's his now.

Ben and Abigail lay in bed together and talk about being a family with their baby as they continue kissing.

Lucas and Adrienne sit together. She knows how hard he worked to make this night fun for her then she brings up Justin. Lucas doesn't want her to act like her past doesn't exist. Adrienne says he's been wonderful about everything but the divorce has been so hard. Lucas jokes about knowing about that. Lucas suggests that maybe she needs a little more time to get used to being single before she starts dating again. Adrienne tells him that she really likes where she's going and loves moving on. Adrienne wants to do it all with him. Lucas kisses her and they rush off together.

Eve goes to the nightclub where she drops her wallet and Justin picks it up. Eve thanks him and notes that it's been awhile since a man came to her rescue. Justin asks about her being alone. Eve asks if he's going to invite her to have a seat. Justin invites her to have a seat so she does. Eve suggests increasing his mood and offers to buy him another drink.

Serena tells Chad that he's very sweet but she has to put the brakes on. Serena gets up but Chad pulls her back down and kisses her. Serena pushes him off and then slaps him, telling him that he needs to learn that no means no as she storms out. Chad gets up and rushes out as well. Clyde remains at the counter watching.

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