Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/25/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/25/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady tells Theresa that cops are on their way. Xander argues that it was all Theresa. Brady yells that this time Xander is getting what he deserves.

Serena gives Nicole her $250,000. Nicole mocks her and says it must beat serving time in jail. Nicole is glad to make her broke. Eric stops her and says that's enough.

Chad sits at the club drinking and talks to himself about Abigail being a wife and mother, saying he hopes she's happy. Ben arrives and asks if he had a rough day. Chad calls it a rough day and asks if Ben is celebrating getting everything he ever wanted. Chad calls him lucky that things didn't turn out a little bit differently. Ben questions what he means.

Abigail sits with Will at the Pub and explains how Chad summoned her to the DiMera Mansion but Stefano was there. She tells Will about Chad telling her about the land she was inheriting which is why Stefano wanted her and Chad back together. Abigail talks about Chad telling her everything and defying his own father to protect her. Will calls it dangerous to defy Stefano. Abigail says that's what made it so brave and selfless. Will thinks it's time for her to be honest with herself that she's in love with Chad.

Rafe arrives at the police station and joins Hope in her office. Rafe informs her that he just turned in his paperwork to get reinstated on the force. Hope doesn't seem too excited so Rafe goes to leave then Hope shows she was just joking, gets excited and hugs him.

Aiden talks on the phone in his office, saying he will get all of his money to him very soon.

Hope tells Rafe it's the best news she's heard in a long time. Rafe says it's not a done deal yet but Hope encourages him. Rafe looks down and sees Clyde's file on her desk. Rafe thought they agreed to stop fishing on Clyde so he questions that. Hope says they are done and she is going to shred the file since she's not going to find anything now.

Aiden says to himself that Clyde gets a pass but only for now as he shreds papers.

Ben questions what Chad meant. Chad comments on how things could be going great but one little twist could change everything. Chad advises him not to take Abigail for granted but Ben doesn't want to hear it. Chad questions him thinking he knows her so well. Clyde arrives and takes Ben away to a table, reminding him to stay away from Chad.

Nicole asks Eric if he's forgotten that they almost died because of Serena and Xander and what they did to get the money. Eric says Serena was wrong but he doesn't want to lump her in with Xander and ruin her life. Nicole thinks she deserves it. Eric thought she changed but sees her still vindictive and money hungry. Nicole tells him to go ahead and think the worst of her like he always does. Nicole then walks away. Serena thanks Eric for sticking up for her when he didn't have to. Eric tells her that he's forgiven her and doesn't think Nicole should have talked to her like that but the whole civil suit brought back a lot of the lies which is why he doesn't think they can have any type of relationship or friendship. Eric thinks it's best if they just go their separate ways. Serena says she gets it and walks away sadly.

Xander tells Brady that he can't think he's stupid enough to attack Theresa in Victor's living room. Brady threatens him. Victor interrupts, questioning what Xander is doing in the house. Theresa says he attacked her and Brady adds that he saw the whole thing so Victor can't protect Xander. Victor tells Brady to take Theresa out while he takes care of Xander with a little chat.

Aiden continues shredding papers as Hope walks in and kisses him. Aiden still wants to forget about last night and move on. Hope points out the Clyde folder being empty. Aiden says his connection to Clyde is truly and completely over. Aiden says he'll focus on more important things as he kisses her.

Ben tells Clyde that Chad got him going but just backed down which he's never done before. Clyde tells Ben that he won, Chad lost so stay away from him. Serena arrives next to Chad at the counter, saying she could sure use a drink.

Abigail tells Will that she's not in love with Chad and it's over. She doesn't know how to explain what was going on with he and Stefano. Will is glad that Chad took the high road because if they got married and got that land, he can only think what Stefano would have done. Abigail repeats that Chad defied his father to protect her. Will says nobody defies Stefano. Abigail says it's beginning to sink in how much Chad really loves her.

Theresa talks with Brady outside. He asks if she needs to see a doctor. Theresa says no and wants the cops to see what Xander did to her. Brady offers to have a doctor come but she insists on being fine. Brady is sorry for what happened. Theresa starts to blame herself but Brady says it wasn't her fault. Theresa starts to cry about what Xander could've done so Brady hugs her.

Xander argues to Victor that Theresa is a lying, scheming slut. Victor hoped motherhood would improve her character. Xander asks if he will help her and tell the cops that she was lying. Victor brings up Xander's lies and attempted murder. Victor adds that his gardening skills suck so he can't think of why he would help him. Xander states that he's family.

Daniel finds Nicole outside the town square and asks about her big news. Daniel gets a text from Chloe with a picture of Parker that they look at. Daniel praises Nicole as a stepmother. Nicole knows Chloe had doubts. Daniel assures that she's past that and sees that she sees how much she's changed. Daniel asks her what the big news is.

Aiden and Hope continue kissing in his office until Rafe walks in.

Serena complains about not getting a drink so Chad decides he'll get it for her, informing her that he's one of the owners so it's on the house. They introduce themselves as she takes a drink. Ben comments to Clyde about Chad not being broken up over Abigail. Clyde encourages Ben to tie the knot with Abigail asap.

Abigail tells Will that being a DiMera means a lot to Chad and he gave it all up for her. Will agrees that standing up to Stefano was awesome but she can't let it affect how she feels about Ben. Abigail calls it a change since he was talking about her being torn and she thought he was on Chad's side. Will says he's on her side. Chad is his friend but he's gotten to know Ben and he could see that she can count on him. Abigail asks if he doesn't think she could've counted on Chad. Will calls him complicated with a lot of drama and baggage so he tells her that she has to put Chad completely behind her.

Nicole tells Daniel that her news isn't that great. Daniel notes that she sounded pretty excited in her message. Nicole says she just got carried away. Daniel gets a call from the hospital and says he'll be right there. Daniel apologizes to Nicole. Nicole understands he's needed. Daniel calls it a quick consult so they can meet later for her to tell him about the big news. They kiss goodbye and Daniel walks away.

Xander argues that they are family but Victor shouts that they are not. Victor says Xander has disgraced all of them and learned nothing so he's worthless like his father. Xander calls him a smug son of a bitch. Victor says Xander crossed him so he shouldn't think about help from him. Victor wishes him luck and says he's on his own.

Rafe apologizes for interrupting. Rafe tells Aiden about trying to get reinstated so he wishes him luck. Aiden tells Rafe that he got Gabi a date for a hearing. Aiden brings up putting together Gabi's history with Nick. Rafe doesn't want to get in to that. They both apologize to Hope, who says she understands despite Nick being family. Hope encourages that Aiden can pull it off for Gabi as he's the best.

Abigail tells Will that he's right about everything so she first has to stop thinking about Chad. Abigail says she's having a baby so that and Ben are the most important things in her life right now. Abigail asks if Will has heard from Sonny yet. Will responds that he hasn't since he left for Paris. Abigail asks how long he will be gone but Will doesn't know. Will thinks he mainly left to spend time away from him. Abigail argues that he's just thinking and clearing his head then he'll be back. Will wishes he could be that sure but blames his lies and war on Paul. Abigail talks about her screw ups and how she has Ben now with a baby. Will encourages her to always trust Ben because he didn't trust Sonny and now might lose everything.

Serena points out Chad's last name. Chad informs her that he might not be a DiMera much longer as he got disowned today. Serena jokes about not having a relationship with her mother. Chad toasts to not needing parents as they drink. Ben comments to Clyde on Chad being a smooth operator. Clyde reminds him not to pay attention to him as Abigail made her choice so he has nothing to worry about. Ben informs Clyde that Abigail went running to see Chad at his mansion which shocks Clyde.

Nicole walks through the town square and talks to herself about Eric saying she hasn't changed when she's about to do what she always does. She sees a flyer to help save the Horton town center and another to help feed the homeless.

Chad and Serena laugh together at the bar. Clyde wonders to Ben why Abigail would go see Chad. Ben says he gave her a chance to tell him about it but she didn't share. Clyde notes Chad being in a bad mood when he got there and was drinking alone so chances are it wasn't a friendly visit. Clyde asks Ben what he's doing with him anyway instead of at home making nice with Abigail. Ben still wants to know why Abigail went to talk to Chad and didn't tell him about it. Clyde encourages Ben that he's won and too enjoy it. Ben responds that it doesn't feel like he's won as he exits. Serena asks Chad about not liking Ben. Chad wants to talk to her and asks what sent her in for a drink. Serena says it was screwing it up with the guy. Chad knows what she's talking about and offers her another drink as they finish.

Abigail sits outside and looks at Chad's number on her phone, deciding she could check if he's alright.

Theresa talks to the cops about what happened but Xander swears that she's lying. Brady explains what he saw. Victor watches as Xander is arrested for assault and attempted rape.

Daniel and Nicole go to the nightclub. Daniel asks what they are celebrating. Nicole informs him that she won her civil suit against Xander and Serena so they both owe her a quarter of a million dollars. She wiped them both out and already collected from Serena. Nicole adds that Eric thought she was enjoying it too much and hasn't changed. Daniel says Eric is full of it in this case. Nicole tells him that she loves him. Nicole then informs Daniel that she gave all of Serena's money to a charity for the homeless, noting that she wasn't the one who tried to kill them but she'll keep Xander's money and do something really special for herself.

Serena gets emotional and goes to the restroom. Clyde approaches Chad. Chad tells him to go away. Clyde comments on Chad having a new little friend.

Ben finds Abigail, who claims she was just going to call him and now doesn't have to. Ben notes that she seemed a little upset when she left the apartment. Ben says he knows her pretty well by the way she was acting. Abigail insists she's okay but Ben doesn't think so and asks for the truth as to what's going on with her.

Hope has to get back to work and kisses Aiden goodbye as she exits. Aiden tells Rafe that him getting back to the force is good news. Aiden mentions knowing how much Rafe missed being a cop and Hope missed having him as a partner. Aiden adds that he just hopes Rafe can keep his feelings about Hope under control.

Theresa tells Brady that she hopes it's the last time she sees Xander. Brady reminds her that she'll have to testify at his trial. Theresa responds that she can do that if he's there. Brady says he will have to testify too. Theresa thanks him for being so wonderful to her so she hoped she could take him out to dinner to thank him. Brady says he was waiting for this, wondering how long it would take before she cashed in on what just happened. Theresa tries to argue but Brady tells her that nothing's changed and to keep her distance.

Nicole tells Daniel that she was thinking a lot about what he said about Parker looking up to her. Nicole wants a job that she loves and a real challenge so she will take Xander's money to open her own business but she doesn't know what yet. Nicole has an idea but isn't ready to talk about it. They toast to dreaming big and take a drink.

Rafe tells Aiden to take it easy as he cares about Hope a lot but that's as far as it goes. Aiden says he gets it and not to worry about it. Aiden wants to know that it won't be a problem. Rafe assures him it won't be. Aiden informs Rafe that he's planning on proposing to Hope.

A cop talks to Hope about Rafe trying to get back on the force. Hope hopes it happens as she misses working with him. He calls them a heck of a pair, almost as good as Hope and Bo.

Abigail tells Ben that she wasn't upset and if she seemed emotional, she just has a lot going on. Ben asks if she's sure that's it as she doesn't have to handle it all alone. Ben reminds her that she can count on him. She says she knows that. Ben asks if she's ready to go home but Abigail says she has some shopping to do and won't be long so she'll meet him there.

Serena returns to Chad, asking what's going on. Clyde says he just came to say hi to an old friend but he'll let them get back and walks away. Serena comments to Chad that he didn't seem like an old friend. Serena asks about getting to know Chad more. Chad wants to talk about that over another drink. Serena likes the way he thinks so he pours another and they drink.

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