Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/24/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/24/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Thereas comes in to the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and finds Xander. Xander asks if he can help her. She reminds him that he's not supposed to be in the house. Xander blows it off and asks if she's going to rat him out. Theresa says not if he does something for her.

Nicole goes to the mansion and Brady greets her at the door. Nicole asks for Xander. Brady asks why she would want to see him. Nicole says she has a special delivery that Xander's going to hate so Brady should enjoy.

Ben and Abigail have breakfast. Ben gives her a present.

Chad goes in to the DiMera Mansion where Stefano tells him that he should be outside on this gorgeous day. Chad is focused on work but Stefano asks what Abigail is doing today. Chad says he doesn't know and tells him to move on. Stefano talks about not moving on. Chad argues against what Abigail has having Stefano in this state. Stefano yells at him to act like a DiMera or get the hell out. Chad apologizes and says he respects him but thinks it's all a little nuts. Chad thinks they are doing okay. Stefano insists that he needs to be with Abigail. Chad calls it crazy to go after a woman for a piece of land. Stefano tells him to do it for himself and go after the woman he loves.

Ben's gift to Abigail is tickets to Las Vegas and he jokes that they do quick weddings. Ben says he'll make a call. Abigail asks if he's serious. Ben tells her that he wants to marry her today and he'll do whatever she wants to make that happen.

Serena comes out of Caroline's hospital room and Eric approaches. Serena jokes with him about how well Caroline is doing. Eric thanks her for being there to help. Serena says she has a meeting with the head of research to get to. Eric asks if that means she's staying in Salem. Serena thought he was okay with that.

Xander asks what he can do for Theresa as he mocks his gardening work. Theresa says they are both on a leash living here. Theresa talks about needing a place to get away where no one is watching her. Xander knows the feeling. Theresa suggests they could go out and get a drink later. Nicole enters with Brady. Brady questions if Theresa let Xander in. Xander tells him that he let himself in for a drink. Nicole remarks that she knows what's in Theresa's head, thinking Xander is her knight in shining armor. Xander says he has work to do but Nicole stops him and hands him a paper, saying he's been served. Nicole says her formal complaint is that she doesn't need a criminal conviction to take him to court. Nicole says she can't put him in jail but she can take him for everything he has. Xander is shocked by it being today and argues that she can't do this. Nicole comments on him not getting his notice. Brady enjoys it. Xander thinks she set this up for him to lose.

Serena tells Eric that he won't have to worry about running in to her as she'll be deep in research for the next six months. Serena then walks away.

Ben supports a quick wedding in Las Vegas and off to Santa Monica. Abigail brings up Chad saying that Ben told him they were moving. Ben says he was trying to make a point. Abigail explains that she told him it wasn't true as she didn't say anything like that. Abigail tells Ben that it's not okay to say things like that. Ben apologizes for jumping the gun. Abigail asks why he did. Abigail assures him that Chad is out of her life no matter where they are. Abigail asks why Ben thinks she would want a quick wedding. Ben thought she might feel more comfortable before getting further in to the pregnancy. Abigail questions if he's ashamed of how it will look for her to be pregnant in a wedding dress. Abigail cries that she doesn't want to leave or run away. Ben hugs her and says he's sorry but he just wants to get married soon. Abigail wants that too but feels they have time and can get married here to do it right. Ben responds that they will then and promises her dream wedding.

Stefano tells Chad that he and Abigail are in love. Chad questions that mattering to him. Stefano wants his last child to be happy. Stefano talks about seeing his pain. Chad admits it's hard and he wishes it was different but Abigail has made his choice. Chad says he will respect that she loves Ben. Stefano calls it a stupid choice. Stefano won't let it go because he knows he's right that they are destined for each other. Chad decides they'll find out and exits.

Abigail talks to Ben about St. Luke's being booked in advance but says the wedding doesn't have to be on the weekend. Abigail talks about everyone being able to make it and wants Arianna and Ciara to be their flower girl. Abigail asks Ben if he thinks Jordan could make it. Ben thinks so. Abigail says that's why it's so good that they are doing this in advance. Abigail gets a call from Chad and steps aside to answer. Chad tells her that he needs to see her right now because it's crucial. Chad asks her not to blow him off. Abigail agrees to be there as soon as she can. Abigail hangs up and tells Ben that it was the hospital needing her right now. Abigail apologizes and says she'll be back as soon as she can and exits.

Nicole tells Xander that she just filed a suit and the rest was not up to her. Xander argues that he can't be forced in to a trial and still has some rights. Nicole tells him to tell the judge and let him decide who was more violated. Nicole yells that he should be in jail. Nicole argues that she will win and Xander will need a loan. Xander brings up being family to Brady but Brady agrees that he should be in jail. Nicole tells Xander that she will just leave him miserable and broke then walks out.

Ben decides to use his phone app to track Abigail and finds out that she went to the DiMera Mansion. Ben then gets up and quickly exits.

Abigail arrives at the DiMera Mansion. Chad thanks her for coming and hopes Ben isn't too upset. Abigail asks about it being crucial. Abigail reminds him that she's getting married. Chad knows she doesn't want to think about him or his family so they are going to make sure she never has to worry about the DiMeras again.

Serena returns to Eric to get her folders but Nicole arrives and informs Serena that she's been served. Nicole tells her that she'll see her in court almost immediately. Serena argues that it's in an hour and can't be but Nicole says it is and walks away.

Theresa talks to Brady about Tate. Brady asks her what was going on with her and Xander earlier as he was quick to defend her. Theresa says he just told the truth that she didn't let him in. Brady asks what her plan is and if she's trying to use Xander to make him jealous. Theresa says she's not that transparent. Brady advises her to stay away from him as he's dangerous. Brady says he has to get to court to make sure Xander behaves and that Nicole wins. Theresa says she'll see him later as Brady exits.

Eric catches up to Serena in the town square and offers to help her get a lawyer. Serena feels she has no time. Eric offers to come with her but she says he doesn't have to. Eric worries that Nicole is going to roll right over her. Eric doesn't think this is the right way for Nicole. Xander walks by and complains to them. Eric tells him to back off. Serena blames Xander for Nicole wanting payback. Xander shouts that none of this would've happened if Serena did her job. Eric tells him to leave so Xander storms off.

Chad brings Abigail in to the living room where Stefano greets her. Chad informs Abigail that he called because Stefano insisted and is consumed with the idea of him being happy which can only happen if they get married. Chad says it's just a lie that Stefano says since he really wants his hands on Abigail's fortune. Abigail calls that weird, saying she doesn't have a fortune. Chad tells her that she will.

Ben shows up in the garden of the DiMera Mansion.

Abigail doesn't understand. Stefano tells her it's not the time or place but Chad argues that it is. Chad brings up Bridget from Ireland being really sick. Abigail asks how he knew. Chad looks to Stefano and tells her that Stefano made it his business to know because of a piece of land that Bridget's family left to her. Stefano asks Chad not to be foolish. Chad calls it critical to Stefano's well being as they have to have it and she's left it to Abigail in her will. Abigail questions him seeing her will. Stefano feels Chad needlessly upset Abigail. Abigail doesn't understand how he knows all these things. Abigail wants to call Bridget. Chad understands it's hard. Abigail yells at Stefano wanting her land and thinking she'd ever part with anything Bridget gave her. Chad tells her that now that Stefano knows, he can give up on it and she won't have to be bothered by the DiMeras ever again. Chad thanks her for coming and tells her that she has a wedding to plan. Abigail responds that they are getting married in Salem and staying here. Chad is sure her family will be happy about that. Abigail then announces that she and Ben are having a baby which shocks Chad and Stefano.

Eric follows Serena back to the hospital. Serena complains about what happened in the court room. Eric invites her to the Pub to take a breather but Serena wants to stick to work. Serena argues that the money from the blood diamonds were going to get her back on her feet but now it will all be gone. Eric tries to stop her but Serena tells him to leave her alone.

Brady finishes a call as he talks with Nicole in the town square. Nicole wants to celebrate since they are going to pay. Brady says Xander is broke but Serena may have money from the diamond sale. Nicole thinks Xander will go to jail but Brady tells her not to get her hopes up. Nicole insists that Xander is going to pay one way or another. Brady asks what's going on with her. Nicole admits that she still can't turn the lights off at night and gets scared when in small spaces. Brady hugs her and tells her it's normal and will get better. Nicole agrees and assures that Xander won't win. Brady suggests maybe tonight she'll sleep a little better as they hug.

Xander comes home in a rage. Theresa says she heard from Brady. Xander complains about not having the money so they could throw him in prison. Xander doesn't think he'll have any backup around here. Theresa tells him that not everyone here is against him. Theresa offers to help him feel better and kisses him.

Chad congratulates Abigail. She thanks him. Chad asks if she's sure about Ben. Abigail admits she took a paternity test to be sure and confirms it's Ben's. Chad knows it must've been hell wondering and that's why she was so upset at the hospital. Abigail is glad to have it settled now. Chad congratulates her again and hopes they are happy. Abigail exits in tears. Stefano calls Chad an arrogant imbecile and asks if he has any idea what he just cost them. Abigail listens in from the door as Stefano warns Chad that he's going to pay for that stunt. Abigail then walks out.

Serena apologizes to Eric for snapping. Eric understands it was a hard day. Serena is not proud of what she did or how she got that money but she thought she could use it to turn her life around. Eric tells her that she doesn't have to figure it out this second and wants her to come with him. Serena doesn't want a pity party and says she's fine but Eric says he's not. Eric knows the court room was intense and needs someone to talk him down. Eric asks her to lunch. Serena agrees but says she's buying while she still can so they walk off together.

Xander and Theresa continue kissing onto the couch until Theresa hears the door and tries to push him off, saying to get off and slaps him. Brady rushes in and pulls Xander down, leaving Theresa with a smile.

Stefano asks Chad if he's proud of himself. Chad yells he won't let him blindside the people of this town anymore. Stefano screams that he's not a DiMera. Chad argues that he lived most of his life without this family. Stefano tells him to get the hell out then and stay out. Stefano adds that he doesn't mean take a walk but leave the house because he's a disgrace to this family. Chad exits.

Abigail returns home where Ben is waiting. Ben asks if she got everything done. Abigail says she did and says it took longer than expected. Ben says he should've come with her and helped but Abigail says she had to do it by herself. Abigail goes to the back and Ben then rips up his Las Vegas tickets.

Nicole finds Eric and Serena in the town square again. Eric tells her to give it a rest. Nicole questions Eric sticking up for her when she could've killed him too. Nicole tells Serena to pay up.

Brady punches Xander out and checks on Theresa. Theresa says she's alright and will call the cops on that psycho.

Chad goes to the club and starts drinking.

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