Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/21/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/21/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Paige tells Daphne that she was nice to JJ which she questions. Paige insists that it's not a big deal but that JJ felt it meant she still loved him. Daphne hopes that's not true.

JJ talks with Jennifer at home. Jennifer notes that he seems different. JJ responds that the most amazing thing happened as he thinks Paige still loves him. Eve listens in from the bugging device she planted in Jennifer's house as JJ talks about being confident that he could get Paige back.

Maggie looks around the Kiriakis mansion for Victor but can't find him so she wonders where he went.

Caroline wakes up in her hospital bed to Victor at her side. Caroline tells him that she didn't expect to see her old love.

Rafe asks John if they think whoever attacked Aiden was after Hope too. Clyde listens in from his seat. John says they don't know and it could just be a robbery. Rafe argues that it's strange and brings up the security cameras. Rafe starts to call Hope but Marlena suggests he wait until tomorrow since Hope and Aiden had a romantic evening planned. Rafe agrees. Marlena gets a call from work and steps away. Rafe asks John if he thinks Hope is really okay. John responds that he's been thinking something for awhile and asks Rafe how long he's had a thing for Hope.

Hope kisses Aiden and he asks if she really wants him to spend the night at her place. Aiden knows it's a big step to invite someone in to the bed she shared with Bo. Hope assures him. Aiden jokes about it being because he got beat up. Hope doesn't want to stay in the hotel after what happened. Hope is sorry it took this to make her realize how much she wants to be together. Aiden kisses her and suggests they go. Hope helps him up slowly. Hope decides she will get her car to drive them to her place. Hope kisses him and exits the room.

Jennifer asks JJ what happened. JJ admits that he broke in to Kyle's place. Jennifer argues against doing that with a drug dealer. JJ explains that he got his safe open but Kyle came home with Paige and Paige covered for him which she wouldn't have done if she didn't still care. JJ believes Paige still loves him and will tell him herself pretty soon. Eve listens in from the club and gets frustrated at what she hears.

Rafe tells John that he cares about Hope as she was his partner on the force so that doesn't just go away. John doesn't believe him. Rafe asks if Ciara said something to him. John asks why she would. Rafe talks about taking Ciara ice skating and helping her with baseball. John questions him stepping in with Ciara. Rafe says she's a good kid who misses her dad. Rafe says he and Hope are friends and admits he's protective of her. John says he is too and feels she deserves happiness after being through Hell. Rafe agrees to drink to that.

Caroline asks what Victor's doing there. He admits he was worried about her so he wanted to see her for himself. Caroline remembers Victor promising to always take care of her. Victor talks about loving her in the past. Caroline cries that she knows his promise is the one thing she can count on.

Rafe tells John that he has to start getting people out. John asks to keep it open a little longer so he and Marlena can finish a conversation. Rafe agrees to. John asks for something romantic to be played too as he has a lot of making up to do. Rafe gets up and tells Marlena that John wants to be alone with her. Rafe adds that what they have is special and not everyone gets a second chance. Marlena says they've been down a rocky road. Rafe calls that better than being alone. Marlena returns to John and asks where they were. John says it doesn't matter because it's going to take a lot more than words if he wants her back. John says he loves his kids, the town, and his work but he needs to put her needs first and that's something he hasn't done in a very long time. John declares that starting tonight, all that is going to change.

Hope brings Aiden to her bedroom. Hope assures him that everything is locked up and the alarms are set. Aiden doesn't think the mugger will return but Hope still wants him to feel safe. Hope encourages him to take it easy and kisses him. Aiden tells her that he loves being with her. Aiden calls it crazy as he never thought he'd find this kind of happiness with anybody but here they are. They joke that nobody would've thought as their kids couldn't stand each other at first but now are best friends. Hope never thought she would have this again either. Hope tells Aiden that she loves him. Aiden says the same as they kiss. Hope helps Aiden remove his shirt and sees his bruises as she hugs him.

Jennifer tells JJ that it doesn't mean Paige still loves him. JJ adds that they really talked afterwards and she knows he's undercover for the DEA. Eve hears and is surprised. Jennifer hopes Paige isn't at risk but JJ feels she'll be safer now that she knows. Jennifer brings up Roman and Agent Watts wanting it to be secret. JJ says stuff happens and he's glad she knows because he couldn't keep her away from Kyle. JJ hopes Paige will see that Kyle will never change. Jennifer prays that Paige still stay away from Kyle so maybe JJ will give this whole thing up. JJ declares that he will protect her no matter what.

Paige tells Daphne that JJ said everything he's doing is because of her. Daphne argues that JJ is playing her. Paige assures that she hasn't forgotten what he's done. Daphne feels she'd be crazy to ever trust him again. Paige is so confused and doesn't know what to do next.

Victor talks to Caroline about getting older and assures her that he cares about her. Victor encourages her about medical advances and not giving up. Victor tells her to get some rest and that the hospital staff will bring anything she needs. Caroline jokes with him. Victor kisses her hand and exits to find Maggie waiting outside the room. Victor thought she fell asleep. Maggie responds that she had a feeling she'd find her husband here.

Marlena asks if John means putting her above the ISA as well. John says that's what he's saying. Marlena asks if he'll turn down the job. John says if he has to choose, he chooses her. Marlena brings up John saying he might resent her for turning down this opportunity. John says he got to thinking and realized he can't lose her because of some feeling he might feel in the future. Marlena knows John's work in the ISA was so important to him so she can't ask him not to do it. John asks what about them. Marlena repeats what Rafe said that going down a rocky road with someone you love is better than cruising down a highway by yourself and she thinks he was right. Marlena realizes everyone else has left the nightclub as Rafe has romantic music played. John stands and asks Marlena to dance with him so they begin to dance.

Victor tells Maggie that he couldn't sleep and got to thinking about Caroline. Maggie says they both need their rest. Maggie knows what happened to Caroline was very scary. Victor notes that Caroline counts on him. Maggie understands that he's Caroline's rock like he is to her. Victor asks if she doesn't mind that he spends time with her. Maggie knows she's the mother of his son and a dear friend. Victor assures Maggie that no one means more than her as they kiss.

Aiden goes outside and finds Clyde, saying he figured he'd be out there. Clyde asks if he's a glutton for punishment. Aiden tells him that he's had enough and he wins.

Rafe stands by as John and Marlena dance. Rafe tells them that he has to shut the place down so it's time to go home. John thanks him. Rafe steps away. John tells Marlena that he's not ready for this night to end yet. Marlena asks what he wants to do. John suggests taking a slow walk through the park on the way to her room. Marlena agrees that would be nice. John suggests he be right there with her when she wakes up in the morning.

Maggie asks Victor if he's ready to head home but Caroline hears her and calls for her, saying she'd like to talk to her. Maggie agrees and tells Victor she'll meet him at home. Victor exits and Maggie heads inside. Maggie hopes they didn't keep Caroline awake. Caroline jokes that all she does is sleep so she will take all the visitors she can get. Caroline says Victor made her feel better and hopes she doesn't mind. Maggie feels the same way. Maggie admits they were worried about her. Maggie tells Caroline that her friendship with Victor will never be a problem. Caroline thanks her and talks about how she and Victor worry about Bo so much. Maggie knows they do even though Victor doesn't talk about it much. Maggie talks about how important Caroline is to Victor and always will be. Caroline responds that Victor is as dear to her as anyone she's ever met. Caroline is so glad that Victor found Maggie. Maggie thanks her and hugs her.

Aiden tells Clyde that he covered for him and told the cops that he couldn't identify him so he wants to let the whole thing go. Aiden adds that he convinced Hope that he dropped looking in to Clyde because he came up clean. Aiden says after tonight, he plans to forget everything he found about him like they never knew each other. Aiden tells Clyde that if he's watching the house to see if he goes to the cops, he's wasting his time because they won't hear a thing from him. Clyde calls it a good decision and hopes he means it. Clyde brings up knowing where Chase and Ciara are tonight. Aiden tells him to drop the threats as he's not afraid of him but he has more important things to deal with.

Rafe cleans up at the nightclub and finds that John left his pocket book behind, where he wrote today down as possibly his last day at the Salem PD.

John and Marlena walk through the park and stop to sit on a bench. Marlena calls it a beautiful night and she's glad he suggested this. John asks if she meant walking through the park or him being with her when she wakes up in the morning. John and Marlena then kiss.

JJ tells Jennifer that he loves Paige so much and he hurt her so he's going to make it up to her by making sure no one hurts her like that again.

Paige tells Daphne not to worry as she's not going to fall for JJ again. Daphne hopes she means it after the way he lied to her. Paige believes that JJ is trying to protect her from Kyle. Paige informs Daphne that Kyle owns a gun which shocks her but Paige assures it's just for protection. Daphne worries that this is bad. Paige sees now that dating someone like Kyle might not have been the best idea but she wanted to drive JJ crazy and teach him a lesson but she may have gone too far so now she's caught between Kyle and JJ. Daphne encourages her to just dump Kyle but Paige figures he wouldn't take that well. Daphne doesn't think it matters if he's dangerous. Paige admits she's starting to get scared.

Victor sends an e-mail to a Dr. Salinas, wanting an update on his progress. Victor goes and pours a drink as Maggie comes home. Maggie asks if everything is alright.

Clyde reminds Aiden that every time he hurts, he'll think of him and know to never cross him again or else someone he loves will hurt worse than he does. Clyde thinks he's finally getting the message so this will be their last meeting. Aiden hopes so. Clyde asks why he's still getting the feeling that there's more than he's letting on. Clyde then walks away.

Maggie kisses Victor and tells him that she's exhausted so she will see him upstairs and exits. Victor takes a drink and goes back to his computer.

Caroline thinks back to Victor visiting her when she was in California.

Victor gets an e-mail back that Dr. Salinas has hit some roadblocks and will need more time and money.

JJ tells Jennifer that everything he's going through would be worth it if he could get Kyle off the streets and once that's done, he promises to be done with the DEA when Paige doesn't have to worry about Kyle then all he wants to think about is getting her back. Eve listens from her device and says JJ can just try.

John stands and offers his hand to Marlena but she doesn't accept so John suggests he just walk her home and he'll go back to his place. Marlena apologizes but John says there's no apology necessary. John talks about Marlena trying to reach out to him so many times when he resented how she handled Brady and Kristen. John admits he didn't try so he has to make up for that. Marlena tells him that she's not trying to punish him. John understands that she's just not ready yet because when it does happen for them, he wants it to be perfect and for her to be confident in his love for her and their future together. John declares that he is going to make her believe in them again as he kisses her. They walk off together arm in arm.

Rafe calls Roman and leaves a message that he wants to talk to him for a second if he can call back. Rafe says he won't be mysterious about it as he just isn't cut out to run a nightclub and he's wondering if there's any chance he can get back on the police force.

Aiden goes back and gets in bed with Hope. Hope notes that he was gone a long time. Aiden claims he was just trying to find some aspirin for his pain but he's fine now and tells her to go back to sleep. Hope tells him that she loves him. Aiden says he loves her too as Hope says goodnight.

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