Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/20/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/20/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John questions Marlena about Roman telling her that he is joining the ISA. Marlena asks if it's true. John says he was going to tell her but was waiting for the right time. Marlena questions if he didn't think she would support him as John admits he is doing it.

JJ admits to Paige that she is the whole reason he is going undercover for the DEA.

Clyde and Rafe argue over Clyde's drink order at the nightclub. Rafe says he's been cordial to him for Victor but he doesn't need this job anymore because he's going back to what he does best in being a cop. Clyde remarks that they are in trouble if that's what he does best. Rafe responds that Clyde's the one in trouble.

Aiden says he's okay as Hope checks on him. Hope asks what happened. Aiden claims he got mugged by some guy off the street. Hope asks what he looked like. Aiden responds that he was wearing a mask. Hope decides she's calling the station but Aiden tells her not to do that.

Clyde suggests to Rafe that they have a talk and get it all out there. Clyde knows how Rafe feels about him. Clyde feels that Rafe is jealous which he laughs at.

Hope asks Aiden why he doesn't want her to call the station. Aiden says it would be a waste of time as the guy is long gone and he can't be identified. Hope questions forgetting this happened. Hope insists on calling the station but Aiden doesn't want it out that he got beat up. Hope worries if John found out she didn't call this in. Hope encourages Aiden not to give up and they'll get the bad guy.

Paige asks JJ why he would ever think she would want him to. JJ explains that an agent asked him to do this because he had given it up. JJ says he couldn't say no once he saw her with Kyle. JJ says he wasn't going to tell her and was just going to take care of the guy. JJ tells Paige that she can't change Kyle because he's seriously bad. Paige asks if he's as bad as him. JJ tells her that the DEA doesn't go after low level dealers so he couldn't quit if he wanted to. JJ says Kyle will only leave in handcuffs or a coffin and he doesn't want to think about her being with him. JJ feels that he will hurt her worse than he ever did. Paige argues that's impossible and wants him to leave her alone. JJ says he knows what he has to do when he loves someone since he loves Paige and never stopped.

Marlena reminds John how this turned out before. John says they had been working so hard to get back on track that he didn't want another complication. Marlena questions why do it. John says he has to go back to the ISA. John talks about everything he knows about himself starting with the day he met her. John calls the ISA part of his life and his calling. John compares it to her job and brings up her dangerous patients in the past. John says he tried running Basic Black but that wasn't him and he needs to feel like he's making a difference. Marlena encourages him being on the police force. John tells her that he loves her so part of him says he should make her happy and walk away like she wants. Marlena says in a relationship, both people have to get what they want. John wants this to work but if he passes on this opportunity, he worries this feeling won't go away and he starts to resent her for what he passed up. John doesn't know if he could stop it. John gets a call from the police station and steps away to answer. John responds that he's on his way. Marlena asks what it is. John tells her that Hope called in Aiden being attacked so they exit.

Hope has a cop come to the room to get Aiden's statement and check the room. Aiden insists that he's fine. Hope tells him to start the beginning. Aiden begins telling and claims he never saw the man's face. Aiden wishes he could give more but says it's all he's got.

Rafe comments on Clyde's comment being funny and questions why he would be jealous of him. Clyde talks about calling his own shots while Rafe went from FBI to police to shift manager. Clyde talks about being a major donator to the hospital and having a great relationship with his son while Rafe doesn't have anything going for him. Rafe says he knows he's a decent person. Clyde brings up sleeping with Rafe's ex. Clyde says Rafe had something solid, lost it, and can't get it back. Clyde remarks that he's exactly where he wants to be.

Paige questions JJ loving her after everything and why he's telling her this. Paige asks if he really thinks she could ever forget what he did to her. JJ says he's just trying to make her understand what she's getting herself in to. JJ tells her about an old buyer of Kyle's ending up in the ICU after getting beat. JJ tells Paige that Kyle also has a gun in his drawer and warns her about him using it. JJ says it's killing him to see her with Kyle. JJ asks her to promise him to stay away from Kyle. Paige asks if he thinks he can have her back.

Rafe calls Clyde all talk and no action. Clyde responds that he gets plenty of action. Rafe comments on Clyde walking around like a hero but people know the real deal and he's not it. Clyde argues that he's not either. Clyde says he can tell himself how happy he is and believe it.

Marlena and John show up at the hotel room and ask Hope about the attack. Marlena goes to check on Aiden even though he says it's not necessary. Marlena goes back and tells John and Hope that Aiden seems okay but she wants a complete exam to be sure. Marlena and John are shocked that this could happen. John talks about getting security camera footage. Aiden yells at them to stop and get out.

Paige tells JJ that she would never take him back. JJ says he didn't say that. Paige argues that he keeps making this about Kyle but it's really about them and him still being in love with her. Paige tells JJ that she doesn't need him or her mother as she can only count on herself. Paige says she's getting better at running her own life every day so she just needs JJ to get out of her way. JJ knows he broke her heart but that doesn't mean she can turn off her feelings. JJ brings up Paige helping him get out of Kyle's apartment when she didn't have to but she did because she cared and still has feelings for him no matter what she says.

Clyde says he can't wait until Rafe is a detective again so a new manager can come in and he might finally get a drink. Rafe says Clyde could end up in jail. Clyde brings up being friends with Victor. Rafe argues that he's not a friend but Clyde points out that he comps his drinks so maybe he's scared of him. Clyde tells Rafe that there is no evidence out there so he won't find anything on him.

Aiden apologizes and says his head is just pounding. Hope understands he needs some rest. John notes this being a crime scene. Aiden feels embarrassed about the whole thing and he doesn't want special treatment. Marlena suggests going to the hospital but Aiden insists that he's fine. Hope thanks them and says she's got it from here. Marlena tells Aiden to take care. John adds that he's still going to check the security footage as they exit. Hope tells Aiden that they understand. Hope notes that she only got part of his text message earlier and asks what he wanted to tell her.

When Rafe turns his back, Clyde reaches over and pours his own drink. Rafe tells Clyde that when he arrests him, it won't be for a misdemeanor. Clyde accuses Rafe of profiling and not liking the way he looks. Rafe calls him a criminal. Rafe admits he might not have the smoking gun yet but comments on his pride. Clyde tells Rafe that he can't make anything stick against him. Clyde takes a drink and walks away.

Aiden tells Hope that his text was about Clyde. Hope notes that he got upset when she brought up Clyde earlier. Aiden tells Hope that he dropped Clyde because he learned some potentially unsettling information but he had no proof so he hired an investigator to look into it and the file she saw was from him. Hope warns him about Clyde finding out. Aiden responds that he did it because he loves her. Aiden talks about Hope being so driven to get something on Clyde so if she was going to be in terrible danger, he had to know. Hope says when you've been up against Stefano, Clyde is nothing. Aiden agrees and then claims that Clyde is clean. Hope asks how he can be sure. Aiden claims there is an old business competitor who has a grudge against Clyde in Missouri and has been bad mouthing him for years but there is no truth behind the rumors. Hope asks if he's thinking about representing Clyde again then. Aiden says no as it's too difficult to explain and he doesn't really like him anyways. Aiden tells Hope that he did it all for her. Aiden adds that aside from his son, she is all that matters to him and he can rest easy knowing she's safe. Hope is sorry, knowing he didn't want to talk about this. Aiden says there really isn't much left to say about it. Hope wishes she was there to take care of the guy. Hope kisses Aiden while making sure not to hurt him as she hugs him, thankful that he is okay. Hope can't imagine her life without him as they kiss.

John and Marlena walk through the town square as John is on the phone, finding out that the security cameras were malfunctioning. John tells them to check if they were tampered with and call back. John tells Marlena that there is something awful about this. Marlena knows he will worry about it. Marlena talks about the police force being thrilled to have him back so she wonders why that's not enough for him. John wishes he knew. Marlena says if it's travel, she could arrange some exotic trips for them. Marlena knows this opportunity doesn't come along every day. Marlena wants him here but only if it's what he wants. John responds that he wants to be here. Marlena knows they are taking it slow to get it right. Marlena tells him that she would never ask him to make a compromise that he wasn't prepared for but after all they've been through, she doesn't want to go through losing him again.

Paige tells JJ that she saved him because that's just who she is, not because she's still in love with him. JJ notes that she took a big risk for him and she wouldn't do that for someone she hates. Paige tells JJ that she will never get over what he did to her. JJ stops her but Paige warns him to leave her alone. Paige walks off. JJ gets a call from Kyle, who orders him to his place now.

JJ goes to Kyle's and asks what's going on. Kyle tells him to have a seat. JJ sees the safe combination paper left on the floor. Kyle pulls out his gun.

Marlena sits with John and tells him that it's not the same kind of danger while his job would require him keeping secrets and telling lies. John asks if that's what this is all about. John says honesty has never been an issue with them. John believes they can do this. John's phone rings but he doesn't answer and tells Marlena that the ISA can wait as he kisses her.

Hope tells Aiden that she's glad it's finally over with Clyde for them. Hope jokes that she arrests the criminals and he defends them but what's really important is the trust they share. Aiden agrees. Hope can't express how important that is to her. Hope talks about taking it for granted which is what happened with Bo when their son died and he lied to her so it took her years to trust him again. Hope apologizes as he never thought Bo would just walk out of their lives. Hope says after having her trust shattered like that, she never thought she could love someone again until Aiden came along. Hope adds that trusting someone again was scarier than loving someone again but she trusts him after everything. Hope brings up Aiden sharing his biggest secret and says she would never betray that. Aiden asks if this means they can forget about Clyde and concentrate on them. Hope responds that there's nothing she would rather do.

JJ questions Kyle but Kyle claims he's just been meaning to clean his gun and puts it back. Kyle tells JJ that he thinks he can trust him with more details about what's going on. Kyle warns him to watch his back as it's not just competition but the cops and the DEA. JJ asks if he's hearing things. Kyle says he's got his back and JJ assures that he has his too. An ambulance goes by and the sirens worry JJ but Kyle tells him to relax. JJ picks up the safe combination paper and crumples it up when Kyle isn't looking. JJ tells Kyle that he's good.

Paige joins Daphne in the Pub. Daphne encourages her. Paige tells Daphne that falling in love was the biggest mistake she ever made and now she doesn't know what to do.

John and Marlena arrive at the nightclub and greet Rafe. Clyde comes back to his seat and listens in as John and Marlena tell Rafe about Aiden getting attacked but there's no evidence and Aiden can't tell them anything. John adds that Hope was there to call it in. Marlena assures Rafe that Hope is fine.

Hope cleans Aiden's cuts and tells him they can't stay here tonight. Aiden suggests another room but Hope has a better idea and invites him home with her. Aiden asks about the kids. Hope reminds him they are at a sleepover. Hope wants to take care of Aiden instead of hiding out in a hotel room as she kisses him. Hope tells him that she wants to be with him in her own bed. Aiden says that's exactly where he wants to be and kisses her.

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