Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/19/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/19/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ tries to get in to Kyle's safe but it doesn't work. Kyle and Paige arrive at the door but Kyle gets a call and steps away while Paige goes inside and finds JJ. JJ motions for her to be quiet. Kyle comes in behind Paige and questions what the hell is going on.

John runs in to Rafe outside the club. John calls Marlena, who is at the hospital and says she's running late but she'll meet him in the park in 40 minutes. John asks Rafe if he wants some company. Rafe talks about how John and Marlena are doing good. John is optimistic about them getting back together. John says he loves Marlena and he can't mess it up so he's got to do everything just right.

Hope walks through the town square and runs in to Julie. Julie tells Hope that Doug will be seeing Ciara tomorrow. Julie notes that Hope has two smoothies so one must be for Aiden. Julie talks about almost thinking she'd never see Hope like this again unless it was with Bo.

Aiden answers the door assuming Hope is back but is greeted with a punch from a man dressed in all black that knocks him down. Aiden knocks him down but the man attacks him further. Aiden fights back questioning what they want and who they are. The man removes his mask revealing to be Clyde.

Hope reminds Julie that putting Bo and their marriage behind her was the only way to move on in life. Julie apologizes and understands but always thought they were joined together. Hope can't think about the sadness anymore. Julie agrees but doesn't understand how Bo could abandon her. Hope talks about hanging in as long as she could. Julie admires her loyalty for it. Julie knows what a struggle it must have been to get on with her life. Hope calls it one of the most difficult things in her life. Hope states that he deserted them. Julie asks how Ciara is. Hope tells her that she's okay and understands about her dad too. Hope adds that Bo will always have a huge place in their hearts.

Rafe and John head in to the club. Rafe talks about running the nightclub. John asks about missing being a detective. Rafe says he's a concerned citizen now and doesn't have to be responsible. Rafe notes that he has noted drug dealers being on the rise. John talks about Hope going after that. Rafe cuts him off and says what Hope is really doing is trying to tie anything she can to Clyde which is a huge mistake.

Clyde laughs at Aiden bleeding. Aiden asks if he's out of his mind and what he wants. Clyde says he came with a message, warning him to keep his nose out of his business. Clyde yells that he won't tolerate him coming after his family. Aiden says he doesn't know what he's talking about. Clyde punches him more while warning him. Clyde says Aiden may have thought he had him. Clyde chokes Aiden, saying it's about to end right now.

Kyle is upset because the door to the safe is open and questions if Paige saw anyone. Paige claims she didn't while JJ hides. Kyle can't believe someone figured out the code for his safe but all the money is still there. Kyle feels this had to be a professional and they came back just in time. Kyle asks Paige if she's sure she didn't see anyone.

Rafe talks to John about Clyde. John notes that Hope isn't the type to see something that's not there. Rafe calls her a great cop and woman but they've all looked at Clyde and there's nothing there. John feels it's still Hope's call but Rafe insists that Clyde is real bad news and he doesn't want someone that he cares about that close to a rattlesnake. Rafe tells John to find a way to get Hope to back off before it's too late. John asks why Rafe doesn't just put his badge back on and rejoin the Salem PD?

Julie talks about Bo leaving and never coming home being so unlike him. Hope is glad that she finally woke up and realized that Bo would keep putting his job over his family and she didn't have to do this alone anymore. Hope praises Aiden. Julie asks about the secrets he was keeping before. Hope says they are gone, no more secrets.

Aiden fights back against Clyde. Aiden says he dropped him as a client because he knew he was dirty. Aiden adds that he had no proof just a feeling. Aiden tells Clyde that he's too late because he just got some very solid proof about who he really is.

Kyle questions why break in if they weren't going to take anything. JJ remains hiding. Paige suggests maybe Kyle left it open. Kyle asks if she's serious and what's the matter with her. Paige points out that nothing is missing. Kyle apologizes and says maybe she's right. Kyle wonders how anyone could figure out the combination and says there is no way he would leave the safe open with all of this money. Kyle feels whoever broke in could still be inside. Kyle tells Paige she can go because things will get ugly if he finds them but Paige agrees to stay and help. Paige stops him and asks if he really needs to keep all of that money if he wants out of the business. Paige worries about Kyle being so mad and living his life like this. Kyle says it's nice that she's looking out for him but he has to keep the money here as it's not his. Paige asks who it belongs to. Kyle jokes with her and warns that he'd be dead if that money was stolen. Kyle praises Paige for looking for ways to turn his life around. Kyle likes when things get dangerous and asks about her. Kyle says he really wants to get to know her better as he kisses her. JJ watches from where he's hiding.

Hope talks to Julie about being fine when Bo first left but then he started calling less and less. Julie understands she couldn't keep that marriage going. Hope says she and Aiden are having everything out in the open. Hope feels Julie is sounding skeptical again. Julie doesn't mean to doubt but tells her that people don't change just because they say they are going to so she asks how she knows Aiden still isn't keeping secrets.

Aiden tells Clyde that he has proof so Clyde has a problem. Clyde warns him and reminds him that he was his client so if he tells anyone about his business, he will lose his license. Aiden brings up exceptions and says he'll take his chances if it puts him behind bars. Clyde asks if he's going to risk Chase or Hope. Clyde tells Aiden to swallow the dirt he has on him or else he or someone he knows will be dead. Aiden calls him cheap and says he doesn't have him fooled. Aiden declares that if or when he turns in what he knows, Clyde will be in a hole deep. Clyde attacks him and Aiden fights back as they go crashing to the floor.

Hope tells Julie that she knows all of Aiden's secrets are out in the open now. Julie questions how she knows. Hope responds that she trusts him. Hope insists that she's not just being naive. Hope says she and Aiden know how crucial it is to be open and honest. Julie is glad to know things are so good for them. Hope assures her that everything is better than she ever could've imagined. Hope didn't think she could love again but her heart feels full again. Julie says all of her wishes have come true for her then as all she wanted for her was peace of mind and love. Julie is thrilled to know that she's found it again. Julie adds that something else has been extremely clear to her and that is that life is too short to look back or forward so all they have is the moment. Julie is thrilled to know Hope is spending her moment with a wonderful guy. They say I love you and hug as Julie walks away. Hope turns around and Rafe appears.

Aiden asks Clyde if he's had enough or if they have to go another round. Clyde kicks his leg out from the ground and then smashes a pot over his head. Clyde warns that nobody gets the better of him and he better not go to the cops. Clyde tells him that he'll be watching him and to forget what he thinks he knows or this pain is just the beginning. Clyde kicks him more and then walks out of the room.

Paige tells Kyle that she wants to take it slow. Kyle asks how slow. Paige points out that he keeps saying he wants out of what he's doing but she doesn't see much happening. Kyle questions having to prove himself to her. Paige wants him to just try. Kyle says after finding his safe open, he's not in the mood to play games so maybe she should leave. Paige then grabs him and kisses him. They kiss onto the couch allowing JJ to sneak out of the apartment so Paige stops. Kyle says that was really nice and brings up his bed but Paige decides he was right that she wasn't ready and she should go so she rushes out.

Julie finds Marlena in the park. Marlena is happy to see her and hopes she and Doug are back in town for awhile. Julie thinks they are for a while and guesses she is meeting John which Marlena admits. Julie calls it a perfect night for a walk in the moonlight and asks about them working their way back to each other. Marlena says it's coming along and they are putting each other first. Julie encourages that work can't interfere. Marlena agrees and says they have decided to focus on their relationship. Julie comments that a lot of that is going around.

Hope tells Rafe that she would love to hang out but she has two smoothies to get back to Aiden with. Hope asks what's going on and if Rafe is alright. Rafe claims he is but Hope doesn't believe him and asks what's wrong, wanting him to talk to her. Rafe reveals that he just talked to John, who said he should apply for reinstatement and they would probably reopen his case since things are different now. Hope asks what that means. Rafe explains that Gabi admitted everything she did when she was sentenced which he didn't know about so him keeping quiet doesn't hold as much weight. Rafe says that John is pretty sure he could get his badge back if he applies so he was just wondering what Hope thought and if she's okay with that.

Aiden gets up from the floor in pain and bleeding as his phone rings nearby. Aiden crawls to his phone and answers, saying he understands then hangs up.

Marlena calls Julie and Doug role models. Julie laughs it off but Marlena won't have her dispute it. Marlena talks about watching them together and the joy they bring each other after all these years. Julie talks about their love and jokes that it's just dumb luck. Marlena calls it more than that but who they are. Marlena says they are loyal and really care about the people around them, mostly each other. Marlena repeats that they are role models. Julie accepts it as a beautiful compliment. Julie tells Marlena that she doesn't live in the past while she and John have solved so many problems together and clearly mean the world to each other. Julie encourages her to enjoy the moment she has now and the future will take care of itself. Julie tells her to have faith in love.

Hope asks Rafe what kind of question that is as she would be thrilled to death to have him back on the force. Hope hugs him and calls it the best news she's heard in a long time. Hope tells him to definitely go for it and get reinstated. Hope asks what the problem is. Rafe says they have just had their run ins lately with the whole Clyde thing. Hope questions if he thought she wouldn't want her old partner back. Hope says it would be the best thing to happen to the department and to her in a long time. Hope reminds Rafe what a great cop he is. Rafe says he's still trying to wrap his head around it. Hope encourages him to go do it and get it done. Rafe agrees to do it and tells her to have a great night. Hope exits with a smile.

Aiden remains in pain on the floor of his hotel room. Aiden gets to his feet and gets a drink of water. Aiden looks around and then knocks the lamp over and starts puling out the drawers to make the room look trashed and pulls money out of his wallet.

JJ exits the town square, making a call that he wants Kyle gone now. JJ tells Agent Watts that they will get this straight as they need to make this happen if they want his help. JJ declares Kyle goes down and hangs up. JJ turns around as Paige appears to ask him what's going on. JJ tells Paige that she's going to have to keep quiet about this. Paige warns him about how dangerous this is. JJ doesn't want to talk about it. Paige questions if him going after Kyle and putting his life on the line is because of her.

Marlena talks to Roman on the phone and says she will talk to him as soon as she sees him. Marlena hangs up and John arrives with flowers for her. Marlena thanks him. John talks about how lucky they are and having some of the best times. John says they've had bad times too which were mostly his fault but here they are ready to try again, open up, share, and take that chance. John notes that she's awfully quiet. Marlena informs him that Roman just called and wanted her to ask him about his last day at the police force and when he's joining the ISA. John is caught off guard as Marlena questions if he was going to tell her that.

Clyde goes to the nightclub and orders a drink from Rafe. Rafe comments that it sounds like someone is having a bad night. Clyde responds that things are really productive and going his way again.

Hope returns to the hotel room, calling out for Aiden to open up as Aiden continues making the room look trashed and he throws his money and wallet out the window. Hope enters the room to find Aiden bleeding on the floor in pain and asks him what happened. Aiden says he's okay as Hope checks on him.

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