Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/18/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/18/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail returns to her office where Chad is waiting and wants her to tell him that she's not leaving Salem. Abigail responds that she's not and asks why he would think that. Chad tells her that Ben told him.

Paige assures Kyle that JJ was just leaving. JJ responds that Kyle should be the one leaving. JJ warns Kyle to drop Paige now or he promises he'll end up in prison. Kyle questions what JJ is talking about. JJ warns Kyle that Paige has a big mouth and is telling people what they've been doing.

Will paces at home, complaining to himself about what he did with Derrick and upsetting Sonny. Will tells himself that he can fix this and just needs a chance.

Sonny wishes he knew what he meant but he can't describe how he feels right now. Paul and Sonny both get close and almost kiss but Sonny stops himself.

Hope lays in bed with Aiden, who asks if she has something she wants to share. Hope is afraid he'll get upset. Aiden promises he won't and asks what's going on. Hope admits she's worried about him because she knows he's investigating Clyde.

Clyde then gets a call and tells them to cut to the chase about why the hell Aiden was sniffing around. Clyde says he doesn't get it then says oh my God..

Paul and Sonny agree it would've been a huge mistake and they are glad they realized it. Paul knows Sonny just fought with Will so maybe he needs time and space. Sonny adds that he wouldn't want to use him. Paul asks if that's what this is about.

Aiden asks Hope why she would think he's investigating Clyde. Hope mentions seeing his file on his desk and suddenly dropping him as a client. Hope tells Aiden that it's obvious. Aiden stops her and reminds her that he can't talk to her about this.

Clyde complains that it doesn't make sense as Aiden is not that smart and wouldn't put that all together. Clyde wonders why he'd even care. Clyde tells them to keep on it and to let him know if he makes that connection. Clyde hangs up and Ben asks why he's so wound up about Aiden.

JJ tells Kyle that Paige was telling Jennifer. Paige assures Kyle that it's okay. Kyle questions why she would go talk to JJ's mom. JJ offers to tell Kyle if they can talk in private. Kyle tells Paige to wait there as he steps aside with JJ. JJ tells Kyle that Paige hates him and tried to rat him out to his mom. JJ assures Kyle that he's got her fooled and she didn't believe a word from Paige. JJ worries about who else Paige could tell so that Kyle would end up in jail. JJ warns Kyle that Paige won't keep him out of it.

Hope questions Aiden saying he wouldn't get upset. Aiden says he's not upset and is just reminding her about the rules of confidentiality. Aiden promises to discuss what he knows with her if he's able to. Hope asks if he's still investigating Clyde because she's worried since she loves him. Aiden tells Hope that he loves her and she doesn't have to worry. Hope kisses him.

Clyde tells Ben not to worry about the call as one of his guys is just trying to impress him. Ben notes that it sounded serious. Clyde blows it off and tells him not to worry about it. Clyde tells him to just focus on Abigail. Ben brings up not even being sure that the baby is his since they know it could be Chad's. Ben worries about Chad trying to take control. Clyde states that he can pretty much guarantee the baby is his.

Abigail tells Chad that Ben asked her to think about leaving Salem but there's no way she is since her family is here and she loves Salem. Abigail says it was just a spur of the moment thing and she's sure Ben will change his mind. Abigail informs Chad that Stefano paid her a visit which surprises him. Abigail tells him that Stefano told her she should've chose Chad instead of Ben.

Adrienne and Justin talk at the Kiriakis Mansion about Sonny and now Paul staying in Salem. Adrienne worries about Sonny with Paul being available. Justin admits he's worried about Sonny's marriage with Will's mistakes but insists that Sonny's a grown man and they will support him. Victor enters and questions what the hell Adrienne is doing there.

Will holds Arianna and tells her that they are going to go find Sonny so they exit.

Sonny tells Paul that he's so confused about a lot of things but he wants him to understand that the feelings he had for him didn't disappear years ago. Sonny admits to Paul that he still cares for him. Paul repeats that things are confusing right now. Paul knows Sonny is mad with Will right now but he still loves him and they are still married. Sonny says they are but a lot has happened and he needs time to think with a safe place to do it which is why he has decided to leave Salem.

Kyle tells JJ that he needs to talk to Paige alone. JJ reminds him that she's crazy as he walks away. Kyle returns to Paige to talk. Paige wants a moment but Kyle pulls her aside and demands they are doing this now.

Justin reminds Victor that Adrienne lives here. Victor can't figure out why but gives up on it, warning Adrienne not to bring Lucas in to the house. Adrienne agrees and says she'll avoid him too. Victor tells her to stick around as Sonny is coming with some big news.

Paul argues that Sonny can't leave and asks when he's leaving. Sonny reveals he's leaving tonight on a flight to Paris as he's already set it up with Victor. Sonny adds that he hasn't told Will or even Victor yet. Paul asks when he's coming back. Sonny responds when the job is done and it will probably take months. Sonny adds that it's not for good as Salem is too special for him. Paul wishes him luck and hopes he finds answers. Sonny hugs him and promises Paul that he'll be seeing him again. Sonny then walks away.

Aiden finishes a call and goes back to kissing Hope.

Clyde tells Ben about a paternity test being done after eight weeks and how they could match with Chad's blood. Ben argues that Chad would be all over it if he knew. Clyde reminds him that Kayla is chief of staff at the hospital so she could've got a sample. Ben thinks it's too far fetched. Clyde bets Abigail had the test done to prove the baby is Ben's.

Chad tells Abigail that he's sorry about Stefano. Abigail tells him that Stefano was very blunt in saying that Chad is still in love with her and just wanted to push her away. Abigail feels Stefano was trying to help him. Chad argues that he was helping himself. Abigail asks what that means but Chad says nothing and he's sorry that Stefano bothered her. Chad stops Abigail and questions why she didn't tell him that she's marrying Ben.

Victor tells Adrienne and Justin that he has no idea what Sonny is going to say. Adrienne wants answers. Sonny arrives. Adrienne asks what's going on. Victor asks if he's decided. Sonny announces that he's decided to go to Paris as Victor has clubs that need stronger management. Victor goes to make a call.

Will goes through the park with Arianna and finds Paul. Will asks if he's okay.

Adrienne calls it so sudden. Sonny says he needs time and space. Justin asks if it's to get away from Will. Sonny says he needs to be by himself. Sonny says he hasn't told Will yet but he's on his way to and thinks he will understand. Adrienne asks about Arianna. Sonny declares it's the best thing that has to be done for him and his family.

Hope gets a call from Caroline and tells her that she will be right there. Hope hangs up and tells Aiden that she has to bring Caroline her reading glasses to the hospital. Hope tells Aiden to stay there as she exits.

Ben tells Clyde that he might be right because Abigail wouldn't let him raise her baby unless she knew it was his. Ben says now it's hitting him that they are getting married and he's going to be a dad. They agree that it's amazing. Clyde gets a call back and can't believe he got it. Clyde says he'll take care of it and hangs up. Ben asks what's wrong but Clyde says it's nothing but problems that he's going to take care of right now.

Abigail tells Chad that she never wanted him to find out the way he did. Chad argues that she could've told him earlier but she points out that she hadn't said yes yet. Chad feels she knew she was going to. Abigail admits that she did. Chad wishes she would've told him first instead of Ben. Chad calls it a knife through his heart.

Paige doesn't appreciate the way Kyle talked to her. Kyle doesn't appreciate her blabbing about what he does. Paige says she only told Jennifer and won't tell anyone else. Paige argues that what he does isn't right but knows it's none of her business. Kyle agrees. Paige tells him that he should be thanking her because JJ is totally unreliable and if he gets too close to him, he'll ruin his life.

JJ sneaks in to Kyle's apartment through the window he opened when he was there the last time. JJ says he might have pulled off getting Kyle to dump Paige but feels he can do more so he begins searching the apartment. JJ tries to find a password for Kyle's laptop. JJ opens the drawer with a gun inside.

Will tells Paul that he didn't mean to interrupt but he told Sonny everything. Paul tells Will that he just saw Sonny. Will asks what he said. Paul tells him to go home and talk to him. Paul goes to leave but Will stops him and says he really needs to say that he's so sorry for what he did. Paul brings up how many times Will has apologized over the last six months so it doesn't cut it. Paul then walks away.

Victor tells Sonny that the jet will be ready in half an hour. Adrienne and Justin are shocked that he's leaving tonight. Sonny asks them to take him to the airport. Justin agrees to get the car while Adrienne goes to get her purse. Sonny thanks Victor and says this is exactly what he needs right now so he hopes he makes him proud. Sonny hugs him goodbye. Victor says it won't be forever and tells him not to stay away too long as he exits.

Abigail apologizes to Chad as she never meant to hurt him when she decided. Chad knows but says it still hurts. Abigail knew he was upset and mentions his promise to not tell Ben about them. Abigail appreciated that he was kind to them when he said he hoped they were happy together as she felt like he really meant it. Chad says that he did but he feels terrible right now as Ben isn't his favorite person but he does want her to be happy.

Aiden gets a call from his contact, saying he got the information that he wanted on Clyde.

Sonny goes home with Justin and Adrienne. Sonny gets a text from Will that he's on his way home. Adrienne asks about Will and Arianna. Sonny hugs her and assures that he will be alright. Sonny tells them that he will miss them but they can come visit. Justin points out that Will and Arianna can too. Justin talks about Sonny making his own decisions but advises him not to take too much time because by the time he gets back, the decision may have already been made for him. Sonny thanks him and hugs him. Will comes home with Arianna and asks what's going on. Adrienne takes Arianna and goes outside with Justin. Sonny informs Will that he is leaving. Will starts to cry that he can't do this.

Kyle appreciates Paige trying to help him but tells her to be careful what she says. Paige repeats that she won't say anything to anyone else but warns that JJ will wreck everything. Paige tells him to dump JJ. Kyle questions if she's saying it's him or her. Paige insists if he wants to make her happy. Kyle agrees that JJ isn't worth the trouble and suggests going back to his place. Paige hesitates but agrees to go.

JJ continues searching through Kyle's drawers and finds a paper from five years ago with numbers circled. JJ figures it's a code but not a password. JJ goes to try it on Kyle's safe.

Will tells Sonny that he can't move out. Sonny tells him that he's just going to Paris for a while. Will asks what about the club. Sonny tells him that Chad will look over things. Will asks what about him, their marriage, and Arianna. Will shouts that this is insane and not right. Sonny says he needs some time after always finding out Will is pulling off maneuvers behind his back. Will promises to stop but Sonny says he needs space. Will argues that he cannot leave he and Arianna like this, accusing him of abandoning her. Sonny tells him that he knows how much he loves Arianna but if they are going to make this work, he needs to do this. Will declares that he knows Sonny is never coming back.

Hope finds Victor at the hospital and asks about Caroline. Victor says he checked on her and was visiting an old friend. Victor asks Hope about seeing Aiden. Hope smiles and says she's heading his way now. Victor talks about how they've come a long way. They agree on Aiden being one of the good guys.

Aiden thanks his contact for the information and says it helps him so he tells him to send it to his office. Aiden hangs up and calls it a big mistake from Clyde.

Chad tells Abigail that he will go, adding that he's glad she's not moving. Abigail feels maybe it would've been easier for him. Chad says he'll still be able to see her smile so he'll manage. Chad exits and Abigail breaks down crying.

Sonny apologizes to Will but says he needs to do this for himself. Will says no. Sonny can't say what will happen in the next couple of months but he will try to make a decision as soon as possible. Will cries that he screwed up something so beautiful. Sonny assures that he's not doing this to punish him but for himself. Will cries that he loves him and to never forget that. Sonny says he won't as they hug. Adrienne and Justin come back in with Arianna. Adrienne announces that Victor called and said the jet is ready to go. Sonny holds Arianna to tell her that he's leaving. Will watches as Sonny tells Arianna that he will never forget her and he loves her. Sonny gives Arianna to Will. Will asks if he will ever hear from him. Sonny tells him not for awhile as he needs space. Sonny takes his bags and tearfully exits with Adrienne and Justin as Will cries. Will promises Arianna that everything is going to be okay.

JJ tries to get in to Kyle's safe but it doesn't work. Kyle and Paige arrive at the door but Kyle gets a call and steps away while Paige goes inside and finds JJ.

Aiden says he's got the information he's needed. Aiden answers the door assuming Hope is back but is greeted with a punch from a man dressed in all black that knocks him down.

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