Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/17/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/17/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Paige tells Jennifer that she always wants to think the best of JJ but points out that he's lied to her before. Paige feels JJ is in deep and she's not making this up. Paige tells Jennifer to check Kyle out soon before JJ ends up in jail. JJ then comes home, interrupting Paige. JJ tells Paige that she has every right to be mad at him but she doesn't get to do this and tells her to get out of his house. Paige says not until he tells Jennifer everything he's doing and tells the truth.

Will tells Sonny that he's not stalling but trying to put it into context. Will explains that Derrick came to him because he wanted some help with Paul. Sonny questions this because they aren't really friends. Will wanted to help them so he told Derrick some things from his interview with Paul that never made the article. Sonny asks why Will is telling him this now. Will says he just thought he should know. Sonny questions him breaking the rules and calls it the lowest thing a journalist could do. Sonny again asks why he's telling him this now. Will just wants to be honest so Sonny tells him to be honest then. Will admits he wanted to tell Sonny before Paul did.

Hope persists with Rafe at the nightclub as he continues to tell her no. Hope says she needs Rafe's help as she thinks Aiden is in over his head.

Aiden meets with a man in the town square and says what he's asking for requires complete discretion. The man says he understands as Clyde sees them from a distance.

Chad remains in the park where he gets a call from Stefano but he rejects it. Chad gets up as Ben walks by and tells him there's something he should know.

Abigail takes the flowers and heads to her office where she finds Stefano inside. Stefano compliments the flowers. Abigail notes that she hasn't seen him since the night he almost lost Chad. Stefano informs her that Chad is the reason he came to see her.

JJ tells Paige that he has Jennifer's trust and questions what Paige came for. Paige asks if Jennifer is really buying this. Jennifer understand she's upset. Paige complains that JJ is going back to drugs and lying. Paige says she couldn't stand by and let this happen again. JJ shouts that Paige is the one dating a dealer. Paige accuses him of being addicted to lying.

Chad asks Ben what he should know. Ben calls it good news for he and Abigail. Ben tells Chad that he and Abigail are going to move to California.

Abigail tells Stefano that she and Chad are history. Stefano argues that Chad loves her deeply. Abigail doesn't want to talk about it. Stefano believes Abigail loves Chad just as much. Abigail questions how he could possibly think that then she realizes that he knows about what happened between them.

Eve runs in to Kyle outside the club. Kyle talks to her about Paige needing her space. Kyle tells her that he hopes it works out for them as family is everything. Eve comments that she used to know every detail of Paige's life but she doesn't even know what Kyle does. Kyle tells her to take care and walks away. Eve remarks to herself that if only Paige met a nice boy like him instead of that rotten JJ.

Paige tells JJ that he can lie to her all he wants but questions him lying to Jennifer and Abigail. JJ questions her trashing him to his mom and sister. Paige talks about JJ's lies. Paige hopes Jennifer and Abigail take cover before it's too late. JJ tells her to leave so she does.

Hope tells Rafe about seeing the file on Clyde on Aiden's desk. Rafe argues that she's reaching and he has to work. Hope insists. Rafe says Aiden would be crazy to go after Clyde. Hope wants to know what Rafe overheard but Rafe yells that he's not getting in to this. Hope asks if he can call his friend at the FBI but he refuses. Rafe tells Hope that he can't do this and declares they are done as he walks away from her.

Clyde sits down in the town square as Aiden talks to the man about needing information. Aiden tells him to call him if he gets anything as the man exits. Another man near Clyde stands up and walks away as Clyde watches on.

Sonny questions Will wanting to put his spin on it before he heard it from Paul. Will swears he was doing it for the right reasons. Will says Sonny needed more time to realize what he had with Paul is over. Sonny argues that Will was the only one who couldn't see it was over. Will complains that Sonny was always taking Paul's side and looking for any reason to walk out on him. Sonny brings up Will cheating on him twice, trying to keep Paul from knowing his father, and trying to bribe their therapist. Sonny asks how many more reasons he needs.

Chad questions Ben about he and Abigail moving to California. Ben says they are probably leaving before the end of the summer. Chad questions Jennifer not planning the big wedding. Ben says they might not as they talked about eloping. Chad says good for him. Ben agrees and walks away.

Stefano tells Abigail that Chad did not tell him about them but he has ways of knowing things especially when they happen under his own roof. Abigail brings up Chad giving his word that no one would ever know. Stefano gives his as well. Abigail calls it a mistake. Stefano argues that what Chad said to her later was the mistake as Chad was only trying to protect her from him. Abigail asks why are they having this conversation since he knows she's marrying Ben and they are very much in love. Stefano questions if that's really true. Abigail insists that it is. Stefano would hate to see her make an error in judgment. Abigail asks if that's a threat. Stefano calls it a plea for sanity. Stefano tells her that priorities change when you get older so what he cares about more than anything is the happiness of his one remaining son. Stefano says if the reason she can't be with Chad has anything to do with him, he would be crushed. Abigail tells him that it doesn't have anything to do with him. Abigail states that she had a choice to make and she made it so there is nothing else to discuss. Abigail tells him that she has to get back to work and exits the office.

Rafe goes back to working and thinks back to watching Hope dance with Aiden.

JJ asks Jennifer about what else Paige said. Jennifer tells him that Paige wanted her to understand what he was doing. Jennifer knows he wants to think Paige came because she still cares about him but she shut her down about that. Jennifer says it doesn't matter as she's concerned about him. Jennifer tells JJ that it's over with Paige and nothing he can do will change that. Jennifer asks when he's going to accept that and let it go.

Paige goes to work at the yogurt shop in the town square. Eve approaches and mentions running in to Kyle. Paige doesn't care and goes back to work. Eve turns to walk away and runs in to Julie. Eve goes to leave but Julie says she's glad she ran in to her. Julie tells Eve about Mr. Satterfield trying to take over the Horton town center. Julie understands Eve doesn't want to get involved because Jennifer is leading the charge against him. Eve tries to go but Julie asks for one more minute because she thinks Eve would be a huge asset to the cause.

Sonny yells at Will that he keeps making him feel like a fool. Sonny is beginning to realize that Will can't help but do these destructive things because he doesn't know what he wants. Will assures Sonny that he wants him and their family. Will complains that he just can't compete with Paul. Sonny yells that it's not a competition and he's not getting it. Will knows he shouldn't look at it that way. Will promises to work on it in therapy but Sonny tells him no as he can't do this right now. Sonny declares he cannot be here and storms out.

Hope joins Aiden outside the town square and they kiss as someone watches from the bushes.

Eve tells Julie that she won't help Jennifer. Julie argues that it's not about Jennifer but about the Horton center. Julie talks about Eve's troubled past as a teenager. Julie encourages that Eve has an opportunity to help a kid that could be in the same place as she was. Julie says she'll look forward to hearing from her and walks away. Eve sees a flyer for it and tells herself that Julie may have just solved a big problem for her.

Chad goes home and imagines finding Abigail inside then convincing her to stay with him. Chad snaps out of it and smashes a drink against the wall.

Abigail joins Will at the Pub and asks him what's wrong. Will informs her that he did something stupid again and Sonny's really mad at him but they'll work it out. Abigail notes that he doesn't look so sure but Will says that he is. Will forgot to call about her test and asks what happened. Abigail tells him that it came back exactly the way she wanted. Will asks if Chad is the father.

Aiden shows Hope he got them a reservation at the Salem Inn. Someone continues watching them from the bushes as Hope gets a phone call. Hope tells Aiden she'll have to meet him there in 15 minutes. They kiss goodbye and head their separate ways.

Jennifer knows JJ wants to help Paige and keep her from a mistake but she's angry and emotional so he may push her closer to Kyle which she knows is what he doesn't want. JJ decides to go get some air and think about this as he can't afford to mess it up.

Sonny walks out of the town square and calls Victor, asking if his offer still stands. Sonny says he just wasn't thinking it would be so soon then asks for an hour to think about it. Sonny thanks him and hangs up. Paul arrives and says he got his message.

Abigail asks Will why he would think she wants Chad to be the father of her baby. Will apologizes and realizes Ben is the father. Abigail informs him that they are also getting married. Will congratulates her but Abigail asks what's wrong with him. Will says his argument with Sonny threw him and he thought she was torn between choosing between Ben and Chad. Abigail says she was just upset and didn't know who the father was. Abigail no longer wants to talk about it so Will apologizes. Will only cares that she's happy. Abigail assures him that it's going to be great. Will agrees that having a baby is the best thing ever. Will tells her that she's going to be an amazing mother. Abigail hopes so. Abigail reminds Will that only Jennifer, JJ, Hope, and Kayla know. Will asks if Chad has no idea then. Will asks what she's going to do when he finds out.

Chad paces in the living room in frustration. Stefano walks in and asks what the hell is going on here. Chad tells him that a deal fell through as he walks out.

Aiden prepares the room at the Salem Inn. Hope arrives with a video of Chase's last baseball game for him. Aiden thanks her and kisses her. Hope looks forward to watching it with him and then they kiss.

Clyde goes to see Ben and asks him what's going on. Ben tells him that everything is great and he just wanted to share an idea. Ben says he wasn't sure Abigail would go for it but she said yes as they are thinking about moving to California. Clyde tells him to stop thinking about it as he's not going anywhere.

Eve goes to see Jennifer. Eve knows she's surprised so she'll just cut to the chase and shows her a check. Eve brings up Julie talking about the project to save the Horton center. Eve hopes her $200 check will be useful in saving the center and the teens that need it. Jennifer says of course it would help. Jennifer asks if she's okay as she holds back tears. Eve asks for a glass of water so Jennifer invites her in. As Jennifer goes to get the water, Eve rushes in and plants a device on the fireplace.

JJ finds Paige at her job in the town square and tells her it's a nice stunt she pulled. JJ tells Paige that she's going to listen to him as she has no clue what he's doing. JJ adds that trying to cause trouble with Jennifer isn't going to get him anywhere. Paige mocks him. JJ then sees Kyle coming by.

Abigail asks Will why she would care about Chad when it's Ben's baby. Abigail cries that she came for support. Will just wants to figure out what she needs. Abigail stops him and decides this was a big mistake and a waste of her time. Will tries to explain. Abigail tells him that he's wrong about Chad as she loves Ben and is having his baby. Abigail adds that she thought he would be happy for her as she storms out.

Sonny wanted to apologize for what Will did. Paul is surprised that he told him. Sonny says that he wanted to beat him to it. Paul brings up Will accusing him of rushing to tell him about Derrick so he didn't get the wrong idea because he's still in love with him.

Eve rushes back to pretend crying as Jennifer brings her a glass of water. Eve thanks her and goes to leave but Jennifer stops her and thanks her for the check, saying it means a lot. Eve says she's glad she came by as she exits.

Kyle interrupts JJ and Paige, pointing out that they spend a lot of time together for people who don't like each other. Paige assures him that JJ was just leaving. JJ responds that Kyle should be the one leaving. JJ warns Kyle to drop Paige now or he promises he'll end up in prison.

Clyde tells Ben that he can't run away from a DiMera. Ben tries to argue but Clyde questions if he'd still be going if Chad wasn't sniffing around Abigail. Ben calls it a good plan business wise that could be a great opportunity. Ben adds that maybe Clyde could help them buy a small house. Clyde tells him it's not happening as he's staying with him in Salem. Clyde then gets a call and tells them to cut to the chase about why the hell Aiden was sniffing around.

Aiden and Hope have sex in their hotel room.

Will goes home and checks his phone then decides he will let Sonny cool off and wait until he calls.

Paul tells Sonny that when he told him he didn't want a relationship, he reminded him of what he said a couple months ago. Paul tells Sonny that he was right that he wasn't being honest with him. Paul's been trying to make himself believe that he had gotten over him and just wanted him to be happy with Will but that's a lie. Paul apologizes but says he can't change the way he feels. Sonny tells him not to be sorry. Sonny brings up Will insisting that he still had feelings for Paul that he's not admitting. Sonny thinks Will knows him better than he thinks. Sonny doesn't know what he means. He wishes he did but he can't describe how he feels right now. Paul and Sonny both get close.

Abigail returns to her office where Chad is waiting and wants her to tell him that she's not leaving Salem.

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