Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/14/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/14/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ meets with Agent Watts and shows him the pictures he took of Kyle's drawer of burner phones. Watts questions JJ's risk but compliments him on his nice work. Roman interrupts and declares that JJ is done, he's off the case and he knows why.

Paige gets a call from Kyle, who asks if she's busy. Paige says she has plans. Kyle wanted to meet up later and mentions still having her tablet. Paige says she'll get it another time. Kyle thought it was a good excuse to meet up with her. Paige then agrees to have him call in an hour. Kyle opens a drawer to grab his keys, where a gun is also inside.

Sonny talks at home with Adrienne. She brings up Paul being out with them and asks if Will was okay with that. Sonny informs her that it was Will's idea.

Will goes to Paul's hotel room and asks about Paul wanting to work on a story together. Paul then goes over what Will did and tells him that he knows.

Ben wakes up from a nightmare about walking on Abigail with Chad.

Abigail talks on the phone to Jennifer as she goes home from a run. Jennifer encourages her and knows she needs to get to work. Abigail says she has a couple of minutes since Ben is in the shower. Jennifer suggests making wedding plans then.

Chad finishes a phone call about work as he walks in to the living room where Stefano asks if he needs to apologize to Mr. Shin for him. Stefano encourages Chad but Chad doesn't want a lecture. Stefano tells him that he needs to fix this mess with Abigail now.

Paige walks in to the club and hears Jennifer talking on the phone to Abigail about the wedding.

JJ doesn't know what Roman means. Roman reveals that Kyle has been hanging out with Paige which reveals JJ's sudden 180 and wanting revenge. JJ says he just wants him off the streets but Roman argues that it's all about sticking it to the guy with Paige.

Abigail slows Jennifer down and says they have plenty of time to pick a date. Ben comes out of the shower and suggests as soon as possible. Abigail hangs up and greets him.

Chad tells Stefano that Abigail is picking Ben so he will have to find a way to get the land in Ireland another way. Stefano argues that his fortune means nothing to him if his only child is miserable. Stefano mocks Ben. Chad insists that Abigail is marrying Ben. Stefano tells him to be realistic since Abigail isn't married yet so he tells him to get to work.

Ben tells Abigail that he just wants to marry her soon. Abigail jokes with him about not smiling and asks if he's upset that she didn't tell him about the baby sooner. Ben says he understood and is glad she waited until after he proposed. Ben asks Abigail why she said yes.

Daphne joins Paige at the club. Paige is distracted looking at Jennifer. Jennifer turns around and greets her. Paige mentions overhearing her talking about a wedding. Jennifer tells her that Abigail is getting married and is really happy. Paige asks if JJ knows. Jennifer says of course as she exits. Daphne asks Paige why she looks upset. Paige says she has to go. Daphne reminds her they had plans. Paige promises to make it up to her as she exits.

Agent Watts tells JJ that this can't be personal. JJ argues that Kyle is a dealer that needs to be off the streets and that hasn't changed. Agent Watts argues that everything is tainted if lawyers find out that JJ had a personal grudge. Roman says JJ is compromised if this is personal so he's through.

Adrienne tells Sonny that it's just surprising. Sonny promises Will was fine. Adrienne asks if Sonny was fine. Adrienne suggests that maybe it's not a good idea to spend so much time with Paul. Sonny says he's going to be around. Adrienne calls it different than going out of his way to make plans with him. Sonny questions her not liking Paul. Adrienne says she does but so does he so if he spends more time with him then he might end up comparing him to Will and wondering if he made the right choice.

Paul tells Will that Derrick admitted it. Will says he was trying to help him since Derrick was really in to him. Paul questions Will violating his confidence and threatens that he could get him fired since everything he told him was private. Paul doesn't understand why he would risk his career to help Derrick hook up with him. Will argues that he knows it's because he's still in love with Sonny. Adrienne points out Sonny proposing to Paul first. Sonny says he said no which Adrienne notes that he calls the biggest regret of his life. Sonny says he will have to deal because he's married to Will. Adrienne questions him not seeing a problem with this. Sonny informs her that Paul brought a friend. Adrienne asks if it's serious but Sonny admits it's not. Adrienne calls it a cover because Paul is still in love with her.

Paul questions Will having to do this again. Will questions him denying that he's in love with Sonny. Will asks why Paul rushed over to tell Sonny about him sleeping with Derrick. Paul says he wanted to tell them before Kate did. Will wonders why it should matter. Paul felt it just seemed weird. Will argues that Paul wanted to assure Sonny that it didn't mean anything and he still loved him.

JJ explains that he's not with Paige anymore so why should he care if he's with a drug dealer. Agent Watts still calls it a personal investment. JJ argues that he's not setting him up. Agent Watts asks what else he hasn't told him. JJ says there's nothing. He feels it's a risk to keep him. JJ insists on just wanting to bust the bad guy so it would be personal to anyone. Roman argues that this is not the same. JJ promises to be twice as careful and he will handle any evidence as told. JJ insists that he will not blow this case. Roman hopes Agent Watts is not listening to this. JJ gets a call from Kyle and asks Agent Watts if he should answer or not.

Paige follows Jennifer home and says she has to say something about the wedding as it's a big deal. Jennifer assumes she came to congratulate Abigail but that's not it. Jennifer asks why Paige is here then. Paige doesn't think Jennifer took her serious the other day about JJ and Kyle so JJ could ruin everything at the wedding.

Chad asks Stefano how he can stop the wedding. Stefano says they could take care of Ben in one phone call. Chad tells him not to say that again. Stefano questions him walking away from Abigail. Chad shouts that he does not force himself on a woman and asks if that disqualifies him from the family. Chad says it's hard enough to live with Abigail choosing Ben so he wants him to leave it alone. Chad storms out.

Abigail questions Ben asking her why she said yes. Abigail praises Ben and asks why he's stressing. Ben feels there is just so much to do as they have to make some decisions like their apartment not being big enough for a baby. Abigail says they have lots of time but Ben disagrees. Ben asks if they really need a big wedding. Ben suggests getting a small, quick wedding then go on their honeymoon and keep going. Ben tells Abigail that they never have to come back. Abigail questions him but he's serious. Abigail says they have to support themselves. Ben suggests going to Santa Monica, California. Abigail stops him and asks if he's seriously thinking about leaving Salem. Ben asks why not. Abigail calls Salem her home and says that he told Chad this was his home too. Ben likes Salem but argues it's not the only place in the world. Abigail brings up having a baby. Ben continues to insist that Clyde could help out. Abigail says she can't just leave. Ben brings up Abigail living overseas before and she loves to travel. Ben says it's about the three of them now and tells her that she deserves a good life.

Adrienne is sorry that Sonny doesn't want to hear this but he knows Paul is still in love with him. Sonny says he never said that exactly. Adrienne knows it's true and asks what Sonny's feelings are for him. Sonny argues that it's normal to still have some feelings for someone he once loved but he is married. Adrienne questions her being sure. Sonny insists that he and Will are trying to make this work. Adrienne tells him that he's allowed to want more. Sonny asks if that's what she told herself when she cheated then quickly apologizes. Adrienne understands they are frustrated but she just wants him to be happy. Adrienne says every relationship needs work but it can't be all work which is where she got with Justin. Adrienne says they couldn't find a way to be happy anymore together but she's all for it if he wants to make things work with Will. Adrienne hugs him.

Paul argues with Will. Will understands Paul thinks that the only reason Sonny married him is because he turned him down. Paul talks about dealing with coming out. Will continues accusing him of trying to get Sonny back. Paul won't apologize for still caring about him. Paul asks how he thinks Sonny's going to react to Will spilling his secrets because he knows Sonny wouldn't want any part of that. Paul then opens the door and Will exits.

Agent Watts tells JJ to take the call so he does. Kyle asks if he's free today. JJ says maybe. Kyle suggests they go boarding. JJ says he has to finish work and he will hit him back. Roman questions if he just agreed to go meet Kyle. JJ says he left the door open. Roman tells him to close it. Agent Watts asks what if Kyle is at the club now and sees JJ is not at work. JJ quickly tells him that he could say he's getting supplies. Agent Watts agrees for JJ to go meet Kyle and see what he wants. Roman tells JJ to be careful as he exits. Roman warns Agent Watts that he's putting JJ at risk. Agent Watts thinks it would be suspicious to pull him off. Roman wants JJ to wear a wire because he's hanging him out to dry by himself.

Paige warns Jennifer that Kyle is a dealer and is bad news. Paige talks about seeing them together a lot including JJ at Kyle's apartment. Jennifer questions her hanging around Kyle and says she needs to stay away from him. Paige argues that JJ doesn't need to be around him either and if they are hanging out then JJ must be dealing again. Jennifer insists that nothing will happen as she knows her son but she sees that Paige still cares about JJ. Paige tells Jennifer that this is about her and Abigail being in danger. Jennifer assures that JJ will be okay. Paige argues it's not about him as she doesn't care about him, just her and Abigail. Paige begs her to take this seriously. Jennifer tells her that she's already spoke to JJ and he told her that nothing is going on. Paige feels he's lying but Jennifer believes her son.

JJ goes to Kyle's. Kyle asks for his list of buyers which JJ hands him. JJ asks what's next as he wants some real business. Kyle tells him they will get there. Kyle's phone rings so he goes to answer it. JJ starts looking around the apartment again.

Chad sits in the park where he sees a couple similar to Ben and Abigail kissing.

Abigail tells Ben that this is huge and out of the blue. Ben knows he just dropped it on her but wants her to think about it and dream a little. Abigail asks if this is a dream. Ben tells her to just give it a chance and he bets she'll love the idea. Ben goes to get ready for work.

Kyle finishes his call and comes back to JJ, who wants to expand the business. Kyle tells him that he will let him know if he needs him. Kyle tells JJ that he has to make some phone calls so JJ exits. JJ wonders what he's doing with Paige's things.

Paige tells Jennifer to ask JJ's friends about Kyle and warns that JJ will end up in jail. Jennifer argues that she's wrong about JJ and doesn't know who he is. Paige tells her to get a clue.

Sonny sits at home as Will returns. Will mentions seeing Arianna and the babysitter in the parking lot so they are gone for the day. Will says good because there's something he should fill him in on. Will says it's not a big deal but Paul had this big reaction. Sonny asks what it is. Will brings up Derrick's crush on Paul and wanting their night to go well. Will feels he's making this a bigger deal than it is. Sonny tells him to stop stalling and just tell him.

Paige tells Jennifer that she always wants to think the best of JJ but points out that he's lied to her before. Paige feels JJ is in deep and she's not making this up. Paige tells Jennifer to check Kyle out soon before JJ ends up in jail. JJ then comes home, interrupting Paige.

Will tells Sonny that he's not stalling but trying to put it into context. Will explains that Derrick came to him because he wanted some help with Paul. Sonny questions this because they aren't really friends. Will wanted to help them so he told Derrick some things from his interview with Paul that never made the article. Sonny asks why Will is telling him this now.

Paul paces in his room and thinks back to talking to Sonny. Paul then exits.

Chad remains in the park where he gets a call from Stefano but he rejects it. Chad gets up as Ben walks by.

Abigail goes to the hospital. A nurse shows her that Daniel left her a card and flowers. Abigail goes and reads the card, congratulating she and Ben. Abigail can't believe he did that. The nurse tells her that everyone is excited for her. Abigail decides so is she. Abigail takes the flowers and heads to her office where she finds Stefano inside.

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