Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/13/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/13/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel comes home where Nicole is waiting. She asks if Chloe and Parker got off okay. Daniel says yes and that Parker said to tell her he'll miss her. Nicole says she will miss him too. Daniel questions her worried look. Nicole says she's really glad Caroline survived but wonders why Serena had to be there. Daniel encourages her but Nicole doesn't like this for their sake or Eric's.

Brady calls Eric and tells him he will meet him at the club but Eric says he has something to take care of and will meet him at the Pub later. Eric hangs up and is meeting with Serena at the club. Serena questions if this is him getting her out of the way.

Xander enters the gardening shed complaining abuot the work. He is glad to have a break but finds a note from Victor, ordering him to repot all the plants, leaving him frustrated.

Eve calls Theresa and asks about her broken ankle story. Theresa informs her that it went up in flames. Eve invites Theresa to move in with her but Theresa tells her that she's staying at the mansion. Eve questions how she got Brady to forgive her. Theresa responds that she didn't but she will.

Rafe follows Kate out of the town square and asks her to explain what she said about him falling for a woman that he can't get. Kate tells him that she was talking about he and Hope.

Hope runs in to Abe at the hospital and asks him for a minute to talk. Hope wants Abe's permission to use resources to investigate Clyde.

Aiden returns to his office to find Clyde in his seat. Aiden asks about him wanting to see him. Clyde wants to know exactly what made him decide to dump he and Ben.

Rafe complains that this is so like Kate to come back at him for calling her out about Clyde. Rafe calls it a ridiculous accusation. Kate calls it an observation. Kate laughs that it's not ridiculous.

Abe asks if Hope has something new on Clyde. Hope says things are starting to add up and she can't let it go. Abe wants solid evidence and wonders if she just doesn't like Clyde.

Aiden tells Clyde that he has no legal obligation to give his reasons. Clyde accuses him of using words that amount to nothing. Aiden talks about not talking about anything they discussed. Clyde calls it a load of bull.

Daniel agrees that Nicole has every reason to be suspicious of Serena. Nicole argues that Eric got over her and she was over town but now she saves Caroline. Daniel calls it Eric's problem, not their's. Daniel insists that Eric can handle Serena. Nicole wonders how. Daniel says it's not their business so they should just be happy together and focus on them. They kiss until there's a knock at the door. Daniel answers the door and Jennifer arrives. Jennifer sees Nicole and decides she should've called first.

Theresa talks to Eve about Caroline and how it made her think how awful her life would be without her. Eve doesn't know what that has to do with Brady. Theresa says the one thing that she and Brady have in common is Tate who needs both of them. Theresa says Brady might be furious now. Eve understands that Theresa has the legal right to take Tate for her time but she doesn't see how she has a shot with Brady. Theresa insists that she'll get him to come around. Theresa hangs up as Brady comes home, saying his meeting was cancelled. Theresa wants to talk about Tate's schedule but Brady asks if she hasn't heard what he's been saying.

Kate encourages Rafe about Hope and says he's pining away for her. Rafe accuses her of making things up but Kate says they know each other too well. Kate wants to be honest and feels bad for Hope because she sees how Rafe looks at her. Kate calls it sad and says it's clear that Rafe has chosen Hope to join Sami and Jordan in women who have broken his heart.

Abe tells Hope that nothing she has on Clyde would be admissable in court without evidence. Hope feels he's turning her down. Abe tells her to come up with probable cause to cause an investigation because as of now Clyde is mainly known for making donations to the hospital.

Aiden tells Clyde that he hasn't breached their attorney-client agreement. Aiden says he has work to do. Clyde calls it a shame that they aren't working together anymore as he likes to make sure the people he works with are very well taken care of. Clyde then exits.

Daniel invites Jennifer in. She hands Nicole a bag that she calls an engagement present. Jennifer hopes they are really happy. Nicole and Daniel say that it means a lot coming from her. Jennifer announces to them that Abigail and Ben are engaged as well. Daniel says to send his congratulations but Jennifer notes that Abigail will be at work so Daniel can tell her himself. Jennifer suggests doing that now as she wants to talk to Nicole if that's okay. Nicole agrees to talk.

Eric thanks Serena for coming. Serena hoped that Eric might have started seeing her differently. Eric tells her that he will never forget what she did for Caroline. Serena says anyone would have done that. Eric knows she would've done it for anybody which she agrees with. Serena knows she made a lot of mistakes getting involved with Xander and most of those mistakes were with Eric.

Xander yells in frustration then tells himself to get it together.

Theresa tells Brady that she understood every word he said but she wanted to talk about arrangements for Tate. Brady tells her that they are not going to have a few minutes together anymore so she can talk to Emma to get to him. Brady tells Theresa that what she broke won't be fixed.

Rafe tells Kate that she's just trying to make him mad. Kate feels she's trying to keep him from getting hurt again. Rafe tells her that Hope and Aiden are friends of his. Kate promises not to say a word. Rafe tells her to look in the mirror if she wants to see someone who is going to get hurt.

Theresa questions Brady what he means by can never be fixed. Brady explains that he's only allowing her in the house is because he doesn't trust her with their son. Brady wants her there so Victor, Maggie, Emma, Justin, and Adrienne can keep an eye on her. Brady tells her that he wants no contact with her. Theresa shouts that she gets it. Brady hopes she does because that's the way it's going to be. Brady then exits.

Daniel tells Nicole that he will see her later for lunch. Daniel thanks Jennifer for the gift and kisses Nicole goodbye as he then exits. Nicole thanks Jennifer for the gift. Jennifer wanted to clear the air. Nicole calls it so strange since Jennifer and Daniel were together for a long time. Jennifer says she's here because she still has strong feelings for him.

Serena knows there's no hope for a future with Eric but she needs him to know that all the things she said about her feelings for him were all true. Serena tells Eric that she loves him. Eric responds that it's over. Serena says it's Nicole getting married to Daniel and asks if Eric still loves her.

Kate tells Rafe that Jordan filled his head with lies about Clyde. Rafe says he only knew that she was terrified of her past with him. Rafe argues that Kate is starting to see Clyde's act. Clyde then interrupts and asks what's going on.

Aiden looks through his files until Hope enters his office. Hope asks if he's okay as he seems preoccupied with something.

Nicole asks if Jennifer is saying she realized she made a mistake by letting Daniel go. Jennifer says no and confirms it's over between them but he's still a very dear friend and she wants the best for him. Nicole says she does too. Jennifer believes her but brings up life throwing curveballs. Jennifer talks about being worried about Caroline and her kids going through stuff. Jennifer is trying to figure out a way to keep this even keel. Nicole asks how she manages. Jennifer encourages her to keep reminding herself of the good things and one of those things is that Daniel has found a woman who has truly made him happy in her. Nicole feels there was never really anyone for her but him which is why she did the terrible things to Jennifer when Daniel chose her. Jennifer believes Nicole desperately wanted the baby she lost. Nicole goes over their history over that. Jennifer encourages her to forgive herself and she can channel all her love to Parker. Nicole talks about being in a really good place with Chloe and suggests maybe they can be friends too. Nicole jokes that two days ago she had no women friends and now she's finding her way with Chloe and maybe Jennifer. Nicole feels so blessed.

Eric talks to Serena about Daniel and Nicole being happy. Eric wants there to be peace between he and Serena. Eric adds that it's not all he came to say. Eric doesn't think she should leave Salem until she finishes her research. Eric isn't saying they will be friends but he wants them to be comfortable when they run in to each other. Eric wishes her the best and then goes to leave. Serena gets up and stops him. She thanks him as she cries and they hug. Daniel then enters the club and sees them.

Theresa walks out of the Kiriakis Mansion with Tate in his stroller where she comes across Xander.

Aiden tells Hope that he's a little behind this morning and has a lot going on. Hope says she needs to talk to him but will make it brief. Hope mentions John telling her that he was asking questions about a case. Aiden reminds her that he can't talk about that. Hope accepts that and they kiss until Aiden's phone rings. Aiden answers the call and says he will file the motion this afternoon. Hope looks over and sees Clyde's folder on Aiden's desk.

Rafe tells Clyde that he and Kate were just having a little disagreement. Clyde asks what it was about but Rafe says it's none of his business. Rafe tells Kate that she knows how he feels as he walks away. Clyde asks Kate if they were talking about him. Kate says no and claims it was just about Will and Gabi. Clyde asks if she's still mad at him. Kate points out that he left abruptly. Clyde says he's had a lot to deal with lately but knows she has her own problems. Clyde goes to leave but Kate suggests they just cancel their plans. Clyde hopes he hasn't hurt her feelings.

Serena apologizes for getting carried away. Eric tells her it's okay and he has to go talk to Brady. Eric thanks her for what she did for Caroline and then exits. Daniel approaches Serena. Serena asks how Caroline is doing. Daniel says she had a good night. Serena tells him that Eric was just thanking her for what she did for Caroline and the hug was just a gesture of gratitude. Serena says that Eric told her he doesn't hate her anymore. Serena knows there's no hope of getting him back but she's very lucky that he's a kind and compassionate man. Daniel asks why she's telling him this. Serena responds that she really needs a favor.

Jennifer walks through the town square and runs in to Mr. Satterfield, who is unhappy about the campaign she launched against him tearing down the Horton Center. He tells her that she will lose this fight and gives her his card if she decides to be reasonable. Jennifer argues that she learned years ago everything about him. Eve watches from around the corner as Jennifer complains about what he wants to do to the Horton town center. Jennifer threatens to get the whole town to stop him but he responds that nothing will stop him as they go their separate ways. Eve comes around and picks up Mr. Satterfield's card that Jennifer threw down.

Xander notes Theresa not having crutches or the cast anymore. Theresa tells him to mind his business and put a shirt on as she walks away.

Daniel asks what Serena wants now. Serena tells him that Eric just told her he'd be okay if she stayed in Salem to finish her work so she would like to do that and maintain a friendly relationship with him if possible. Serena says Daniel would have to not tell Eric what she did which means he can't tell Nicole because they know what she would do. Daniel doesn't want to hear her go off on Nicole but Serena says she won't anymore. Daniel tells her that he's fine. Serena says what she did was spiteful and she knows she can't make it right. Serena asks if he will tell Eric or Nicole about it.

Brady meets Eric at the Pub and tells him about not wanting Theresa to get her own place because he won't sleep with Tate being in another place with her. Brady assures that Theresa knows he will never trust her. Eric thinks Theresa is just desperate to feel loved but Brady doesn't care. Eric thinks for Tate's sake that Theresa can learn from her mistakes and start to change. Brady asks if Eric really believes Theresa can change.

Eve joins Theresa in the park with Tate. Eve notes that she looks awful and asks what happened to her confidence on the phone. Theresa responds that Brady really hates her. Theresa mentions running in to Xander as well and explains how Victor made him the new gardener. Eve asks if she's scared of Xander living there. Theresa says Brady made it clear that they'll be safe and points out that Brady hates him even more than her. Theresa then gets an idea and says that's it.

Aiden finishes his call. Hope decides she'll let him get back to work and have him to herself later. Hope exits. Aiden sits back down with Clyde's file and goes to his computer.

Brady returns home and tells Xander that he's too close to the house. Xander doesn't know what else to do. Brady threatens him about coming through the door. Xander tells him he's not inside. Brady warns him as he heads inside.

Theresa tells Eve that she knew there had to be a way she could use Brady's hatred of Xander to her advantage. Eve comments on Theresa as a mother, leading to Theresa remarking about Eve's relationship with Paige. Theresa brings up Xander being scary as he almost murdered two people so she has to use that.

Jennifer joins Eric at the Pub and complains about Mr. Satterfield. She asks about Caroline. Eric says she will make a full recovery. Jennifer brings up Serena being the one to help her. Eric can't help but be very grateful to her.

Daniel tells Serena that he will keep his mouth shut about Serena recording Eric. Serena is just afraid that he'll change his mind but Daniel assures that he won't and he wants to forget it all. Serena thanks him and hugs him as Nicole comes out from the back and stops around the corner. Daniel gets a call from the hospital and exits. Nicole comes out and watches.

Kate tells Clyde that they just need to reschedule. Clyde feels that she is avoiding him outside of pestering him with questions. Kate says she'll make sure to correct that. Clyde thinks they still make a great team and walks away.

Hope sits in the town square where Rafe walks up behind her and stops. Rafe thinks back to Kate talking to him about Hope. Rafe turns and walks away.

Aiden finishes up in his office then gets a call. Aiden declares he certainly can't take that now.

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