Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/12/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/12/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady finishes a call with Kayla at home and tells Maggie that Caroline is getting stronger. Maggie mentions Theresa calling and saying she wouldn't be back. Maggie says Theresa has always been devoted to Caroline. Brady doesn't think that's the only reason she didn't come home last night.

Caroline wakes up with Theresa at her side. Caroline tells her that she's feeling pretty good. Caroline asks about her ankle and where her crutches are. Theresa thinks back to Brady catching her lie.

Marlena goes to babysit Arianna. Sonny thanks her for doing it. Marlena knows they wanted to see Caroline. Sonny mentions Will going to run an errand first. Marlena asks if things are okay between them.

Will meets with Derrick and questions him about Paul pulling away after they slept together. Derrick insists that he tried but he can't be blamed if Paul is still in love with Sonny.

Paul and John eat together in the town square. John encourages him about the Narita brand. Kate interrupts. John calls it a private breakfast. Kate hopes he's proud because Paul will do great things for her company. Kate encourages Paul to find a place out of Salem and mentions his hot new boyfriend.

Hope enters the nightclub to talk to Rafe. Rafe tells her they are closed but Hope still wants to talk. Rafe says they can unless she wants to talk about Clyde or what Aiden said. Rafe tells her to drop it. Hope informs him that Aiden dropped Clyde as a client so she asks if they can talk now.

Aiden sits in his office with his folder on Clyde and Ben then begins shredding the documents.

Clyde is outside the club and gets a call. Clyde says it's about time and asks what they have for him on Aiden.

Kate realizes Paul hadn't told John about Derrick. Paul tells Kate that his personal life is none of her business. Kate agrees as long as she stays away from Will and Sonny. John takes Kate aside to question what she's doing and tells her to back off. Kate just wants him out of Will and Sonny's love life and assumes they are on the same page. Kate tells him to have a nice day and walks away. John goes back to Paul. Paul tells him not to worry about her as she doesn't get to him and is just protective of Will. John asks Paul about Derrick. Paul calls it nothing special and declares it never will be.

Sonny tells Marlena that things with he and Will are fine. Marlena is glad to hear that they hung out with Paul and Derrick. Sonny found it cool that it was Will's idea so he doesn't think he feels threatened anymore.

Will questions why Derrick would say Paul is still in love with Sonny. Derrick insists it's true even if he wishes it wasn't. Derrick says he's seen the way he looks at Sonny and how he reacts when he says anything. Will tells him to shut up. Derrick points out Paul going straight to Sonny so he wouldn't think anything of them sleeping together. Derrick declares that Sonny is the love of Paul's life and it's clear to him that Paul is sorry as hell he didn't marry Sonny when he had the chance.

Theresa tells Caroline that the doctor just overreacted and changes the topic back to her feeling better. Theresa says Caroline has been the only one she's been able to go to that has stuck by her and understands her. Theresa talks about doing better and Tate making her think more about other people. Theresa didn't want to leave her because she was so worried. Caroline assures her that she's fine so she should go home to Tate.

Maggie talks to Brady about how they knew it as Brady talks about making Theresa take her cast off. They talk about Theresa staying there. Brady talks about seeing Theresa pour her heart out to Caroline at the hospital and it hit him that she's so alone. Maggie asks if he's worried about her. Brady says he's worried about his son.

Marlena thinks it could be huge if Will is not threatened by Paul. Sonny thinks it would be nice if they could all be friends. Marlena asks if that wouldn't make him uncomfortable. Arianna wakes up but Marlena says she will take care of her so Sonny exits.

Will tells Derrick that everything has changed now so Paul will honor their marriage. Derrick brings up Will sleeping with Paul. Will argues that they worked through all of that. Derrick brings up Will working so hard to get him with Paul. Will makes sure he won't tell anyone about that. Derrick still wants a chance with Paul so Will encourages him to take that chance and take it slow.

Rafe finds it hard to believe that Aiden dropped Clyde and thinks Hope is making it up. Hope tells him that it's true and he dropped Ben too. Rafe encourages her to let it go but Hope knows there's something there. Hope questions Rafe flipping on her. Hope says this changes everything as Aiden must have found out something big. Hope begs Rafe to help her out.

Aiden continues shredding documents from Clyde and Ben's files. He stops at one and looks it over then says that's interesting. Aiden then gets his phone.

Clyde says on the phone that he doesn't care and wants them to dig deeper. Clyde wants to know who Aiden contacted in Florida and why.

John stops himself from asking more about Derrick and decides he's learned from Brady not to stick his nose in his son's life. John just wants him to be happy. Paul says he is happy that he came out and that he's getting to know him. Paul talks about not knowing what to say when he found out he was his father but now it feels weird to call him John. John suggests they fix that and would be honored if he called him dad. Paul agrees and does so.

Kate joins Marlena at Will and Sonny's. Marlena tells her that Will and Sonny went to see Caroline. Kate goes to leave but Marlena invites her in. Kate apologizes to her for bringing up Clyde the way she did the other day. Marlena responds that she's always understood her and she empathizes with her over the situation. Kate asks if she means being involved yet again with another man who will break her heart.

Theresa tells Caroline that Tate has his nanny and Maggie but Caroline argues that the most important thing in a boy's life is his mother. Will and Sonny arrive to visit Caroline. They greet Theresa. Theresa asks about Arianna. They say she's great and ask about Tate. Theresa says he couldn't be better. Will asks about how Caroline's feeling. Caroline insists she's fine and encourages Theresa to go home to Tate. Theresa agrees to and tells her to get better as she exits. Theresa decides she has no choice.

Brady talks to Maggie about trying from day one. Maggie thought it was clear that it was all about Tate. Maggie suggests not being so considerate to Theresa. Brady just wants her out. Maggie says it looks like he'll get his wish and insists she is capable of living on her own but Brady worries that she is so lost. Brady is scared of Theresa being alone with Tate and he's not okay with that as he doesn't feel he would be safe. Brady points out that all Theresa has is Eve and Anne. Maggie admits she's worried about her but about Brady too. Maggie tells him that she and Victor will follow him no question but letting her stay is another mixed signal. Brady agrees so Maggie says that Theresa has to understand but tells Brady that it's his call so he has to decide.

Paul meets Derrick at the Pub. Derrick mentions having a great time last night. Paul wants to clear the air about some things.

Kate tells Marlena that her situation with Clyde is going downhill fast not that she has a good track record with men. Marlena asks what now. Kate feels she's walked in to it all over again because Clyde is definitely a dangerous man. Marlena says she can't answer that but she's pleased that Kate is analyzing herself and the situation. Marlena thinks she's learning a lot in the process. Kate says she has to go so she thanks Marlena for listening and exits.

Rafe tells Hope that he would help her out if he could but there is nothing he can do. Hope tells him to use Victor's people then. Rafe reminds her that Victor told him to back off. Rafe tells her that if Victor ever changes his mind, she should stay out of the loop. Rafe says he has work to do so she can see herself out.

Theresa returns to the Kiriakis Mansion and hopes maybe no one will be home as she heads inside. She tries to sneak upstairs but Brady stops her.

Paul tells Derrick not to read anything in to what happened between them. Derrick understands they are just having fun and says that's cool. Derrick asks about his breakfast with John. Paul talks about things going great and calling him dad. Derrick mentions it being his dream to be able to play catch at the golden gate park. Paul stops and questions how he knew that was his dream.

Aiden meets with John and says it's about a drug case he worked before.

Kate meets Clyde at the club. Clyde says he'll always make time for her and missed her last night. Kate says she had a can't miss meeting. Clyde tells her not to make it a habit as he likes a woman who shows up when she says she's going to. Kate starts to talk about their relationship but Clyde gets a call and steps away.

Brady takes Theresa in to the living room. Brady asks about Caroline. Theresa responds that she's doing great. Brady is glad to hear. Theresa talks about her worries. Theresa knows he wants her out so she should probably go. Brady reveals he actually wants her to stay.

Derrick claims Paul told him about his dream but Paul doesn't think so. Derrick guesses he must have read it in his article then but Paul points it out it wasn't in the article. Derrick says he must have told him about it then. Paul questions him. Derrick goes over what he told him but Paul says he never told him anything about that and it wasn't in the article so he questions how he knew.

A nurse comes in and tells Will and Sonny that Caroline needs her rest so no more visits. Will suggests next time they'll bring Arianna. Sonny encourages her and talks about how they need her and then exits.

Aiden asks John about the increased drug trafficking. John says he'll check back at the station. John assumes this is about a case he's handling. Aiden says he's connecting some dots. John says he'll let him know if he comes across anything. Aiden thanks him for stopping by. John exits and Aiden goes back to Clyde's file.

Clyde finishes his call and goes back to Kate. Rafe enters the club. Clyde apologizes to Kate but says he has to go take care of something that can't wait. Clyde says he'll see her tonight but Kate says the hell he will. Clyde stops and questions what she said. Kate says every time they meet lately, he has an excuse to go somewhere. Clyde calls it business. Kate is getting tired of feeling like she's just an extra benefit in his life that he can take or leave. Clyde hates seeing her upset and wishes he could fix it but there's business to take care of. Clyde asks if they can put this aside and start over at his place later tonight. Clyde kisses her goodbye and exits. Rafe approaches and asks Kate if there's trouble in paradise.

Theresa asks Brady what suddenly changed his mind. Brady says he's been thinking a lot about her latest stunt. Brady says he wants to keep it civil. Brady feels Theresa is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants including lie, threaten to leave the state, and force Melanie to leave. Brady has decided that he does not trust Theresa with their son. Brady won't change the custody agreement but because of her lies and games, he has decided that he wants someone with an eye on her at all times so he wants her to continue living in the house. Theresa tries to make a promise but Brady doesn't want to hear it. Brady has one more thing to say and suggests she listen. Brady states that he loves his son more than anything but Theresa will never be anything to him but Tate's mother. Brady adds that he will never forgive her for what she's done so she is here as Tate's mother and nothing more. Brady tells her to stay away from him and out of his life. Brady then walks out. Theresa gets up and smiles, declaring she's still here.

Will and Sonny come home. Marlena gives Arianna to Sonny and asks how Caroline is. Will says she's looking good and will come through fine. Sonny says she'll be stronger than ever. Sonny goes to change Arianna. Marlena notes that Will seems happy. Will responds that he is. Marlena assumes that they are getting back on track. Will tells her that things are really great.

Derrick insists that Paul told him about his dream but Paul assures that he never did. Paul brings up Derrick talking about things from his past that he couldn't have known before. Derrick talks about when he first met him and not thinking he'd be interested in him so he went online. Paul argues that none of this is online as it's all totally personal. Derrick says he was just trying to find a way to connect but all the snooping wasn't his idea. Paul questions whose idea it was and then realizes it was Will. Derrick admits that Will sent him the notes from his interview with him. Derrick apologizes and says he would never share that information with anyone. Paul calls it unbelievable.

Kate tells Rafe to go ahead and dump on Clyde like everyone else. Rafe says it's not his call but he hoped by now that Kate would've figured out what kind of guy Clyde is. Kate says at least she's not pining away for someone who is completely unavailable. Rafe questions what she means. Kate thinks he knows and walks out.

Hope and John talk in the town square. John mentions the venue for the little league game changing. John adds that he spoke to Aiden about the drug case as he walks away.

Aiden returns to his office to find Clyde in his seat.

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