Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/11/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/11/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie goes to Daniel's. Nicole tells her that Parker just went to sleep while Daniel went to talk to Victor. Maggie wanted to talk to Daniel about Xander. Nicole tells her that Daniel isn't happy about it.

Daniel mocks Victor deciding what's best for everyone and trying to play God. Victor argues that he's trying to control Xander but Daniel knows he's not being honest and they have some type of connection. Victor assures him that he will see to it that Xander pays for what he did. Victor then gets a call.

Aiden and Hope join Roman in Caroline's hospital room.

Kayla tells Eric that if Caroline recovers, it will be because of Serena. Kayla thanks Serena and leaves the room. Serena starts to go but Eric stops her.

Abigail goes to the Horton house and stops at the door as she looks at her ring. JJ comes home and greets her. JJ notes her crying and asks what's wrong.

At home, Jennifer picks up JJ's jacket and thinks back to him telling her about his undercover work.

Ben tells Clyde about Abigail saying yes. Clyde asks why he's not happier. Ben informs Clyde that Abigail is pregnant. Clyde calls that great but Ben asks if it's still great if the baby is actually Chad's.

Daniel asks Victor what happened and what's wrong. Victor tells him it's Caroline.

Kayla enters Caroline's hospital room and hugs Hope. Caroline wakes up and is responsive. Caroline says she feels great. Kayla asks her questions which Caroline jokes with her about. Caroline thanks Kayla. Kayla decides she needs to rest. Roman says he will make calls as he exits. Caroline tells Kayla to make sure he's okay. Kayla exits. Hope tells Caroline that she scared them and she loves her as they hug.

Serena tells Eric that she wanted Caroline to give him her goodbye letter.

JJ asks Abigail if something bad happened. Abigail tells him that everyone is fine and it's nothing bad. JJ notes her crying and takes her hand, causing him to discover the ring. JJ realizes she's engaged and hugs her.

Clyde tells Ben not to do this to himself as Abigail is not having Chad's baby. Ben questions how he knows that.

Nicole complains about Xander getting away with attempted murder. Maggie assures that no one is giving up. Nicole is scared that Daniel may take matters in to his own hands. Maggie says there is something else she wanted to talk to her about, dates and ideas for the engagement party. Nicole tells her that she doesn't have to do this but Maggie thinks she does.

JJ asks why Abigail is crying when this is a good thing. Abigail says it is but just a little overwhelming. Jennifer opens the door and greets them then asks what's wrong. JJ tells her it's not about him for once. They head inside where JJ decides he will leave them alone. Jennifer asks Abigail what's wrong. JJ offers to leave but Abigail says no since he already knows. Abigail reveals to Jennifer that she and Ben are engaged. Jennifer is relieved and says she didn't see that coming but hugs her and congratulates her.

Clyde tells Ben not to fly off the handle with him. Ben says he's just asking Clyde how he knows who the father is and if he knows everything. Clyde claims that Abigail is not the type that would marry a guy and pass off her baby as someone else's. Ben points out that Abigail is eight weeks pregnant and slept with Chad eight weeks ago. Ben argues that Abigail could be using him and this might not be about love but just about her wanting a solution to a big problem.

Aiden talks to Hope at the hospital about her seeming like a member of the family. Hope talks about being scared when she told Caroline about divorcing Bo. Hope says she leans on Caroline and the whole family. Hope thinks the family made it easier for Ciara not having Bo around. Hope talks about never taking any moment for granted. Aiden agrees and hugs her.

Serena tells Eric that she screwed up everything and no one will be heart broken if she leaves. Eric asks if she wants to go. Serena asks if he thinks that would be best. Eric says that's not what he asked but does she want to go or not.

Victor goes to see Caroline and jokes that she's got his attention.

Daniel goes to the hospital where Kayla informs him that Serena saved Caroline's life.

Serena tells Eric that it may be better for her career if she leaves. Eric feels she's dodging the question. Serena says Daniel helped her see that nothing is left for her here. Eric asks if Daniel made her see that or she wants to leave town. Eric feels people will settle down so she doesn't have to leave. Serena says she is leaving because she can't stand see Eric hate her. Eric starts to say he doesn't. Serena knows he's grateful now because of Caroline but she just did what anyone else would've done. Serena asks if it really changes how he feels about her.

Nicole tells Maggie that she would be grateful for Daniel's sake if Maggie wouldn't mind pretending to tolerate her as she thinks asking her to be nice to her might be pushing it. Maggie says she won't pretend but she loves Daniel and wants him to be happy. Maggie admits she used to think that meant Jennifer. Nicole knows how much she wanted them together and that she hates what she did to them and how she hurt Daniel. Nicole asks if Maggie being nice is her way of getting past that and accepting they are together. Maggie says sometimes she just gets her facts so wrong.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she was just surprised but she shouldn't be since they've been together for over a year. Jennifer says she has a wedding to plan. Abigail tells her that they haven't set a date or anything yet. Jennifer senses that Abigail seems a little hesitant but she says no. Jennifer guesses she's just surprised too or overwhelmed. Jennifer tells her it's okay not to rush into a wedding. Abigail says that's not it. Jennifer asks what it is.

Clyde tells Ben that if Abigail wasn't sure he was the father, she wouldn't marry him. Ben asks why not. Ben talks about how she can't be with a DiMera because it wouldn't look right as a Horton. Clyde mocks the DiMeras. Clyde sees that Abigail is all Ben's. Clyde asks what else matters. Ben tells him to think about if Chad's going to do nothing when he find out that Abigail might be having his baby.

Jennifer encourages Abigail that it's okay to have second thoughts but she assures that she isn't. Abigail says she loves Ben but then reveals that she is pregnant.

Serena cries that she's right that he still hates her. Eric points out that she saved Caroline's life and she can't ruin her career because of how she thinks he feels about her. Serena asks if he's asking her to stay. Eric says he needs to see his grandmother and exits the room.

Jennifer can see why Abigail would be overwhelmed and asks if she's happy about the baby. Abigail says of course she is. Jennifer points out her being really young. Abigail insists that she's happy. Jennifer asks how long she's known. Abigail admits it's been a little while. Jennifer questions but Abigail assures her that Ben didn't know when he proposed so that's not what this is about. Abigail declares she's getting married because they are in love.

Clyde asks Ben why Abigail would tell him the baby was his if she wasn't sure about it.

Hope and Aiden sit together in the club and kiss. Clyde walks by with Ben and comments on the lovebirds not being able to keep their hands off of each other.

Maggie talks to Nicole about thinking Daniel was a dog but he changed and she came to like him by the time she found out she was his mother. Nicole asks how she can forget what she did to Jennifer if she can't. Maggie knows she's been through pain and lost her way. Nicole cries, asking if she is saying she wants to be friends. Maggie says no, she wants them to be family and hugs her. Maggie gets a text from Daniel.

Victor comes out of Caroline's room and says he has to go. Daniel jokes about him not wanting people to see him cry. Victor remarks about Daniel deserving someone like Nicole. Eric wants to see her. Kayla says not to stay long as she needs her rest and she just convinced Will not to come. Victor spots Serena and confronts her, saying he has something he needs to say to her. Victor says he's heard a lot about her, mostly bad. Serena says the same about him. Daniel interrupts but Victor tells Serena that he's grateful to her for Caroline being okay and he always will be. Maggie arrives and Victor tells her that Caroline will be fine as they walk away. Daniel thought Victor was going to tell Serena off which he's really good at.

Eric goes in to see Caroline. Caroline jokingly asks where he's been.

Daniel tells Serena that Victor isn't the only one grateful for what she did. Serena feels she just did what anyone else would do. Serena tells Daniel that she was on her way out of town when she saw Caroline. Daniel asks if she's still going. Serena says she might but she will wait until tomorrow for that decision. Daniel says she knows where to find him and walks on to rejoin Victor and Maggie. Daniel says the news is good about Caroline. Daniel is heading home and tells Victor they can continue their conversation there as he exits. Maggie asks Victor if Daniel meant fight. Victor says Daniel refuses to see his side.

Eric approaches Serena and tells her that Caroline would like to see her.

Hope tells Clyde it's good to see her and goes to excuse herself if they need to talk to Aiden. Clyde says there's no need as Aiden hasn't told her the news that he no longer represents them which surprises Hope.

Jennifer knows Abigail and Ben are in love. Abigail thanks her for not being upset. Jennifer understands that she needed to process it. Jennifer encourages her to live her own life in her own way and she's there to help. Abigail cries and thanks her. Jennifer says she'll always be her little girl. Jennifer doesn't want to interfere but asks about her eating. Jennifer goes to make food. JJ asks Abigail if this is really what she wants. JJ tells her that they're alone, she was crying on the porch and went weeks without telling them. Abigail claims she was crying because she was happy, hungry, and very emotional. JJ agrees to back off but reminds her that she can tell him anything. Abigail knows he will always be on her side. JJ asks if she would've said yes to Ben if she wasn't pregnant. Abigail says of course she would. JJ asks how Ben reacted about the baby.

Aiden doesn't think this is the time or place to get in to all of that. Clyde agrees but tells him there's no hard feelings. Clyde comments that they just looked so happy together. Hope asks Ben about any hard feelings. Ben says it's fine. Clyde says they won't forget Aiden's help but that's the past and now they have other things keeping them busy. Hope questions that. Clyde responds that they'll all find out soon enough. Clyde and Ben exit. Hope sits back down with Aiden and asks if there are really no hard feelings. Aiden is sure everything is just fine. Hope can't believe he didn't tell her that he dropped Clyde as a client.

Daniel goes home and has wine with Nicole. Nicole talks about Maggie's visit and wanting Parker to grow up in a big happy family. Daniel jokes about Maggie getting to her. Nicole doesn't want to waste any more time or energy or being mad or the past. Daniel states that he will still keep an eye on Xander and Victor. Nicole wants to try and see that Victor is trying to take care of his family and them. Daniel decides he can concentrate on what's really important and that's Nicole as he kisses her.

Maggie and Victor go home where Maggie points out that he hardly said a word the whole way home. Maggie asks if he's alright. Victor wants her to promise him that she'll stick around a very long time. Maggie says she was going to ask him the same thing as they hug.

Serena goes in to see Caroline. Caroline thanks her for everything she did. Serena repeats that she just did what anyone else would've done. Caroline remembers that she wasn't very nice to her. Serena understands she did terrible things to people she loves. Caroline asks about the favor she asked for but Serena says it's nothing at all. Caroline tells her that she owes her one. Serena tells her to just get better. Kayla and Roman return. Serena tells Caroline that she's glad she's alright and exits the room. Eric follows her out and stops her.

Daniel tells Nicole that Caroline will make a full recovery. Daniel informs her that Serena was with Caroline when it happened. Daniel gets up to go check on Parker. He adds that he's really glad Nicole and Maggie talked as he heads to the back. Nicole comments to herself about Serena being the heroine in this and feels she will play it for all it's worth.

Eric wanted to talk to Serena before she makes a decision about leaving. Eric says he told Daniel that he didn't think it was a coincidence that she was with Caroline when she needed her. Eric thinks God is telling him to think about things a little different but they will talk tomorrow and he says goodnight.

Abigail tells JJ that Ben was stunned but then excited. Jennifer comes back in with food and encourages that they will be wonderful parents while she and JJ will do everything they can to help. Abigail gets emotional and cries as they have a group hug.

Clyde and Ben walk out of the club. Clyde feels the baby will be a boy and jokes with him. Clyde encourages him to go celebrate being a dad or at least smile. Clyde calls him a real man now as he hugs him.

Aiden tells Hope that they should just drop it so Hope agrees. Aiden steps away while a poster for the Salem Bicentennial celebration on November 9 is nearby.

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