Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/10/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/10/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ben declares himself the happiest, luckiest guy on the planet as he hugs Abigail. Chad then walks in to the club and sees them. Abigail tells Ben that she really has to tell him something but Chad interrupts asking if they have something to celebrate.

Stefano sits at home on the phone, declaring the land in Ireland will be his soon because Chad has the situation with Abigail well in hand.

Brady tells Theresa to pack her bags and get her lying ass out of his house right now. She asks what he means. Brady shouts that she has played him for a fool for the last time.

Victor goes to the shed looking for Xander and questions where the hell he is.

Nicole goes to the park with to set up for the picnic when Xander walks by and calls her a lying bitch that ruined his life.

Eric finds Daniel at the hospital and asks if he's free for lunch to talk about a few things. Daniel asks if it's about Serena leaving town. Eric says it is for starters.

Serena checks on Caroline after she collapsed. Serena tells her that she needs to go to the hospital because she's having a stroke.

Ben tells Chad that they are celebrating. Abigail notes that Chad has been drinking. Chad responds that he has some celebrating of his own to do. Abigail thinks back to their argument. Ben says Chad can't top what they are celebrating. Abigail wants to leave but Chad continues talking and questions them having no secrets. Ben announces they are getting married.

Theresa tells Brady that she's not playing him. Brady tells her that he's calling the hospital because he's through talking to her since he knows everything she says is a lie.

Serena calls the hospital for Caroline and tells her that paramedics are on their way and everything will be okay.

Daniel tells Eric that he'll have to rain check on lunch but he saw Serena and she said she was leaving Salem. Daniel has to rush off to the lab but says he'll call Eric to talk more later. Eric decides Nicole can fill him in.

Nicole questions Xander being stupid enough to try and hurt her in public. Xander says she's not worth his trouble and he has an appointment. Nicole questions his uniform then remembers he's working for Victor. Nicole tells him to enjoy shoveling manure. Nicole adds that it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Xander asks if she's really stupid enough to think this is over.

Chad calls it big news but points out Abigail isn't wearing a ring. Ben pulls out the ring and puts it on Abigail's finger as Chad watches. Ben thanks Chad for being a part of their special day. Chad insists on buying him a drink and says they will all toast to their future. Chad says they both must be so happy. Ben says they are and Abigail agrees. Ben can't believe how lucky he is to spend his life with the woman of his dreams. Chad asks what their plans are. Ben says their life is in Salem. Chad remarks that marriages in Salem are less successful. Ben thought Chad would be happy for them. Chad claims he is and suggests maybe they'll beat the odds. Ben tells him to count on it then asks what Chad was celebrating.

Theresa argues that Brady owes her some respect as the mother of his child and asks what if Tate was older and heard him berating her like this. Brady says he won't worry about it. Theresa complains about her leg and him tossing her out. Theresa asks if he thinks she's faking this. She cries that he has no idea how much pain she's in and questions who in their right mind would fake something like this. Theresa tells Brady to go ahead and call Dr. Lee at the hospital. Brady says he'll call Daniel or Kayla and get a very different story. Theresa questions him asking his friends to violate their personal ethics with patient records. Brady reminds her that she offered a second opinion. Brady decides they'll go find a different doctor together. Brady takes her crutches away and says he's sure that she doesn't need them. Theresa tells him that she's not coming. Brady warns that she's only making this worse because he heard her with Anne so he knows.

Serena talks to Kayla on the phone about Caroline and assures her that she'll be okay. Kayla thanks her for being there with her. Serena tells her they will be there soon as the ambulance arrives. Serena encourages Caroline that Kayla will take good care of her and everything will be fine.

The gardener informs Victor that he sent Xander to town to get more fertilizer. He adds that Xander seems to have a problem getting his hands dirty. Victor finds that funny because that was never his problem at all.

Nicole questions Xander threatening her. Xander says she'll have a very miserable life. Daniel arrives and pulls Xander back, warning him to get away from her. Xander says their paths happened to cross. Xander mocks his ego. Daniel tells him to keep his distance from them and Parker. Xander says unless Parker has a play date at Victor's. Daniel questions him but he walks away. Nicole stops Daniel and tells him there is something he needs to know.

Theresa admits she exaggerated a little bit but Brady calls it a lie. Theresa admits she doesn't have a broken leg but asks Brady not to yell at her. Brady tells her that she is not honest and orders her to take the cast off.

Chad tells Ben that he wouldn't be interested in what he's celebrating but Ben insists. Chad calls it cerebral and says it's just a celebration of clarity. Chad comments on Abigail letting everyone know that she loves Ben. Chad calls Ben a lucky man and claims he's so happy for the both of them. Ben thanks him. Chad decides he'll let them celebrate and he exits. Ben suggests a toast with the champagne. Abigail knows Chad kind of ruined the moment but Ben doesn't care about Chad at all and says nothing will ruin this moment for him. Ben recalls the first time he saw Abigail and now they are getting married. Ben asks if Jennifer knows and is okay with everything. Abigail stops him. Ben apologizes for getting carried away and asks what she was going to tell him. Abigail reveals to Ben that she's pregnant.

Theresa removes her cast and gets up, asking him to listen to her because she's sorry. Theresa knows what she did was wrong. Brady mocks her and asks what Tate would think about what she tried to pull on him. Theresa thinks he would understand because she did it for the right reasons. Theresa argues that no child should grow up without his mother and that Brady knows that better than anyone. Theresa knows he's angry and doesn't want to see her but she was desperate. Brady questions what kind of mother uses her kid to justify her lies. Brady argues that it's not about their son and they both know it.

Eric eats at the Pub where Roman joins him. Roman questions him eating alone. Eric says he stopped to see Caroline but he missed her and now he's going to see Theresa. Roman states that Theresa needs all the help she can get. Eric mentions Serena leaving town. Roman asks how he feels about that. Eric declares it no longer matters to him because he just doesn't care.

Caroline is brought in to the hospital. Kayla checks on her with doctors and she is sent to the emergency room. Serena explains to Kayla what happened. Kayla says Caroline has a greater chance of recovery thanks to Serena.

Xander goes back to work in the barn. Victor enters and questions him being afraid to get his hands dirty. Victor warns that he double his effort. Xander tells him that he will do whatever he asks to prove he can trust him again. Victor responds that they are a long way from that. Xander stops Victor and informs him that he ran in to Daniel and Nicole on his way back.

Nicole explains to Daniel about Xander working for Victor. Daniel thinks he should be in prison where he belongs. Nicole understands that Victor wants to keep his eye on him. Parker joins them for the picnic.

Stefano listens to opera music in the living room until Chad comes home and shuts it off. Stefano asks him what is wrong. Chad says he's not in the mood for the music and just wants to focus on work. Stefano questions his bad mood but Chad shouts that he's just trying to do his job. Stefano asks if something happened with Abigail.

Ben calls it amazing that Abigail is pregnant and hugs her excitedly saying they are going to have a baby. Ben then remembers overhearing Chad talking to Abigail about having sex so he asks Abigail exactly how far along she is.

Brady tells Theresa that this isn't about Tate at all but about him. Brady knows she wants to live there for her happily ever after but he doesn't love her and never will. Theresa calls it cruel while Brady calls it the truth. Brady yells at her that they are not compatible and it gives him a headache to be in the same room with her. Eric arrives and questions what is going on in here as he heard him yelling. Brady tells Eric about Theresa faking a broken leg. Eric understands he's angry but argues that she is the mother of his child. Brady says if Eric is going to take pity on her then he should have her live with him. Theresa yells that she'd rather live on the street than be treated like this. Eric tries to calm the situation. Eric then gets a call from the hospital and says he's on his way. Eric tells them that Caroline is at the hospital and rushes out.

Xander tells Victor that Daniel accused him of going after Nicole but he swears he didn't. Victor warns him about staying away from the people he cares about and tells him to get to work to try and do something right because he's done cleaning up after him. Victor goes to leave and a glass breaks so he tells Xander to clean another mess.

Nicole plays catch with Parker. She rejoins Daniel and tells him that he can go ahead if he wants to talk to Victor and she'll take Parker home. Nicole tells Daniel that Xander just caught her off guard but it will never happen again. Daniel tells Parker that he has to go but will be home soon as he exits. Nicole continues playing with Parker. Nicole makes a call to someone she really needs to see.

Chad tells Stefano that nothing is ever going to happen with Abigail so he can forget about the land in Ireland.

Abigail tells Ben that she's about eight weeks pregnant but it's hard to tell exactly. Ben questions eight weeks. Abigail worries that he's upset about the baby but Ben says he's not. Abigail says she is just caught up in the moment. Ben says he just has to ask her one question as long as she tells him the truth.

Stefano tells Chad to start from the beginning. Chad says he was an idiot after the way he treated Abigail. Chad wonders why she would ever trust him with her heart again. Stefano argues that he can only hurt her because she cares and he shouldn't give up. Chad insists it's over but Stefano declares it's never over if she loves him. Chad then informs him that she's marrying Ben.

Abigail promises to tell Ben the truth and wonders why she wouldn't. Ben thinks again back to overhearing Abigail and Chad. Ben asks Abigail is she only agreed to marry him because she's pregnant. Abigail says of course not. Ben asks how long she's known. Abigail admits it's been awhile. Ben asks why she didn't tell him. She just wanted to be sure and was afraid of making him feel trapped. Ben assures that he loves her so much. Ben asks what about her. She assures him the same. Ben says he meant about feeling trapped and asks if she feels trapped with him.

Eric, Brady, and Theresa arrive at the hospital. Kayla informs them that Caroline is stable and resting after some tests. Kayla says she spoke with Shane and will talk with Kimberly soon. Kayla assures that Caroline is in the best possible care. Theresa wants to see her so Kayla sends her in and says only one at a time. Eric asks what happened. Kayla takes Eric to the waiting room to tell him. Theresa goes in to see Caroline and sits at her bedside, holding her hand.

Nicole is at home with Parker when Roman arrives. She thanks him for coming. Roman asks her about having new information on Xander. Nicole informs Roman that Xander is now working for the Kiriakis gardening staff. Roman says they have been keeping tabs on him but don't have any hard evidence. Roman guarantees the investigation is ongoing. Nicole feels that all the companies and charities that Xander ran can't be legit. Roman admits suspicions towards Victor but there's nothing to implicate him at this point. Nicole suggests maybe that's not a bad thing.

Daniel goes to see Victor. Victor reluctantly congratulates him on his engagement. Daniel doesn't want to change the subject from Xander yet. Victor understands he wants him behind bars but says this is the next best option. Victor is sure eventually that Brady and Daniel will see the wisdom of his method. Daniel doesn't want to throw around unfounded accusations but he has a feeling that whatever is going on with he and Xander is much more complicated than he's telling.

Abigail assures Ben that she doesn't feel trapped and she knows how lucky she is. Abigail adds that he's going to be an amazing father. Ben asks if Jennifer knows yet. Abigail says no as she wanted to tell him first. Abigail decides she should get home to tell Jennifer and JJ. Ben agrees and tells her to call when she's done so they can celebrate. They kiss goodbye as Abigail then exits. Ben's smile quickly fades.

Stefano complains that Abigail couldn't have chosen Ben over a DiMera. Chad says that she did and he's pretty sure being a DiMera had a lot to do with it. Chad says Abigail chose not to be a part of their family which he never had. Stefano insists they can take care of Ben but Chad screams that's enough because it's over. Chad turns Stefano's opera music back on and walks out. Stefano remarks that it cannot be over.

Nicole hopes Victor isn't involved in anything shady with Xander because things are really good but Victor betraying Daniel and Maggie would make things complicated. Roman gets a call and asks what's going on. Roman says he'll be right there and tells Nicole that he has to go on an emergency as he rushes out. Nicole goes back to Parker and suggests they make something special for Victor because he'll be her father in law and she wants to do something about them not getting along unless Daniel has other plans.

Daniel asks Victor if there is any more to his connection with Xander that he hasn't told them. Victor states that he has washed his hands of him and no longer considers him family. Daniel points out that wasn't the question. Victor answers no but Daniel doesn't believe him.

Xander sits in the barn with an old photo of him as a child with Victor.

Kayla tells Eric that if Caroline recovers, it will be because of Serena.

Theresa cries for Caroline not to leave her as she's so lost and she's the only one who ever understood her. Theresa understands why everyone else gave up on her. Brady listens from the door but then shuts it.

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