Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/7/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/7/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Eric go to meet Nicole at Daniel's. She tells them that Daniel isn't here but mentions a call from Victor. Eric asks what this is all about. Brady informs them that it's about Xander.

Serena finds Xander in the town square, dressed in his uniform and carrying bags of manure which she questions.

Caroline goes to see Theresa at the Kiriakis Mansion. Theresa tells Caroline about Xander living there as the gardener. Caroline feels there is something Theresa isn't telling her.

Marlena leaves the club and runs in to Kate. They say it's good to see one another. Kate tells her how happy she is about her and John working things out. Marlena is glad she can be there for John. Kate adds that he's lucky to have her. Kate suggests the four of them get together for a drink sometime. Kate asks about Clyde still being a patient of hers.

Ben questions Clyde as to why Aiden would drop them as clients. Clyde tells him not to worry about it and focus on Abigail.

Chad follows Abigail to her office where he finds her crying at her desk and asks her what's going on. Chad hugs her as she cries.

Brady informs Nicole and Eric that Victor just hired Xander as the new gardener which shocks them. Nicole questions the reasoning. Brady explains that Victor wants him close on a short leash rather than on the loose trying to beat his charges. Nicole wonders if that's all there is to it.

Clyde questions Ben not talking to Abigail since this morning and not being sure that she's going to accept his proposal. Clyde assures him that she's going to say yes. Ben doesn't understand why he's so gung ho about them being together. Clyde thinks back to overhearing Abigail inheriting the land in Ireland. Clyde tells Ben that he just wants what is best for him.

Chad tells Abigail that it's going to be alright. Abigail tells him that she's sorry. Chad asks about what.

Nicole recalls looking into Xander's background and finding out that he murdered someone in Scotland but Victor got the charges lessened. Brady insists that Victor won't do that this time and wants Xander to pay. Nicole asks if he's sure that he's not giving him another chance to prove himself.

Xander tells Serena that his situation has changed. Serena says she never expected to see him hauling manure. Xander accuses her of laughing at him but Serena says she's not laughing, she's leaving.

Theresa tells Caroline that having Xander there has made Brady all protective. Caroline notes that doesn't change that he's still in love with Melanie. Theresa argues that Melanie isn't here so she doesn't want to talk about her. Theresa just wants them to be a real family. Theresa takes Caroline to see Tate while he sleeps. Anne comes in and tells Theresa that the doctor is on board with keeping Brady from finding out that she's lying. Theresa worries and looks at Caroline.

Kate asks Marlena if she's seen change in Clyde. Marlena reminds her that she can't answer that. Kate feels Marlena probably knows more about Clyde than she does and she's the only person who hasn't warned her to stay away from him.

Ben tells Clyde that Abigail is his whole life but he's worried about Aiden. Clyde tells him that Aiden won't make a difference and encourages him to go see Abigail. Ben worries about her saying no but Clyde says she'd be crazy not to want to spend her life with him. Ben thanks him and exits.

Abigail needs Chad to understand. Chad insists that he was telling the truth about loving her. Chad asks why she's crying. Abigail responds that it's too late for them.

Anne tries to cover to Caroline. Theresa asks Caroline if she believes her. Caroline complains of a headache and decides to leave. Caroline tells Theresa to call her if she needs her and exits. Anne remarks that was close. Theresa questions her almost ruining her chances with Brady.

Brady says Victor is too old to go to prison so this is him stepping back. Nicole hoped Xander would take off and never be seen again. Eric admits he likes what Victor is doing because it's what is best for Nicole.

Xander brings up all the times Serena has said she is leaving town. Serena insists that she means it this time as nothing is keeping her. Xander asks if she finally gave up on Eric. Serena tells Xander that he deserves every bit of what he gets.

Marlena says she's in no position to warn Kate about Clyde. Kate wants concern from her friend. Marlena urges her to take her concerns seriously. Kate takes that as Marlena thinking he's dangerous. Marlena feels it's clear that she has concerns about her relationship. Marlena admires Kate's innate intuition about people. Marlena encourages Kate to trust that.

Chad questions Abigail as to how it can be too late for them when they love each other. Abigail responds that she loves Ben. Chad argues that it's not like she loves him. Abigail says what they had was just sex but Chad disagrees. Chad argues that she'll never have the same thing with Ben. Abigail tells him that Ben has never wanted anyone but her ever so they are supposed to be together. Chad questions what that means. Abigail yells that it won't work for them as they have tried over and over again. Abigail brings up Chad pushing her away because he knew they were better off. Chad insists that he said all that to protect her and swears he will never hurt her again. Abigail argues that he can't know that and brings up Stefano, asking where that would leave her like it did Sami. Chad tells Abigail that they can live anywhere in the world. Chad asks Abigail to leave Salem with him tonight and he promises they will never look back. Abigail calls that walking away from life. Chad says his life is nothing without her. Chad asks her if she loves him as much as he loves her. Chad then kisses Abigail.

Anne tells Theresa that nobody will ask the doctor to verify her condition. Theresa asks what if someone asks for a second opinion but Anne encourages her. Theresa tells Anne about Victor hiring Xander as the gardener. Anne asks if she's scared. Theresa tells her that the whole thing has made Brady so protective and she thinks it made him think about how he would feel if something bad happened to her.

Serena doesn't care what Xander does but is glad this is their last moment together so she can remember him this way. Serena then walks off.

Eric says Victor did what the police couldn't. Brady talks about having watch on Xander. Nicole worries but Brady assures that what Eric said makes sense. Nicole says she'll fill Daniel in when they take Parker for a picnic. Nicole asks Eric to stay behind for a few minutes as Brady exits. Eric asks what Nicole wants to talk about. Nicole needs to make sure they are clear on where they stand.

Abigail tells Chad that should not have happened. Chad asks if it's because she's with Ben for now. Abigail reminds him that he said he would respect any decision she made. Chad thought her decision was made. Abigail says she cares about him but she is committed to Ben. Chad argues that she can't do this. Abigail tells her to respect her decision if he loves her. Chad feels she looks miserable. Abigail says maybe things could have been different but shouts that there is no fixing this because Ben loves her, she loves him, and they are going to build a life together so there can never be anything between them ever again. Abigail asks if she's making herself clear enough to him. Chad responds that she's loud and clear. Abigail thanks him for no longer arguing. Chad sits down and declares that if Ben ever hurts her, he'll break him in half. Abigail responds that they both know he'll never hurt her. Chad asks if she really thinks they can be happy and why she was crying. Abigail tells him that it's because she's saying goodbye to her life with him and she does want him to be happy someday too. Chad tells her to forget it and exits. Chad holds back tears as he walks away.

Abigail goes to the club and finds Ben. Ben greets her and says he got her text then apologizes for leaving before she woke up. Ben adds that he knows she needs her sleep now. Abigail asks what he means by that.

Chad goes to the Pub to drink. Marlena interrupts and thinks it's early for drinking. Chad mocks her and offers to buy her a drink while she gives him more bad advice.

Eric thought Nicole understood how he felt. Nicole says did but now it seems like he was only thinking about her. Eric assures her that Brady knows how he feels too. Nicole thought he would stop loving her. Eric responds that he's at peace with the fact that he loves her and she loves Daniel. Eric wants them both to be happy. Nicole decides that they understand each other then. Eric adds that there is somebody else who needs to know about Xander. Nicole realizes he means Serena.

Serena finds Caroline in the park. Caroline complains of her headache and says talking to her won't help. Serena tells her that she needs a favor.

Anne asks Theresa if she thinks she blew it in front of Caroline. Theresa doesn't think so since Caroline loves her and wants what's best for her. Anne warns her that she may still have a problem or two in Jennifer and Daniel. Anne worries about if Daniel starts questioning Dr. Lee. Anne suggests paying off the doctor but Theresa says she doesn't have any money. They get up to get drinks then turn around to see Brady has appeared in the doorway. Theresa pretends Anne moved her crutches. Brady tells Theresa that he needs to talk to her when they're done about Xander. Theresa agrees to talk later. Brady gets a call and steps out. Theresa tells Anne that was way too close.

Xander goes to head inside but the gardener informs him that he forgot to pick up the mulch he ordered so he orders him to go get it.

Nicole tells Eric that he doesn't owe Serena a damn thing. Eric knows she doesn't want him to have contact with her. Nicole tells him that Serena is still in Salem because she wants another chance with him. Eric states that he'll have to find somebody else to tell her but it won't be Nicole.

Serena tells Caroline that she is leaving Salem and she wrote Eric a letter so she hoped Caroline could give it to him after she's gone. Caroline tells her absolutely not.

Clyde talks on the phone about Aiden. Kate approaches as Clyde says he wants to know everything there is to know about Aiden. Kate asks why he's looking in to his lawyer. Clyde asks her why she's listening in to his phone calls.

Ben tells Abigail that she was tossing and turning last night. Ben says he almost woke her up so he could apologize for popping the question right before bed which he thinks kept her from sleeping. Abigail says it didn't keep him awake. Ben says he can always sleep with the woman he loves beside him. Ben hopes he made it clear last night how he feels about her. Abigail assures him that he always does.

Chad tells Marlena that he took her advice and laid it on the line to the woman he loves. Chad tells her how it turned out. Marlena is sorry. Chad says without her advice, he never would've known the woman he loves wants to be with another guy.

Ben tells Abigail that he doesn't want to push but he's going crazy and asks if she's any closer to deciding if she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Abigail admits she has thought about his proposal and hasn't really thought of anything else lately. Abigail knows everything he ever says to her is honest and from the heart. Abigail admits to Ben that she thought living together would be harder than it has been. Ben tells her that he loves everything about her. Abigail cries about some of her bad habits. Ben thinks this is her telling him that she doesn't want to marry him.

Chad tells Marlena that he knows the woman loves him too but it doesn't seem to matter. Marlena encourages that it does. Chad apologizes for going off on her and blaming her. Chad says he made his own bed so now he has to lie in it alone. Marlena warns him not to drive. Chad reminds her that he has a driver. Chad declares now he will go back to being the heartless son of a bitch that everybody thinks he is as he exits the Pub.

Theresa walks Anne out then heads back in to the living room where Brady is finishing a call. Theresa asks what he wanted to talk about. Brady suddenly tells her to pack her bags and get her lying ass out of his house right now.

Eric walks by the club and starts to send Serena a text but decides he won't even do that.

Caroline tells Serena that she shouldn't have wasted her time writing a letter as she and Eric are done with her. Caroline then collapses. Serena checks on her and calls for help.

Nicole goes to the park to set up for the picnic when Xander walks by.

Kate tells Clyde that she just happened to overhear. Clyde tells her that he's just thinking about hiring a new lawyer because Aiden doesn't have the edge to handle what he has in mind. Kate asks what he has in mind. Clyde points out her being full of questions and suggests they just go to lunch.

Abigail knows they still have some things to talk about but she's saying that if he can put up with her. Ben asks if she's going to marry him and Abigail says yes. Ben declares himself the happiest, luckiest guy on the planet as they hug. Chad then walks in to the club and sees them.

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