Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/6/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/6/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail waits in Kayla's office. She thinks back to Chad confessing his love and Ben proposing as she sits down and holds back tears.

Kate goes to Paul's hotel room and brings him revised contracts with the new cologne known as Narita. Paul tries to tell her it's not a good time as Derrick comes out of the shower.

Sonny goes to the Kiriakis Mansion, telling Justin that it's not a big deal about the fight at the nightclub but Justin warns him about Victor finding out. Justin brings up Paul being there too and says he's surprised. Sonny accuses Justin of talking Paul in to coming to Salem to break up his marriage.

Rafe tells Aiden at the nightclub that he can't make it to the movie in the park as he has to work. Aiden thought he had someone to cover but Rafe says it fell through. Aiden insists that Rafe has to be there.

Hope goes to see Will and asks if they are alone. Will asks her what's up. Hope informs him that she knows so they need to talk.

Ben questions what Chad wants to talk about. Chad admits he wants to talk about Abigail. Ben tells him to dream on if he thinks he'll talk with him about her.

Martin asks the nurse to bring the results right now but she reveals that Kayla picked them up herself five minutes ago. The nurse exits the room as Martin paces in frustration. Martin gets a call from Clyde, who says he got his text and asks if it's done. Martin informs him that there might be a problem.

Kayla returns to Abigail with the test results and hands her the envelope. Abigail understands if it's positive then Chad is the father.

Clyde tells Martin that he doesn't like problems. Martin explains that someone else already ran the test and sent out the results. Clyde asks if it's the result he wants it to be. Martin responds that he doesn't know as it went out before he could see it. Clyde threatens him. Martin swears he will fix it. Clyde gives him two minutes and hangs up.

Chad tells Ben that in different circumstances they could've been friends due to their mutual friends. Ben goes over Chad being a jerk and how he compared Jordan and Abigail. Chad admits he was a jerk when he first came to town especially to him. Ben questions if he's saying he changed. Chad knows Ben loves Abigail. Ben questions if he's giving his approval and asks why he thinks he needs it.

Clyde makes a call and tells them to hang tight as he may be calling back but he'll need to make it look like an accident.

Abigail prepares to open the envelope. Kayla's phone rings and she answers the call from Martin. Kayla tells him that they are about to open the results. Martin claims there was a contamination and he will need to run the test again.

Justin apologizes to Sonny but points out that Paul isn't coming between them now. Justin hopes Sonny and Will are better at working things out than he and Adrienne were. Sonny responds that he sees being married is a lot more complicated than it looks. Sonny respects what they decided to but admits it makes him sad. Justin understands and thanks him. Justin admits he tried to come between Sonny and Will because of the way Will hurt him and he thought that was immature while Paul seemed to have his act together. Sonny tells Justin that they can put all this behind them as he and Paul have. Sonny adds that Paul has moved on and he's okay with that. Sonny says he needs to get home but is glad they got to talk. They hug as Justin tells him he's glad things are getting better for him. Sonny exits.

Paul comments on Kate knowing about his personal life. Kate tells him that nothing stays secret in Salem. Kate introduces herself to Derrick but Paul doesn't want to introduce them. Derrick goes back to the bathroom. Kate tells Paul that he can sign the contracts and get back to what he was doing. Paul comments on her not calling before coming. Kate calls it urgent. Kate talks about being in his exact same situation. Kate jokes that you never know who is at the door.

Chad knew this wouldn't be an easy conversation. Ben asks if he's trying to convince himself. Ben says he spent time with him at the picnic for Theo and Abigail. Ben adds that he played basketball with him because he enjoyed knocking him on his ass but he doesn't want to listen to him. Ben says the real Chad hates him every bit as much as he hates him.

Kayla stops Abigail and tells her there's a problem. Kayla puts Martin on speaker phone to explain to Abigail. Martin claims that more materials came in before the test was run so he will rerun the test personally himself. Kayla tells him it's not good to cause the patient unnecessary stress. Martin apologizes but says he couldn't let those results stand so if she destroys them, he'll rerun the test. Kayla thanks him and agrees to do so as she hangs up. Kayla apologizes to Abigail. Abigail hands the envelope back as Kayla promises they will get it right this time. Kayla then puts the envelope through the paper shredder.

Paul signs the contract and tells Kate that she can go. Kate tells him to stop the attitude as his image is important to the product. Paul wants to maintain his privacy and asks her to keep this to herself. Kate laughs at him as she exits. Derrick comes back out and asks Paul if everything is okay.

Aiden gets that Rafe thinks he'll feel like a third wheel with he and Hope but says that's not true. Aiden suggests Rafe bring someone if he feels that way. Aiden asks if anyone has caught his eye. Rafe thinks back to seeing Hope with Aiden and tells him that the women here aren't his type. Rafe reminds that he has to work so he tells Aiden to go have fun with Hope as he goes back to work.

Hope gives Will a gift for Arianna. Hope talks about Will being so supportive with Abigail. Will talks about wanting to make up for what his article did to her. Hope tells him that Abigail has been avoiding her since she found out she's pregnant. Hope guesses Jennifer and JJ don't know yet so she asks why she's keeping it to herself. Will thinks about the paternity question and suggests she needs time and space so they should let her be until she's ready.

Clyde makes his call and says the time is up but gets another call from Martin, who says he took care of it and everything will be fine. Martin swears that he stopped it and he is running the new test personally. Clyde tells him to get back to work and declares that miracles do happen.

Kayla tells Abigail that she knows waiting is awful. Abigail says it's better to be sure it's right. Kayla insists that Martin knows what he's doing. Abigail informs Kayla that Ben proposed last night and she said she needed time.

Chad tells Ben that he keeps making the same mistake by talking to him like he's an adult. Ben tells him to go straight to Hell. Chad tells him that he may have Sonny and Will fooled but he can't keep up his good old boy routine too and Abigail will see through it too. Ben tells Chad that he's the guy that Abigail goes to bed with every night.

Derrick meets Will outside and says he got his text so he asks what's going on.

Paul goes to Sonny and Will's. Sonny tells him that Will just went out but Paul says he has something that he wants them both to hear from him and not Kate. Sonny asks if it's about his new deal. Paul tells Sonny that it's about him and Derrick.

Derrick reveals to Will that he slept with Paul which Will calls amazing. Derrick thanks him. Will wants to hear about it. Derrick says it just kind of happened as one thing led to another and he stayed at his hotel. Derrick tells Will about Kate showing up and seeing them together.

Kate goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to give Justin the contracts. Justin says it's great that things are really moving along. Kate says not everything. Kate informs Justin that Paul wasn't alone this morning or all night so he can't use him to break up Sonny and Will. Justin repeats that he's happy that Sonny and Will are trying to work things out. Kate says she'll get the contracts back to the office. Kate adds that she appreciates his concern about Clyde. Justin asks if she told Clyde what he said about him.

Ben tells Chad at the end of the day, Abigail chose him and moved in with him so they go to bed together every night. Ben states that they are in love and very happy so no matter what, she moved in with him. Chad starts to respond and Ben wants him to finish his sentence.

Kayla encourages Abigail about her and Ben's love. Kayla talks about Ben wanting to marry her not because he has to but because he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Abigail thinks back to Chad confessing his love. Kayla asks what Ben said. Abigail tells her about what Chad said while thinking about Ben's proposal and crying. Kayla gets a call that the results are now in so she goes to get them.

Ben continues asking Chad what he was going to say about why she moved in with him. Chad thinks back to talking with Abigail then tells Ben that he's right that she chose him. Chad brings up how he's talking about her. Ben brings up how Chad treated Abigail and Jordan like dirt and calls him scum. Ben declares he'll never blow it with Abigail like Chad did. Ben then walks out of the club.

Will asks Derrick about Kate seeing he and Paul together. Will feels this could be helpful but it doesn't matter. Will asks him if he thinks this could become something.

Paul tells Sonny that he wouldn't be telling him if Kate didn't make it clear that she was going to tell them. Paul explains that Kate came over with contracts to sign and Derrick came out of the shower. Sonny knows Kate loves having the goods on people. Sonny is sorry it happened. Paul points out that Sonny doesn't seem too surprised by this. Sonny thinks back to seeing Paul and Derrick kissing in the park. Sonny tells Paul that they seemed to hit it off but he was wondering why he was worried about them hearing it from Kate. Paul didn't want Sonny to get the wrong idea that it was serious.

Hope goes to the nightclub and questions Rafe about backing out on the movie night. Rafe says he has to work. Hope says they were really looking forward to it but they can do it another time. Rafe agrees. Hope says she was hoping they could talk about Clyde.

Aiden finishes a call in the park and says that information is very helpful. Aiden then makes another call, setting up a meeting.

Abigail waits in Kayla's office where she gets a text from Ben that he misses her and loves her.

Kayla walks through the hospital with the test results and bumps into Chad, causing her to drop the envelope. Chad picks it up to give it back to her.

Derrick tells Will that he doesn't know where things are going with Paul but last night was great. Will wishes him luck and hopes everything works out for him. Derrick says if it does, he'll have Will to thank as all the personal stuff he gave about him really helped. Derrick says he'll see him around.

Sonny encourages Paul that he can't be sure it might not turn in to something serious. Sonny thinks he should give it a shot and see where it goes. Paul stops himself and says it's him, not Derrick.

Kate tells Justin that she hasn't seen Clyde since they talked so she hasn't told him anything. Justin thinks that's a good thing. Kate asks how he really feels. Justin says he's just surprised that a smart woman like her hasn't dug deeper in to just who Clyde is.

Rafe tells Hope that there is nothing to talk about in regards to Clyde. Hope insists but Rafe declares it's time that them working together ended. Rafe doesn't want to cause trouble for her as he's not a cop anymore. Hope thinks that's perfect as he can work behind the scenes to give her information. Rafe doesn't want to drag her in to trouble.

Ben meets Aiden in the Park. Aiden brings up saying he couldn't represent him unless he was totally upfront with him. Clyde joins them. Aiden informs them that they have been his clients but that has to change and he thinks they should cut all ties right now.

Abigail looks out the door as she waits and gets impatient. Abigail sits and tells herself to calm down and just wait.

Kayla takes the envelope and starts to walk on but Chad stops her and asks if she has a minute because he got called to a board meeting. Kayla tells him that she's not involved so he'll have to find out when he gets there. Kayla then rushes off leaving Chad confused.

Kayla returns to Abigail and tells her that she got back as soon as she could. Kayla hands Abigail the new test results. Abigail opens the envelope and reads the test results. She reveals it says negative which would mean the baby is Ben's.

Sonny asks Paul what he means. Paul tells him that he's just not ready for a relationship. Sonny points out that's not what he said a couple months ago. Paul responds that was different because it was him. Paul doesn't see it going anywhere with Derrick and that's all he came to say. Will then comes home and asks what brings Paul by. Paul says he must not have talked to Kate. Sonny tells Will that he will fill him in later as Paul exits. Paul says to himself that Sonny didn't have to know as he walks away. Will asks Sonny what that was all about.

Kate tells Justin that she's not paranoid and respects Clyde's privacy. Kate assures him that she can handle herself. Kate brings up being married to Stefano and Victor. Justin tells her that just because she's used to it, doesn't make it any less dangerous.

Clyde thinks Aiden is being a bit rash and accuses him of using a double standard representing clients. Aiden tells them that there are a lot of attorneys that would represent them but he's not one of them. Aiden walks away as Ben asks what the hell.

Hope tells Rafe that they are a good team and one day Roman will let him back on the force. Rafe says there are plenty of other good cops but Hope says none of them are like him. Rafe repeats that they are done. Rafe tells Hope to walk away and brings up Victor saying to stay away from Clyde. Hope insists that she's a cop so she doesn't just walk away. Rafe has to get back to work and says she can let herself out.

Abigail hugs Kayla and thanks her for being so great. Kayla encourages her getting the results that she wanted. Kayla says she can put her mistake with Chad behind her now. Abigail assures that's done and over for good. Abigail wants to find the right time to tell JJ, Jennifer, and Ben. Kayla agrees not to tell anyone. Kayla tells her to take care as they hug goodbye and Abigail exits. Abigail stops and thinks again to Chad confessing his love. Abigail then tells herself that's done and over.

Chad finishes a call, saying he has to go a meeting and will call back. Chad sees Abigail walking away so he follows her to her office where he finds her crying at her desk.

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