Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/5/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/5/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Maggie talk outside the Kiriakis Mansion about Theresa not moving out yet.

Theresa holds Tate in the living room until she realizes he needs a change and then she calls for Emma to come do her job. Brady and Maggie enter the room.

Victor finishes a call and tells Xander that it's time. Victor says Xander can never fully make up for what he did but he has to start some time and might as well be now. Xander promises to do anything. Victor says he may regret that but only cares about proving his worth as he drops a uniform at his feet.

Clyde calls Martin for an update. Martin informs him that Kayla hasn't showed up. Clyde reminds him that he told him exactly what to do and questions if he has a problem.

Chad finishes a call at the DiMera Mansion and joins Stefano in the living room. Stefano notes his confidence. Chad says he just completed a $100,000 deal. Stefano asks if that's the source of his confidence or if it's the conversation he had earlier with the woman he loves.

Abigail works at home then looks over at the ring that Ben left for her. Abigail gets a call from Kayla, who asks if she's coming in this morning. Abigail forgot what time it is. Kayla asks if she's hesitant about the paternity test. Abigail assures that she needs to know. Kayla notes that she sounds distracted and asks if something happened. Abigail thinks back to Chad confessing his love for her as she starts to cry.

JJ continues taking pictures of the burner phones until he hears the doorknob. JJ runs and hides behind the couch as Kyle comes home with Paige. Paige comments that she thought she heard something or someone inside. Paige asks if he has a roommate. Kyle blames the neighbor's TV but Paige feels it sounded like it was in here. They sit together to talk as Kyle tells her he has nowhere else to be but here with her.

Martin tells Clyde that he's ready to run the paternity test as soon as Kayla asks but she hasn't come yet. Clyde tells him to contact him the minute she shows up. Clyde warns him about what he has to do. Martin tells him he got the message. Clyde hangs up as Ben appears behind him.

Chad questions Stefano spying on him. Stefano says he just observes and draws conclusions. Stefano is confident that it would take more than a business deal to put Chad in such a positive mood. Stefano wants to hear everything about how it went.

Abigail tells Kayla that nothing's changed but today is the day and she has to live with the results. Kayla encourages that it will be over soon. Abigail thanks her for always being there for her and hangs up. Abigail looks at Ben's ring and cries.

Theresa apologizes to Brady and Maggie about her ankle hurting and putting her in a bad mood as Tate cries. Maggie takes Tate to go find Emma. Theresa complains about Maggie being mean. Theresa insists she'd be out of the house if she could. Theresa asks if a second opinion would make them feel better. Maggie comes back in and says Emma is changing Tate then they will take him to the garden. Theresa gets up on her crutches and says she'll see them later as she exits the room. Maggie suggests to Brady that they should look at the doctor's report. Victor comes in and declares he has a solution that he's glad he finally thought of.

Ben tells Clyde that he looked like he was having a serious conversation. Clyde calls it just business. Ben informs him that he proposed to Abigail which Clyde is thrilled about but Ben tells him that she hasn't said yes yet. Clyde asks if she doesn't realize how lucky she is or if it's about Chad. Ben insists that she knows she made a mistake with Chad but she chose him. Ben assures that he's not worried. Clyde encourages that she will say yes

Abigail gets ready to go to work then stops to look at the ring again. Abigail states that she does love Ben but thinks back to being with Chad. Abigail puts the ring down and exits.

Chad tells Stefano that nothing has changed between he and Abigail. Stefano believes in his powers of persuasion. Chad wants him to stop pretending that he gives a damn about his love life when he really wants the land that Abigail is going to inherit in Ireland. Stefano says it will benefit him too. Chad says if Abigail chose to leave Ben for him, he would have a discussion with her that he won't like.

JJ remains hiding behind the couch as Paige talks with Kyle about getting in to a new line of work. Kyle can't believe she did all this for him and believes with her in his life, maybe he can change as if she thinks it's possible then he does too. Kyle calls her perfect and then kisses her. Kyle says he's sorry but just wants to show her how much all of this means to him and then they continue kissing.

Victor steps out of the living room with Brady and Maggie as he insists it's the best solution for everyone involved. Victor introduces Xander in uniform which Brady questions. Victor declares that Xander is having financial woes and since he can't leave town, he's homeless so he decided to take him on as his new landscaper. Brady says never.

Ben jokes with Clyde about being sure that Abigail will say yes. Clyde insists she will do the right thing. Ben says he asked her last night and left this morning before she got up. Clyde notes her not being at the hospital yet then and suggests she could be home waiting for him. Clyde reminds him that he can check the app on his phone so Ben does and finds out that she is at the hospital.

Abigail arrives at the hospital and heads to Kayla's office. Kayla finishes a call and Abigail says that she's ready.

Stefano asks Chad what he won't like. Chad says he would tell Abigail everything including Stefano knowing all along about the land in Ireland and then he would tell her that it's her land and that the DiMeras would have no claim on it. Chad adds that he would tell her it's her land to do what she wants with it and then he would beg for forgiveness because he is not EJ. Chad says he can't keep secrets because that's not love. Chad declares that if she came back to him, they would have an open, completely honest relationship which Stefano laughs at.

Kayla tells Abigail that after getting it to the lab, it should just take 30-40 minutes. Abigail repeats that in half an hour, she will know.

Victor tells Brady to relax and takes him to the living room to discuss it. Victor wants to be brief as he explains Roman and Hope are putting together a case for the DA and then Xander can go to prison. Maggie questions wanting him here. Victor talks about keeping track of his every move. Brady calls it insane. Maggie asks what about Daniel and having his engagement party here. Brady brings up Tate living here and questions what Victor is thinking. Xander paces outside the room as Theresa comes across him.

Kyle and Paige continue kissing while JJ remains behind the couch. Paige stops and reminds him that they came to find something positive for him to do with his life. Kyle apologizes. Paige shows him the information and says they can talk about it another time. Kyle doesn't want her to leave but Paige says she's late and tells him to call her. Kyle says he will tonight as they hug goodbye. Paige then exits. JJ thinks back to taking the spare key as Kyle looks on to the desk where it was.

Ben tells Clyde that he has to go get things done. Clyde tells him to let him know if Abigail says yes and jokes with him as Ben walks away.

Martin sends the nurse to lunch as he wonders where Kayla is.

Abigail tells Kayla that she is okay waiting. Kayla assures her that it will be anonymous and Chad's name won't be on it so assure her privacy as Kayla exits for the lab.

Chad questions if he said something funny as Stefano laughs at Chad thinking husbands and wives actually have honest relationships. Chad doesn't want to be like he or EJ. Stefano tells Chad that he will not tell Abigail anything.

Kayla brings the test material to Martin and tells him to call with the results as she exits. Martin texts Clyde, who says it's about time and to make him a granddad .A worker comes in and tells Martin that a board member needs to see him. Martin reluctantly agrees but says he has to get right back to his work. Martin then exits the lab.

Abigail paces in Kayla's office then thinks back to Chad confessing his love with her and Ben proposing to her. She tells herself that's enough and sits down.

Theresa questions Xander's uniform then realizes Victor hired him. Victor insists that they are all safer with Xander there where he can have him watched day and night. Victor feels a little humiliation goes a long way. Brady goes out to confront Xander. Theresa questions what Xander is doing there. Brady warns Xander to stay away from them all especially his son or he will be sorry.

Kyle wonders how his crystal got scratched and then gets a call. Kyle says he's alone and someone who was there left thinking what he wanted her to think. Kyle agrees to meet in five and exits. JJ gets up from behind the couch and sneaks out of Kyle's apartment then runs away.

Chad tells Stefano that he is telling Abigail about Ireland. Stefano says it's his call but threatens that he will lose her if he does.

Abigail waits with Kayla who assures her that it won't be much longer.

The nurse comes back to the lab from lunch and finds Martin is gone so she decides that she will finish the paternity test for him.

Victor tells Brady that he will handle this. Victor questions what happened to Theresa and she tells him that she broke her ankle. Victor instructs Xander outside. Theresa questions what's going on, why Xander is there, and what about Tate. Brady takes her to explain as Maggie asks if Victor is sure this is going to work. Victor responds that he's quite sure.

JJ runs into Paige in the town square. JJ questions where Kyle is as he thought they couldn't be apart. JJ calls her an idiot. Paige questions him and calls him the idiot for what he's doing with Kyle. Paige says they both know what he was doing at his place before. JJ can't believe she was with him.

Kayla gets a call which makes Abigail anxious.

Stefano talks on the phone, saying no one understands the importance of that land in Ireland more than he does. Stefano declares it will be his, one way or another.

Ben talks on the phone at the club as Chad enters.

Kayla hangs up and Abigail asks if that was the lab. Kayla says it was her assistant who said the results are ready. Kayla leaves to go get the test results.

Victor's worker hands Xander a shovel, instructing him to take care of the horse manure which angers him.

Maggie continues to question Victor about this being a good idea. Victor insists that is but Maggie worries about if backfiring.

Theresa cries to Brady about Xander being around Tate but tells him that she trusts him with their son.

JJ tells Paige not to come crying to him when it blows up in her face. JJ tells Paige that people don't change as she can just look at him. Paige thinks back to Kyle saying he could change and tells herself that's not a coincidence so maybe JJ was there. Paige decides that's not possible and walks off.

Ben hangs up as Chad greets him. Ben asks what he wants. Chad asks if he has a minute to talk.

Abigail waits in Kayla's office. She thinks back to Chad confessing his love and Ben proposing as she sits down and holds back tears.

Clyde paces outside the town square.

Martin returns to the lab and the nurse informs him that she ran the test for him to help out. Martin asks her to bring the results right now but she reveals that Kayla picked them up herself five minutes ago.

Ben questions what Chad wants to talk about. Chad admits he wants to talk about Abigail.

Kayla returns to Abigail with the test results and hands her the envelope.

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