Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/4/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/4/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Paige arrives asking Kyle about his breakfast offer but stops when she sees JJ inside. JJ and Paige question what the other is doing there.

Victor makes a call for an update and says the bastard won't even know what hit him.

Xander meets with the woman he met before at the club. Xander orders champagne but his credit card is declined.

Brady asks Theresa how this happened. Theresa feels he won't believe her.

Eric goes to the hospital to see Marlena. Marlena points out that he's smiling so she thinks he might be happy. Eric responds that maybe he is.

Nicole and Chloe begin fighting until Daniel comes home to break it up and questions what the hell he walked in on.

Paige informs JJ that Kyle invited her. Kyle says she came earlier than expected but he's glad she's there. JJ decides to leave. Paige questions what Kyle thinks he's doing and if he knew JJ would be there when she showed up.

Theresa tells Brady that she began looking for an apartment wearing six inch heels and she twisted her ankle which turned out to be a broken ankle. Theresa apologizes, knowing he wants her to move out and says the timing just couldn't be worse. Brady says it depends on how they look at it.

Chloe and Nicole begin to argue. Chloe tells Daniel that he's crazy if he marries her. Nicole says they were friends while Chloe wants her to call off the wedding.

Kyle swears he wasn't setting her up and didn't know JJ was coming. Paige doesn't know why she came. Kyle wants to have breakfast so he can explain anything she wants to know.

JJ stands in the park with the key he took from Kyle's and wonders if it's a spare. Rory appears and asks why he's staring at a key.

Marlena asks Eric what it is. Eric talks about a feeling overcoming him that told him everything would be okay. Eric says he feels peace for the first time in a long time. Marlena hugs him and is happy. Eric gives her an old photo of her, John, and Roman. Eric talks about Marlena and Roman keeping a relationship while divorced and how much it meant to he and Sami. Eric calls her a true inspiration.

Daniel questions Chloe driving from Chicago to start something. Chloe thought it was important and didn't want to watch Nicole ruin his life. Daniel suggests Nicole take a walk to cool down while he talks to Chloe alone. Nicole encourages him not to listen to Chloe. Daniel says he will handle it as Nicole exits. Daniel doesn't get what happened as Chloe seemed fine with the idea. Chloe responds that she thought she was fine with it but must have been in shock because she's not fine with it. Chloe declares that Nicole is not right to be Parker's stepmother and she can't let him do that to their son.

Brady talks about Theresa not wanting to move out and now she has to stay. Theresa brings up the disc that she has with her x-rays. Brady argues that she works at the hospital and could get her hands on that. Theresa brings up Eve but Brady questions believing her. Theresa insists that she's telling the truth. Theresa tells him that he can call the doctor if he doesn't believe her.

JJ tells Rory that he just found the key and was thinking about doing something stupid. Rory says he's in and was about to go tell the dean why he blew off his classes. Rory asks what he had in mind and how long it's been since he had any fun. JJ responds that he can't even remember but he has a job now and classes start next week. Rory says sometimes he doesn't even recognize him and neither did Bev. Rory mentions talking to Bev right before she left town and she said everything he does is about Paige.

Kyle and Paige go to the club. Kyle tells Paige that she and JJ will never bump in to each other again if she doesn't want it to happen. Paige says she doesn't care but just didn't expect to see him at his place. Paige adds that she's not stupid and gets what he does and she hates it. Kyle tells her that he invited her to tell her that he's not cool with what he does either.

Chloe is sorry that Daniel caught her shoving Nicole but she just pushes her buttons. Chloe says she's not here to cause trouble as her issues are all about Parker. Chloe knows she wasn't the best mother in the beginning but says she's grown up and being the best mother is all that matters to her. Daniel understands but says she hasn't seen Nicole with Parker and she's great with him. Daniel asks if she thinks he'd spend his life with anyone that wasn't great with Parker. Chloe doesn't know how he can be so sure of her when it never works for Nicole. Chloe questions how he knows she's really changed.

Nicole runs in to Eric in the town square. Eric notes that she looks upset. Nicole complains to him about Chloe showing up and telling Daniel that she's bad for Parker. Nicole mentions always wanting a child of her own and insists on being a good stepmother. Eric suggests it will all blow over. Nicole apologizes for using him and being insensitive. Eric tells her not to worry about him. Nicole decides to stop ranting about Chloe and is going to tell him something she should've told him awhile ago. Eric wants to go first as he has something to tell her.

Brady tells Theresa that he has to go to a board meeting. Brady asks if she needs anything but she says she's fine. Brady exits. Theresa smiles and grabs her phone where she has a text from Anne asking if she pulled it off. Theresa calls Anne and says she can't talk long but it couldn't have gone better as he totally bought it. Theresa tells Anne that she will get the money to pay off Dr. Lee and if she's lucky, she will be writing the check from the Kiriakis checkbook. Theresa looks over at the drinks and starts to get up. Brady grabs his briefcase and prepares to leave the mansion. Brady shuts the door to make it sound like he left then quickly pulls the living room doors open but Theresa is still on the couch. Brady claims he forgot the meeting's time was changed. Theresa asks Brady to get her a drink so he does. Theresa's phone rings and she says it's her time with Tate so she reaches for her crutches but Brady decides he will bring Tate down to her.

JJ tells Rory that he doesn't want to talk about Paige. Rory suggests going to the lake to hang out with girls. JJ mentions feeling bad about calling in on Sonny so maybe he should just go to work to think about his next move. Rory questions next move. JJ says he'll call him later and walks away.

Kyle tells Paige that he got started selling drugs young and he knows it's not right. He wants out but doesn't know how to do it. Paige encourages that he'll figure it out. Kyle says if he met someone like her back then, he'd be a better guy today but this makes it seem like it could still happen as he holds her hand.

Nicole asks Eric what he has to tell her. Eric informs her that he confided in Brady what happened between them but he promised to keep it a secret. Eric assures her that they won't tell anyone so Daniel will never find out. Nicole informs him that he doesn't have to worry because she told Daniel everything.

Daniel tells Chloe that people change and Nicole definitely has. Chloe worries about Nicole breaking their hearts. Daniel talks about meeting the guy that Chloe is with and seeing that he's good with Parker. Daniel insists that he wouldn't marry Nicole if she didn't love Parker. Daniel adds that he will always do good by Parker. Daniel tells Chloe to accept that his future is with Nicole.

Xander meets Victor in the park and says he just wants to make up for what he did. Victor wants him to leave Salem but Xander says he first has to deal with the charges against him. Victor says he won't bail him out this time. Xander responds that he'll handle it himself and will do whatever it takes to get his old job with Victor back that he did so well before all of this misunderstanding.

Brady brings Tate to Theresa. Theresa gives him his bottle and assures Brady that she will do what the doctor says.

Xander brings up Victor taking his credit cards. Victor responds that there is nothing in any of his bank accounts either. Victor questions if he didn't think there would be a price to pay. Xander complains that he can't do this.

Brady and Theresa watch over Tate and talk about him smiling and sitting up. Brady shows Theresa a picture that he took of him and they laugh together.

Daniel tells Chloe that he loves and trusts Nicole. Daniel promises she will be the best stepmother to Parker. Parker then comes in and hugs them. Chloe tells him that she's here for a few days so they can hang out but first she has one more important thing to talk to Daniel about.

Nicole talks to Eric about planning to keep Daniel from finding out but she realized she couldn't live like that anymore so she decided she'd rather lose Daniel than try to keep him that way so she came clean. Eric is surprised Daniel hasn't punched him. Nicole explains that Daniel understands they don't make great decisions when almost dying and he forgave her so she feels incredibly lucky. Nicole gets a message from Daniel and has to go. Nicole assures Eric that Daniel understands as she walks away.

Kyle tells Paige that if he could stop dealing tomorrow, he would but he doesn't know how to do anything else. Paige encourages that he could learn. Kyle tells her about getting fired as a dishwasher and makes her laugh. Kyle compliments her smile and is glad she came out with him. JJ then enters, sees them together and walks back out. Kyle talks about not being good at regular jobs. Paige encourages him and suggests maybe she could help him.

JJ goes back to Kyle's and uses the spare key to get in. JJ tries the safe but can't get in. JJ begins searching through the apartment. JJ opens his drawer and finds a whole stash of burner phones. JJ says maybe the DEA can get something off of those but he can't take them so he decides to take pictures of the serial numbers.

Nicole comes home. Chloe informs her that Daniel took Parker out so they could talk. Chloe wants to hear from Nicole why she thinks she and Daniel are going to work this time. Nicole thinks she acted out earlier because what Chloe said was true. Nicole talks about lying to EJ, Daniel, and Eric in the past and blowing it each time. Nicole understands she just wants to protect Parker and she does too now. Nicole swears on her love for Daniel that she will work with Chloe to make Parker's childhood the best. Nicole promises to be the best stepmom in the world and she hopes Chloe can forgive how she acted. Nicole wants to convince her that she's not that person anymore. Nicole wishes they were friends again as she misses her but it's up to her.

Daniel finds Eric in the town square. Eric greets him and Parker. Eric goes to leave but Daniel stops him.

Brady and Theresa continue looking at pictures of Tate. Brady remembers his board meeting and has to go. Brady offers to take Tate to his room but Theresa says she can hold him until Emma comes back. Brady makes sure she's alright. Theresa insists she will be fine as Brady exits.

Daniel sends Parker away with a game. Eric mentions running in to Nicole, who told him that she told him everything. Daniel tells Eric that he never has to explain anything as it's behind them. Eric knows Nicole loves Daniel only. Daniel is looking forward to their future and hopes Eric remains a big part of their lives.

Chloe admits that she misses their friendship too and apologizes for being hard on Nicole. They cry and hug. They mention not having a lot of women friends so they better hold on to each other. Chloe wishes her and Daniel the best and happiness. Nicole thanks her as they hug.

Marlena finds Brady at the hospital and asks about Tate. Brady tells her how good he's doing and tells her that she's always welcome to come by and see him. Marlena responds that she will come by as soon as Theresa leaves. Brady informs her that it might be awhile since she broke her ankle. Brady says he's trying to make the best of the situation and they actually get along very well when with Tate.

Theresa holds Tate and talks to him about how much she loves him. Theresa says he's going to make all of her dreams come true. Theresa says they are going to be a real family.

Victor finishes a call and tells Xander that it's time. Victor says Xander can never fully make up for what he did but he has to start some time and might as well be now.

JJ continues taking pictures of the burner phones until he hears the doorknob. JJ runs and hides behind the couch as Kyle comes home with Paige. Paige comments that she thought she heard something inside.

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