Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/3/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/3/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve sits in the town square and imagines stabbing Jennifer then wishes it was that easy.

Jennifer gets a call from Maggie and says she'll be right there.

Paige walks through the town square and runs in to Kyle, who suggests hanging out but Paige says she's been thinking that this isn't a good idea.

JJ talks with Agent Watts and Roman at the station. They give JJ instruction. JJ asks how soon before Kyle is arrested.

Theresa goes to work and to Anne's office in a bad mood.

Daniel goes to Serena's hotel room. Serena notes it's a surprise and says she's been thinking a lot about last night. Serena guesses he had words with Nicole and asks how it went. Daniel responds that it went very well.

Nicole cooks at home until Chloe makes a surprise return arriving at the door.

Brady sits with Eric, who informs him that he's made peace with Nicole. Eric tells Brady that Nicole and Daniel getting married doesn't bother him and everything will be fine if certain information stays between them.

Daniel informs Serena that Nicole told him everything which surprises her. Serena says it must have been hard to hear but argues that Daniel deserved to know the truth. Daniel reveals he came to thank her because he and Nicole are closer than ever.

Nicole greets Chloe and calls it such a surprise, noting that Daniel didn't tell her that she was coming. Chloe informs her that he doesn't know. Nicole adds that Parker will be surprised and he's with the babysitter. Chloe says she'll see her son later and asks if Daniel is there. Nicole tells her that he is running errands. Chloe says that's good because they need to have a good, long talk.

Theresa complains to Anne about Megan not doing what she needed. Theresa worries about how she's supposed to get close to Brady now. Anne suggests a reality check but Theresa yells at her. Anne comments that someone could get hurt which gives Theresa an idea.

Jennifer meets Maggie in the town square and talk about a shelter for teens being replaced. Jennifer talks about not letting this happen. Eve walks by and sees them. Jennifer tells Maggie that she will raise enough money to stop the corporation from buying the shelter.

Kyle thought he and Paige had a good time last night. Paige says they did and she was impressed with how he got Eve to leave. Paige thinks back to talking to JJ. Kyle asks her what's going on. Paige responds that what she is doing with him is really messed up.

Agent Watts tells JJ that this is a step by step process. JJ wants to make sure Kyle spends a couple of decades in jail. Roman asks why JJ seems so intent on making sure Kyle does time.

Kyle questions how it's messed up to be friends. Paige says it's hard to explain. Kyle thinks she's acting like this because of what he does for a living. Paige points out that he has never told her what that is. Kyle thinks she's figured it out and doesn't like it. Paige says it's not a good idea if they continue and goes to leave but Kyle stops her.

JJ thinks Kyle should get what he deserves. Agent Watts calls him just a means to an end but JJ argues that he's dangerous. Roman and Watts insist on needing Kyle's supplier. Agent Watts assures that if Kyle gives up his supplier then he will go in to witness protection and disappears. JJ confirms that he's in if Kyle goes away for good. JJ questions what to do next, not wanting to sit around.

Theresa tells Anne of her new plan which Anne believes should work. Anne thinks she knows somebody perfect and steps out. Theresa prays for this to work. Eve enters and tells Theresa that she needs her help now which Theresa calls perfect timing.

Eric explains to Brady that if he loves Nicole, he wants her to be happy which means her being with Daniel and Parker. Brady is impressed that he's made his peace with Nicole then asks about Serena.

Serena questions Daniel and Nicole being closer than ever. Daniel says that's why he came to thank her as she didn't have all the facts about what happened. Serena says she's heard enough. Daniel explains that he understands what happened between Nicole and Eric and why. Daniel tells Serena that he has his reasons for forgiving Nicole but they are better and stronger than ever. Serena says she gets it and he can leave but Daniel says that's not the only thing he came to tell her.

Nicole sits with Chloe and tells her about planning food for their first picnic. Chloe comments a lot changing since she was last her and compliments her ring. Nicole makes sure that Daniel told her they're engaged. Chloe responds that she thought she was her friend then questions what the hell is wrong with her and if she has no decency.

Eric tells Brady that Serena is not his problem and asks about Brady's home life. Brady tells him that it's good because Theresa has no reason to stay at the mansion anymore and she should be looking for an apartment now but he doesn't trust her.

Theresa gets Eve to agree to her plan. Eve tells her to e-mail the details and now wants her help. Eve brings up Jennifer being sloppy with the hospital book keeping. Theresa tells her that she would get caught since Jennifer has since been more accurate. Eve complains and says she now has to think about something else. Theresa makes sure she will still help her with her plan though. Eve tells her to just text her and she exits.

Kyle tells Paige that he doesn't like what he does either but sometimes you have to make choices you don't want to make to survive. Kyle talks about his family being a mess and having no education so what he does now is all he can do to bring in enough money. Kyle states that he's stuck in a life he doesn't like. Kyle gets why she wants to back off but he was hoping she could help him.

JJ talks more with Roman and Agent Watts about their next move. Roman warns him about the dangers and they tell him to contact when he hears from Kyle.

Daniel tells Serena that since Nicole told him everything on her own, he didn't say anything about Serena recording Eric in the confessional. Daniel says he will if he needs to but he wants to stop all this fighting. Daniel says Nicole would come after her and feels Eric has been hurt enough. Serena thanks him for not saying anything about her. Serena knows he must hate her but Daniel says he doesn't. He's angry as hell but he couldn't hate a friend of Melanie's and he knows she regrets getting involved with Xander. Serena insists that she still loves Eric. Daniel says that's too bad because she's lost him forever.

Nicole tells Chloe that of course they are friends but she can't believe she would be this upset. Chloe questions why she didn't get a text, e-mail, or call about her getting engaged to her ex-husband and being her son's stepmother. Nicole apologizes and admits she should've called her first instead of assuming Daniel would handle everything. Nicole tries to explain that Chloe wasn't there and tells her about Serena. Chloe questions Serena being the reason that she hasn't gotten in touch with her. Nicole says she really didn't think until recently that the engagement would stick but now she's positive that everything will be wonderful. Nicole promises Chloe that they are going to fix this and always talk about Parker. Nicole asks if she's still upset. Chloe responds that she doesn't accept her apology or anything about what's happening right now.

Paige questions Kyle wanting her help. Kyle suggests she could help him get out of the life and be somebody else. Paige doesn't know how to do that. Kyle says just being around her would be a start. Kyle talks about just having a friend and apologizes for rambling. Kyle tells her that he will never hurt her or get her in trouble. Kyle claims he's totally clean and asks what she thinks. Kyle texts her his address and if she comes then they are on but if not he understands. Kyle hopes he will see her then walks away.

JJ thinks about calling Kyle but knows Roman wants Kyle to contact first. JJ feels he has to do something because Paige has no idea.

Brady talks to Eric about wanting to raise Tate in a loving environment. Brady talks about Theresa ending up living in his house for another week because of the nanny search. Brady worries about Tate picking up on the anger between them. Eric argues that Theresa is adjusting to life as a mother and could use some help. Brady complains about Theresa being the woman who ruined his future with the sweetest woman he's ever known. Eric thinks he needs some distance. Brady would prefer today.

Anne returns to Theresa and tells her that everything is arranged as she hands her a disc. Theresa says if this doesn't work then she doesn't know what will.

Chloe knows she had a problem with Daniel moving on with Jennifer but assures that she's completely over him now and she was thrilled when she heard he found someone until she heard it was Nicole. Nicole questions what that means. Chloe argues that Nicole is definitely not good enough for Parker.

Jennifer calls Mr. Satterfield about the community center in the town square. She argues with him until he hangs up on her. Eric approaches and asks her what's going on. Jennifer explains about the developer wanting to replace the community center with another strip mall. Eve walks by and listens in from a distance as Jennifer tells Eric what happened.

Kyle goes home and makes a call, saying she really bought it and fell for his routine. Kyle says it's definitely working until he's interrupted by a knock at the door and JJ arrives. Kyle questions what he's doing there. JJ wants to do business but Kyle was thinking later. Kyle says he has things to take care of and opens up his safe where he puts an envelope next to stacks of cash. Kyle tells JJ that it's hard to do business without planning. Kyle gets a call and tells JJ not to touch anything as he steps out of the room. JJ looks around the apartment and spots a key.

Serena tells Daniel that she knows she's lost Eric. She complains about having such a wonderful thing until her lies destroyed it. Daniel tells her that the best thing to do now is move on. Serena asks if he means leaving Salem. Daniel asks what else there is here for her since Melanie is gone and Eric is a mess while everyone else wants to help him. Daniel tells her to just leave it behind and start fresh somewhere else. Daniel tells her to think about it as he exits.

Nicole questions Chloe and can't believe she said that. Chloe questions her being able to provide a stable home life for Parker. Nicole calls her crazy and says she loves Daniel and will build a terrific life together. Chloe brings up Nicole saying that in the past with Brady, EJ, and Eric. Chloe complains about an unstable woman raising her son. Chloe states that Nicole always screws up and she doesn't want Parker in the middle of the mess when she does with Daniel. Nicole argues that she's changed but Chloe doesn't want to hear it. Chloe tells Nicole that she really wants her to be happy but she never seems to get there so she can't risk having her son around someone like that. Chloe asks Nicole to stop lying to herself and being selfish. Chloe tells Nicole to walk away if she really loves Daniel and Parker.

Brady goes home and in to the living room where he finds Theresa with her leg in a cast and crutches nearby. Theresa tells Brady that she thinks she is going to have to put off moving out for awhile.

Serena sits alone in her room and begins writing a goodbye letter to Eric.

Eve listens in as Eric calms Jennifer down. Eric decides to walk Jennifer to work at the hospital.

JJ wonders what they key is for and if it's a spare. Kyle comes back and tells him that they have to set some ground rules as he doesn't like people just dropping by. JJ understands but he doesn't like being some part time errand boy. Paige then arrives asking Kyle about his breakfast offer but stops when she sees JJ inside.

Nicole tells Chloe to leave but Chloe argues they aren't done. Nicole doesn't want her dragging up the past. Chloe insists that they aren't done and causes her to drop the food she was making. Chloe tells her that she's a terrible cook and is going to be a terrible wife and stepmother. Nicole throws her drink on Chloe and then they begin to fight.

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