Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/31/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/31/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate and Justin talk at the Kiriakis Mansion about the success of the Narita line. They joke around and then Kate admits that it was a genius move to hire Paul. Justin jokes about being the one behind it.

Aiden and Hope sit together in the park, looking up at the view as they kiss. Hope calls it a wonderful night and they don't want it to end as they continue kissing.

Chad argues that what Abigail has with Ben is not what they have no matter how hard they try to deny it, they can't. Chad touches Abigail's face as she cries. Chad moves in to kiss Abigail. Ben arrives outside the door, wondering what she's doing there. Ben goes to knock but his phone rings and he walks away. Abigail recognizes it was right outside so she opens the door but no one is there.

Ben goes back to the park and answers the call from Clyde. Ben says he was on his way to pick up Abigail. Clyde tells him to come see him first.

Paul tells Sonny that he doesn't know what to think. The two men from nearby confront them and call Paul a fairy.

John and Marlena arrive at the nightclub and greet Will and Derrick on their way in.

Sonny tells the men to walk away. They question if he's Paul's girlfriend. Will and Derrick return to the table. Will yells at them that Sonny is his husband.

Ben finds Clyde, who tells him they need to have a serious discussion about Abigail.

Abigail knows she heard something. Chad guesses it was just somebody walking by. Abigail feels she was about to make a mistake but Chad disagrees. Chad says they both knew in the moment. Abigail disagrees but Chad calls her a liar. Abigail cries that she can't do this. Chad asks if it's because of Ben. Abigail thinks back to telling Will about the paternity test. Chad asks Abigail if she believes him. Chad repeats that he loves her and asks if she can feel that.

Will questions the two men. They argue that this isn't a fag bar which upsets Paul. Paul tells them to apologize but one of the men shoves him. Derrick stands up to them and gets punched. Paul responds by punching the man and a big brawl breaks out. Sonny fights with the men as Will tries to help. John runs over to break it up and shows his badge. John asks Paul what happened. The man threatens to press charges and calls Paul a fag. John questions him. Rafe interrupts and throws the men out. John offers Paul to turn them in. Sonny calls them idiots and argues it's nothing they haven't heard before. Paul says it's over. Derrick feels they only came after Paul because he's famous. Will goes to get Derrick some ice. Paul tells John that he's alright and just needs a minute.

Aiden tells Hope that he never thought he would find this kind of happiness again and was starting to doubt it existed. Hope jokes with him then says she feels the same as they kiss.

Justin pours champagne and toasts to the turn around of Mad World Cosmetics. Kate asks about Lucas's lawsuit. Justin says it's gone already and calls it a nuisance just because Lucas was ticked off at them. Justin jokes about liking her being cut throat and devious. Kate decides she should go but Justin asks her to stay as they also need to discuss Clyde.

Ben questions why Clyde wants to talk about Abigail. Clyde reminds Ben that today is his mom's birthday. Ben can't believe he forgot. Clyde knows he's been busy. Ben says he and Jordan always did something on this day. Clyde responds that he did too. Clyde gives Ben a ring and says it was his last birthday present to his mom and he wants him to give it to Abigail. Clyde encourages him not to waste another minute and put that ring on her finger tonight.

Abigail questions why Chad is doing this. Chad couldn't live with her not knowing and believing that he hated her when he loves her. Abigail cries that he can't pressure her as this is the wrong time. Chad feels it will only be worse later as things are getting serious with her and Ben. Chad asks if that's what she meant by the wrong time. Chad questions if he's too late.

Aiden and Hope look at the stars together. They stand up to dance together and kiss.

Marlena tells John that she will talk to Paul. John thanks him as she goes to catch up with him. Rafe returns and apologizes to the guys about the two guys. Rafe offers them drinks but they say they are good. Derrick blames himself but Sonny assures that they were looking for trouble the minute they saw Paul.

Marlena catches up to Paul and asks if he's alright. Paul claims he's fine then says he's not fine at all.

Kate tells Justin that her personal life is off limits and asks if Victor put him up to this because he hates Clyde. Justin assures that this is from him and feels that Clyde smells like trouble.

Ben questions Clyde wanting him to propose to Abigail. Clyde praises Abigail and insists that he doesn't want her to get away. Clyde thinks his mom's birthday is a sign. Clyde asks if he loves her, why wait.

Abigail tells Chad that she and Ben are living together. Chad says it's only been briefly and happened quickly. Abigail questions him thinking it's all about him. Chad will forever be sorry about hurting her and feels she deserves better. Abigail yells at him to stop. Chad understands it's a lot and must feel out of nowhere to her. Chad adds that she doesn't have to say anything else right now. Chad just wants her to understand that he did not use her as he couldn't. Chad insists he wanted to be with her because he loved her more than anything in this world. Chad assures her that she is loved.

John tells Rafe that he should know better as he deals with ignorant criminals all day so he shouldn't be surprised when people are stupid. Rafe understands it's different on the job. John says it hits close to home since Paul is his son.

Paul tells Marlena that he's been living in a bubble and had it easy as a baseball player. Marlena encourages that he helped a lot of people when he came out. Paul thanks her and she heads back inside.

Aiden and Hope continue dancing together and talk about future plans together as they kiss.

Paul returns to John. John tells him that he shouldn't have to deal with that. Paul tells him to have a good night as he goes back to the guys and checks on Derrick. Derrick doesn't want it to ruin the night. Sonny says they have to go pick up Arianna. Will says it was fun. Derrick suggests doing it again. Sonny agrees and goes to say goodbye to Rafe. Will wishes Derrick luck and exits.

Abigail tells Chad that she knows how he feels. Chad asks about her. Abigail needs time. Chad doesn't expect any promises. Abigail tells him that she can't right now. Chad tells her that he's there. Abigail leaves crying.

Ben tells Clyde that he does love Abigail but he doesn't want to pressure her. Clyde says they don't have to get married right away but if he loves her, he doesn't want her to get away. Ben gets a text from Abigail that she is on her way home now. Clyde calls her a special lady and encourages doing anything to hold on to her. Ben says he has to go and thanks Clyde for the ring as he walks away.

Kate tells Justin that trouble doesn't scare her and Clyde is no more trouble than any other man she's been with. Kate questions again if Victor put him up to this but Justin insists it's coming from him because Victor doesn't give a damn about her but he does.

Clyde goes to the nightclub and greets Marlena. Clyde tells her that he made an appointment for next week because he really wanted to. Marlena is glad and they head inside. Rafe and John see them enter. John asks Rafe if there is something about Clyde. John asks why Hope clams up when he asks about him. Rafe says he can't speak for her. Marlena comes over and takes John to dance. Rafe watches and thinks back to Aiden and Hope dancing. Clyde comments that it looks like Rafe would rather be on the dance floor than bartending.

Derrick and Paul walk through the park. Paul blames himself for what happened. Derrick insists that those guys would've been ignorant either way.

Will goes home and Chad answers the door. Chad apologizes as he wanted to be gone by now but he's alone. Will tells him that Sonny is picking up Arianna as he wanted to give him enough time. Will asks if it went well. Chad wouldn't go that far but she heard him out and he believes that she knows he loves her.

Abigail goes home where Ben is waiting. Ben approaches her and shows the ring.

Aiden and Hope walk through the town square together. Hope insists that she will be fine so they kiss goodnight. Aiden walks away. Hope then checks her phone but is disappointed. She thinks back to overhearing Aiden with Rafe.

Rafe asks Clyde if he got stood up or Kate finally kicked him to the curb.

Marlena assures John that Paul is going to be okay. John doesn't know why Paul has to deal with this. John regrets not being there for Paul when he was a kid. Marlena asks if he thinks that would change him being gay.

Paul and Derrick joke together as they sit on the bench. Derrick talks about similar incidents he's had like with the two guys. Derrick says he usually jokes it off but them pushing Paul was over the line. Paul notes his black eye and they end up kissing.

Chad tells Will that Abigail needs more time and can't say anything right now so he will give her some room. Chad adds that he will respect whatever decision she makes. Will says that's good. Chad says he felt the connection between them is still strong and he could tell she loves him.

Abigail questions if Ben bought the ring. Ben explains that Clyde bought it for his mother but she died before he could give it to her so Clyde gave it to him in case he wants to give it to her. Abigail says it's good that he has something of hers. Ben tells Abigail that he loves her, she's all he thinks about and there's nothing that would mean more to him than if she agrees to put the ring on her finger and marry him. Ben calls it a lousy proposal but Abigail says it was sweet. Ben tells her that it's just how he feels and he never wants to be with anyone else. Ben feels living together is going great. Abigail agrees. Ben explains that he's not talking about getting married tomorrow but when the time is right, exactly how she likes it with everything perfect. Ben kisses her and tells her to just think about it. Ben puts the ring down and goes to shower as Abigail holds back tears.

Will tells Chad to be careful. Chad knows he can't get too excited but insists they are meant for each other and he could see she knows it. Chad says she could deny it but it would still be true. Will warns him but Chad responds that he knows they are going to be together and exits.

Justin praises Kate's job at Mad World and adds that she's been very decent with him. Kate questions him warning her about Clyde. Justin calls her an important asset to him and now a friend so he advises her to be careful. Kate says she will and thanks him as she exits.

Clyde tells Rafe that Kate figured Rafe out which is why she's with him as she has a thing for powerful men. Rafe adds "and criminals" then tells him to enjoy his drink.

John tells Marlena that he knows being gay isn't a choice and it doesn't matter who raised Paul. Marlena praises Paul as a man. John just feels he could've helped him be okay with who he was. Marlena calls it a miracle that he knows him at all and they've connected. Marlena says Paul knows John loves him which is all that matters.

Paul and Derrick continue kissing. Derrick pulls away and apologizes, saying he knows he just wants to be friends but Paul tells him to stop talking and they continue kissing. Sonny walks through the bushes with Arianna and sees them kissing then turns and walks away.

Abigail gets a call from Will. Will tells her that Chad thinks they are on the same page. Abigail looks down at the ring and cries that it's just such a mess. Will encourages that things will be clearer when she gets the paternity test results to help her make a decision. Abigail cries about having to make a decision this way for this reason and wonders why she does this to herself.

Hope calls Rafe, who asks if everything is okay. Hope says everything is fine but brings up earlier. Rafe tells her that he can't tell her what Aiden said. Hope asks what else his contact said about Clyde. Rafe says he can't talk right now. Hope asks if they can talk tomorrow. Rafe says no because he's going to see Gabi but they will talk soon and hangs up. Hope picks up a flyer for the November 9 Salem Bicentennial and smiles as she walks off.

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