Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/30/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/30/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ sits at home with the envelope from Kyle. JJ calls Kyle and tells him that his brother gave a thank you note. Kyle tells him not tonight as he's busy. Kyle is seated in the town square with Paige.

Derrick goes to the club and greets Sonny, mentioning that Will's text said to meet at the club. Sonny explains that he meant The Edge, the nightclub. Sonny says he's about to head over there if he wants to wait. Derrick agrees and asks if he looks okay. Sonny says yeah and asks why. Derrick asks if he's reading too much into this. Derrick asks if it's four guys hanging out or more like a double date.

Will finds Ben in the park. Ben mentions that he was just about to call Abigail. Will thinks back to earlier and tells him that he just saw Abigail and she said she's working late tonight.

Chad appreciates Abigail agreeing to see him. Abigail says she only did because Will asked her to. Chad understands. Abigail wants to get it over with and tells him to say what he came to say. Chad doesn't want to upset her. Abigail question what he's trying to do. Chad says there aren't a lot of people he can trust. Chad talks about not being able to turn to his father for advice and Will and Sonny are going through their own stuff so he turned to someone else he respects. Abigail hopes it's not Kate. Chad admits he talked to Marlena. Chad adds that he didn't tell anyone what happened between them though. Abigail questions what he talked to Marlena about. Chad informs her that Marlena told him to be open and honest if he had feelings for someone. Chad admits to Abigail that he is in love with her.

Nicole tells Daniel that he knows everything about that night. Nicole apologizes for not handling this differently and that she waited this long to tell him the truth but now he knows. Nicole says now she needs to know if Daniel will forgive her or is what they have over? Nicole begs him to say something. Nicole turns away but Daniel stops her.

Kyle tells JJ that they will connect later and he'll let him know when then hangs up. Agent Watts is with JJ and tells him to stay patient to get him to trust him. JJ thinks Kyle is testing him. Agent Watts feels the less he has to interact with him the better. Jennifer walks in and questions what's going on. Agent Watts gets a call and steps out. JJ tells Jennifer that Kyle blew him off but it's no big deal. JJ assures her that it will be fine. Jennifer is proud of him having the courage to do this and he knows it's important. Jennifer hugs him as he assures her that nothing is going to happen to him.

Kyle tells Paige that it was just work but he's done now. Kyle suggests hitting up the new bar by the student union but Paige is unsure. Kyle suggests the nightclub and he'll hook her up with a fake ID. Paige then sees Eve walking by.

Abigail questions how stupid Chad thinks she is. Chad says he tried to tell her in the hospital before they were interrupted. Abigail doesn't believe him but Chad swears that he loves her more than he's ever loved anyone in his life. Chad adds that he's going out of his mind because of how he screwed everything up. Abigail shouts back that no one ever treated her like he did. Chad apologizes.

Daniel tells Nicole that he can't let her leave after what she just said so he won't let her walk out of his life like that. Nicole asks what he wants her to do. Daniel tells her to answer one question for him.

Kyle asks Paige what's wrong. Paige points him out to Eve as being her mother and notes they aren't on speaking terms. Kyle says she doesn't have to explain as he understands and he'll get rid of her for her.

Jennifer repeats that she is so proud of JJ but still worries about things going wrong. JJ insists he will be okay. JJ apologizes for the position she's put in because he knows she will have a lot of questions if anyone finds out. Jennifer doesn't care what people think, only about JJ's safety and his life. Jennifer knows he wants to help Paige and asks if he's really thought about the risks involved.

Derrick feels Sonny looks surprised. Sonny responds that whatever happens between he and Paul is not his business. Derrick sometimes feels like Paul still has a thing for Sonny so he doesn't want to move too fast. Derrick adds that he's fine just being friends for now. Sonny says he'll finish cleaning up and then they will leave.

Ben tells Will that Abigail usually calls. Ben then gets a call from Rafe, asking if he could come work at the nightclub. Ben agrees to come in and cover a shift. Ben hangs up and tells Will, who says they are going there tonight so he'll see him there.

Abigail questions Chad's apology. Abigail never thought anyone could be as cruel and vindictive as EJ and Sami. Abigail mentions giving Sami a reason so maybe she gave Chad one too. Chad tells her that he doesn't give a damn about what happened with EJ. Abigail questions what is true since she believed everything he said to her. Chad explains that he heard her tell Ben on the phone that she loved him when he went off. Abigail questions him saying those hateful things because he was jealous. Abigail then tells Chad to get out.

Daniel thinks back to Serena playing the recording of Eric. Daniel questions Nicole almost making love to Eric and keeping it from him. Nicole points out that they stopped so she convinced herself he didn't need to know but she was wrong. Nicole asks for a clue on what he's thinking. Nicole asks if he believes she's telling him the truth now. Daniel brings up Nicole saying he knows her better than anybody. Daniel says he asked her to be honest and he believes she was so he understands now why it happened and why she didn't want to tell him. Nicole cries that she didn't want to hurt him. Daniel says she told him everything so what more could he ask for. Nicole questions what he's saying. Daniel tells her that he loves her. Nicole asks if he's not upset. Daniel declares that her walking out the door is the only thing that would make him upset. Daniel asks her not to go anywhere and not to take off her ring. Nicole cries as Daniel says he wants to spend the rest of his life with only her and they kiss.

Ben goes to work at the nightclub. Rafe hopes he didn't screw up his plans for the night. Ben says Abigail is working late too and isn't sure when she gets off.

Will arrives at the nightclub and joins Paul, asking if Derrick and Sonny aren't there yet. Paul mentions being glad they can all hang out. Sonny and Derrick join them. Will goes to talk to an editor he sees while Paul joins Sonny in going to get drinks.

JJ doesn't know what more he can say to reassure Jennifer. She's not sure he can. She doesn't want to discourage him from helping keep drugs off the streets or from saving lives. JJ gets that she is worried which is why it was such a difficult decision as he didn't want to put her through this. JJ assures her that Agent Watts has his back and Kyle is going down. Jennifer asks how Paige will react when she finds out. JJ doesn't care and just wants Jennifer to keep his secret. Jennifer agrees to and says she loves him so much. JJ promises to keep her in the loop. Jennifer adds that there will be no drugs in their house. JJ understands and exits.

Kyle approaches Eve and introduces himself as a friend of Paige. Kyle mentions hearing that things aren't going well between them now which is why Paige really doesn't want to talk to her. Kyle says he's sorry and suggests she just needs time to deal. Kyle encourages Eve that she will need her someday and he hopes they can figure it out. Kyle tells her that Paige just isn't ready so she doesn't want to push and make things worse. Eve agrees and thanks him as she walks away. Kyle looks back to Paige with a smile.

Abigail tells Chad that she's heard enough and if he's not going to leave then she will. Chad says he won't let her leave as he will not give up the opportunity to let her know how he feels.

Daniel and Nicole continue kissing onto the couch.

Will, Sonny, Paul, and Derrick sit together laughing. Rafe asks if everything is good which they say it is. Will introduces Rafe to Derrick. Rafe mentions having a gift for Arianna when he sees her next. Derrick praise Will and Sonny raising Arianna. Will talks about great things happening in tough times. Will asks about Paul at Mad World. Paul informs them that he got Kate to change Vanquish to Narita. Paul jokes about royalties and says he'd be honored if Derrick bought it.

Daniel and Nicole have sex on the couch

Abigail tells Chad to say what he came to say. Chad wants her to understand that what happened between them and the next morning was amazing. Chad says he realized how much he really loved her. Chad calls her perfect but Abigail disagrees. Chad states that he messed up everything but would do anything to make it up to her and make sure she's always happy because that's what you do for who you love. Abigail argues that's not what he did. Chad explains that before he could act on how he felt, Stefano came back to town and he got a quick reminder of who he is and what being with her would mean for her. Abigail questions what he means and wants the truth.

Nicole jokes that they didn't quite make it to the bedroom as they lay together. Nicole declares it feels so good to have everything out in the open and she's so glad she told him. Daniel says they've come a long way and she didn't disappoint him. Nicole tells him that she loves him and only him. Daniel assures her that they are going to have a wonderful life. They then remember that Parker is coming home soon and rush to get dressed.

Rafe calls his FBI contact Tim for an update on Clyde. Ben interrupts and tells Rafe that Frank is there to take over so he's leaving. Rafe goes back to his call and says he's running out of options.

Will and Sonny ask Derrick about family. Derrick says his family disowned him after he came out and he hasn't heard from them in over a year. Paul encourages him and puts his hand on Derrick's. Will looks on approvingly and Sonny seems unsure while two men nearby seem to disapprove.

Eve goes to the club and runs across Jennifer. Eve says she's glad she ran in to her. Eve mentions not having a relationship with Paige but she's happy that she is moving on from JJ and seeing somebody new. Jennifer asks who. Eve informs her that it's a charming man named Kyle. Jennifer asks if he's a student at Salem U but Eve doesn't know. Jennifer argues that she only cares that he's not JJ which she agrees with. Jennifer says it's always about Eve and never about Paige while any decent parent would put their child first but never her.

Paige can't believe Kyle got Eve to leave without making a scene. Kyle tells her that he just told Eve they didn't want her hanging around. Kyle talks about getting further being nice. Kyle holds her hand as JJ walks by and sees them together.

Chad brings up how things turned out for Kristen and EJ so he hoped he could be different but he's told himself that ever since he found out he's a DiMera. Chad swore he wouldn't get sucked in but he became more like them. Abigail argues that it didn't have to be that way. Chad recalls hearing Abigail telling Ben that she loved him. Chad says he wasn't jealous but he thought Ben's the kind of guy that Abigail deserves, one of the good guys who wouldn't hurt her. Abigail questions that being when he decided to break her heart. Chad felt he had to admit that he could not protect her from his family and his father so he forced himself to say those horrible things to her but they were all lies. Chad cries that he had to be as cold and cruel as possible to make sure they would never have another chance again. Abigail holds back tears and says he certainly succeeded.

Maggie brings Parker home. Parker tells Nicole about seeing Minions with Maggie and Victor. Parker tells Daniel that he wants to see it again. Daniel agrees that the three of them could do that as he hugs Parker.

JJ hides around the corner. Paige tells Kyle that she should get back to the dorm. Kyle offers to walk her back but Paige assures that she'll be fine. Paige kisses him on the cheek and says goodnight as she walks off. JJ watches on.

Ben walks out of the town square and calls Abigail, leaving a message that he's on his way home so he'll be there soon and he loves her. Ben tells himself that of course she's at work. Ben then checks his phone to track her and wonders what the hell she's doing there as he hurries off.

Abigail tells Chad that she doesn't understand what's changed. Chad thought he could make himself move on and forget but every time he sees her, he can't help himself. Chad declares he's never loved anyone the way he loves her. Chad hopes she feels the same way about him.

Daniel tells Parker that tomorrow they can do something fun but he has to get to bed. Parker says he's not tired. Daniel says he'll tell him a story about a boy who has the luckiest dad in the world. Daniel takes Parker to his bedroom as Nicole looks on happily.

Will goes to talk to someone. Sonny jokes about Will knowing everyone in town. Derrick goes to get Will. Sonny talks to Paul about how Derrick's a great guy. Sonny asks if they are still just friends or what.

Derrick catches up to Will. Will thinks it's going well. Derrick says Will was right that the story about his parents really resonated with Paul. Will tells him that this could be his lucky night.

Paul tells Sonny that he doesn't know what to think. The two men from nearby confront them and call Paul a fairy.

JJ approaches Kyle in the town square and said he was on his way home but saw him there so he gives him his money now. Kyle asks if he saw that he was with his ex. JJ tells Kyle that's now his problem so he doesn't care. JJ assures him the money is all there. Kyle thanks him and suggests doing more business.

Eve questions Jennifer calling her a bad parent. Jennifer remarks that the truth hurts. Eve yells at her to look in the mirror as Jennifer walks out. Eve sits down and calls her a sanctimonious bitch. Eve tells herself that she won't let it go and she will find a way like she always does.

Chad knows Abigail cares about Ben and regardless of their issues, he knows he's a decent person. Abigail calls Ben a great person. Chad argues that what she has with Ben is not what they have no matter how hard they try to deny it, they can't. Chad touches Abigail's face as she cries. Chad moves in to kiss Abigail. Ben arrives outside the door, wondering what she's doing there.

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