Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/29/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/29/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa brings Megan to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells her to wait outside then to say all the right things and she can be the answer they are looking for. Theresa heads inside and calls out to Brady that she's back. Theresa says they can pick off where they left off. Theresa heads in where Brady is meeting with an old lady. Brady tells Theresa that they can finally stop looking as he has found the perfect nanny. Theresa is shocked and exclaims no.

Nicole comes home and tells Daniel that it's beautiful outside so she suggests taking a walk down by the river after dinner. Daniel slowly turns around to face Nicole. She asks him what's wrong.

Aiden talks on the phone, saying to keep digging as he wants to know everything there is to know about Clyde. Aiden hangs up and is surprised by Rafe arriving. Rafe apologizes for startling him. Aiden asks what's up. Rafe says he was just passing by and had the starting line up for the little league all star game. Aiden hopes he can trust Rafe with anything he may have just heard.

Clyde sits with Martin outside the town square. Martin thanks him for his donations to the hospital. Clyde tells him that he needs a favor before he signs off on it. Clyde brings up a paternity test that he has a vested interest in.

Chad sits in the park and gets a call. He answers immediately thinking it's Will but it's Zoe. Chad apologizes and tells her that he can't make it because something came up and he's waiting on an important call so he hangs up. Ben then appears in the park. Ben says he can't help but wonder what is so important.

Will stops Abigail and tells her that Chad is in love with her. Abigail calls it ridiculous. Will asks why. Abigail questions if he actually said that. Will confirms that he did.

Eric turns and comes across Serena. Serena calls him a hypocrite.

Daniel tells Nicole that he just had a visitor. Nicole notes they clearly upset him and asks who it was and what they wanted.

Serena asks Eric if he wants to know what she finally found out, the truth about him. Serena says she's not the only one who is good at keeping secrets.


Daniel tells Nicole that it's nothing important. Daniel brings up Maggie giving him potential dates for their engagement party. Nicole says it feels so real all of a sudden. Daniel tells her that it is and he hopes she knows how much he loves her. Nicole tells him that she loves him even more. Nicole wants him to talk to her and asks what is going on. Daniel guesses the only one who could answer that is her.

Brady asks Theresa what she means. Theresa steps aside with Brady and says they can't make a decision yet because the agency is sending over another candidate. Brady explains that this woman is highly recommended. Brady insists that she's more qualified than any other candidate. Brady says he has to get back to the office so he doesn't have time for another interview. Theresa complains that it would be rude to send the other woman away as the doorbell rings.

Hope arrives at Aiden's office and asks if it's a bad time. Rafe says he was just dropping off the little league lineup and congratulates Chase. Hope kisses Aiden and tells him that they deserve a night of dancing. Rafe exits. Aiden compliments Hope's outfit and kisses her. Hope asks what kept Aiden at the office so late.

Martin tells Clyde that he's going to leave and pretend this conversation never happened. One of Clyde's men stops him. Clyde orders him to sit back down and says he hoped to do this the easy way. Clyde instructs Martin to call his wife and tell her that he's going to be a little late this evening so he does so.

Abigail complains about Chad never giving it a rest and wonders what he wants this time. Will is pretty sure he meant it but Abigail disagrees. Will says he and Chad had their issues too but suggests she should hear him out. Abigail responds that she has heard him out way too many times. Abigail brings up the horrible things Chad said to her. Abigail calls Chad a sick and cruel person who enjoys making people miserable. Will suggests he was just trying to push her away. Abigail says he accomplished that a long time ago. Will disagrees. Will says he doesn't have the answers but she won't either unless she talks to Chad. Abigail informs him that she talked to Chad earlier and all he said was that he was lying about lying. Abigail cries about how little energy she has for this. Will feels now is the time to have the conversation before she finds out who the father of her child is.

Nicole doesn't understand what Daniel means. Daniel tells her that he has loved her for a long time and he wants to be with her always. Nicole tells him that she's happier than she's ever been and she's so grateful that they moved past the hard stuff to move forward. She can't wait to spend the rest of her life with him. Daniel says in the interest of moving forward, he just needs to know that nothing has been left behind or unsaid between them.

Brady and Theresa sit with Megan. Brady apologizes as they weren't aware and they've found another candidate. Brady explains that he called a friend for a recommendation and found Emma. Theresa questions her but she explains herself. Megan tells Brady that she took two buses to come here so she doesn't want to have to come back. Emma offers to come back. Brady says he appreciates their time but he has an appointment at his office so he hoped he could interview them both at the same time. Emma agrees while Theresa worries.

Aiden tells Hope that he was just working his case. Hope asks if he's sure she's not pulling him away from anything. Aiden tells her that she is more important as the work will all be there tomorrow and he kisses her.

Martin tells his wife that he will be home soon and hangs up. Martin questions what the hell Clyde wants from him. Clyde warns him about how easy it was to get a man inside his house. Clyde says he could change his life forever in one short phone call but he doesn't want that. Clyde asks if he's going to cooperate with their terms. Martin agrees but says he doesn't know what he wants. Clyde explains that Kayla came to him with a paternity test and asks if it's been finished. Martin tells him it's tomorrow. Clyde asks where he's getting the DNA from the potential father. Martin explains that his blood work was already in the hospital's database. Clyde tells him that he will call him later tonight with further instruction. Clyde warns Martin that if he even thinks about calling the police, he will know about it and he won't want to live the consequences. Clyde tells him to go on home so he exits.

Ben tells Chad that Abigail is working late so he's meeting her at home later. Chad tells him that his phone call was none of his business. Ben gets a text and has to go. Chad remarks about playing basketball again as Ben exits. Chad waits for Will's call.

Will questions Abigail about if Chad is the father. Will assures her that Chad has no idea she is pregnant. Will tells her that now is the time to have a conversation before things get complicated. Abigail complains that Chad is a DiMera so he always has an agenda. Will thinks that Chad just wants to let her know how he feels. Abigail asks why now. Will tells her that Chad wants to talk before things go further with Ben. Abigail feels it's late for that. Will asks her to just hear Chad out.

Serena just wants Eric to hear one thing and then she will leave him alone forever. Serena says what she is about to say is because she truly wants what is best for him. Serena asks him not to make the worst mistake of his life.

Nicole asks Daniel if he's feeling nervous about the wedding. Daniel says that's not what he is worried about. Daniel asks Nicole if there's anything that they've been through in the last few months that he still doesn't know but should know.

Theresa brings Tate in to the living room. Emma notes his resemblance to Brady. Megan plays along for Theresa. Emma holds Tate and notes how laid back he seems. They then let Megan hold Tate but she quickly gives him back to Emma and says she's got the job and rushes out. Theresa goes after her and questions her. She tells Theresa that she will never convince Brady to hire her over Emma. She questions Theresa to want the less qualified nanny for her son. She argues against convincing Brady and says what she was offering wasn't enough anyways. Megan tells Theresa to face reality and wishes her luck as she walks off.

Rafe goes to the nightclub and calls his FBI contact Tim, saying he thinks Clyde is up to something so he wants him to check the database.

Clyde meets with Ben and tells him that he doesn't trust Aiden anymore so he has someone doing a background check on him. Clyde asks Ben about what he said. Ben says he told him everything he knows about him. Clyde tells him to let him know if Aiden calls again. Clyde mentions seeing Abigail at the hospital earlier. Ben asks what he was doing there. Clyde talks about making another donation. Clyde talks about the hospital being a great facility and asks if Ben has ever been treated there.

Abigail doesn't want to go to the DiMera Mansion but Will tells her that Chad can come here since he and Sonny are going out. Abigail argues that Chad is probably busy but Will informs her that Chad is waiting on his call now so all she has to do is say yes. Abigail agrees to do it so Will calls Chad and tells him that Abigail is there waiting for him. Chad appreciates his help and will be there in a few.

Nicole starts to cry and tells Daniel that there is something he doesn't know. She brings up the night that Xander tried to kill her and Eric. Nicole then admits that she and Eric almost made love.

Aiden and Hope go to the nightclub where they start dancing and they kiss as Rafe works the bar.

Will offers to wait for Abigail but she assures him that she can handle Chad on her own. Will wishes her luck and hugs her. Abigail thanks him. Will hopes everything works out for her then he exits. Chad arrives. Will tells him that she's inside. Chad says he can't thank him enough. Will tells him not to hurt Abigail. Chad promises not to. Will says he better not as he walks away and Chad knocks on the door. Abigail answers the door.

Eric asks Serena what mistake he's going to make. Serena questions him not knowing. Serena asks him to please not go back to Nicole.

Nicole explains to Daniel that she and Eric didn't think they would make it out alive as they were trapped in the vent with the heat up so they were suffocating. Nicole cries that she was so afraid and truly thought she was going to die. Daniel understands one thing led to another. Nicole cries that she is so sorry. Daniel tells her that he saw the way she was acting and it all makes sense but what he doesn't understand is why she didn't just tell him the truth in the first place. Daniel asks if she was ever going to tell him.

Brady is happy with Emma. Emma talks about being thrilled to work with them. Brady sends her with Henderson to be shown around and introduced to the staff. Brady tells Theresa that it's good that it's done. Theresa agrees that she's great so Brady tells her that now she can continue to search for a new place as soon as possible.

Rafe watches as Aiden and Hope finish and go back to their table. Aiden sees a client so he goes to talk to him. Rafe approaches Hope. Hope asks him what was going on in Aiden's office earlier. Rafe tries to cover but Hope says she heard him ask for his discretion. Rafe says he can't say. Hope calls it a cop out if it has to do with Clyde.

Ben tells Clyde that he's never been a patient at the hospital. Clyde brings up donating blood. Ben says he never has but probably should.

Nicole tells Daniel that she wanted to tell him so badly and she almost did more than once. Nicole brings up when he brought her home from the hospital and later with Eric but she couldn't bring herself to do it. She convinced herself that nothing happened as they didn't make love so she didn't think it mattered. Nicole knew she was rationalizing and couldn't live with that lie but she didn't know how she could convince Daniel to forgive her if she couldn't forgive herself. Nicole says it would give him another out but Daniel proposed. Nicole talks about Daniel insisting that he had already seen the worst in her. Nicole talks about how understanding and loving Daniel was as he made her feel like she was worthy of becoming his wife. Nicole tells Daniel that she loves him so much and she knows Eric has been a problem between them for a long time but not anymore. Nicole says she was delirious that night and insists it meant nothing. Nicole declares that Daniel is the only man she loves. Daniel asks what about Eric. Nicole says it was hard for Eric at first but he prayed and understands now. Nicole assures him that her love has never wavered and she didn't want to lose what they had. Nicole declares that in order to preserve that, all she could do was lie.

Brady is sure Theresa can't wait to get her own place. Brady can't believe how well this all worked out. Theresa fakes praising it as Brady exits the room. Theresa sits down and wonders what she's going to do.

Clyde calls Martin and orders him to make the person whose DNA he's testing not the father of the baby.

Will finds Ben in the park. Ben mentions that he was just about to call Abigail.

Chad appreciates Abigail agreeing to see him. Abigail says she only did because Will asked her to. Chad understands. Abigail wants to get it over with and tells him to say what he came to say.

Eric tells Serena that Daniel and Nicole are engaged. Serena storms off.

Nicole tells Daniel that now it's all out there so he knows everything about that night. Nicole apologizes for not handling this differently and that she waited this long to tell him the truth but now he knows. Nicole says now she needs to know if Daniel will forgive her or is what they have over?

Aiden returns to Hope and asks Rafe for a bottle of champagne. Rafe goes to get it. Aiden and Hope talk about the upcoming Salem Bicentennial celebration on November 9. Hope wishes Tom and Alice could be there with them. Aiden wishes he could've met them because he owes them a lot as he kisses her. Aiden and Hope then go back to dancing.

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