Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/28/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/28/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Theresa interview nannies but can't find one qualified which makes Theresa happy.

Ben meets with Aiden at his office. Aiden tells him the authorities in Florida have more questions. Ben asks if he's in trouble.

Clyde talks on the phone, saying they have everything they need and it goes down tonight with no screwups.

Kayla meets with Abigail and tells her that she is eight weeks along so she can find out the baby's father.

Chad is at Will's with he and Arianna. Will has Chad hold Arianna and thinks about talking with Abigail about her pregnancy.

Eric tells Nicole that he loves her and wants her to have the life she wants. Eric tells her not to worry as he will never tell Daniel about what happened that night so she will never have to worry about that again. Nicole thanks him and asks if this means he's gotten over how he feels about her. Eric doesn't think he ever will.

Serena shows up at Daniel's and tells him that she has something he needs to hear. Daniel asks if it's about Nicole but Serena says it's Eric.

Nicole questions Eric still loving her but saying she has nothing to worry about and argues it can't be both ways. Eric says it can and is.

Daniel invites Serena in and tells her that he won't help her fix things with Eric. Serena says she didn't come for a favor but to do one for him.

Eric tells Nicole that all he's done is think about this and pray. Nicole is glad he still has his faith. Eric tells her that his prayers were answered but not how he expected. Eric says the real reason he had to tell Daniel because he thought if he knew then they could have a chance to be together but that's not love, it's selfishness. Eric says since he loves her, he should want her to be happy so what she deserves is to be with Daniel.

Daniel questions Serena doing him a favor. Serena sees Nicole's jacket and asks if she's there because she should hear this too. Daniel tells her that she's out but should be back soon so Serena decides she will wait.

Brady finishes a work call and asks Theresa if they are being too picky with a nanny. Theresa complains about them. Theresa brings up a parenting website and talks about having the right qualifications. Theresa says she has to go check in at the hospital but will be back later so she exits. Maggie enters and questions Brady about it being so difficult to find a nanny. Theresa walks away saying she's rigged the system.

Will tells Chad that Sonny isn't home but Chad says he came to see him. Will goes to put Arianna to sleep. Chad looks around and sees a photo of Will, Sonny, and Arianna.

Aiden informs Ben that an attorney called him to follow up. Ben argues that it doesn't make sense since he was a nobody. Ben questions why the case is being opened up again. Aiden asks if they'd have a reason to open it again.

Kayla tells Abigail that they have Chad's DNA on file so they will use that to check paternity. Abigail thanks her for helping her with this. Kayla says now it's time to know for sure.

Will comes back to Chad as he's looking at their family photo and calls it a nice shot. Chad brings up how his daughter Grace would have been six years old now and never knowing her. Will asks if he thinks about her a lot. Chad tries not to but it all comes back when he's around Arianna. Will asks if he came just to talk about Grace. Chad responds that he came to talk to him about Abigail.

Ben tells Aiden that he has no idea why they would be looking in to him again. Ben assures him there is nothing else he didn't tell him. Aiden brings up Ben using the name Kevin Reynolds. Ben explains that he used that name to stop Clyde from tracking him. Aiden says it's probably nothing and tells him not to worry about it as Ben exits.

Abigail tells Kayla about Hope knowing about the pregnancy but not that Chad could be the father. Kayla encourages that Hope and her family will support her no matter what. Abigail doesn't think they'll celebrate if the baby is a DiMera.

Will doesn't know why Chad wants to talk about Abigail with him. Chad says he is close with her and he has to talk about her. Chad talks about Abigail not answering his calls and she was angry at the hospital with him. Chad explains that he hurt her badly last month. Will asks why. Chad responds because he loves her.

Clyde talks to Ben on the phone. Ben tells him that Aiden said it was probably nothing. Clyde is glad he let him know and says he'll see him soon.

Nicole hugs Eric and thanks him for making her day but reminds that they still have to worry about Serena. Eric feels she doesn't actually know anything and he won't say a word. Eric confirms that he's at peace so there is nothing more to say to anyone. Eric adds that Serena will have nothing more than a wild guess.

Daniel tells Serena that she isn't waiting for Nicole to come home and wants her out. Serena questions Nicole living there. Daniel informs her that they are engaged. Serena decides they don't need to wait for Nicole to come home and they can do this now because Daniel deserves to know what's going on.

Maggie and Brady come back to the living room from checking on Tate. Brady goes over all the nannies they've interviewed. Maggie doesn't understand why it's so difficult. Brady explains that Theresa downloaded questions from a site and nobody passed. Brady talks about Theresa handling things while he's at work. Maggie asks if he thinks she's dragging her feet. Brady says not exactly.

Theresa walks out of the town square with Anne and tells her that it went exactly as planned with Anne's friend who runs the nanny agency. Anne says Theresa will end up marrying Brady. Theresa talks about loving Brady but Anne keeps thinking it's about the money. Anne brings her friend Megan to meet Theresa, who she calls her dream nanny.

Will questions Chad doing something awful to Abigail because he loves her. Chad says he knows it was stupid which is why he needs to explain it to her soon. Chad brings up Abigail moving in with Ben and how he could take it to the next level. Chad talks about Marlena encouraging him to go after who he loves. Will asks what if she wants Ben and nothing to do with Chad. Chad declares he will back off permanently then but he has to give it a shot. Chad says Abigail won't talk to him which is why he needs Will to convince her to give him a chance.

Abigail talks to Kayla about not telling her family but she hopes they will understand. Kayla insists that they love her and will love her baby. Kayla talks about the family not loving Sydney or Johnny any less because of who their father was. Kayla points out that it could still be Ben's and tells her to concentrate on that. Abigail says Ben would be thrilled but Kayla asks if she would be too. Kayla then asks about keeping the baby.

Aiden finishes up in his office as Clyde arrives and greets him.

Eric tells Nicole that everything will be fine because he's accepted her life is now with Daniel. Nicole tells him that she will always care about him as she starts to leave. Caroline shows up interrupting them.

Daniel questions Serena having more cryptic threats and figures she'll trash Nicole more. Serena talks about Daniel wanting to know this information but Daniel calls her a liar. Serena asks if he doesn't want to know that Eric and Nicole slept together the night they almost died.

Megan talks about kids she raised. Anne explains that she's her neighbor and is willing to come out of retirement to help her. Theresa is not impressed and thinks she just wants the money. Theresa warns that she will be being watched. Megan insists that she can do it and jokes with Anne. Theresa goes over having to make sure everyone knows that she's a great mother, she loves Brady, and how she thinks they should be together. Megan agrees so Theresa decides that she is the nanny they have been looking for.

Brady admits to Maggie that it does seem strange that all of the applicants seem unqualified. Maggie suggests it's because Theresa is in charge. Brady talks about making sure the head of the agency knows what they need. Maggie suggests Theresa is making it harder than it needs to be but encourages Brady to change what he can. Maggie says goodnight and exits. Brady goes back to his phone and makes a call.

Abigail assures Kayla that she's keeping the baby no matter what. Kayla just wanted to make sure she didn't change her mind. Abigail says everything is just so overwhelming right now. Kayla tells her that everything will be clear after the paternity test and assures her that everything will be confidential. Kayla talks about Martin running the lab. Abigail thanks her. Kayla tells her she loves her and will see her in the morning. They hug goodbye as Kayla exits. Abigail gets a text from Will, asking her to come by after work as it's important.

Chad knows he's asking a lot of Will as he thanks him. Will informs him that Abigail will be there in a few minutes. Chad wants to hide in the bedroom so he can plead his case if she says no but Will argues that he can't ambush her so he can't be there and if she says no then it's done. Chad agrees to wait in the park and have Will call him with what he finds out. Chad thanks him and exits.

Clyde tells Aiden that he probably knows why he's there as Ben called him and he wants to help. Clyde asks who called Aiden. Aiden knows he wants to be a part of it but Ben is a client so it's confidential. Aiden adds that he can discuss whatever he wants with Ben. Clyde doesn't think it seems right to be shut out. Aiden compares that he'd have to be the same way if Ben came asking about Clyde's case. Clyde thanks him for being so honest with him and exits.

Caroline assumes she forgot that Eric and Nicole are back together but Eric explains that they are just good friends and he was giving her best wishes as she is getting married to Daniel. Caroline congratulates her. Nicole says she's very happy which Eric says she deserves to be. Nicole decides to give them time and exits. Caroline tells Eric that it's just wrong as Nicole is very happy and found love while Eric deserves to be happy too. Eric tells her that he's fine and has all he needs as he hugs her.

Daniel is sick of Serena's games and tells her that Eric is his friend and Nicole loves him. Serena plays the recording of Eric admitting the truth in confession.

Kayla checks with Dr. Martin about the lab while a suspicious man watches them.

Abigail goes to see Will. Will mentions the babysitter taking Arianna as he and Sonny might have a night alone. Abigail brings a puzzle for Arianna. Abigail asks Will what was important. Will asks if there is any news. Abigail tells him that the paternity test is tomorrow and she will tell him. Abigail asks him what's up. Will responds that he wants to talk to her about Chad.

Clyde walks through the town square and gets a call from the man at the hospital. He tells Clyde that he saw Martin talking to Kayla. Clyde orders him to follow Martin home. Clyde makes another call and says it's a go so he will see him there.

Serena explains to Daniel that Eric was confessing to his priest and offers to play it again but Daniel says that's not enough. Serena says now he knows. Serena adds that she's not the only one who made mistakes but at least she admits hers unlike Nicole's. Serena stops and tells Daniel that there are liars, cheaters, and then there's Nicole. Serena exits as Daniel slams the door.

Theresa brings Megan to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells her to wait outside then to say all the right things and she can be the answer they are looking for. Theresa heads inside and calls out to Brady that she's back. Theresa says they can pick off where they left off. Theresa heads in where Brady is meeting with an old lady. Brady tells Theresa that they can finally stop looking as he has found the perfect nanny.

Aiden talks on the phone, saying to keep digging as he wants to know everything there is to know about Clyde. Aiden hangs up and is surprised by someone at the door.

Chad sits in the park and gets a call. He answers immediately thinking it's Will but it's Zoe. Chad apologizes and tells her that he can't make it because something came up and he's waiting on an important call so he hangs up. Ben then appears in the park.

Abigail questions Will wanting to talk to her about Chad, who she doesn't want to talk to anyone about. Abigail shouts that she's had her fill of Chad today because he came to the hospital. Will goes over knowing that Clyde came in so Chad lost his chance. Will explains that Chad was just here. Abigail asks what he told him. Will tells her that he didn't tell him anything about her. Abigail questions if she can trust him when he's talking to Chad behind her back. Will tells her that Chad needs to talk to her. Abigail refuses after how he's treated her. Will stops her and tells her that Chad is in love with her.

Martin walks out of the town square and runs in to Clyde, who blocks his way. Clyde wants to have a little talk. Martin asks if they know each other. Clyde says no but he'd like to remedy that.

Eric walks Caroline through the town square and asks if she's sure she doesn't want him to walk her to the Pub. Caroline assures him and tells him to look for love again. She knows he had some terrible times but she doesn't want him to give up. Eric says family and friends are enough for now but Caroline doesn't think so. They hug goodbye and Caroline walks on. Eric turns and comes across Serena.

Daniel calls Maggie about the engagement party and says he'll get back to her. Daniel writes down possible dates for it. Daniel tells her that there is just a lot going on today and he'll get back to her as he hangs up. Nicole comes home and tells Daniel that it's beautiful outside so she suggests taking a walk down by the river after dinner. Daniel slowly turns around to face Nicole. She asks him what's wrong.

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