Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/27/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/27/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ takes his shirt off to change in to his uniform as Paige walks in, questioning him for walking away from her. JJ says he has to get changed for work but Paige says she isn't done yet.

Kate goes to Will and Sonny's but finds Adrienne. Adrienne tells her that Will and Sonny asked her to watch Arianna but Lucas is not there.

Lucas goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and serves Justin with papers of an unfair trade complaint from Countess Wilhelmina to Mad World. Lucas warns Justin that he and Kate are on thin ice.

Paul goes to the club and orders a triple espresso from Sonny, saying it's because Kate hates him. Sonny doesn't think she does but Paul feels she holds grudges. Paul jokes with Sonny about having dirt on Kate to level the playing field. Sonny responds that he doesn't gossip but to let him know if he gets in trouble. Will arrives and says he's really glad Paul is there.

Daniel and Nicole kiss until Nicole stops and says she suddenly got a creepy feeling that something is terribly wrong.

Eric talks in confession about being with Nicole and says he wanted to touch and hold her which Serena hears through her bugging device.

JJ figures Paige wants to tell him off again but she stops him and says none of that matters right now.

Daniel assures Nicole that there's nothing to worry about. Daniel tries to convince her but Nicole continues to worry.

Serena loses connection on her device then declares she knew something happened. She states Nicole slept with Eric and she could kill her. Serena replays the audio she got where Eric admitted they started to make love and then she storms out.

Parker comes out with another drawing for Nicole and hangs it on the fireplace. Maggie arrives and greets Daniel and Parker. Parker informs Maggie that Nicole is here forever. Daniel admits that's the plan and asks for a few minutes with Maggie.

Kate tells Adrienne that she wasn't looking for lucas but she brought a swimsuit for Arianna. Adrienne compliments it and wishes she thought of it. Kate tells her not to take credit for it. Adrienne says she's not that dumb but Kate points out she was dumb enough to divorce Justin.

Lucas and Justin argue. Lucas questions Justin sniping at him over Adrienne. Justin says it's not personal, just business. Lucas tells him to just read the filing. Justin stops him and says it's not about he and Adrienne as whatever happens with her is not his call anymore.

Paul tells Will about his meeting with Kate but Will says he doesn't have to explain why he's there. Will tells Sonny that the babysitter is with Arianna tonight so they can go out tonight. Will then invites Paul to come with them which surprises Sonny.

Paige tells JJ that she doesn't get what's going on with he and Kyle but tells him that he doesn't have to be worried about her.

Nicole takes Parker to decorate his drawings more. Maggie asks Daniel about Nicole moving in. Daniel says that's part of the news. Maggie asks how Parker is about it. Daniel says he's clearly happy about it. Maggie asks if he's not worried about confusing him. Daniel assures her that Nicole is not going anywhere as he asked her to marry him and she said yes. Maggie is shocked and calls it fast but Daniel says not for them. Daniel wants Maggie's blessing but assures her that they are getting married no matter what.

Serena sits at the Pub. Xander shows up and joins her. Xander asks if she's still in a twist over Eric.

Eric says that he needed this. The priest notes that he feels tortured. Eric blames himself as they truly believed they were going to die and the moment was perfect. He questions if Eric wanted to die. Eric says no but if he was going to, Nicole was the last face he wanted to see. Eric declares that he wants her. Eric notes that they didn't make love but they were close and after they were rescued, his feelings stayed with him. Eric talks about Nicole getting married. The priest advises Eric to keep praying and ask for guidance to get the answer.

Adrienne doesn't want to discuss this with Kate. Kate is sure there is plenty of blame to go around. Adrienne assures Kate that it wasn't just her as it was very mutual. Kate questions if she really thinks this is what Justin wants. Kate stops and says she has to get back to work so she exits.

Lucas questions Justin just giving Adrienne up. Justin says it's best for both of them. Lucas asks if he doesn't think it's worth fighting for. Justin asks why he cares. Lucas says he and Adrienne are friends first so he cares about her and wants to see her happy. Lucas tells Justin that he's been where he is and he began to wonder if he gave up soon so now he's starting to wonder if Justin and Adrienne will feel that same way too. Lucas tells Justin to definitely look at the papers as he exits.

Paul doesn't want to interrupt date night but Will says he won't be. Will brings up Paul pointing out they don't have gay friends and that Marlena also said it. Will says they will start balancing their life better tonight. Paul says it's still a little weird for him. Will suggests he bring somebody. Derrick shows up so Will starts to ask if he'd want to join them.

JJ questions not worrying about Paige with a guy like Kyle. Paige tells him that no guy can hurt her anymore as she's not naive anymore. Paige tells JJ that no one can hurt her the way he did because she will never feel that way about anyone else. Bev interrupts and is disappointed to see them together.

Daniel sits with Maggie and talks about how hard it was for people to accept her and Victor. Daniel tells her that this is true love. Maggie hugs him and hopes she'll be very happy.

The priest continues to encourage Eric to ask God for guidance.

Xander tells Serena that he didn't ruin her life all by himself. Serena admits that he didn't.

Maggie congratulates Nicole and hugs her. Nicole thanks her. Maggie calls it a surprise and says she has so many questions about the wedding and everything. Daniel takes Parker out to get some ice cream.

Will stops himself from inviting Derrick and steps away. Sonny goes to join him. Will apologizes. Sonny gets what he was trying to do and he thinks it's a good idea. Derrick asks Paul what he just walked in on. Paul explains that Will invited him out with Sonny and told him to bring someone so he asks Derrick. Derrick asks if he's just asking because he just walked in or if he doesn't have anyone else. Paul tells him that he's a friend so he'd like him to join us. Derrick agrees. Will calls it perfect and says he'll text them the plan as he exits. Sonny tells them that it should be fun.

Adrienne goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and shows Justin pictures of Arianna. Justin tells her that Lucas was just there. Justin informs her that Lucas wondered if they were making a mistake.

Xander tells Serena that she's just as responsible as he is. Serena calls him a snake and she hopes he gets what he deserves but adds that someone else needs to pay which she can actually make happen. Serena then exits.

Nicole tells Maggie that she won't call her mom. Maggie thanks her. Nicole can't imagine what's in her head. Maggie says she just loves Daniel and Parker. Nicole gets that she doesn't want to see them get hurt and neither does she. Nicole says she loves Daniel and it took them a long time to get here. Nicole knows how lucky she is. Maggie hopes she does as she'll be giving Daniel something he needs very much.

Eric walks through the park. He stops and says he knows there has to be an answer so he asks God to please show him. Eric comes across Daniel and Parker sitting on a bench, eating ice cream. Daniel tells Parker that they and Nicole are going to have so much fun.

Paige exits while Bev tells JJ that she didn't mean to interrupt but shouldn't be surprised. JJ asks what's up. Bev tells him about a music festival that she scored VIP tickets to. Bev stops and declares she can't do this anymore, she's done.

Kate meets with Paul at the club. Sonny brings them drinks and jokes about the Vanquish name of the product. Kate calls him mean but Sonny says he's just telling the truth. Sonny tells her that the name is horrible and they came up with a better name while playing basketball in two minutes. Kate questions them. Sonny tells her that anything is better than Vanquish as he walks away. Kate asks Paul about the idea. Paul says it wasn't a great one but Kate points out that Sonny thinks it is. Paul tells her that it's Narita by Mad World. Kate asks if his mother or his agent came up with that. Paul informs her that it was Will's idea.

Will finds Derrick and the town square and asks if he has a moment to talk in private. They walk off together as Lucas arrives. Lucas follows out of the town square. Will asks what he thinks. Derrick says it may be a little awkward. Will tells him that the important thing is it worked and that's what matters.

Daniel brings Parker home to send with Maggie. Maggie says they can talk dates later as she wants to throw them an engagement party. They thank her and Maggie exits with Parker. Nicole gets a text from Eric that he needs to see her. Nicole says she has to take care of something so Daniel decides he will work on their family dinner as Nicole exits.

JJ asks what Bev means that she's done. Bev says she's watched him turn himself out for Paige over and over. She thought he would eventually get it but he doesn't. She brings up him fighting Kyle over her which she believes Paige set up. Bev says now she sees Paige here and how he looks at her. JJ says that he and Paige are over. Bev says they are but he doesn't see that. Bev tells JJ that Paige told her that she is welcome to him but to keep her mother away from him. Bev talks about JJ not getting over her. Bev tells JJ that her parents have been begging her to go to Europe this summer but she turned them down because her parents wanted her away from him but she stayed because she thought they had started something here. Bev says she's tired of being the one he comes to in order to get over Paige. Bev declares that JJ is not over Paige and who knows if he ever will be.

Daphne finds Paige in the town square. Paige tells her about getting into it with JJ. Daphne asks if she told him off. Paige just wants to forget she ever knew him but it's not that simple.

Adrienne is surprised Lucas would say anything. Justin knows he cares about her and wants what's best for her even if that turned out to be him. Justin says they both care about her but he thinks they made the right decision.

Kate questions Paul about Will suggesting naming a major product line after him. Paul says maybe he was just trying to be nice as they are all trying to get along and be friends. Paul tells Kate that they are all going out tonight because Will invited him and he's bringing a friend along.

Will asks Derrick if he read the files he sent him. Derrick says he read most of them. Will tells him to focus as he sent him the personal stuff. Will talks about them working together. Derrick tells him to relax as he'll have it read by tonight but he just hopes Paul and Sonny don't find out. Will says there is nothing to find out as he's just helping two friends get together. Derrick feels Paul doesn't look at him like that but Will insists that he does. Will says he will text him the details about tonight as Derrick walks away. Lucas comes around the corner to confront Will.

Bev tells JJ that she's going to pack so he should get to work. JJ tells her that it was never a plan. Bev knows he never meant to hurt her but he's just a mess so it had to happen. Bev kisses him goodbye. JJ tells her to take care of herself. Bev wishes him luck in getting Paige back or getting over her. JJ says whichever comes first. Bev tells him whichever he can do as she exits.

Daphne encourages Paige to forget she ever knew JJ. Paige texts Kyle that they are on for tonight and she can't wait. Paige tells Daphne that she's working on it and walks away.

Will doesn't want to hear a lecture. Lucas thought things were going well for he and Sonny. Will says things are finally back on track. Lucas questions what he's risking everything for with Derrick now. Will says he's just setting up a friend. Lucas questions him sulking around and hiding what he's doing. Will says he doesn't want to pressure Paul but wants this to work. Lucas understands that he wants Paul interested in Derrick so he doesn't go after Sonny. Lucas asks about Derrick. Will calls him a good guy who is really in to Paul. Lucas questions them all going out together. Will insists it is going to be fun. Lucas thinks he should put more effort in to being with Sonny instead of all these schemes. Lucas remarks that he's worse than Sami as he walks off.

Nicole goes to see Eric and asks if he's okay. Eric says he is as he finally saw the answer to what happens now. Eric knows he hasn't been fair to her and that he loves her and always will. Eric says he's sure about what to do about that now. Eric loves her and wants her to have the life she wants. Eric tells her not to worry as he will never tell Daniel about what happened that night so she will never have to worry about that again.

Serena shows up at Daniel's and tells him that she has something he needs to hear.

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