Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/24/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/24/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole goes to leave but Serena stops her and remarks that Nicole is scared to death. Serena asks what she's so afraid of. Nicole responds that she's not afraid of anything but Serena calls her a liar. Serena brings up how Nicole couldn't wait to write the story on her but now just wants her to leave. Nicole says she's not worth her time. Serena argues that the real reason is Eric.

Brady tells Eric that nothing he tells him will leave this room and promises it will stay between them. Eric reveals to Brady that he has fallen in love with Nicole again. Brady didn't see that coming and asks if she knows how he feels. Eric says of course she does but she loves Daniel. Daniel then arrives and greets them.

Kyle joins Paige in the club. Kyle tells Paige that she brings out the romantic in him. Paige asks who he was texting. Kyle informs her that it was just JJ.

Jennifer warns JJ that once he steps into this, there's no going back. JJ promises nothing will happen to him. Jennifer worries about the drug dealer. She knows he's worried about Paige and feels guilty. Jennifer is proud of him but is terrified of losing him. JJ swears she won't because Agent Watts and Roman will protect him. JJ adds that he'll sleep better at night if Salem is safer because of him.

Chad arrives at the hospital, looking for Abigail. Chad asks a nurse where Abigail is and she sends him to her office as Clyde watches from around the corner. Marlena finds Clyde and says she's so glad she ran in to him.

Chad goes on to see Abigail in her office. Abigail asks what he wants. Chad tells her that they have to talk. Abigail disagrees but Chad tells her that he needs to clear the air and tell her the truth.

Clyde tells Marlena it's nice to see her again. Marlena asks what he's doing at the hospital. Clyde talks about making another donation. Clyde mentions a nice conversation with Anne and goes to leave but Marlena has one more thing to discuss.

Abigail tells Chad that she has a lot of work and doesn't have time to talk. Chad comments that he thought they made progress because of the baby. Abigail questions baby as Chad explains he meant Arianna. Abigail explains that she wasn't going to get into an argument in front of Arianna. She questions if he can blame her for hating him after all the horrible things he said to her. Chad admits he was a jerk and that's why he is here now, because none of what he said that night was true.

Kyle finishes a text and promises Paige no more interruptions. Paige is unsure of him being buddies with JJ. Kyle explains that he's just nice to him because he's friends with Bev. Paige doesn't want to talk about Bev or JJ and wants to get to know him better. Kyle asks what she wants to know. Paige suggests where he's from, if he has siblings, and what he does for a living.

Jennifer warns JJ that this is never going to work because Paige won't love him but will hate him for trying to run her life. JJ says he's not trying to get her back but trying to stop Kyle from getting Paige hooked on drugs or killed. Jennifer worries that the drug dealers could turn on JJ. JJ says she taught him to do the right thing. JJ brings up Abe, Hope, and Roman risking their lives every day. Jennifer remains unconvinced but says maybe it's too late to turn back as Paige is with Kyle. Jennifer mentions being with Paige and she didn't even talk about him. JJ questions her talking to Paige. Jennifer informs him that Paige is the one who told her that he was hanging out with a drug dealer.

A woman approaches Xander in the town square and recognizes him from the story with Eric and Nicole. Xander asks if she wants to hear his side of the story so she sits with him.

Eric congratulates Daniel on getting engaged to Nicole which surprises Brady. Eric hopes they are happy. Daniel thinks the chances are excellent.

Nicole tells Serena that it is about Eric because he's a good person who loves people. Nicole talks about who Serena really is and doesn't want to hurt Eric. Nicole says it would be best if Serena just disappeared. Serena questions it being all about Eric and nothing being in it for her. Serena reveals that she and Daniel are engaged so she would be knee deep in work if she writes the article on her instead of planning her wedding. Nicole demands Serena's decision now.

Clyde asks Marlena if something's the matter. Marlena brings up Clyde missing his last therapy appointments after she thought they were making progress. Clyde apologizes and says he's been pressed for time lately but promises to reschedule as he then walks away. Marlena doesn't believe him and walks away.

Abigail mocks Chad having a change of heart. Chad understands she's mad. Abigail questions his lies. Abigail asks Chad if he came back to Salem to get revenge on her for sleeping with EJ. Chad admits he did when he first came back. Abigail goes over his plan. Chad argues that's not the point but Abigail argues that he's exactly like EJ. Abigail cries that she thought he cared about her and loved her but he was so cruel to her. Chad tries to explain but Clyde interrupts and asks if everything is okay.

Kyle makes Paige promise not to tell if he tells her what he does for a living. Kyle tells her that he's a secret agent spy and a superhero. Kyle then asks her what JJ did to screw things up for them. Paige states that what he did was unforgivable and assure that he means nothing to her. Kyle points out that JJ said he felt the same after their last fight. Paige responds that she's glad he's moving on. Kyle wouldn't want him causing problems for them. Paige adds that he couldn't if he tried.

JJ asks Jennifer if Paige said anything about him but realizes there's nothing. JJ questions if Paige is hanging out with Kyle to drive him nuts. Jennifer warns him that if he hounds her then she will keep seeing him. Jennifer argues that Paige will see what Kyle is really like. JJ feels she didn't see how he was so he has to bring Kyle down. Jennifer continues to warn him to follow the guidelines Roman gives him. JJ then exits.

Brady admits he didn't see Daniel and Nicole getting married coming but congratulates him. Eric says he doesn't have any champagne. Daniel gets a text that Chloe brought Parker early. Eric wants to set up the bachelor party but Daniel wants to hold up as he still has to tell Maggie and Victor. Brady jokes with him as they congratulate him again. Daniel exits. Brady tells Eric that it was really classy of him but he knows it wasn't fun. Eric insists he's happy for them both. Eric has something he wants to do to stop feeling so lost.

Serena tells Nicole that she has errands to run so she needs to go. Nicole walks out, hoping she got through to her for everyone's sake. Serena comments to herself that Nicole is hiding something that has to do with Eric.

Chad tells Clyde that he and Abigail were having a personal conversation. Clyde asks Abigail if she wants him to leave. She says no and she's glad he's there as she and Chad are finished. Chad exits. Clyde hopes he didn't interrupt anything important. Abigail assures him. Clyde felt Chad upset her and asks if he did anything to hurt her.

Nicole goes home where Daniel greets her at the door and tells her that Parker has a surprise for her. Daniel brings her in where Parker has hung up her welcome home drawing.

Eric brings a donation box to the town square to the priest. He recognizes the box as Eric's things from Africa and asks if something is troubling him. Eric says he's dealing with something and asks to go to confession. Serena walks by and sees Eric from a distance.

Chad goes to leave the hospital. Marlena sees him and asks if everything is alright. Chad claims he's just running late. Marlena reminds him that her offer still stands but Chad says he's not ready for a shrink session. Marlena invites him to the Pub for lunch. Chad agrees to give it a shot and they exit together.

Abigail tells Clyde that she and Chad just had a disagreement over hospital matters and it's no big deal. Clyde doesn't want him making trouble for her and Ben. Abigail responds that he couldn't even if he wanted to. Clyde talks about Ben trying to get along with Chad. Clyde calls Abigail a good influence on Ben. Abigail asks if she can help him with something as she's sure he didn't come to talk about Chad. Clyde thinks back to finding out about the prenatal vitamin. Clyde tells Abigail that she's right as they have some unfinished business.

Eric sees Xander walk off with the woman from earlier and comments on him walking around free. The priest asks if he is who Eric wanted to talk about. Eric says he's part of it but thinks it's best to talk in private.

Xander sits with the woman outside the town square and continue chatting. Brady interrupts and questions how Xander is going to do behind bars for the rest of his life.

Roman goes to see Jennifer to talk about JJ. Jennifer is proud of JJ but wants assurance that JJ will be protected.

Kyle apologizes to Paige as he has another work thing but he wants to take her out to the nightclub tonight. Paige mentions not being old enough to drink. Kyle says he will take care of it. Paige jokes that he might be a bit of a bad influence and hopes that he doesn't find her too boring. Kyle finds her intriguing and says he'll be in touch about tonight. JJ enters and sees Kyle kiss Paige on the cheek. JJ then turns and rushes back out.

Marlena and Chad sit at the Pub but Chad thinks this was a mistake. Chad knows she just wants to help because she thinks she owes him. Marlena says she does as he kept Stefano from killing her but that's not why she's here. Marlena senses something is going on with him and he has no one to talk to. Chad says she's right but he'll only do this under the condition of doctor-patient confidentiality. Marlena agrees to make this an official session and asks what's on his mind. Chad asks how to walk away from somebody you love.

Abigail questions unfinished business with Clyde. Clyde brings up the sink and offers to finish fixing it with the new part. Abigail says that would be great as she'll be at work a bit longer and Ben is setting up at the nightclub. Clyde feels Abigail was upset when he walked in on she and Hope before. Clyde asks if she's sure everything is alright. Abigail claims she's never been better so Clyde exits. After he leaves, Clyde calls her a lying little slut and walks off.

Roman talks to Jennifer about the DEA watching Kyle and seeing JJ as their way in. Jennifer knows it's the right thing but she is so scared. Roman assures they will train JJ, have his back, and make sure he's safe. Roman promises that JJ will be fine and save as he gives her his word.

JJ goes back into the club. Paige hopes he isn't stalking her. JJ tells her to get over herself as he works there. JJ questions her being on a date with Kyle. Paige calls it none of his business. JJ tells her to go ahead and ruin her life then walks away. Paige yells not to walk away from her as she follows him.

The woman leaves Xander with Brady. Xander compares his situation to people thinking Brady knocked out John. Brady tells him to cut it and says he will do everything he can to make sure he pays for what he did to Eric and Nicole so he doesn't get away with it.

Nicole and Daniel play with Parker. Nicole suggests setting a tent up in the living room to camp out tonight. Parker says he has another surprise and runs to his room. Daniel tells Nicole that Parker is crazy about her. Nicole says it's mutual and she's so excited to live with them. Daniel knows how much she loves kids and misses Sydney. Nicole says she video chats with her so it's kind of like seeing her grow up but being with Parker is seeing all the little things. Nicole loves Daniel so much and that they get to be a family. She calls herself the happiest woman in the world as they kiss.

Eric goes to confession and talks about he and Nicole thinking they were going to die for sure. Eric says he was strangely at peace but couldn't bear the thought of letting Nicole die. Eric says something happened that has been bothering him ever since. Serena is in her hotel room, listening in from a bugging device.

Marlena questions Chad walking away from someone he loves. Chad says it's for her sake as he would only make her life miserable and she also hates him. Chad says he was horrible to her and said horrible things to her. Marlena questions why if he loved her. Chad says he was pushing her away for her own good. Chad realizes it was a mistake but maybe it wasn't. Chad calls it all just a mess. Marlena questions him pushing her away. Chad says it was to protect her. Marlena asks if Stefano had something to do with all of this. Marlena adds that she knows him better than anyone so she asks Chad not to let Stefano ruin his life. Marlena advises Chad to tell the girl that he loves her before it's too late.

Abigail remains in her office and feels her stomach as she starts to cry.

JJ goes in to the club office and complains that Paige is so stubborn so he should just let her ruin her life. JJ takes his shirt off to change in to his uniform as Paige walks in, questioning him for walking away from her.

Xander questions Brady judging him when he and the rest of the family got handed everything. Xander calls him a drunk and an addict who Victor made the CEO. Xander says he fought for everything he got. Brady asks if he thinks he gets to try to kill people and calls him a screw up. Xander calls Brady spoiled, entitled, and arrogant. Xander tells him to rot in Hell then walks off.

Daniel and Nicole continue kissing.

Eric talks about everything being clear as he and Nicole were always connected somehow. Eric says facing the end together felt right. Eric confesses that they started to make love which Serena hears.

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