Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/23/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/23/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric insists to Nicole that Serena seems to be on to something or knows something about what happened between them. Eric mentions that Serena said she ran in to Nicole. Eric wonders if Serena was following them. Nicole notes that Serena didn't act like she overheard them. Eric says Serena said she was ticked off by something Nicole said so Nicole wonders what she said.

Brady doesn't want to chat with Serena. Serena asks Brady what he thinks Eric could have done that's troubling him.

Paige tells Jennifer that if she were her, she'd be more worried about JJ and his new friend, the drug dealer. Jennifer thinks she means Rory but Paige says this guy makes Rory look amateur.

JJ assures Kyle that he and Paige are done then questions him not trusting him. JJ says he's had enough and starts to walk away but stops.

Clyde goes to the hospital and meets with Anne. Clyde tells her that he was looking for her for a tour of the hospital. Anne says she would do anything for the hospital's biggest charity donor.

Kayla joins Abigail in her office at the hospital and asks how she's doing. Abigail claims she's great but brings up her pregnancy worries.

Chad goes in to the living room where Stefano is looking at an old photo of EJ and Sami. Stefano says he misses EJ terribly and Sami doesn't even want him to see his grandchildren. Stefano argues that Sami isn't in her right mind being left without EJ. Chad brings up all that he did to her. Stefano talks about how EJ and Sami fought but couldn't live without each other in the end. Stefano then compares that to Chad and Abigail.

Brady questions Serena eavesdropping on private conversations. Serena talks about noticing something is bothering Eric. Brady suggests Xander still being out there is it and tells her to help the police put him behind bars. Serena says she's told them everything she knows. Serena insists that she loves Eric but Brady says they are going to get some things straight right now.

Nicole tells Eric that they are okay. Eric questions how she knows. Nicole says it's not possible because she has had her guard up with Serena. Eric asks what she said to her. Nicole says she just threatened Serena's career and figures she's trying to get something on her through Eric. Eric thought she seemed pretty sure. Nicole figures that she just saw them together and wanted Eric to say something to clue her in. Nicole hopes he didn't do that.

Jennifer questions how Paige knows. Paige says she just thought she should know. Jennifer agrees and wishes it wasn't true. Paige tells her to just talk to JJ. Jennifer questions her seeing them together but Paige says it's not her business. Jennifer tells her she doesn't know how much she appreciates her telling her.

Kyle stops JJ and tells him to sit down as he was just being careful. JJ doesn't want to be tested and get down to business. Kyle asks for his list of regular customers. Kyle offers to buy it and then suggests working together down the line. Kyle wants JJ to drop something off to his brother for him. JJ is unsure about being an errand boy but Kyle just calls it a favor and a mutual showing of good faith. Kyle says he's delivering merchandise and showing he's for real. Kyle says he'll be in touch as JJ exits.

Clyde tells Anne that he's thinking about making another donation to the hospital but he has some questions that he needs answers. Clyde says he had a personal interest in the other charity as it was his daughter's idea. Anne praises Jordan and assures him that she's gotten deeply involved to make sure that charity is doing wonderful things. Anne jokes that Abigail is not the brightest though. Clyde stops her and informs her that Abigail is living with his son so she might someday be his daughter in law.

Abigail apologizes for snapping at Kayla. Kayla understands she was blindsided by the pregnancy and might be a little angry. Abigail says it's mostly at herself. Kayla says she has a big decision to make and needs to know why she's making it. Abigail says she'll get her life together after she finds out the paternity. Kayla asks if she will be happy if it's Ben's baby.

Chad tells Stefano to stop harping on him and Abigail because Abigail hates his guts. Stefano compares it to Sami and EJ.

Brady tells Serena that Eric hates her. Serena responds that it doesn't mean she stopped caring about him. Brady tells her to find someone else and stay away from Eric. Brady questions Serena working at the hospital. Serena says it's a grant. Brady brings up being on the board and threatens to make sure she doesn't get it.

Eric assures Nicole that he didn't say anything for Serena to latch on to as he kept turning it around on her and Xander. Nicole calls him a great guy but he sucks at lying so Serena might know that. They both assure that whatever Serena knows didn't come from each other. Nicole says she must be bluffing. Eric assures that they are going to stick together. Nicole then moves her hand and Eric sees the ring. Eric asks if she and Daniel are engaged which she admits they are. Eric points out her not saying anything. Nicole says she didn't know as Daniel sprung it on her today and she was going to tell him. Eric notes her being happy about it. Nicole says he knows she is. Nicole knows they came close to making love that night but it meant something different. Eric thought it could be a new beginning for them. Nicole says she was terrified. Eric remarks that he should've married her when he had the chance. Nicole responds that it wouldn't have worked out as she's not his type. Eric disagrees but he's happy for her and Daniel. Eric hopes Serena won't ruin it for her. Nicole declares nothing will ruin it and threatens to destroy Serena if she tries.

Serena tells Brady that the hospital has nothing to do with the grant so he can't do anything. Brady brings up being a Kiriakis. Serena insists on still loving Eric. Brady points out her smuggling diamonds. Serena says she's worried about what's troubling Eric. Brady blames her but Serena says it's somebody else's doing then walks off.

Anne apologizes to Clyde and says she just thinks Abigail is young and inexperienced but has improved. Anne asks if he wants to take the tour now but he has a few questions first. Clyde says he's been thinking about a different department, prenatal care.

Abigail assures Kayla that she'd be happy if Ben was the father. Kayla wants her to be honest as she senses something when she talks about Chad. Abigail questions her. Kayla senses that Abigail's feelings for Chad are unresolved.

Chad tells Stefano that it's too late as Abigail is living with Ben. Stefano brings up how Sami was married to Rafe. Stefano talks about Sami and EJ causing each other so much pain but finally accepted that they were meant for each other. Stefano asks if that's what he wants for he and Abigail.

JJ goes home and calls Agent Watts. JJ informs him that he just took a package to Kyle's brother and he gave him drug money. JJ says they have to meet on what to do next. Jennifer then appears behind him and questions what he's gotten himself in to now.

Eric worries about Nicole wanting to destroy Serena. Nicole says she can handle Serena and they are the only ones who know what they almost did. They agree not to say anything to anyone. Nicole feels things will be fine. Eric hopes so because Nicole is the person who has the most to lose. Eric says he cares about her and always will as he hugs her then congratulates her. Nicole thanks him and he exits. Nicole tells herself that Serena is next.

Clyde talks about his late wife carrying a child when she passed away. Clyde connects this to being interested in prenatal vitamins. Clyde wants to honor her memory by donating money so that women can get those tests easier. Clyde wants to see that department on the tour so he exits with Anne.

Chad feels Stefano is more about what he's missing out on and the property that Abigail is inheriting. Stefano argues that it's about wanting Chad to be with the woman he loves and says he will do everything to make that happen.

Kayla tells Abigail that she is her only concern and she knows the pregnancy is a shock and it's a difficult time. Kayla wants her to be honest with her feelings. Abigail says that she is. Kayla wants her to be prepared to not get the results that she's looking for. Abigail says she will find out the truth and then maybe she can wake up from this nightmare.

Paige walks through the town square and gets a call from Kyle, asking to meet for coffee at the club. Paige agrees to see him soon. Paige hangs up as Bev appears and questions what kind of game she's playing.

Jennifer questions JJ putting an envelope in his backpack and heard a rumor that he has a new friend in a drug dealer. JJ says he was planning to explain everything to her. Jennifer tells him to make it the truth. JJ sits down with her and explains that he was approached by a DEA agent to work for them. Jennifer questions what they want him to do. JJ says with his history and reputation, he could go undercover for them. JJ assures it's their idea not his as the DEA wants to stop the flow of hard drugs in Salem. Jennifer continues to question it. JJ tells her that it's Agent Watts and Roman but no one else so she can't tell anyone else. JJ explains how he got them to agree to let him tell her. Jennifer realizes how important this but is scared of something happening to him.

Anne finishes the tour with Clyde and he thanks her. Clyde talks about being so impressed with the lab and all the tests they can run on babies. Anne mentions Martin being the guy that runs that lab. Clyde says he will be in touch as Abigail walks by. Anne rushes off and Clyde greets Abigail. She asks what he's doing there. Clyde responds that he was looking for her.

JJ tells Jennifer not to be scared as they will train him and he's already approached the guy. JJ insists he wants to do this and he has to do this. Jennifer understands. JJ says it's especially important to him because he sold drugs and hurt people badly. JJ adds that maybe if he does this, it will make up for all the bad stuff he did. Jennifer thinks he's talking about Paige now.

Bev accuses Paige of flirting with Kyle just to make JJ mad which works and now she's having coffee with him. Paige argues that she doesn't know what she's like. Paige adds that what she has to tell her will make her real happy.

Brady goes to Eric's and says he's decided he is really worried about him.

Nicole goes to Serena's and tells her they are going to settle something. Nicole knows what she said to Eric and says it will get her nothing.

Paige tells Bev that she should go for JJ. Bev mocks having her permission. Paige says she doesn't want any part of him so Bev might have a shot. Paige adds that he still might break her heart. Bev tells her to stuff her warning as they know who JJ is. Bev argues that Paige knew what she was getting into. Paige declares that she and JJ are right for each other then suggests she not let JJ meet her mother as she storms off.

Jennifer realizes JJ wants to do this to make up for what he did to Paige. Jennifer tells him this won't change what happened. Jennifer says Paige wants to start a new life. JJ tells her that the drug dealer is who she is making her new life with.

Anne finds Kayla in the waiting room and she's looking for Dr. Burns to tell him about Clyde's tour. Anne talks about Clyde being impressed and that she thinks he will make a donation. Anne says they cut their conversation short because they ran in to Abigail.

Abigail asks why Clyde was looking for her. Clyde wanted to apologize for barging in on her and Hope. Abigail tells him that it was nice to try and fix the sink. Clyde says he'd do anything for her as she has made Ben happier than he's been in his entire life.

Nicole questions Serena visiting Eric to stir up trouble and what that gets her. Serena wants it stop her from publishing an article alleging that she is the brains behind Xander's illegal activity. Nicole goes over what she did with the diamonds and using Eric. Serena says she had to get the diamonds or Xander was going to kill Eric to get them. Serena adds that she warned Nicole to stay away from Xander but wouldn't listen. Nicole says she was going to give her one chance to save her ass. Serena can't wait to hear it. Nicole says she's made Eric's life a living hell for long enough so she suggests Serena just stay away from Eric, her, Brady, and Daniel. Nicole thinks she should be sick of being told off and promises to do something for her if she does that.

Brady can tell Eric is struggling with something big and won't talk about. Eric claims he'll be okay. Brady doesn't believe him and brings up Eric coming to him when he was struggling. Eric admits that there is something going on but says Brady has to give him his word that it will stay between them.

Kyle talks on the phone then says he has to go as Paige arrives. Kyle tells her that she looks amazing. Kyle says he has to send a text and then they will have some fun. Paige says it sounds good.

Jennifer can't believe Paige would take up with a drug dealer. JJ says she doesn't care what happens to her anymore. Jennifer calls it horrible but says it's up to Paige and Eve. JJ tells her that Eve has no clue. Jennifer tells JJ that whatever Paige does is up to her so she's not his concern anymore. JJ questions doing nothing while a guy could get her hooked on drugs or worse. Jennifer argues that Paige will come to her senses eventually and see through him. JJ asks what if she doesn't. Jennifer knows he's trying to be responsible and brave but he has to do this because it's right and important and so can't be about Paige. Kyle texts JJ asking if he saw his brother.

Abigail tells Clyde that Ben makes her happy too. Clyde is glad to hear and knows Ben had a hard growing up thanks to him. Clyde was afraid he might never be happy but now he is. Kayla sees them and approaches. Kayla mentions his hospital tour. Abigail tells Clyde it was nice to see him again and goes back to work. Kayla asks Clyde about his donation. Clyde says they can count on him doing that. Clyde states that you reap what you sow. Kayla gets a call and steps away. Clyde then walks away as Chad arrives at the hospital, looking for Abigail. Chad asks a nurse where Abigail is and she sends him to her office as Clyde watches from around the corner. Chad goes on to see Abigail in her office. Abigail asks what he wants. Chad tells her that they have to talk.

Serena questions how Nicole could help her. Nicole brings up Serena's new job at the hospital. Serena tells her to make her point. Nicole says she won't have that job for long if she writes the article on her and she won't get another one as it will go viral but she will let it go and not write a word on one condition: she goes away. Nicole tells her to go back to Africa and start her life over far away. Nicole wants her to leave Eric and the rest of them alone. Nicole goes to leave but Serena stops her and remarks that Nicole is scared to death. Serena asks what she's so afraid of.

Brady tells Eric that nothing he tells him will leave this room and promises it will stay between them. Eric reveals to Brady that he has fallen in love with Nicole again.

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