Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/21/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/21/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena goes to see Eric, who is packing up boxes. Marlena asks him what's going on. Eric responds that he is starting over.

Serena looks out the window and thinks back to overhearing Nicole and Eric. She wonders what happened between them.

Nicole comes home and calls out to Daniel but no one answers. Nicole figures Daniel must be delayed at the hospital. She looks over at the drawer that Daniel stopped her from opening before. She opens it as Daniel sneaks out from the back in a suit.

Will tells Sonny that it's his parents decision and he knows it's hard but he'll have to let it go. Sonny says it's only been a few hours. Will apologizes for being insensitive. Sonny talks about thinking they still loved each other. Will says there is still love there but divorce is just how some marriages end. Will remarks that it could happen to hem.

Clyde looks over the paper he took a photo of and finds out the pre-natal vitamins that Kayla has Abigail on. Clyde realizes that Abigail is pregnant and wonders what she is trying to pull. Ben interrupts him and asks him what's wrong.

Hope asks what Rafe really knows about Ben. Rafe says he despises his dad but they seemed to have work things out recently. Hope points out that Clyde is now actively in his life. Rafe adds that he's been paying his way and it seems they have been together a lot lately. Rafe asks why Hope is suddenly asking him about Ben. Aiden interrupts and greets them. Aiden asks if Hope got in touch with Abigail.

Abigail goes through the park where she sees Chad with Arianna. Abigail watches as Chad talks to Arianna about the daughter he lost. Chad states that he would've been a great dad but never really had the chance. Abigail turns to walk away but Chad turns around and sees her.

Marlena knows Eric is having some pain right now. Eric tells her that he will survive. Marlena tells him that memories of Serena will fade and there will be somebody else for him. Eric thinks back to kissing Nicole and responds that it's not happening.

Nicole finds a welcome home drawing from Parker in the drawer. Daniel tells Nicole that he was just getting ready for their lunch date. Nicole asks if he's not mad about her opening the drawer. Daniel says he knew she would go right for the drawer. Nicole tells Daniel that she loves surprises.

Abigail greets Arianna and tells Chad that she thought Ben would still be there. Ben explains that everybody bailed after the game and Lucas had to go but Will is coming soon. Chad asks her if everything is okay. She says she's fine. Chad recalls her not feeling well but Abigail tells him to back off as it's none of his business.

Clyde tells Ben nothing is wrong with him and asks about him. Ben tells him that he just got done with basketball with the guys including Chad. Ben mentions knocking Chad on his ass a few times. Clyde asks if Abigail was there to see that.

Abigail apologizes for snapping. Chad just hopes she's okay. Abigail insists that she's fine. Chad gives Arianna to Abigail and refers to her as woman with child. Abigail admits she overheard Chad talking about Grace and thought it was really sweet. Chad talks about thinking about her a lot lately and how it's crazy to think he had a daughter. Chad notes that something is bothering her and wants to know what it is.

Sonny questions Will where that came from. Will says he's just saying and they've worked so hard to get things back to where they were but they have to be realistic. Will assures that he doesn't think their marriage will end in divorce. Will thinks he's finally able to accept that he did some very unforgivable things. Sonny feels he's owned it. Will says he still has work to do on himself. Will declares that Paul was right. Sonny admits he never thought he would hear him say that. Will talks about having Sonny when he came out while Paul had nobody and is famous so he can't imagine how difficult that would be but he's been really smart about it by taking things slow. Sonny asks if Will wishes he would've taken things slower and maybe not have gotten married.

Hope tells Aiden that she got with Abigail but it was nothing important. Aiden thought she was anxious about it but Hope assures him. Rafe interrupts and tells them that he got Ciara a gig to umpire a little league game and offers to pick up Chase too. Aiden agrees since he has something to do and will be a little late. Aiden praises Ciara.

Nicole talks about knowing how protective Daniel is of Parker. Nicole admits having doubts because some things are too good to be true but now she has no doubts. Daniel assures her that he meant every word and kisses her. Nicole talks about the drawer then realizes that wasn't what Daniel was hiding in there. She asks what he was hiding in there but Daniel won't tell.

Marlena sees that Eric is hurting and knows it may be confusing. Marlena asks if he wants to talk about it. Eric thinks back to Nicole telling him about moving in with Daniel. Eric tells Marlena that he's sorry but he can't talk to her about this. Marlena says it's so hard to see him hurting like this. Marlena talks about Eric being vulnerable to Nicole and Serena but they both betrayed him so she imagines he has trust issues. Eric tells her that she doesn't understand what's happening. Marlena tells him that she loves him so much and she really wants to see him happy. Serena arrives as Marlena goes to leave.

Daniel tells Nicole that they have a reservation for their lunch date. Nicole questions what he was hiding in the drawer. Daniel says she'll find out soon enough and if he told her now, it wouldn't be a surprise. They exit together.

Will tells Sonny that the day they got married was the happiest day of his life and he has no regrets. He wants them to be married forever. Sonny feels the same but thinks maybe they pushed things. Will admits he may have jumped in for the wrong reasons as he felt safer and accepted but he loved him then and now. Will brings up their parents. Sonny says some marriages have an early expiration date. Will adds that a lot of people they know have gone through tough times and come out stronger. Sonny declares they'll have to take it one day at a time, together.

Ben jokes with Clyde about knocking Chad down during the basketball game. Clyde says it's too bad Abigail couldn't see it. Clyde asks if everything is good between them. Ben says yes and asks why it wouldn't be. Clyde says he just knows how Chad gets Ben riled up. Ben assures him they are done and Abigail is with him. Clyde is glad that Ben doesn't have to worry about Chad ever again. Ben walks off while Clyde remarks that he has no clue about Abigail being pregnant.

Abigail insists to Chad that she's fine. Chad tries to get through to her but Abigail tells him that he can't take back the things he said to her. Chad states that there's no way she can know the truth which Abigail questions. Abigail asks what truth he's talking about. Will interrupts as he arrives to get Arianna. Chad tells him that they had a great time. Will thanks him for watching her. Chad adds that it was nice to watch Arianna with Abigail too. Will says he knows who to call to babysit. Chad then exits. Will tells Abigail to come with him to his place so they can talk.

Aiden kisses Hope and tells her that he has to go meet a client but will text her when he's free. Aiden says he'll see them at the game later and exits. Hope thanks Rafe. Rafe says he reacted on instinct to his partner being under the gun. Rafe asks Hope why she was so anxious to see Abigail. Hope thinks back to finding out that Abigail is pregnant.

Chad goes to see Sonny at the office. Chad thanks him for dragging him in to the basketball game. Chad brings up how things always are with he and Ben. Sonny asks what's going on and what he really came to talk about. Chad doesn't want to drag him in to it but Sonny guesses it's Abigail.

Marlena questions what Serena is doing there. Eric says he can deal with her so Marlena exits. Serena thanks him and walks in. Serena says it means a lot that he would even see her. Eric asks what she wants.

Daniel and Nicole have lunch at a new restaurant. Daniel has her uncover a napkin off of a basket for a surprise.

Will goes home with Abigail and asks her what was going down with her and Chad. Abigail says nothing but Will knows something was going on and asks if one of them upset the other. Abigail tells Will that Chad said there was a truth that she didn't know but it was probably him playing games. Abigail tells Will that she didn't tell him that she's pregnant. Will asks if she's thought any more about what she will do if Chad is the father. Abigail says that's all she thinks about.

Chad tells Sonny about Abigail coming by the park while he was with Arianna and she's really good with her. Sonny brings up her being with Ben now and asks what happened between them.

Hope tells Rafe that she and Abigail were discussing family stuff that she can't get into. Rafe says it's obvious she's worried about her. Rafe says she may fool Aiden but he knows her. Hope questions if he's saying he knows her and Aiden doesn't.

Clyde wonders why Abigail wouldn't tell Ben that she's pregnant and why she would keep a secret like that. Clyde recalls Ben telling him that Abigail slept with Chad and realizes it's still a secret because she doesn't know who the dad is.

Abigail assures Will that she's not having an abortion. Will asks what if Chad is the father. Abigail claims she will leave the country and live in Europe again. Will questions how she would explain that. Abigail asks if this is what he calls helping. Abigail says she will deal with it later but if she's not here then no one will know she's pregnant. Abigail adds that keeping it a secret is a lot harder than she thought. Will asks if someone else knows. Abigail informs him that Hope knows but promised not to say anything. Abigail explains that Hope doesn't know about the question of paternity. Abigail repeats that she can't say in Salem if Chad is the father of her baby. She will have to get out and says Will is going to have to help her.

Chad tells Sonny that nothing happened with he and Abigail. Sonny recalls Abigail going off on Chad when she first moved in with Ben because he had pissed her off. Sonny questions what he did and says he won't leave it alone because he sees how Chad looks at her and knows he cares about her. Chad says he's a jerk and he treated her like dirt so he's getting exactly what he deserves.

Will tells Abigail to breathe. He says Chad is a DiMera but her family can protect her. Abigail says it's not just Chad, Stefano, or her family. Will knows Ben is part of this too. Abigail states that Ben hates Chad so he would never ever forgive her for this. Abigail says she wouldn't either. Abigail feels she's incapable of being loyal and loving someone. Abigail wonders what' s wrong with her. Will hugs her and tells her that she made a mistake but there can still be a happy ending as Ben could still be the father. Abigail hopes that's true because then everything would be perfect. Will questions her. Abigail repeats that everything is fine if Ben is the father. Will says he has to ask, if she runs away, is it because of Chad or because of how she feels?

Clyde looks up paternity tests on his phone and finds out they can't be taken until at least eight weeks which is coming up soon.

Rafe tells Hope that he didn't mean it like that but it was obvious she's worried about Abigail. Hope admits she is but can't talk about it. Rafe says that's fine and her call. Rafe apologizes as Hope and Aiden are crazy about each other. Rafe then utters that Aiden would be even crazier about her if he knew her like he does.

Serena brings up the art fair to Eric and says she's contributing the photo that he gave her when she first came to Salem. Eric asks if they're done. Serena says there is one more thing that she's not sure what to do with it. Eric complains about her smuggling diamonds with Xander. Serena gives him back the art piece that he gave her and says she doesn't deserve it. Eric argues that she only cares about how much it's worth. Serena notes that he's packing a lot of things. Eric responds that he's getting rid of everything that reminds him of Africa and her.

Nicole finds bread in the bread basket. Daniel tells her this place bakes the best bread in the city. She double checks the basket and praises the bread. Daniel then states that he can't do this as he wanted them to be here for a specific reason about them. Daniel says he doesn't want to torture her through an entire meal but things can't go on like this so it's time to cut to the chase.

Clyde thinks back to listening in on Chad and Stefano talking about Abigail inheriting land in Ireland. Clyde states that the last thing Ben wants is to let all that money slip through his fingers even if his girlfriend is a DiMera whore.

Abigail asks what Will means. Will says if it's Chad's baby, it wouldn't be great but running away is not ideal. Will brings up keeping Chad from his child after how he lost Grace. Abigail calls it the only choice. Will says she can tell herself that but not telling him would be a pretty rotten thing. Abigail cries that if Chad is the father and she stays. Will asks her if she's in love with Chad. Abigail says no and questions how she could be. Abigail decides she's not going to talk about this. Abigail stops Will and rushes out.

Sonny asks Chad what they are talking about here and if it's something recent. Sonny says Chad obviously still cares about Abigail and asks why he would treat her like dirt. Chad responds that he's a DiMera and that's what they do. Sonny disagrees but Chad insists that he treated her badly because he could and maybe he had to but it doesn't make a difference. Chad then exits.

Serena tells Eric that it hurts that he's getting rid of so many beautiful things. Eric tells her that she can go now. Eric tells her not to even try to blame Nicole and just go. Eric adds that whatever Nicole said goes double for him. Serena stops and asks Eric what did happen when Xander had them locked up and they almost died. Serena questions what really happened between Eric and Nicole.

Nicole tells Daniel that they should have a glass of wine first then maybe they will be more relaxed and Daniel wouldn't be so intense. Daniel pulls out the ring and gets down on one knee as he proposes to Nicole.

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