Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/20/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/20/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny calls Rafe from the club. Rafe asks where he is for the basketball game. Sonny tells him that he's still at the club waiting for T but he'll be there soon. Rafe informs him that he's the only one there. Sonny wonders why Will and Lucas haven't shown up yet.

Will catches up to Paul outside. Paul realizes he saw him talking to Sonny and is now here to tell him to stay away. Paul says he can't keep doing this. Paul tells him that even if Sonny was available, he's not ready for that kind of commitment so he's not after Sonny. Will stops him from leaving and asks for a minute. Will tells Paul that he spoke to his grandmother about him. Paul thinks back to dealing with Kate and says they have nothing else to say to each other.

Adrienne goes to Sonny and Will's hoping that Sonny is there because she needs him but Lucas answers the door. Adrienne asks what he's doing there. Lucas tells her that Sonny left and he's watching Arianna as he is sitting out the basketball game after hurting himself at the gym. Lucas invites her in and tells her that Arianna is asleep now. Lucas asks her what's going on.

Kate goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and complains to Justin about Paul. Justin stares at the divorce papers as Kate asks if something is wrong. Justin thanks her for taking the meeting. Kate expected him to be there. Justin says it couldn't be helped. Kate tells him it better have been important.

Chad approaches Ben in the town square and tells him that they need to talk about Abigail. Ben asks what about her. Chad says he just needs to know if she's okay.

Hope tells Abigail that they will find a way to deal with this. Abigail says she just needs time to process it. Clyde then arrives which surprises them. Abigail wipes tears so Clyde asks her what's wrong. Abigail says she's fine but Clyde notes that she doesn't look fine. Hope interrupts to tell him it's a family thing so she's sure he understands. Clyde says Abigail living with his son makes them family too so he asks what he can do to help.

Ben tells Chad that Abigail is fine and asks why she wouldn't be. Chad brings up Abigail not feeling well when he came over. Ben calls it no big deal. Chad says that's good to hear and walks away.

Sonny calls T and says he doesn't want to upset his girlfriend but it's just a pick up basketball game for an hour. Sonny decides he'll have to find a replacement and hangs up. Chad arrives so Sonny asks what he's doing right now.

Paul tells Will that his grandmother wants to make his life as hard as possible because she hates him as much as Will does. Will realizes Paul is talking about Kate while he is talking about Marlena. Will tells Paul that Marlena likes him well enough. Paul tells Will not to worry because he'll steer clear of he and Sonny.

Rafe talks on the phone about local gangs and tells his friend Tim to send it to his e-mail. Rafe thanks him and hangs up. Ben joins him for the game and notes he's distracted by his phone so he asks what's up. Rafe says it's just some supplier stuff and he's ready now. Ben asks where everybody else is. Rafe explains that Sonny is waiting on T while Will and Lucas are late. Ben says they better hurry because he's meeting Abigail later. Ben jokes with Rafe about living together but says it's great. Rafe is glad and says they deserve to be happy.

Abigail tells Clyde that it's nothing for him to worry about and Ben's not there. Clyde explains that Ben told him about the kitchen sink so he's there to take a quick look. Abigail pulls Hope aside and assures her that no one can know about this. Hope hugs her while Clyde works on the sink.

Adrienne tells Lucas that there is nothing to tell but Lucas can tell something is wrong. Adrienne says it's nothing new that she wasn't expecting as it's been coming for weeks. Lucas realizes it's Justin. Adrienne informs him that she signed the divorce papers and gave them to Justin this morning.

Justin tells Kate to focus on her job, not his. Kate says she is but he insisted on hiring Paul while she had doubts that he overruled. Kate says now if Paul torpedoes the whole campaign, she doesn't want to feel the heat. Justin tells her that Paul is part of Mad World now so Kate has to find a way to make it work or leave. Kate tells him that she can handle Paul. Justin questions her fit. Kate says it's because of them. Justin shouts that it's the wrong day for this discussion. Kate talks about Victor making everything have to be approved by him. Justin doesn't want a fight but Kate feels it's a perfect time to get things straight and she's not leaving until they do.

Ben thanks Rafe. Sonny arrives so Rafe questions where T is. Sonny explains that he drafted a replacement as Chad arrives. Rafe jokes that he's always glad to knock him on his ass. Sonny adds that Will must have gotten held up. Sonny and Chad go to get ready. Rafe asks Ben if he's sure he's okay with Chad. Ben says why not. Sonny suggests a 2 on 2 game until Will and Lucas get there. Will arrives but informs them that Lucas is injured though he found a replacement and reveals Paul.

Hope tells Abigail that at some point she will have to tell Jennifer and Ben. Abigail says she just needs time to be sure. Hope asks what she needs to be sure of. Abigail says that everything is fine and she needs to shower before work. Clyde says the valve needs to be replaced so he'll go get the part. Hope suggests arranging with Ben. Abigail mentions having to get to work. Clyde apologizes for interfering and says he'll come back another time. Clyde tells them to take care and exits. Hope tells Abigail that she can go about her day now. Hope knows this is huge but asks if there is something else she wants to tell her. Abigail thinks back to talking to Will.

Kate shows Justin about Mad World taking over an area from Countess Wilhelmina. Justin is glad she's on their side as not many people could throw their own son under the bus. Kate argues that Lucas understands it's business. Kate says all he has to do is let her do her job. Justin responds that's what he's counting on. Justin apologizes for earlier as he had a tough morning. Kate understands it's hard when a relationship is crumbling. Kate asks if he's sure this is what he wants. Justin informs her that they signed the papers. Kate asks if he's sure they really want it to be over because this is not what someone looks like when they want a divorce. Kate suggests he and Adrienne should fight to save their marriage.

Lucas is sure it still hurt. Adrienne brings up their history together but they both came to the same place that they need to do this for their future for now and there's no going back. Lucas asks if she would go back if she could. Adrienne responds damn right that she would.

Everyone agrees on the basketball game of Sonny, Chad, and Paul against Will, Rafe, and Ben. Sonny and Paul step aside. Sonny asks him to explain. Paul tells him that Will asked him to play so Sonny decides this is great and they go to play.

Hope knows this is huge and unexpected. Abigail assures that she's not considering terminating the pregnancy but she wants to know all there is to know before dealing with other people. Hope tells her that they are there and Ben will help. Hope adds that she's there day or night as she hugs her. Hope promises they will get through this and tells her to let her know how she's doing later. Hope tells her not to worry as she exits. Clyde comes back around the corner and approaches the door.

Justin questions Kate having an ulterior motive for him fighting for his marriage. Kate claims she wants him focused on his work. Justin asks if she wouldn't be happy to see Lucas and Adrienne apart. They don't want to see them together but Justin tells her to stay out of it. Kate argues that Justin had an ulterior motive in bringing Paul back to town and giving him a job. Justin says he just created possibility and then left it alone. Kate suggests they could create a possibility that would keep Lucas and Adrienne apart. Justin calls her relentless. Kate says he's her son. Justin knows what it's like but has a hard time imagining Lucas as anybody's baby boy.

Lucas tells Adrienne that he didn't see that coming. Adrienne asks if he wouldn't go back to when he and Sami got together to make it work. Lucas admits that he would and understands. Lucas asks what she's going to do now. Adrienne says that Justin said she could stay at the mansion for awhile. Lucas questions Victor going for that. Adrienne says Victor needs Justin for work but she won't stay long as to not push Victor. Lucas tells her that he's there if she needs to talk. Lucas says it may not be the right time but asks if they can do dinner soon. Adrienne accepts.

The guys finish the first half of the game. Sonny questions Ben coming down hard on Chad but Ben says he's just playing. Will asks Sonny if everything is okay. Sonny says he didn't think about it being a bad idea to bring Chad because of how he and Ben go at it all the time. Will thinks back to Abigail's pregnancy but tells Sonny it's nothing. Paul talks to Rafe and Chad about Mad World. They joke about the Vanquish product line name. Will, Paul, and Sonny joke around. Ben sits back and asks Chad how his face is. Chad asks if he got it all out of his system but Ben says he has a lot of game left in him. Will asks Chad if everything is okay. Chad tells him that he likes winning while Ben doesn't like losing but he better get used to it. Chad questions if Will invited Paul. Will says sure. Chad says that's not how he heard it. Will calls it a friendly game of basketball but Chad feels he's keeping his friends close and his enemies closer.

Abigail sends a text to work that she will be in soon and goes to shower. Clyde sneaks back in to the apartment and grabs Abigail's phone.

Justin tells Kate that as much as he would love to blame Lucas, it's not his fault. Justin admits to being the one who was unfaithful and gone for months. Kate argues that it wasn't just him alone. Justin says there comes a time when you decide to either work on your marriage or punt and he punted. Kate encourages Justin to move on. Justin assures her that he can handle business. Kate tells him that she will e-mail him the files and goes to leave. Justin tells her to look out for herself. Kate assures that she can take care of herself as she exits.

Chad, Sonny, and Paul win the basketball game. Rafe and Ben talk about a rematch. Rafe offers Ben more shifts at the nightclub but Ben says he's good as Clyde is pitching in. Ben tells Rafe that it's okay as Clyde is different and things are different. Rafe asks how Jordan is with it. Ben says they don't talk about that because there's no point with anyone that has a close mind about it. Ben leaves for work. Sonny asks Rafe about Ben leaving. Rafe says he's good. Rafe tells them it was a great game and exits. Paul calls it weird and asks Chad what that was about but Sonny says it's a long story. Will decides to get going. Sonny asks if Chad is coming to the club. Chad says he has meetings. Will asks Paul to help him get stuff back to the club so they walk off.

Clyde checks that Abigail has no new messages to Chad so maybe she's trying to behave herself. Clyde reaches in to her bag and finds a paper that he takes a picture of on his phone. Clyde then sneaks back out. Abigail comes out of the shower.

Lucas brings Arianna to the park and comes across Chad. Chad informs him that he just missed Sonny and Will as they went to the club with Paul since Will invited him. Lucas calls that interesting. Lucas gets a work call. Lucas says it's unbelievable but he's on it and wants a call to legal to help. Lucas says he'll be right there. Chad notes it didn't sound good. Lucas tells him it's Mad World but assures Chad that everything is good. Lucas feels he has no choice but to take Arianna to his meeting. Chad calls Will and tells him that Lucas has to go to the office so he offers to stay with Arianna until Will can come get her. Chad puts Lucas on the phone. Lucas apologizes but Will assures him that Chad is great with Arianna so Lucas gives her to Chad. Chad tells Lucas to call him after the meeting. Lucas says to call him if he needs anything with her. Lucas exits.

Adrienne goes to the club where she finds Will and asks if Sonny is around. Will informs her that Sonny is in the back with Paul which surprises her as Will explains that they had a basketball game together. Adrienne questions him being okay with that. Will says he invited him and he has to get used to Paul being in Salem. Will asks Adrienne if she's alright. She responds that she will be but needs to talk to Sonny as it's important. Will tells her to sit and he'll go get him.

Paul tells Sonny that this was fun. Sonny asks why he thinks Will invited him. Paul admits he doesn't know and talks about blasting him thinking he would walk away and he was a jerk. Paul says Will was really nice today. Sonny feels this is good and normal. Will comes in and tells them not to sound so surprised as he just wants them all to get along. Sonny feels the same. Will tells Sonny that Adrienne is there and really needs to talk to him so Sonny exits. Paul tells Will that he owes him an apology.

Hope meets Rafe outside the club and asks what his contact found out. Rafe informs her that Salem was already on his radar as drug sales are up. Rafe adds that if the FBI could've made a case, they would've and they already know the source. Hope questions if they do. Rafe states that they have every reason to believe it's Clyde.

Kate meets Clyde in the town square, ready for a drink but Clyde cancels, saying something came up and he has to handle it. Kate questions if it can't wait an hour. Clyde calls it business and is sure she understands that. Kate is disappointed. Clyde tells her they will spend time together, just not today as he walks away.

Abigail realizes Ben forgot his watch so she decides to take a detour through the park on the way to work. Abigail tells herself that it's just two weeks and she will know who the father is. She decides she has to do this as she exits.

Will tells Paul that he doesn't owe him an apology as he knows why he reacted the way he did. Paul still feels it wasn't fair. Will assures him that it wasn't a big deal and they had a good time. Will suggests Paul and Derrick do something with he and Sonny some time. Paul would like that and says they will all get together soon. Paul exits and sees Sonny hugging Adrienne. Adrienne tells him it will be okay and exits the club. Paul joins Sonny and asks how Adrienne is. Sonny responds that she's shocked but alright. Sonny says he saw it coming but doesn't know. Sonny says his parents couldn't make it work and are officially getting a divorce. Will comes out from the back. Paul tells Will that Sonny needs him so Will goes over and hugs Sonny. Will asks if she signed the papers. Sonny can't believe they are over.

Rafe tells Hope about when Clyde came to town compared to Hope's arrest records. Hope asks what Rafe really knows about Ben. Rafe says he despises his dad but they seemed to have work things out recently. Hope points out that Clyde is now actively in his life. Rafe adds that he's been paying his way and it seems they have been together a lot lately. Rafe asks why Hope is suddenly asking him about Ben.

Ben finds Kate in the town square and thought she was having lunch with Clyde. Kate tells him that he had to cancel. Ben is sure he didn't want to and must have had something come up. Ben assures that he had a good reason or he never would have bailed. Kate hopes so. Kate advises Ben to think twice before he takes Abigail for granted. Ben responds that he would never. Kate says men who do are usually in for an unpleasant surprise as she walks away.

Clyde looks over the paper he took a photo of and finds out the prenatal vitamins that Kayla has Abigail on.

Abigail goes through the park where she sees Chad with Arianna. Abigail watches as Chad talks to Arianna about the daughter he lost.

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