Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/17/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/17/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden and Hope wake up together. Hope checks her phone and can't believe she didn't call back. Aiden is glad because he has her for a bit longer as they kiss.

Justin goes to leave the Kiriakis Mansion when Adrienne arrives with the divorce papers. She informs him that she signed them.

Kate goes to the club and meets with Paul. She asks where Justin is but Paul doesn't know. Kate is sure he'll be there soon and suggests they remain silent until then.

Marlena and Will sit together at the Pub where Will admits his plan to Marlena to have Sonny see Paul and Derrick at the lake together but it turns out they are just friends.

Stefano sits at his chess table at the DiMera Mansion. Chad walks in. Clyde stands in the park listening in from where he bugged the DiMera Mansion. Stefano has a question for Chad and promises the absolute truth if he asks him something in return. Stefano asks Chad if he is in love with Abigail.

Abigail wakes up with Ben and sneaks out of bed to the trash can but Ben wakes up and asks what she is doing.

Adrienne wants Justin to say something. Justin stops to cancel his meeting because nothing is more important than this.

Chad admits to Stefano that he is in love with Abigail and then asks Stefano why he wants them to be together so damn much. Stefano says he's his son. Chad doesn't believe he's being honest. Stefano calls it part of his answer. Chad asks for the other part. Stefano wants them together because Abigail could be the key to maintaining the DiMera dynasty. Clyde remains listening in.

Ben asks Abigail if she's worried something got tossed in the trash by mistake. Ben jokes with Abigail about always staying neat. Ben mentions finding the telephone bill in the trash the other day. She questions him going through the trash. Ben responds that he found what he was looking for. Ben goes to take a shower so Abigail frantically searches through the trash and finds the pregnancy test is gone so she worries that he knows.

Will tells Marlena that he has to own what he did. Marlena feels it's a good step for him. She asks if he talked to Paul at the picnic. Marlena suggests if he got to know Paul as a person, he might not see him as the enemy. Will thinks she's only defending him because he's John's son. Marlena tells him that Paul is not going away so he has to get used to that idea whether he likes it or not.

Kate gets Justin's text that he is not coming so she tells Paul that it's just them. She shows him the contract. Paul questions the name of the cologne he's promoting being called "Vanquish". Kate thought it was strong and masculine, telling him that she came up with it.

Chad questions Stefano thinking Abigail can bankroll their future. Stefano explains that she has no idea that she is going to come in to an inheritance soon that's capable of ensuring their destiny.

Abigail worries about Ben knowing or if she's jumping to conclusions. Ben comes out so Abigail decides she should take her shower but Ben stops her and asks when she was going to tell him.

Aiden and Hope have breakfast in bed. They joke around and kiss until Aiden's phone rings. Hope goes to shower while Aiden answers the call and says this better be important.

Sonny and Rafe hang out with Arianna at home. Sonny asks Rafe if he's okay with Marlena taking Arianna to see Gabi. Rafe says the more Gabi sees her the better. Rafe asks how things are with Sonny and Will.

Marlena tells Will that he can't eradicate Paul as he's chosen to make his life here. Marlena brings up hearing about Derrick from John too. Marlena talks about John getting to know his new son better. Will remarks about Paul pointing out when people don't live up to his standards. Will brings up Paul saying that he and Sonny don't have any gay friends.

Kate tells Paul that he was hired to promote the product. Paul agrees to do it but continues questioning the name. Kate says the name is not set in stone so she asks Paul to come up with a better name within 24 hours. Paul tells her to forget it and he goes over the schedule. Kate mentions E news turning them down. Paul says he knows someone there so he will make a call. Kate questions what he's playing now. Paul says he's not here to break up Will's marriage. Kate point out he lived most of his life as a lie.

Justin asks Adrienne if she's sure this is what she wants. Adrienne wants the marriage she thought she had. Justin says he said and did a lot of stupid things but saying what she did with Lucas was worse than what he did with Elsa was ridiculous and mean. Adrienne understands but Justin doesn't understand how he could cause so much pain for someone he loves so much.

Abigail tells Ben that he's caught her by surprise. Abigail gets a phone call and has to take it so Ben goes to get dressed. Abigail answers the call from Hope. Abigail says she got her message but her phone died. Hope asks if it's a bad time. Hope asks if Ben is there. Abigail says he's about to go out. Hope mentions being at the apartment yesterday. Hope informs Abigail that the trash can was knocked over but she cleaned it up. Hope assures Abigail that Ben didn't see anything and she guesses she didn't want him to see anything. Abigail talks about worrying that he knew. Hope tells her that she doesn't have to say anything as only they know what was in the trash can. Hope tells Abigail that she'll be over after Ben leaves.

Chad asks if Stefano is making this up. Stefano asks why else he would want him with Abigail. Stefano explains that Abigail is inheriting land in Ireland from the woman who took care of her there. Chad continues questioning it. Stefano informs him that Abigail and the woman don't know what the land is sitting on which makes it so valuable. Clyde remains listening in from his bugging device. Chad questions Stefano's plan being to use the woman he loves to get around an old lady's dying wish. Stefano argues that there are always ways to get what you want and he has people working on it. Stefano tells Chad that he would not be cavalier about securing his future if he didn't have money. Chad remarks that the world could be a better place without a bunch of stinking rich DiMeras running around. Stefano responds that if he truly thinks that, then he hasn't been paying attention.

Sonny tells Rafe that they are still trying to deal with everything that happened. Rafe asks if he means Will and Paul. Sonny says Rafe was married so can understand what it's like. Rafe relates being married to Sami and EJ never giving up on her. Rafe brings up Paul staying in Salem. Sonny says Will is wrong about him. Rafe hopes he can convince him of that because Arianna's whole world depends on it.

Will tells Marlena that it's not that they don't want gay friends but it's just how it worked out as he already had best friends who are straight and Sonny's gay friends don't live in Salem. Marlena mentions having a gay community. Will argues that they have a different lifestyle and like to party while they have a kid. Will feels Arianna is his responsibility. Marlena tells him that they have babysitters and encourages him to go out with Sonny to make new friends. Will questions Paul being the gay guru and worries about Sonny meeting someone new. Marlena tells him to have more faith and stop trying to control every part of his relationship. Marlena promises that never works.

Paul questions Kate thinking of him as a liar. Kate points out that he lied to the world for years. Paul tells her that if she's the one advising Will on keeping his marriage, she's doing a poor job of it as he walks out of the club.

Adrienne tells Justin that this is a really weird time to tell her that he still loves her. The doorbell rings and Henderson is out so Justin goes to answer the door. Adrienne looks back at the divorce papers. Adrienne thinks back to their wedding and their times together. Justin comes back as Adrienne wipes tears from her eyes. Justin asks if she ever wonders how they got here. Adrienne figures they got off course one small step at a time. Justin talks about getting through everything in the past so suggests maybe they can..

Stefano gives Chad a list of charities for the hospital board. Chad questions him wanting him to marry Abigail's inheritance so he can keep up his good work. Stefano encourages Chad one day running the family with the woman he loves. Chad tells him that Abigail isn't in love with him and wants nothing to do with him. Stefano asks how she will feel after she finds out that Chad only treated her bad to protect her from him.

Ben finishes dressing up and asks Abigail if she's going to come clean now. Ben mentions Jennifer and Hope being there yesterday with all the house warming gifts. Ben says that Jennifer told him about Abigail calling her grandfather and telling him about them moving in together. Ben tells her how much that means to him and asks why she didn't say anything. Abigail says she just got busy and forgot. Ben says he will never forget it because it tells him how serious they are about being together. Hope arrives as Ben is heading out. Ben tells them to have a great visit and tells Abigail no more secrets as he exits. Hope asks Abigail if she wants to tell her about it.

Justin tells Adrienne that he did this. She says he started it but it's not all him. Adrienne feels Victor will put her out as soon as possible. Justin says he will handle him so she can take as long as she wants. Adrienne says she's just going to take it as it goes. Adrienne says she thought she'd be terrified but she's trying to be fine. Justin apologizes. Adrienne tells him not to beat himself up as they both knew something was missing and just wouldn't admit it. Justin thanks her for being decent about it. Adrienne feels there's no point in going at each other when this is hard enough as it is. Justin hopes she knows he loves her. Adrienne still loves him too and brings up raising four boys together. Adrienne declares this is the right thing for both of them. Adrienne decides she has to get out and heads upstairs.

Stefano tells Chad that he knows what is best for he, Abigail, and the family. Chad questions his definition of best. Clyde continues listening. Stefano tells Chad that Abigail is already living with Ben. Chad questions if that's what Abigail wants. Stefano argues that Abigail is only living with Ben because Chad told her that he didn't want her. Chad says it's too late for them but Stefano says not if he truly loves her.

Ben joins Clyde outside the town square and gives him his tuition bill. Ben thanks him for doing this. Clyde asks if he has time for coffee but Ben mentions having a basketball game with the guys. Clyde feels he has something on his mind. Ben says Abigail was acting kind of jumpy today but he has no clue why.

Abigail talks to Hope about being worried that Ben knew. Hope explains how she cleaned up the trash and found the pregnancy test. Hope promises that Jennifer didn't see it either. Hope is pretty sure she knows what is going on but would love to hear it from her. Hope asks what the test said and if she's pregnant.

Rafe finishes a run in the park and comes across Stefano. Stefano tells him that he's on his property and questions if he has a death wish because he has the power to grant it as one of his men approaches.

Will walks through the town square and his phone rings. He looks up and sees Sonny and Paul parting ways. Will tells himself to just let it go then decides screw that and goes after Paul.

Abigail confirms to Hope that she's pregnant as she already went to see Kayla. Hope asks when she's going to tell Ben and if anyone else knows. Hope says one other friend and asks her not to tell anyone else. Hope gives her word. Abigail needs more time to figure it out. Hope gets it and says she's always there to talk. Hope hugs her and assures that she'll be fine.

Clyde questions Ben having no idea what's bothering Abigail. Ben suggests maybe she wishes Chad would leave her alone. Ben explains Chad showing up at the apartment to return his watch when he could've just dropped it off at the club. Clyde questions Abigail's mood but Ben tells him to just let it go. Clyde feels it's hard to trust Abigail but Ben says that he does. Ben gets a text that the guy to fix their sink had to cancel. Ben walks away as Clyde remarks that there's a whole lot more going on than he knows.

Adrienne goes to Sonny and Will's hoping that Sonny is there because she needs him but the door opens and she asks what they are doing there.

Kate goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and complains to Justin about Paul. Justin stares at the divorce papers as Kate asks if something is wrong.

Will catches up to Paul outside. Paul realizes he saw him talking to Sonny and is now here to tell him to stay away. Paul says he can't keep doing this. Paul tells him that even if Sonny was available, he's not ready for that kind of commitment so he's not after Sonny. Will stops him from leaving.

Rafe tells Stefano that he's no threat. Stefano argues that he's trespassing. Rafe explains that the property line ends at the big rock. Rafe says he's just out for a jog. Stefano questions him spying for Victor. Rafe says he's doing this on his own. Stefano brings up two women leaving him and he can't play policeman. Rafe responds that he also doesn't have any restraints that he did as a cop. Rafe tells Stefano that it made his day to hear he was coming back to town. Rafe tells him to have a good one and exits.

Chad approaches Ben in the town square and tells him that they need to talk about Abigail.

Hope tells Abigail that they will find a way to deal with this. Abigail says she just needs time to process it. Clyde then arrives which surprises them. Abigail wipes tears so Clyde asks her what's wrong.

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