Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/16/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/16/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kyle questions what JJ's problem is and why who Paige hangs out with is his business. Paige interrupts and asks why that would be any of JJ's business. Paige tells JJ to get the hell out of his life and stay out.

Jennifer returns to her table while Eve hides. Jennifer finds Paige left as she sits back down. Eve watches as Jennifer prepares to take a drink. Eve thinks back to the side effects of overdosing on the anxiety medication.

Aiden walks through the town square making reservations for a room. Aiden mentions that it's for an anniversary and he wants everything to be perfect.

Daniel starts taking Nicole's boxes to the bedroom. Hope picks up a box that fell over and accidentally finds an engagement ring as Daniel returns. Hope explains that it just fell out. Daniel asks if she likes it. Hope calls it none of her business. Daniel wants a female point of view. Hope calls it exquisite. Daniel is glad she likes it and asks if she'll keep his secret. Hope is surprised he's going to propose to Nicole. Daniel states that it just feels right now for both of them.

Nicole asks if she can count on Eric to keep this to himself or is he going to tell Daniel what happened between them. Serena then appears around the corner behind them. Eric doesn't want to talk about it here. Nicole calls it the most important thing in her life right now and asks if he's going to tell Daniel or not as Serena listens in.

Kyle asks if there's a problem. Paige informs him that JJ is the loser boyfriend she referenced earlier. She tells Kyle not to believe anything JJ says because everything out of his mouth is a total lie.

Eve watches Jennifer but she ends up throwing out her drink.

Hope asks Daniel about flowers and champagne. Daniel explains that he's not going to propose tonight. Daniel feels the news doesn't thrill Hope and guesses that she thinks he's making a mistake.

Eric assures Nicole that he would never hurt her. She points out that he hasn't answered her question. Eric says he has a lot of work to do and walks away. Nicole comments that she doesn't have a choice. Serena then approaches Nicole.

Hope tells Daniel that proposing seems rushed. Daniel understands she thinks he's proposing because she almost died. Daniel says he came close to losing her and realized he's never going to take that chance again.

Nicole questions why Serena is everywhere she turns around. Serena calls her paranoid and says it's a small town. Nicole brings up what she's done and who she is. Nicole talks about Serena conspiring with Xander and calls her a lethal bitch. Serena warns her to watch what she says to her. Nicole tells her to stay away from her. Serena asks if that's a threat and warns that might be a mistake. Aiden interrupts and asks if there's a problem. Serena claims everything's fine but Nicole disagrees and says Aiden is just who she wanted to see.

Eve complains about Jennifer not drinking her drink. Eric approaches Eve and greets her. Eve talks about hearing what happened to him on the news. Eric thanks her for the message and apologizes for not getting back to her. Eve mentions just wanting him to know that she was thinking of him. Jennifer interrupts and excitedly hugs Eric, saying she's missed him and it's so good to see him.

Kyle questions Paige and JJ being together. Kyle says whatever is going on between them doesn't involve him so he'll get going. JJ tells him to keep going. Kyle tells Paige that he will see her later as he exits. Paige tells JJ that he has nothing to say about her life. JJ calls him bad news but Paige doesn't want him telling her anything. Paige tells JJ that she sees who she wants and does what she wants. Paige wants JJ to get out of her life.

Daniel tells Hope that he and Nicole have been through so much and deserve to be happy. Hope agrees and sees Daniel is happy so she is happy for him. Hope adds that if Nicole messes this up, she's a complete idiot.

Nicole introduces Aiden to Serena and talks about her using Eric and working with Xander. Nicole refers to Aiden as her lawyer and wants to bring up a civil suit. Nicole threatens to bleed Serena and Xander dry of the money they got from the blood diamonds.

Jennifer makes sure Eric is okay as he jokes about it. Eve decides to go make a call. Eric tells Jennifer that he was so focused on Nicole and is glad she's okay. Eric thanks her for her concern. Jennifer is happy to have him back at work. Jennifer hugs him and jokes with him as she exits. Eve returns to Eric and asks about one of his photos on his web site. Eve invites him to dinner at the Pub but Eric says he has to wait on an important phone call. Eric then invites Eve to his place for dinner. Eve quickly says she would love to and they walk off together talking about dinner plans.

JJ gets that it's over and wants to stay away from Paige. JJ tells her to get a brain and stop being so stupid. Paige then slaps JJ. JJ repeats to her that Kyle is bad news. JJ says it's not about him trying to get back in to her life as she made her feelings clear so he knows it will never happen. JJ tells her to be mad at him and try to ruin his life, not her own. JJ says he can't just walk away when he sees her making a huge mistake that might really hurt her. Paige responds that he's so right that he can't get back in to her life. JJ turns and walks away. Paige calls out to him to say hi to her mom for her.

Eric goes to his apartment with Eve. Eve praises his photography and goes to check the fridge.

Daniel asks Hope about the case against Xander. They talk about Victor being connected to all of that. Hope reminds him to put the ring away. Daniel hides it in a drawer. Hope jokes about all of Nicole's boxes. Hope says she has to go for a date with Aiden. Hope wishes him luck and exits.

Aiden steps aside with Nicole and tells her that he has to go but she has to know when to keep the mouth closed. Nicole understands as Aiden walks away. Serena tells Nicole that her threats don't scare her and that she had nothing to do with happened to her and Eric. Nicole disagrees and blames her for bringing Eric in to her mess with Xander. Serena tells Nicole to do her worst with her lawsuit. Nicole tells her that the lawsuit is the least of her problems as she has a bigger and faster way to blow her life to Hell.

Hope goes to meet Aiden at the hotel room and is surprised that he has it all set up with candles and champagne. Hope calls it beautiful and kisses him.

Serena doesn't want to listen to Nicole. Nicole says her boss loves stories. Serena mocks her. Nicole admits she's done terrible things but she's never hooked up with someone like Xander and helped smuggle blood diamonds. Nicole tells Serena that they'll make a great story. Serena argues that she can't prove it. Nicole says people will help her and mocks her as a journalist. Serena calls it tabloid garbage. Nicole knows she actually cares what Eric thinks of her so she'll make him see the truth about her and see what a disgusting person she is. Nicole adds that he will never forgive her as she walks away.

Eve and Eric have dinner together. Eve gets up to make some coffee while Eric looks through his photos. Eve compliments a photo of Serena and talks about feeling how he feels about her through the picture. Eric calls it an old picture. Eve realizes it's a sore subject and asks what happened. Eric tells her that she betrayed him and was just using him. Eve asks Eric if Serena was a part of what Xander did to he and Nicole. Eric says she was in a way. Eve notes that betrayal wasn't too harsh a word then. Eric says Serena will be brought to justice as she did more crimes than just breaking his heart. Eric declares that when you commit a crime, there are consequences as Eve looks at the anxiety medication in her purse.

JJ comes home and Jennifer stops him from going upstairs, noting that he's upset and wants to know what happened. JJ calls it stupid but admits he ran in to Paige and she's hanging out with bad people. JJ says she won't listen to him and could end up getting really hurt. Jennifer tells him there's nothing he can do so he has to let her go.

Kyle returns to Paige in the park and asks her what that was all about. Paige calls JJ a jerk and a loser, saying she's just sick of it. Kyle asks what he's like. Paige calls him the biggest liar ever and says you can't trust what he says. Paige doesn't want to talk about JJ but about them.

Aiden and Hope toast their champagne. Aiden recalls when they first met and how he didn't think they would even be talking in a year. Hope jokes about loathing him back then. Aiden calls her beautiful and they kiss. Hope remarks on their journey and asks if he knows how long ago it was. Aiden kisses her and reminds her what the day is by presenting her with a dress. Hope changes in to the dress. Aiden calls it their anniversary as a year ago today was when they first danced together. They joke about their fights and kiss. Hope is glad they didn't get stuck there. Hope loves that he remembered. Aiden recalls finally being happy with her and falling in love. Aiden kisses her and they dance together.

Nicole comes home to Daniel's where he is moving her boxes. Nicole mentions making room for the next load and kisses him. Daniel stops her from almost opening the drawer that he hid the ring in.

Eve compliments more of Eric's photos. Eric explains to her that one of the photos was Jennifer's idea which causes Eve to complain about her. Eric tells Eve that he likes her and she's welcome in his home but Jennifer is an old friend. He understands they have issues so he won't take sides but he can't have her talking bad about Jennifer in his home. Eve likes that he was direct. Eve says there's something he probably doesn't know but feelings are weird. Eve says part of her knows how she feels about Jennifer has been screwed up for a long time but she complains that everyone thinks Jennifer walks on water while everything is her fault. Eve says she will never forgive or forget what JJ did to Paige. Eve adds that Jennifer is not blameless. Eve stops and thinks back to trying to drug Jennifer's drink. Eve tells her that she has to stop as it takes her to a bad place and she can't go there because Paige needs her. Eric thinks she was being brave. Eve disagrees and says only changing will be brave. Eve thanks Eric for helping her tonight. Eric can't imagine how he did. Eve says he made her realize that she needs to think less about herself and more about Paige.

Kyle suggests he and Paige find a place more private. Paige says she has to get back to her dorm but maybe they could hang out sometime. Kyle asks about JJ. Paige asks if he's worried about him. Kyle says of course not so Paige says she'll give him a call.

JJ tells Jennifer that he gets that it's over and she won't listen to him but he's scared that she doesn't know the people she's dealing with. Jennifer tells him that he has to accept he can't change anything. JJ agrees that there's nothing he can say but maybe there's something he can do.

Aiden and Hope continue dancing and they kiss. Hope can't believe it was a year ago tonight. Aiden can't imagine his life without her. Hope says he never has to worry about that as they kiss.

JJ calls Kyle. Kyle didn't expect to hear from him again and questions his warning to stay away from Paige. JJ tells him to forget about it because he remembered what a pain in the ass she is so he can have her. Kyle asks if he called to give him permission. JJ says he called to talk about business. JJ says maybe he can help him and it might be exactly what he needs.

Eric apologizes to Eve about not finding the picture she wanted. Eve says it's fine. Eric invites her to stay longer but Eve wants to go home and think things through. Eve says he helped her realize that it was easier to be mad than face what she's done. Eric says everybody makes mistakes. Eve agrees that everyone has secrets that always come out. Eve exits.

Nicole questions Daniel stopping her from opening the drawer. Daniel says that's not for tonight and jokes with her as they kiss. Nicole can't believe this is her first night in her new home, their home. Nicole declares tonight is just for them as they kiss.

Serena goes to her hotel room and thinks back to overhearing Nicole and Eric talking.

Eric thinks back to kissing Nicole.

Serena paces in her room and smiles as she wonders what would happen if Daniel were to find out what Nicole so desperately doesn't want him to know.

Nicole and Daniel start kissing on the couch.

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