Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/15/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/15/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ pulls out his phone and makes a call to Agent Watts, saying he's been thinking about what he wanted him to do and if it involves taking Kyle down then he's in. JJ says he's dead serious and to count him in. Rory approaches and asks what he's up to.

Paige runs in to Jennifer in the town square.

Eve sits at the club with anxiety medication and reads the side effects of exhaustion and hallucinations.

Anne and Theresa watch their edited video to make Haley look bad.

Brady and Victor meet with Hope to talk about Xander. Victor asks if he's going to be arrested or not.

Xander tells Serena that he warned her. He tells her that she burned her bridges and has nobody now so if she disappeared, who would care.

Eric stops Nicole and declares that he's still in love with her. Nicole argues that he doesn't mean it but Eric insists he means every word.

Theresa goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Henderson informs her that Brady isn't home and Haley took Tate to the park. Theresa thanks him and calls Haley. Theresa tells her that she will be there in 30 minutes. Haley tries to tell her that she has class but Theresa hangs up. Anne arrives with her tech friend who she sends upstairs with Theresa.

Hope talks about Xander's alibi checking out. Brady questions there being nothing they can do. Hope talks about looking into Xander's businesses to find something. Victor thinks back to Xander talking about serving him. Hope bets they will find something to take Xander down along with anyone else that he's been working with.

Serena tries to explain to Xander but he tells her to stop lying. Xander warns how easy it would be for her to have an accident. Xander wants to eliminate his problems. Daniel shows up and tells him to get his hands off of her.

Nicole talks about how much it meant for Eric to forgive her but he lost everything because of her. Eric feels his world opened up again with her. Eric brings up how they almost made love that night. Nicole calls it so confusing for their friendship. Eric wonders if it's more than that. Nicole tells him that she's so sorry.

Theresa and the tech go over working on being recorded by the nanny cam. Anne pretends to need Theresa in front of Henderson. Theresa tells Henderson to call Haley and get Tate home as they exit.

Rory questions JJ talking about Kyle and hearing him say count me in.

Paige goes to work at the town square yogurt shop but another girl tells her that there was a mix up and this is her shift so Paige goes to leave. Jennifer stops her to tell her how sorry she is every day or what happened. Jennifer can't apologize enough and wants to know if she's okay. Jennifer understands if she doesn't want to talk to her but says she misses her. Jennifer adds that what she did was so wrong so she understands if Paige hates her. Paige responds that she doesn't hate her. Eve walks by and sees them together.

Nicole tells Eric that she knows him better than anyone and has loved him as a friend for a very long time. Nicole talks about things changing when he came back to Salem but she ruined it. Eric reminds her that he forgave her. Nicole goes over thinking they were going to die. Eric insists that he meant every word. Nicole feels things changed in the moment. Nicole doesn't want to hurt him again but tells him that Daniel is his closest friend and the man she loves.

Daniel questions what Xander thinks he's doing. Xander calls it a little disagreement. Daniel asks if Serena is okay. Serena says she's fine. Daniel wants to call the police but Serena calls it just a business argument. Xander talks about hiring Serena to write an article but doesn't think they can work together anymore. Serena agrees that they are done. Xander says they will be when she returns the payments he made. Xander tells them to have a nice day and walks away. Serena tells Daniel that she tried. Daniel questions what she was doing.

Hope tells Brady and Victor that this is classified. Victor tells her to do what she has to do to nail him. Hope gets a call and exits. Brady knows this can't be easy for Victor. Brady asks if he's still involved with Xander in any way. Victor says Xander is a snake but he's smart so he has little confidence that the police will win this one so maybe he should take care of it himself. Brady tells him absolutely not and that shouldn't be an option. Brady talks about Victor changing from back in the day. Brady says Nicole and Eric are alright and he has Tate so he shouldn't mess that up for anyone. Brady suggests going back home to check on Tate.

Theresa hides outside as Haley brings Tate home.

Rory asks JJ if he's back doing drugs. JJ says no way and tells him to let it go. Rory brings up that they made a great team and they could use the cash. JJ stops him and assures that he's not going to do drugs or deal. Rory agrees that getting in with Kyle would be a bad idea as he sells more than just weed. JJ asks how well he knows him. Rory asks why. JJ wants to know what he's like. Rory says he can come off really nice but if you cross him, he can be real scary.

Jennifer and Paige go and sit together as Eve watches from a distance. Paige tells Jennifer that she's not forgiving her or anyone but she knows she was protecting her kid. Paige wishes she could go back and not know things. Jennifer feels the same way. Jennifer suggests they could feel a little less awkward towards each other now. Jennifer gets a call and steps away to take it. Eve then joins Paige and questions her forgiving Jennifer but not her.

Daniel asks Serena if he has to warn her about taking on Xander. Serena argues that nothing she does will make any difference because Xander will make up an alibi. Daniel recalls how when he met Serena, she only talked about Eric but all this time she was using him and helping Xander. Daniel blames Serena for bringing Xander to Salem which almost got Eric and Nicole killed. Serena stops him and says she won't feel sorry for Nicole as what happened was her own fault.

Eric tells Nicole that he knows her very well but he also knows how she and Daniel struggled to make things work because of her feelings for him. Nicole says they got past all that. Eric questions if Daniel would forgive either one of them if he knew what happened. Eric wants her to be happy but he doesn't think that's possible for her and Daniel after what happened with them. Nicole argues that Daniel never has to know so if he wants her to be happy, he should let her be with Daniel. Nicole declares she's moving in and starting a new life with Daniel that she is hoping will last forever. Eric talks about how hard it is to talk to Daniel as he keeps thanking him for saving her. Nicole tells Eric that he has to find a way to forgive himself and forget what happened but Eric doesn't think he can. Brady and Victor arrive. Brady wanted to give Daniel a heads up about a get together they are having. Nicole tells him that he's not home and asks what the occasion is. Brady says it's for Tate and they are both invited as well.

Daniel tells Serena that she has the most twisted logic to blame Nicole. Serena argues that Nicole hated the idea of her and Eric so she kept digging up dirt on her and teasing Xander. Serena says they just always forgive her. Serena doesn't want to understand Nicole. Serena wishes Daniel the best but doesn't see how anyone could ever be happy with Nicole. Daniel doesn't want to hear her say another word about Nicole. Hope interrupts and says Serena is just who she wanted to see.

Rory asks JJ why he's asking about Kyle. JJ informs him that he's been hitting on Paige. Rory questions if he's still hoping he could get back together with Paige.

Paige tells Eve that she will never forgive her or JJ. Eve questions Jennifer getting a pass. Paige says what Jennifer did was wrong but it was for a good reason. Eve argues that Jennifer tried to keep her from telling the truth. Paige understands she thought she was helping. Eve calls Jennifer a lying witch. Paige argues that Eve has hated Jennifer forever and that hate is how they got here today. Paige states that Eve hates Jennifer more than she ever loved her. Eve brings up pawning her ring to save her. Paige comments on losing something precious and never getting it back. Paige then walks away. Eve looks over at Jennifer on the phone and pulls out the anxiety medication.

Theresa sneaks back in to the Kiriakis Mansion. She tells Haley that she's sorry for being late and is glad she could stay. Haley blames her for missing a class. Theresa doesn't care and argues that her job is taking care of Tate. Haley responds that she does a better job and tells her to give her more notice. Theresa tells Haley that she can leave because she's here now and Tate will be fine. Haley exits. Theresa comments that she won't have a next time as she heads upstairs to Tate. Theresa wets a diaper and throws it in the trash. Theresa starts her scene for the nanny cam to show her taking care of Tate.

Hope wants Serena to answer some questions but Serena tells her to call her lawyer and walks away. Daniel comments that she is only a friend to herself and asks if Xander is still free and clear. Hope says for now and asks if Daniel has time to go over his statement. Daniel asks if they can go to his place since Nicole is moving in which shocks Hope as they walk off.

Nicole thanks Brady and says she will tell Daniel when he gets home. Victor questions Nicole still being there. Nicole informs him that she's moving in to her new home today. Brady decides they should get going and hurries Victor out. Nicole doesn't think Eric should be there when Daniel gets home. Eric can't drop this so Nicole decides they should go somewhere else then and they exit.

Rory questions JJ thinking Paige will take him back. JJ says he just wants to keep her from hooking up with Kyle. Rory says that shouldn't be hard since Kyle is looking to expand his business. JJ suggests putting him in touch with his old buyers so he'll back off to stay on his good side. JJ adds maybe he doesn't have to take that risk and can do this on his own. Rory asks if he wants to head to the lake. JJ tells him to go ahead as he's going to try to find Kyle. Rory tells him that he's always hanging out on the other side of the park.

Theresa calls the tech guy about editing her in to the video and thanks him. Theresa declares it's showtime as she exits the room while Brady and Victor come home. Henderson tells them that Theresa is upstairs. Victor doesn't want her to know they are back but Theresa comes downstairs and tells them about there being an emergency and how Tate was crying in a wet diaper while Haley was downstairs. Brady questions her trying to make Haley look bad. Theresa tells them they can go check the diaper pail. Theresa argues that they don't have to care. Brady says he will talk to Haley tomorrow but Victor says she's lying and he can prove it. Victor reveals the nanny cam which surprises Brady. Victor says he felt it would be needed. Brady questions him not saying anything. Theresa accuses him of spying on Tate. Brady stops them and decides to check the footage to see what happened to Tate.

JJ finds Kyle in the park. JJ tells Kyle that he's been thinking about what he said and offers to sell him a list of his old customers if he's interested. JJ says he just needs him to do something for him too.

Eve puts anxiety meds in to Jennifer's drink that she left at the table.

Daniel goes home with Hope and finds Nicole's boxes all over. Daniel knows Nicole isn't Hope's favorite person but she says if he's happy, she's happy. Daniel declares that it's finally clear what he wants and Nicole wants the same thing.

Eric and Nicole walk out of the town square. Nicole talks about Eric having all his trust in Serena and feeling like this is a rebound. Eric gets that Nicole doesn't have the same feelings for him but won't spend the rest of his life pretending that nothing happened.

Victor finishes the footage and Theresa questions him not apologizing and complains about what it showed. Brady comes back after having checked the wet diaper. Victor says he would've never believed it. Brady decides Haley will have to be fired and he'll set up some interviews for a new nanny. Theresa wants to sit in on those and mentions it will put off her apartment search for a while. Brady agrees and exits while Theresa smiles.

Kyle asks what favor JJ wants. JJ tells him that he doesn't want him hanging out with Paige ever. Kyle questions what his problem is and why who Paige hangs out with is his business. Paige interrupts and asks why that would be any of JJ's business.

Jennifer returns to her table while Eve hides. Jennifer finds Paige left as she sits back down. Eve watches as Jennifer prepares to take a drink.

Xander talks on the phone, saying there is no way he will get arrested so he will stay down and patient then when the time is right, everyone who tried to hurt him will pay a price.

Daniel starts taking Nicole's boxes to the bedroom. Hope picks up a box that fell over and accidentally finds an engagement ring as Daniel returns.

Nicole tells Eric that this isn't about just them as she loves Daniel and he has to accept that. Nicole asks if she can count on Eric to keep this to himself or is he going to tell Daniel what happened between them. Serena then appears around the corner behind them.

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