Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/14/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/14/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will and Sonny sit together at the club and talk about Adrienne and Justin getting a divorce. Will asks if he thinks this means anything will happen with Lucas and Adrienne. Sonny questions if he means marriage.

JJ watches from the bushes as Kyle flirts with Paige. Paige tells him that she's always up for some fun as she spots JJ.

Hope and Jennifer bring Ben housewarming gifts. Ben greets them at the door and prepares to surprise Abigail inside.

Abigail reveals she will need a paternity test. Chad then enters to see Kayla. Chad apologizes for interrupting. Kayla tells Chad they will talk later so Chad exits. Kayla apologizes for forgetting Chad was coming. Abigail tells Kayla that she wants a paternity test right away and it's really important that no one finds out about it. Kayla mentions that she will need Ben's blood. Abigail says it's not Ben but she needs to eliminate someone else and she already has everything on file for this person. Kayla asks how she knows. Abigail admits that he was her patient so Kayla realizes she means Chad.

Eric says he can't just stop protecting Nicole or feeling what he feels after everything. Nicole says they survived. Eric says she knows what he's talking about. Serena comes out and questions what they are still doing there and if she's interrupting. Nicole questions why she thinks it's her business. Serena complains about Nicole attacking her. Nicole wants to go but Eric stops her and says he came to see Serena.

Abigail tells Kayla this is why this has to stay between them. Kayla says at some point, she'll have to start talking. Abigail doesn't want to tell anyone until she knows. Abigail breaks down crying as Kayla tries to encourage her. Abigail questions how it will be okay and feels her family would never accept that. Abigail brings up Jennifer being thankful a few weeks ago that they had nothing to do with the DiMeras but a baby will connect them to the DiMeras forever.

Kyle asks Paige for her number but she's unsure. Kyle offers to put his number in her phone to leave it up to her. Paige says she just broke up with the biggest loser and is still burned. Kyle asks what happened. Paige doesn't want to go in to details. Kyle promises fun so Paige gives him her phone. JJ watches from the bushes.

Will and Sonny talk about this being weird to talk about. Sonny says they aren't making any sudden moves and that Adrienne mentioned backing off a bit. Will encourages not to take sides. Will talks about going through parents divorcing. Will assures him that it does get easier. Sonny asks if what Will went through with his parents is why he's so desperate to save their marriage.

Nicole agrees to leave Eric with Serena and warns him not to turn his back on her. Nicole walks away while Eric heads back inside with Serena. Eric tells her that he got her message about Xander. Serena is glad he came. Eric asks what she wants to tell him. Serena questions him about what that was with Nicole.

Ben is surprised that Abigail isn't home or answering her phone. Ben tells Jennifer and Hope that they are welcome to wait until she gets home. Ben checks his phone and wonders where Abigail is.

Kayla asks Abigail if Chad could be the father of her baby. Abigail says she made a terrible mistake and Chad played her. Abigail says Chad got revenge for her and EJ. Abigail argues that Chad doesn't give a damn about her. Abigail cries that she needs the test so she knows where she stands. Kayla gets it but tells her that she can't help her.

Will doesn't think it's desperate to fight for their marriage but running away when things get tough is a problem. Sonny asks if he doesn't think he's gone to extremes to save their marriage. Will tells him that he loves him and wants to keep their family together. Chad arrives and greets them. Sonny asks Chad if he has time to go over their second quarter filing. Chad says sure and sits down, mentioning seeing Abigail at the hospital which Will questions. Chad asks if she's okay.

Kayla tells Abigail that she can't help her. Abigail brings up Chad being a DiMera and Kayla having the information. Kayla explains that Abigail is not far enough along for the test so she needs to wait until she is eight weeks pregnant. Abigail agrees to wait if she can do it then. Abigail makes sure it will be kept quiet. Kayla brings up laws. Abigail argues that it's not violating his privacy to look at his charts. Abigail argues that Chad would never keep quiet and he would tell Ben to blow the whole thing up. Abigail begs Kayla not to do this to her.

Ben brings tea for Hope and Jennifer but he accidentally kicks over the trash can where Abigail hid her pregnancy test.

Nicole talks to Abe in the town square about Xander. Abe tells her that if Xander comes to close to them, they will haul him in. Nicole tells Abe that she has an idea.

Eric tells Serena that this isn't about he and Nicole but Xander. Serena complains about Eric being so cold and blames Nicole for it. Serena brings up what Nicole's done to Eric. Eric doesn't want to hear it. Serena apologizes and says she cares about what happens to him. Serena complains about Nicole being obsessed with him. Serena calls Nicole fickle until Eric screams at her to stop judging her.

Kyle gives his number to Paige and tells her to text when she's ready. Kyle mentions not having free time and she asks about him not being in school. Kyle says he works for a living so Paige asks what he does but he gets a call. Kyle exits so Paige calls out to JJ that he can come out now. JJ then comes from the bushes.

Nicole encourages Abe to bring Serena in to get to Xander. Nicole tells Abe to nail Serena and Xander as they should be off the streets.

Eric declares he's done and goes to leave but Serena stops him. Eric asks if it's about Xander. Serena says no so Eric says the message was a lie. Serena cries that she loves him and wants to make it up to him but Eric tells her they are done and storms out. Serena says she can make it up to him and she knows how as she grabs her phone.

Hope cleans up the trash while Ben talks with Jennifer about the housewarming gifts they brought. Hope asks Ben about going back to his last name and calls it a big step. Ben says it means a lot to Clyde who has done a lot to help him. Ben says things were rough when Clyde got in to town but they are better now. Hope asks about Clyde's work. Ben talks about him expanding his trucking business in Salem. Ben is glad things have gotten better between them and says he has Abigail to thank as she was a big part of it.

Sonny says Abigail is fine as far as he knows. Will asks why Chad was asking. Chad mentions Abigail being with Kayla and crying. Will suggests it could be work and Sonny says it could be something with JJ.

Kayla tells Abigail that she is asking a lot. Abigail says she wouldn't if Chad wasn't a DiMera. Kayla tells her that she can't say yes but she can't say no either so she'll think about it. Abigail thanks her. Kayla says she has one more question and asks about her sleeping with Chad before she knew he was trying to humiliate her. Abigail says she was just an idiot. Kayla questions her saying yes to Chad and asks why. Kayla brings up their conversation a few weeks ago where Abigail was upset about being attracted to the wrong person. Kayla realizes she was talking about Chad not Ben.

JJ questions what Paige is doing with Kyle and warns that he's trouble. Paige tells him that they have a lot of fun together. JJ questions her about Kyle dealing and getting kids hooked. Paige asks why she would tell him anything about her life. JJ warns her that he's dangerous and will hurt her. Paige up JJ doing the most despicable thing and now worrying about a guy who is nice to her. JJ tells her that she knows exactly what Kyle wants. Paige mocks him and says he's interfering with her life. JJ argues that he's trying to protect her from scum and he will continue until he gets through to her.

Ben talks about Abigail convincing him to give Clyde a chance. Ben says it'd be a dream come true to stay in Salem with Abigail for the rest of his life. Ben checks his phone again and realizes he has to get to work. Ben tells Hope and Jennifer that they can stay but they both have to go so they decide that Abigail can come home to a surprise. Ben says goodbye as they exit.

Abigail tells Kayla that she didn't mean she was in love with Chad. Abigail says being with Ben is the smartest choice she has made in men and she loves him.

Sonny questions Chad being really worried about Abigail. Chad says not really. Sonny asks about her crying. Sonny asks Chad if he wants him to find out if she's okay. Chad says it's no big deal and is sorry he brought it up. Sonny knows he still cares about her but Chad says to forget it. Chad gets a text and leaves for his meeting. Sonny adds that he will text him if he hears from Abigail.

Abigail goes to see Will.

JJ tells Paige that he's trying to protect her from getting hurt again. JJ compares Kyle to Cole. Paige complains about JJ sleeping with her mother so she's not going to listen to him. JJ knows she'll never stop being angry with him but he'll apologize every day. JJ tells her that she can't run off with a drug dealer. Paige says he has no right to ever tell her anything. JJ argues that he knows her better than anyone and he knows what she's doing.

Will questions Abigail. She confirms that she's definitely pregnant. Abigail cries about what to do. Will brings up Ben but she says she can't tell him. Will questions that. Abigail says not yet as she is going to take another test in a few weeks that will help. Abigail says she will tell Ben after that. Will doesn't get it. Will questions the second test. Abigail says it's just to clarify everything. Will asks what she means as she and Ben are pregnant. Abigail tries to explain. Will then realizes that she doesn't know that Ben is the father.

Chad meets with Kayla at the hospital. They talk about Lexie's program at the hospital to get kids through college. Chad says DiMera Enterprises will cover paying. Chad suggests Abigail as a great spokesperson. Kayla agrees and Chad asks if everything is okay with her.

Serena walks outside the town square and puts on a recorder in her purse. Xander meets with her and says he got her text. Xander questions being public. Serena implies their rooms could be bugged. Xander questions her worry and says he has nothing he can't say in front of other people. Serena asks about Eric and Nicole. Serena adds that she doesn't care what happens to Nicole. Xander asks about her and Eric. Serena says they are done so she's leaving which affects Xander so she thought he should know.

Eric goes back to Nicole at Daniel's and tells her that he's completely finished with Serena. Eric comes inside and sees all of Nicole's stuff in boxes. Nicole realizes that Daniel didn't tell him so she informs Eric that she's moving in with Daniel.

JJ tells Paige not to trash herself to get back at him by being around someone not good enough for her. Paige responds that there's no where to go but up now. Paige pulls out her phone and texts Kyle. JJ tries to stop her but she says nobody could be worse than him and walks away. JJ pulls out his phone and makes a call to Agent Watts, saying he's been thinking about what he wanted him to do and if it involves taking Kyle down then he's in.

Ben leaves a note for Abigail then leaves for work.

Jennifer and Hope walk through the town square talking about Ben making Abigail happy. They agree that it's good to see Abigail free from the DiMeras. They say goodbye and Jennifer walks away. Hope stops and opens her purse revealing she took the pregnancy test from the trash.

Chad asks Kayla about Abigail crying earlier. Kayla says it was just personal and won't interfere with work. Chad finishes with the files and exits. Chad tells himself that Abigail is with Ben now so it's not his problem as he walks away.

Will questions Abigail about it not being Ben. Will brings up Chad being worried about her and mentions him asking about her being at the hospital and being concerned. Will asks Abigail if Chad could be the father. Abigail cries as Will hugs her.

Xander calls this a sudden move for Serena. Serena responds that nothing is keeping her but questions from the police. Serena says they have one loose end to tie up. Serena brings up the writing assignment that brought her here. Serena says she has all that money but no contract. Serena says there should be a legit reason that she has that money or the police will be suspicious. Serena warns that the police will trace the money to him and find out why he paid her. Serena thinks he should cover this. Xander tells her nice try. Serena tries to run but Xander grabs her and pulls the recorder out of her purse. Xander tells her that he warned her.

Eric tells Nicole that they need to talk about what happened. Nicole doesn't want to go through it again and says they were saying goodbye like they were going to die but they are friends and need to leave that moment behind them. Eric stops her and declares that he's still in love with her.

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