Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/13/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/13/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ goes to work at the club with Sonny. Sonny has trouble lifting boxes because his shoulder still hurts from when he was stabbed. JJ takes them for him. Sonny tells JJ that he can have as many hours as he wants as they need the help. JJ responds that he doesn't have anything else going on.

Abigail comes out of the bathroom so Will asks if she's pregnant. Abigail responds that she is pregnant.

Chad finds Kayla outside and asks for her support in expanding a wing at the hospital in Lexie's memory. Kayla says she'll look it over. Kayla tells him that she won't hold his name against him but will always hold what he did to Abigail against him.

Will encourages Abigail that she will make a great mother and that Ben will be thrilled when he gets used to the idea. Abigail thinks back to having sex with Chad.

Daniel praises Eric saving Nicole's life and his so he could never repay him for that. Daniel knows Nicole is playing tough but he's sure she was scared and Eric comforted her. Eric yells at Daniel to stop thanking him as that's the last thing he needs to be doing. Daniel questions why he would say that. Eric responds that he has no idea what he's done. Eric walks away and Daniel follows him.

Nicole arrives at Serena's door and says it's just them so now she can finally tell her exactly what she thinks of her as she calls her a lying, deceitful bitch. Serena wants her gone but Nicole blames her for her almost dying and says she is going to hear her out.

Daniel asks Eric what he did. Eric says that he's the one who invited Serena to Salem and Xander too. Daniel says Serena was Melanie's friend and Xander is Victor's nephew. Eric says Nicole tried to warn him but he wouldn't listen. Daniel says he's not the only one. Eric talks about seeing the signs and how he wanted to have feelings other than hatred for Nicole. Daniel says Eric has moved past those feelings and asks if he doesn't hate Nicole anymore.

Nicole tells Serena that she was right about her from the very beginning and now everyone else knows too. Serena argues that they don't know the whole truth. Nicole suggests she tell them then but Serena feels Nicole will only hear what she wants to hear. Serena tells her to get everything out of her system. Nicole tells her that she didn't come to go off on her but to make sure that she never hurts another person she cares about again.

Abigail tells Will that Ben can't know until she's sure. She argues that the test could be wrong so she needs to be sure. Abigail has Will promise not to say anything and holds back tears. Will asks her what's wrong. Will asks her if she's thinking she might not want to have the baby.

JJ asks Sonny if he's sure he's okay. Sonny says he just has a little pain every now and then from the stabbing. They talk about never catching the guy who did it. Sonny advises him to be careful with a lot of crime going on. Sonny talks about it being a drug dealer and shows JJ a flyer. Sonny apologizes but JJ says it's fine as he hated being part of that scene and never plans on going back. Sonny asks how he's doing since it seems like something is bugging him. JJ says he's fine but Sonny asks how he's holding up after breaking it off with Paige.

Paige and Daphne talk in the park as Paige gloats about her ruse on Eve. Daphne is worried about her and feels she's being harsh. Daphne thinks the whole thing with JJ changed her. Paige responds that it changed her for the better. Paige says now Eve finally learned that she doesn't need or want her in her life. Paige adds that Eve will still never know what it feels like to hurt the way she hurt her. Paige wishes JJ could know what it feels like.

Eric assures Daniel that he definitely doesn't hate Nicole anymore. Daniel tells him not to beat himself up anymore since he forgave. Daniel adds that he didn't listen to Nicole either and if he had then this might not have happened. Daniel says they all learned from what happened and they have a lot to be grateful for. Daniel knows things got a little awkward when he found out he and Nicole were dating but now he wants him over for dinner like old friends. Eric questions dinner at his place. Victor walks by so Daniel stops him and asks if he has a minute for a few questions.

Nicole tells Serena not to try to tell her she cares about Eric otherwise she would have told the cops what they needed. Nicole warns her not to try to worm her way back in to Eric's life. Nicole threatens that she has the power to destroy her life with her job as a platform. Serena mocks Nicole as a journalist and says she has the story all wrong as she had nothing to do with Xander going after her. Serena accuses Nicole of dragging Eric in to this. Serena reminds her that she warned her about Xander and she should've listened since she was trying to save her.

Will says it might not be his business but if she needs to talk to someone, he's there. Will brings up Gabi not knowing if she wanted to keep their baby and he supported her every choice. Will questions how she can keep this from Ben. Abigail responds that this isn't about Ben.

Chad admits faking a brain tumor was messed up and ineffective, adding that Abigail knows how much he regrets it. Kayla brings up Chad blackmailing the board to get Abigail her job back and hopes he did it for the right reasons. Kayla adds that they are all on edge with Stefano back in town. Kayla says she will reserve judgment. Kayla hopes he can avoid his father's influence. They agree to meet in Kayla's office.

Will questions how this could not be about Ben. Abigail says she's not worried about him being upset but just needs to know for sure. Abigail doesn't know if she can get an appointment with her doctor. Will suggests going to see Kayla. Abigail agrees since she needs to know now. Will offers to go with her but Abigail says she'll be okay. Abigail thanks him for being helpful. Will tells her to let him know how it goes. Will assures her that everything will be okay either way. Abigail realizes she can't leave the pregnancy test then decides to hide it in the trash, feeling Ben won't go looking there and won't be home until late anyways. Abigail then exits with Will.

Paige tells Daphne that money was Eve's obsession so she got her where it hurts but JJ doesn't care about that. Paige doesn't understand why JJ acts like he regrets what he did. Paige says JJ drives her crazy when he does things like last night.

JJ tells Sonny that he and Paige were wrong for each other but he's seeing someone else now so he's doing good. Sonny is glad and goes to take some orders. Roman arrives and says he needs to talk to JJ about last night.

Victor tells Eric that he's glad to see him and he wanted to apologize to he and Nicole for Xander's behavior. Eric says Xander isn't his responsibility but he appreciates his thoughts. Daniel says they'd all rest easy with Xander behind bars so he was hoping Victor could use his connections to dig up some new information. Victor apologizes but says he's done all he can.

Nicole questions Serena how she thinks she tried to save her life. Serena accuses her of always going after her because she hated her from the moment they met. Nicole asks if she knows how she knew she was using Eric. Nicole informs her that she heard her talking to Xander and conspiring about something so she knew something was up. Nicole tells Serena that she's the one who brought herself down.

Abigail goes to see Kayla in her office at the hospital. Kayla praises her project. Abigail wants to talk to her about something personal. Kayla asks if everything is alright. Abigail says yes then asks for a completely confidential test. Kayla asks what kind so Abigail admits it's a pregnancy test. Abigail says she took one at home that was positive but she wants to be sure. Kayla praises her as a person and asks if she's worried about her mom's reaction. Abigail is adamant that she just wants to take the test.

Paige tells Daphne about JJ getting in a fight last night. Kyle then approaches them in the park.

Roman sits with JJ and apologizes for how things went down yesterday, scaring him by dragging him in to the station. Roman talks about Kyle being dangerous. JJ doesn't want another thing for Jennifer to worry about and he doesn't think it's his problem. Roman tells him they will take care of this and for him to stay out of trouble. Roman tells JJ to call if he needs anything and he exits. Sonny comes back and thanks JJ for taking care of the boxes, saying they're done for the day. Sonny asks JJ what he was talking to Roman about. JJ calls it unimportant and left in the past. Sonny asks if it was about Paige. Sonny advises that if they have unfinished stuff between them, they should finish it or it won't stay in the past at all.

Nicole tells Serena that she should be more careful as she mentions hearing her warning Xander about destroying him. Nicole talks about doing what she could to save Eric from her. Serena accuses her of putting her and Eric's lives in danger because she still loves him.

Victor announces he disowned Xander last night and threw him out of his house. Victor tells Daniel that he's family to him in ways that Xander never was or will be. Victor apologizes for not realizing the danger sooner. Victor assures they have nothing more to worry about as Xander wouldn't dare risk his wrath again. Victor tells them to take care. Daniel stops him with another question. Eric walks away. Daniel says Victor didn't give a direct answer so he asks if he really has nothing at all to put Xander away.

Kayla tells Abigail they can do the test right away. Abigail talks about keeping it confidential and making sure Anne or Theresa don't find out. Kayla assures her and says she will get the results in 20 minutes or so. Kayla knows she's not prepared. Kayla goes to get her the answers she needs.

Chad sits at home and thinks back to being with Abigail.

Abigail waits for her test results.

Chad tells himself to get a grip and gets up from his seat to leave the mansion.

Abigail sits down and thinks back to having sex with Chad and then with Ben. She thinks about Chad breaking things off with her, Sonny telling her that Chad still had feelings for her, waking up with Chad and then Ben telling her that he loves her. Kayla returns and confirms that Abigail is pregnant.

Daniel is glad Victor put fear in to Xander but hoped he could help put him away. Victor says he wants to see Xander punished as much as anyone. Victor brings up Serena as someone who should have information to pursue. Roman walks by so Daniel stops him and says they were just discussing Xander's case. Roman says they still don't have evidence to stick but he has an idea that might get them the results they need.

Nicole assures Serena that she still loves Eric as a friend and wasn't going to turn her back on him. Serena blames her for everything with Kristen and says she wasn't a friend then. Nicole responds that if Eric was meant to be a priest, Serena wouldn't be in his life at all. Serena mentions Eric's heart being broken when she came to Salem because Nicole destroyed him and he hated her for what she did. Serena talks about him being unable to forgive her. Serena tells Nicole that she can tell her all the horrible things that Eric said about her. Nicole warns her to shut up. Serena shoves her and tells her to make her.

JJ thanks Sonny for the advice but assures they are done. Sonny asks if he's sure. JJ says totally and he's realized lately there's no point or taking a risk. Sonny asks what he means. JJ says it won't make a difference as no matter what he does, Paige sees him a certain way and that won't change. Sonny tells him that things can always change and they usually do but if he doesn't take a risk on something or someone important, it should be worth it. JJ admits that he does. JJ promises he's not a guy that breaks up with someone and comes in to work stoned or listening to sad music. JJ knows things have been rough with Will and Sonny but assures they will work things out. Sonny says they are doing their best and asks if Paige is worth fighting for. JJ says she is but he's not and that's where it has to end. Sonny tells JJ to enjoy the rest of the day so he exits.

Kyle greets Paige. Daphne gets a call from her mom and exits. Kyle is glad he ran in to Paige again and mentions never seeing her around before. Paige responds they must just hang out with different people. Kyle suggests changing that.

Roman talks about Xander's credentials as a businessman and using a front for the diamond smuggling. Roman says he'll be in touch and let them know what he finds out as he walks away. Daniel hates to have to ask Victor but questions him about his businesses being fronts for illegal activities. Daniel hopes he has nothing to do with Xander's crimes.

Nicole and Serena fight until Eric shows up and breaks it up. Nicole questions what he's doing there instead of far away from Serena. Eric says the same goes for her and takes her out of the room. Eric wants her to ignore Serena. Eric couldn't stand if anything else happened to Nicole.

Kayla tells Abigail that it might not be the news she wanted to hear right now but in time it could work itself out. Kayla tells her the baby will be blessed to have a mom like her and brings up Ben being with her for a year. Abigail stops her then apologizes. Kayla tells her that it's okay to be in shock. Kayla says she understands but Abigail shouts back that she's terrified. Kayla encourages that she's more prepared than she thinks. Abigail cries to her that it's not going to be okay and has every right to be scared to death.

Will goes to the club to see Sonny and asks him what Adrienne wanted to talk about earlier. Sonny informs him that Adrienne and Justin are getting a divorce.

Kyle suggests to Paige that they hang out sometime and see where it goes. Paige says she just had a breakup. JJ walks by and stops to look from the bushes as Kyle flirts with Paige.

Victor understands Daniel had to ask but insists he had nothing to do with Xander's dealings. Daniel hopes that's true. Daniel mentions Xander trying to murder Nicole and Eric so the idea of anyone protecting him is a betrayal he could not abide.

Eric says he can't just stop protecting Nicole or feeling what he feels after everything. Nicole says they survived. Eric says she knows what he's talking about. Serena comes out and interrupts.

Abigail wants Kayla to run another test. Kayla assures her there is no doubt that she's pregnant. Abigail explains that she needs a different kind of test that no one can know about. Abigail reveals she will need a paternity test. Chad then enters to meet with Kayla.

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