Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/9/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/9/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad tells Zoe that she looks amazing. Abigail asks about her going to the picnic. Chad says he asked her to join them and if that will be a problem. Abigail asks if he explained to her that it takes a while for Theo to warm up to a new person sometimes. Chad agrees that he should've told her. Abigail says she'll see them there and walks away. Zoe feels that is why he called her and this explains everything.

Brady checks on Tate at home with Haley the babysitter. Theresa goes towards Tate's room and stops at the door. Ben gives Theo a watch to time himself in the pool.

Theo tells Abe that he doesn't want to go to the lake without Abigail and Chad as Ben joins them.

Adrienne goes to the club, looking for Sonny. Lucas enters and greets Adrienne. She tells Lucas that she's looking for Sonny to tell him that his parents are getting a divorce.

Will, Sonny, and Arianna go to the lake for the picnic. Sonny wants their regular spot to be near Abigail and Ben. Will talks about getting a new spot. Sonny points out having no kids so Arianna has nowhere to play with. Paul and Derrick come out from the lake together so that Sonny sees them.

Abigail stops in the town square with her picnic basket and tells herself that Chad doesn't have feelings for her and only pretend to. Abigail realizes she left her sunglasses and goes back.

Chad doesn't know what Zoe means. Zoe says she's not Abigail but a grown woman. She knows he doesn't want her to meet Theo or go to the picnic but that he invited her for one reason. Chad says he wants to spend the picnic with a beautiful woman. Abigail comes back for her sunglasses but stops around the corner when she sees them as Zoe disagrees with Chad and argues that he invited her to make Abigail jealous. Chad laughs it off. Zoe doesn't like to be used so she tells him to figure out his feelings about Abigail and get back to her while Abigail listens in.

Ben tells Theo that Abigail and Chad will be there and sends John and Brady to find Paul. Theo complains about Abigail and Chad aren't there. Abe tells him that they are just early. Ben takes Theo to go play in the lake.

Chad continues trying to convince Zoe. Zoe thinks he just wanted Abigail and Ben to see them with Theo. Chad explains that Theo liked hanging out with he and Abigail so he doesn't want to disappoint him but he insists that she's ancient history and they are done. Zoe tells him to keep telling himself that and walks away. Chad follows after her. Abigail comes around the corner and gets her sunglasses then walks the other way.

Paul and Derrick greet Will and Sonny. John joins them to greet Paul. Paul introduces Derrick to John. John is surprised to see Will and Sonny made it. Sonny explains that he thought he had to work but Will got him there. Derrick jokes about beating Paul in tennis then brings up beach volleyball. Paul remembers Sonny playing in the past. Will tells Sonny to go join them while he watches Arianna. Sonny goes with Derrick while Paul walks John out. John asks if everything is alright as he felt he walked in on something. Paul assures him that everything is fine.

Theresa enters Tate's room. Brady asks what she's doing there. Theresa says she forgot her tablet. Theresa tries to send Haley away to go look for it but she tells Theresa that she's not her maid. Brady tells Theresa that she's following his instruction. Brady tells Haley to watch Tate as he has a few things to get straight with Theresa and steps out with her.

Lucas doesn't get why Adrienne hasn't already told Sonny about the divorce. Adrienne says she hasn't told any of her boys yet. Lucas mentions not telling Will yet. Adrienne feels her timing is wrong but she can't wait any longer and needs to be honest with her boys. Lucas wonders why she feels she can't wait and if that means she has made a decision on where to go from here.

Derrick stops Sonny to apologize for everything about Will and Paul at the hotel. Sonny tells him that it's okay. Derrick hopes everything works out. Sonny thanks him. Derrick talks about them being married and having a kid while so young. They go to play volleyball.

Will prepares Arianna for a nap as he looks over at John and Paul.

Paul admits to John that he didn't know Will and Sonny would be there but knew he would run in to them by staying in Salem. John asks about Derrick. Paul explains how he met him at the hotel. John notes that he seems friendly and asks what else Paul knows about him. Paul laughs and says it's kind of funny and cool that his new father is asking him about a guy.

Chad and Zoe return to the lake together. Ben joins them and greets Zoe. Zoe recognizes a friend of hers and goes to talk to her. Ben tells Chad that Abe and Theo are with Theo's coach and asks about Abigail. Chad says she should be coming and he appreciates Ben doing this for Theo. Chad adds that Abigail did try to get out of it. Ben says he won't make any problems just because they don't like each other. Abigail then arrives behind them.

Brady tells Theresa that she can't order Haley around. Theresa complains that she just wanted a few extra minutes with her baby. Brady says he's not going to allow her to use Tate to get to him. Brady questions her not getting a bigger place yet and tells her to keep looking. Brady says he'll have Haley spend half the week with her and half the week with him. Theresa questions him. Brady feels Haley is terrific with Tate. Theresa continues to complain until Brady yells at her to cut it out. Brady reminds her that she is supposed to be gone while he spends time with his son. Theresa claims she just forgot her tablet. Brady says she lives down the hall but they are going to lead separate lives. Theresa storms out.

Adrienne tells Lucas that Justin made the decision for both of them but she shouldn't be surprised since he slept with another woman. Adrienne says she and Justin have history and their sons.

Paul jokes with John about interrogating people for a living. Paul says he felt like John accepts who he is and he appreciates it. John asks him about Derrick but Paul says they are just friends. John says it's nice that he made another friend. Paul mentions telling his mom that he's getting comfortable in Salem. Paul asks about John and Marlena. John responds that it's getting better all the time. Paul is glad they are both doing good. Paul adds to tell Brady that he wants to hang out some time. John agrees to as he exits. Paul turns around and sees Will putting Arianna in her stroller so he approaches. Paul offers to watch Arianna if Will wants to hang out with Derrick and Sonny. Will asks him about Derrick and says that's great.

Abigail greets Ben and asks Chad where Zoe is. Chad tells her that she's with a friend. Abigail asks about Theo. Zoe returns and then Theo runs up to hug Abigail. Abe says Theo's baseball game got moved up so Theo runs to go swimming with Chad and Zoe. Abe goes to watch. Abigail thanks Ben for doing this as she goes to join Theo.

Haley holds Tate as Theresa comes back to the room and finds her tablet. Theresa tells Haley that she didn't appreciate her making her look bad in front of Brady. Haley responds that she does that all by herself. Theresa states she is the mother while Haley is the hired help. Haley exits with Tate. Theresa is shocked at the new smoke detector in the room and storms out.

Lucas feels today isn't the best day to talk about them. Adrienne notes he's been so patient with her. Lucas doesn't want to pressure her but he's having trouble figuring out why he hasn't seen her lately. Lucas asks if she realized she doesn't want the divorce.

Paul tells Will that he doesn't know what he's thinking but Derrick has become just a friend. Will thinks it's great but feels they look like more than friends and sees chemistry between them. Paul questions why he's pushing this and what he's so afraid of.

Abigail and Zoe get out of the lake. Zoe comments on Abigail looking green and if she feels sick. Abigail insists that she's fine. Zoe points out Chad and Ben actually getting along while playing with Theo. Abigail asks why they wouldn't. Zoe decides to go get them some hot dogs for lunch while Abigail does seem to feel sick.

Brady and Haley play with Tate as John enters to see Tate. Brady introduces Haley to John. Theresa walks to the door and watches them. Haley tells John that she thinks Tate looks like him. Theresa enters to let them know she found her tablet and is going to work now. Brady tells her to have a good one. Theresa says bye to Tate and walks out. Theresa tells herself that it's not what she had in mind so she needs to come up with a plan.

Adrienne tells Lucas that it doesn't matter whether she wants the divorce or not as it's happening no matter what. Lucas thinks it does. Adrienne says this time is different from last time as it's not about hurt feelings or misunderstandings but just final. Adrienne doesn't want Lucas to feel obligated to her. She doesn't want him to blame himself for this or like he has to rush in to anything with her. She doesn't think they are in any place to make a commitment. Lucas declares that whatever they have is just starting and they don't know where or how far it will go but he's okay with that which Adrienne smiles at.

John talks to Brady about Xander covering his tracks so they need someone close to him. Brady tells him to keep him posted on that. Brady brings up Kate and Justin offering Paul a job with Mad World. John says he's looking it over now which means he could be hanging out in Salem for quite awhile.

Will tells Paul that he's just calling it how he sees it. Paul feels he is seeing what he wants to see. Paul asks if he brought Sonny to see him with Derrick. Will says he wanted to spend time with Sonny. Paul questions him not having their blanket by the water for Arianna then. Paul tells Will that gay guys can be friends without sleeping together. Paul says Will would know that if they had gay friends. Paul warns him about pushing Sonny away. Will tells Paul not to tell him what's happening with Sonny. Sonny and Derrick return. Sonny says he crushed him in volleyball and asks if everything is okay.

Ben and Chad get out of the lake and talk about having fun with Theo. Theo joins them as Abigail and Zoe return with hot dogs. Zoe hands out the hot dogs to everyone while Abigail looks uncomfortable.

Theresa goes to the hospital and complains to Anne about Haley pushing her too far. Anne questions her thinking Haley is trying to get with Brady and asks if she has a shot. Theresa complains that she keeps putting her down in front of Brady. Theresa worries about her plan not working. Anne asks what plan. She says she has to come up with a way to save Tate from something horrible and then Brady might see her in a new way. Anne questions her putting Tate in danger. Theresa says she would never do that but if Brady sees her as a worthy mother then Brady might see her worthy of love and trust. Anne suggests just being a good mother. Theresa complains about Haley.

Brady is glad Paul is staying in Salem so he can get to know him better. John mentions seeing Paul at the lake with Will and Sonny. John says that wasn't the problem but Paul was with another guy that he said was just a friend. Brady jokes with John about asking if he was more than a friend. John admits he assumed. John just wants Paul to be happy and not be alone like he wants for all his kids. Brady assures him that he won't have to worry and Paul will find the guy he's meant to be with.

Will says nothing happened. Paul suggests getting something to eat with Derrick. Derrick suggests the four of them do dinner sometime as they walk away. Sonny then asks Will what's really going on.

Abe thanks Abigail and Ben for making Theo's day. Abigail is happy to do it and they exit together. Zoe calls Theo over to clean up the rest of things. Abe tells Chad that he made Theo's day and adds that Zoe seems really nice. Theo remembers he forgot to give Ben his watch back. Chad stops him and says he'll get it to him as Theo runs off to play baseball. Abe says goodbye and goes to join Theo. Chad asks if Zoe had a good time. She says she did and mentions Abigail and Ben seeming solid.

Theresa tells Anne that they installed a new nanny-cam in the smoke detector. Anne questions how she knows there's a camera. Theresa insists that she's sure. Theresa feels like she deserves to know. Anne suggests maybe Brady didn't know. Theresa realizes it was Victor having eyes on Tate at all times and then says that's it.

Brady thanks John for stopping by and is sorry he didn't get more time with Tate. John says he'll be back. John mentions staying out of Brady's life and not wanting to interfere but he doesn't like Theresa living in the house. John advises Brady to get her out as soon as possible because she's going to be nothing but trouble. John then exits.

Theresa tells Anne that technology has the power to do so much good. She says the nanny cam could turn everything around for her with Anne's help.

Will tells Sonny that nothing happened other than Paul getting defensive when he asked about Derrick. Sonny assures him they are just friends. Will asks how he knows. Sonny says Derrick told him. Will assumes that means Sonny was thinking the same thing. Sonny then gets a call from Adrienne, who says she needs to talk to him as it's important. Sonny tells her that he'll meet her at the club. Will tells him to go ahead so Sonny exits. Will prepares Arianna to go and declares the day didn't quite go as he hoped.

Abigail goes home and complains of not feeling good. She stops to wonder if she's late. She checks her phone and tells herself that it's impossible. Ben comes in and asks what's impossible. Chad then arrives at the door, leaving Abigail surprised.

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