Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/8/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/8/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ben dreams about being in bed with Abigail where she calls him Chad.

Rafe and Hope are in the town square with Ciara. Ciara jokes with Rafe about playing baseball. Kate interrupts and remarks that she never thought Rafe and Hope would have reason to socialize after Rafe was kicked off the police force but she was mistaken.

Victor enters his living room to find Stefano. Victor comments that he needs to fire his security team. Stefano says they know he wouldn't harm him. Victor questions what he's doing there. Stefano wants to know what is going on between he and Clyde.

Clyde goes to the club and talks with Sonny about Ben and Abigail being great together. Clyde wouldn't be surprised to see a wedding soon. Sonny questions being so soon. Clyde remarks that man and woman can still get married, not just his kind. Sonny questions what kind he means.

Will goes to Paul's hotel room. Paul opens the door expecting someone else, saying he's early. Will calls it just like old times.

Chad sits at home and thinks about Abigail as he looks at a rose, then he throws the rose in the trash.

Abigail wakes Ben up from his nightmare.

Paul tells Will that he was just on his way out. Will points out that he isn't wearing shoes and whoever he's expecting isn't there yet so he won't take long. Will comments that he thought Paul would've bought a place by now instead of staying in the hotel. Paul asks what he wants. Will says he didn't come to start something but because he wants to beg him to step aside. Will asks him to please give he and Sonny a chance to work things out.

Zoe joins Chad at the DiMera Mansion, saying his message sounded important. Chad responds that it is.

Abigail notes that Ben didn't seem to sleep well like something was bothering him. She asks what he was dreaming about. Ben claims not to remember. She mentions him not working this afternoon. Abigail brings up taking Theo to the park and how they want Ben to come with them. Ben says it sounds great. Abigail adds that Theo also invited Chad. Ben feels she wants him there because she's afraid to be alone with Chad.

Zoe asks if Chad wanted to discuss the proposal for Sonix. Chad says those were good but he wanted to talk about something more personal which Zoe would love. Chad asks if she can take the morning off. Zoe asks what he had in mind. Chad suggests a summer picnic with his nephew.

Abigail mocks the idea of being scared to be alone with Chad when a lot of people will be at this picnic. Ben tells her that he was joking with her and he'll be happy to come. Ben says he'll have to meet her there because Clyde is coming to by to get some papers. Abigail says that's fine and kisses him. Abigail promises Ben that it will be fun as she goes to take a shower.

Rafe tells Kate that he and Hope were actually friends and didn't just work together. Ciara mentions going to the picnic. Kate asks if it will be just the three of them. Hope informs her that Aiden and Chase are meeting them there. Kate calls Rafe the third wheel. Rafe states that he's not going. Ciara asks about Kate going. Kate says she has work to do and walks away. Ciara wants to know what a third wheel is.

Victor tells Stefano that he's early and was supposed to wait until Maggie and the family were out of the house. Stefano wants an answer as to what's going on with he and Clyde. Victor jokes about it but Stefano calls it serious. Stefano says Clyde came to his house and said he worked out an agreement with Victor. Stefano calls Clyde a simple hillbilly. Victor responds that he's a damn fool if he thinks that, just like he was.

Clyde tells Sonny that he can't afford to be touchy. Clyde says he likes him as he's been good to Ben and Kate speaks highly of him. Sonny questions him thinking his kind shouldn't get married. Clyde says he didn't say that. Clyde talks about being from a different generation so he's getting used to gay people and gay marriage. Sonny mocks that being tough for him. Clyde apologizes for saying the wrong thing and hopes he accepts his apology. Sonny says sure and tells him to enjoy his coffee as he walks away. Clyde remarks that he will now as he goes to leave. Clyde stops and looks back at Sonny, thinking back to arguing with Victor about stabbing Sonny. Clyde says to himself that Sonny better be careful or next time he'll have them shove the knife through his heart instead of his back.

Paul says they have had this conversation before. Will apologizes for before and knows he was wrong. Will says he's trying to be more direct and honest like Sonny. Will wants to talk things out. Paul says he can't control how Sonny feels. Will tells him to stop trying to tell Sonny how he feels. Will knows Paul put it in Sonny's head that he wasn't ready to get married. Will blames Paul for Sonny trying to figure out how to get out of their marriage.

Ciara continues asking what a third wheel is. Hope gets a call from Aiden and steps away. Ciara asks Rafe if it's bad to be a third wheel. Rafe says it is if you're keeping people from having a good time. Ciara wants to call the baseball game at the picnic but mentions the glass ceiling. Hope comes back and informs them that Aiden and Chase can't make it since Chase is sick. Ciara says Aiden was going to help her with her calls and suggests Rafe can help her. Hope says Rafe might not want to go but Rafe decides he's in which excites Ciara as she runs off. Hope thanks Rafe and they walk off.

Paul tells Will that he didn't badmouth him to Sonny but just made his feelings clear. Paul says he just pointed out that they both were clinging to Sonny to deal with coming out. Paul talks about not being in shape for a relationship and feels they aren't getting anywhere. Will argues that Sonny never had to hide in the closet in their relationship. Will says he and Arianna need Sonny as they are a family. Will tells Paul that he's not going to ruin it. Will thought he could talk some sense in to him but says he's clearly made his mind up already. Will goes to leave as Derrick arrives and asks if he's early.

Clyde goes to see Ben. Clyde comments that the place looks more like a home and credits Abigail. Clyde asks if things are still good between them. Ben says they are okay and mentions the picnic. Clyde asks if he's not happy about that. Ben responds "Chad DiMera."

Chad asks if Zoe doesn't want to go to the picnic with his nephew. Zoe was expecting something a little more intimate. Chad tells her that she gets to see a different side of him and jokes that he can see her in a bikini. Zoe says she's dressed for a board meeting not a picnic. Chad says they'll stop in the town square to get her something on him. She jokes that she would've said yes a long time ago to a shopping spree as they exit together.

Abigail goes to the club and with her picnic basket and talks to Sonny about going to the picnic with Theo, Ben, and Chad. Sonny questions them getting along and suggests not telling Chad about her moving in with Ben. Abigail informs him that he already knows. Sonny guesses Chad took it better than he thought. Abigail feels they can get past things for one afternoon. Sonny tells her that the problem isn't how Chad feels about Ben but how Chad feels about her.

Kate goes to her office and finds Justin there, which she questions. Justin says he's doing his job. Kate says all he had to do was ask. Justin says it's hard to do when she's not there. Kate tells him to tell her what he needs and then get away from his desk.

Will tells Derrick that he was just on his way out and tells them to have fun as he exits. Derrick asks Paul if everything is okay. Paul jokes about beating him in tennis as they leave together.

Victor assures Stefano that he didn't just sit back and let Clyde take over his territory as he pushed back hard but he admits he made the grave error of underestimating his resources and survival instinct. Victor says that cost him big time.

Abigail tells Sonny that Chad made it very clear how he feels so she's sure moving in with Ben doesn't matter to him at all. Sonny comments on men hiding how they feel. Abigail says that Chad hates her. Sonny thinks he wants another chance with her. She calls him delusional and says he's only going for Theo. Abigail adds that Chad knows how she feels about Ben so there is no point to this conversation. Sonny says Chad is his best friend so he knows him and can tell he still cares about her. Sonny tells her to have fun as he goes back from work.

Chad takes Zoe to the town square and tells her to buy whatever she wants. Zoe questions him not going with her. Chad says he wants to be surprised and has to make a call. Chad says he'll meet her there and tells her to take her time. Chad walks away to make a call. Abigail appears and follows Chad out of the town square. Chad finishes the call, saying to tell Mr. Shin to give him a call after his meeting. Chad turns around to see Abigail.

Justin mocks Kate's attitude. Kate gives him the folder that he was looking for. Justin asks when he can expect her to show up to work tomorrow. Kate gets upset and questions why he has to be such a jerk. Justin says he's trying to keep it professional. Kate argues that Justin only took this job to get back at Lucas for sleeping with his wife. Justin informs her that she won't be his wife much longer as he filed for divorce.

Will takes Arianna to the club to see Sonny. Sonny greets them and asks where they are going. Will tells him that they are going to the picnic and Sonny is coming with them.

Rafe, Hope, and Ciara practice baseball in the park. Ciara sees some kids from her class so she goes to join them. Hope jokes about Ciara liking being in control. Rafe asks her if John's enjoying being back in the force. Hope says that he says he likes being back in the field. Hope asks about Rafe enjoying Victor's nightclub. Rafe calls it a job. Hope knows he hates not being a cop. Rafe says he goes with the flow but Hope knows being a cop is in his blood. Rafe says there's not much he can do about it. Hope is glad Victor gave him a job because it's good to have Rafe around to ask questions and get opinions. Hope can't imagine working for Victor is routine. Rafe talks about when he first started but says something changed, Victor changed.

Stefano questions Victor just surrendering after Clyde struck back. Stefano asks what he has on him. Victor says his main concern is making sure his family is safe and that should be Stefano's too. Stefano feels Clyde wouldn't dare but Victor says he doesn't play by their same rules. Victor says Clyde's word means nothing. Stefano feels Clyde needs to be dealt with permanently. Victor says he already tried that but it cost him. Stefano realizes Clyde was behind the attack on Sonny. Victor responds that he has to make sure there's not another one.

Clyde questions Ben going to a picnic with Chad. Ben assures it's not a date as there will be a lot of other people there. Clyde continues to question him. Ben talks about doing it for Theo. Ben talks about Theo being special and he wants everyone to be friends. Clyde questions if that's what he wants or if that's what Chad told him to say.

Abigail asks Chad if he's picking up Theo. Chad says Abe is meeting them at the lake and asks about Ben. Abigail says he's meeting them there as he had something to do with Clyde. Abigail tells Chad that she will see him there. She stops and mentions talking to Sonny so she had something to ask Chad about but Zoe interrupts in her new swimsuit and asks what Chad thinks.

Kate is surprised that Justin is getting a divorce. Justin asks why when they slept with other people. Kate thinks he's overreacting. Justin declares their marriage is over. Kate is sorry as it seemed like they are supposed to be together. Justin admits he was being a jerk to her. Justin asks her not to let anyone know as he doesn't know if Adrienne has told Sonny and the others yet. Justin says he'll talk to him after his meeting in Chicago. Kate repeats that she is sorry. Justin thanks her and exits.

Sonny tells Will that he needs to work because everyone else is going to the picnic. Will says T is happy to cover and they haven't missed the picnic since Arianna was born so it's a family tradition. Sonny worries that Will is trying to ignore what they talked about last night. Will assures that he isn't and has set up an appointment with a therapist. Will says their lives can't just stop in the meantime. Sonny agrees to go. Will gives him clothes to change in to so he goes to change. Will tells Arianna that he hopes Sonny will finally see that Paul is moving on.

Ben tells Clyde that he doesn't think even Chad would use Theo to get what he wants. Clyde says it has to drive him crazy to be nice to a guy who tried to get him sent to prison. Ben says it will be good to keep an eye on things. Clyde wants to come up with a way to get Chad out of the picture permanently.

Chad tells Zoe that she looks amazing. Abigail asks about her going to the picnic. Chad says he asked her to join them and if that will be a problem. Abigail asks if he explained to her that it takes a while for Theo to warm up to a new person sometimes. Chad agrees that he should've told her. Abigail says she'll see them there and walks away. Zoe feels that is why he called her and this explains everything.

Will, Sonny, and Arianna go to the lake for the picnic. Sonny wants their regular spot to be near Abigail and Ben. Will talks about getting a new spot. Sonny points out having no kids so Arianna has nowhere to play with. Paul and Derrick come out from the lake together so that Sonny sees them.

Victor tells Stefano that he's not willing to make another attempt on Clyde's life until he knows his measures. Victor doesn't want the consequences so for now they wait until Clyde feels completely safe and let his guard down which will be when they make their move. Stefano responds that he won't know what hit him.

Clyde goes to Kate's office and greets her with a kiss. He asks how her morning is going. Kate calls it full of surprises and asks about his. She asks about Abigail moving in with Ben. Clyde calls it a period of adjustment and thinks everything will work out fine in the end.

Ciara returns to Hope and Rafe, wanting Rafe to teach her more about baseball so he steps away with her. Ben arrives and asks Hope if she's seen Abigail around but she hasn't. Ben is sure she will show up soon.

Abigail stops in the town square with her picnic basket and tells herself that Chad doesn't have feelings for her and only pretend to. Abigail realizes she left her sunglasses and goes back.

Chad doesn't know what Zoe means. Zoe says she's not Abigail but a grown woman. She knows he doesn't want her to meet Theo or go to the picnic but that he invited her for one reason. Chad says he wants to spend the picnic with a beautiful woman. Abigail comes back for her sunglasses but stops around the corner when she sees them as Zoe disagrees with Chad and argues that he invited her to make Abigail jealous.

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