Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/7/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/7/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

The man watching JJ stops him, takes JJ down and handcuffs him.

Eve sits in the pub reading Laura's file and talks about Jennifer being terrified of ending up with the same mental disorder. Eve says she just needs to find the right drug to have Jennifer sent to the right mental institution.

Paige sits in her room and texts with a guy that she plans to meet about meeting in the town square. She calls Daphne and asks her to come by.

Hope calls Victor and says she wants to ask a few questions about Xander. Victor tells her to come anytime. Victor hangs up and reveals Xander next to him, saying he won't be there long.

Eric goes to Serena's hotel room and asks if she meant that she would do anything to help him. Eric informs her that here is her chance to prove it. Eric wants Serena to get Xander to confess on video for proof that he tried to kill he and Nicole.

Nicole tells Daniel that she can't move in with him. Daniel asks why not. Nicole thinks back to kissing Eric. Daniel tells her to talk to him and asks what's going on.

A cop joins in arresting JJ. The man brings up JJ drinking as well and they drag him away as JJ calls it ridicuous, saying he wants to call his lawyer.

Nicole tells Daniel that she just can't. Daniel brings up her being excited before and asks what changed her mind. Nicole thinks Daniel will realize he's not ready for this step. Daniel questions why she would say that. Nicole brings up Xander being out there and dangerous. Daniel insists on wanting to protect her but says he wants her to move in because he loves her. Daniel mentions almost losing her and says any doubt is gone. Daniel knows it's a huge step and doesn't blame her so he says she doesn't have to commit right now. Daniel asks her to just stay the night and they'll take it from there. Nicole agrees and they head inside.

Serena questions how Eric expects her to do that. Eric tells Serena to reach out to Xander to tell him she won't tell a soul about what he did. Eric wants her to get him to record any part of what he did so they'll never have to see him again. Serena says she's willing to do anything but Xander doesn't trust her. Eric wants her to push him harder but Serena responds that he's too smart and won't fall for it. Eric agrees and decides they'll use plan B as he has another idea to put him behind bars.

Daphne joins Paige in the town square where she meets the older man named Donald. He remarks that he didn't know she'd be bringing a friend. Paige comments that she thought Daphne might want to join in the fun which confuses her.

Eve remains in the Pub where she gets a call from Daphne, who says she's afraid Paige is about to do something really stupid so she needs to get to the town square right away.

JJ is brought to the police station where Roman joins him. JJ complains about how he was treated as he didn't even do anything. Roman says he won't arrest him but he's going to talk to him.

Victor tells Xander that Hope is coming over on police business so he wants him gone by the time she arrives but he questions him being a free man. Xander explains that his alibi checked out so the police couldn't hold him and eventually they will have to give up as there is nothing to connect him to. Xander knows there will still be a place for him in Victor's organization. Victor is aware of his talents otherwise he wouldn't be alive. Victor says if he chooses to redeem him will be up to him. Victor tells him not to contact him unless summoned and sends him out the back way. Maggie walks in and questions why that would-be murderer was in their home.

Eric tells Serena that if they can't get Xander for attempted murder, they could get him for smuggling blood diamonds. He tells her to just get Xander on record since she spoke to him earlier. Eric doesn't think she would do anything for him if it means incriminating herself. Serena argues that it's not about her as if Xander realized she double crossed him, she would probably wind up dead.

Daniel shows Nicole to his bedroom to sleep while he will stay in the guest room. Daniel doesn't want her feeling any pressure after what she's been through. Nicole owes him her life. Daniel blames himself for not being there for her and says from now on, he always will be.

Victor didn't expect Maggie so soon. She says her meeting was over early. Victor just thought it would be better if she wasn't there when he summoned Xander. Maggie questions how Xander got out of jail. Hope arrives and hugs Maggie. Maggie tells Hope that she was just asking Victor how Xander got out of jail. Hope explains that his alibi checked out and she hopes that Victor can tell them more. Victor says he'll do what he can to help.

Serena complains about the dangers of Xander. Eric says he would never ask her to risk her life and it was just an impulsive idea that he didn't think through. Serena suggests they work together to help the police nail Xander but Eric doesn't want anything to do with her. Eric regrets coming and exits.

Donald sits with Paige and tells her that he was surprised when she contacted him. Paige says she was looking for a very specific kind of guy. Eve arrives with Daphne and they see Paige with Donald. They talk about Paige being with such an older man. Daphne mentions that Paige hinted at a three way which is when she called Eve. Eve declares she's going to take care of this but will need her help.

Roman introduces JJ to the man that arrested him as a DEA agent. Roman explains that he's there to crack down on drug dealing. JJ swears he isn't involved. He reveals that he believes him as they researched and believe he's clean. JJ is surprised and wonders what he's doing here then.

Nicole tells Daniel that he was there for her and blames herself for thinking she could take down a murderer herself. Daniel apologizes for making her feel like he wouldn't believe her. Daniel asks if that's why she is having second thoughts about moving in. Nicole doesn't blame him but feels she gave him plenty of reasons to doubt her including pretending to be interested in Xander to get information on Serena. Nicole was scared of pushing him away while trying to do something noble when she should've just left it alone. Daniel says it turned out okay. Daniel takes her hand and says something good came out of this in that they learned to trust each other again so she'll never feel like keep another secret from him again.

Eric goes home and wonders what he was thinking. Marlena arrives and asks how he's feeling. Eric claims he's fine. Marlena brings up Xander being released and how it must be very upsetting. Eric says he's trying to let it go if only he wasn't so smug. Marlena warns him about confronting him. Eric isn't afraid of Xander and says he won't do anything while the police is watching his every move along with Victor too. Marlena is sorry as she knew how much he loved Serena. Eric thought he did and thought she really loved him too but should've realized it was just a lie.

Serena exits the club and runs in to Xander. Xander mentions seeing Eric earlier and he seemed a bit upset. She tells him to stay away from Eric. Xander questions her since he's done with her. Xander brings up the last time they broke up and how he and Serena had rebound sex. Serena is disgusted she ever touched him and says it's so wrong that he is free. Xander argues that she's just sorry that Eric saw the real her. Xander tells her to have a nice night.

Paige and Donald laugh together until Paige gets a text from Daphne that she forgot her wallet. Paige goes to help her. Eve confronts Donald and questions what he thinks he's doing by preying on a girl half her age. Donald tells her that she reached out to him. Eve warns him to stay away and tells him to go home as the date is over. Donald informs her that they were just planning a road trip to Atlantic City. Eve threatens that he'll be very unlucky if he tries to take her daughter away. Donald informs her that he knows she's over 18. Eve argues that she's only hanging around him to get back at her. Donald responds that he must have really got lucky then.

Roman talks about the drug business in Salem booming and crime being up. The DEA is working with the police to reel in a big fish. JJ says he hasn't been involved in two years. They show him a photo of Kyle, who they know has tried to recruit him. JJ says he turned him down twice. The agent wants him to go tell Kyle that he'll do it which shocks him. Roman explains that they need to destroy this operation and to do it from the inside. They want JJ to go undercover.

Victor talks to Hope about being estranged from his brother and Xander being a troubled child. Maggie brings up the leap between shoplifting and murder. Hope asks why Xander was here tonight. Victor says he asked him to come and he insisted he was innocent so he basically disowned him. Victor says Xander deserves to be punished and asks if the police will come up with enough evidence to arrest him.

Eric tells Marlena that Serena was using him. Marlena says maybe in the beginning but she thinks she does have feelings for him. Eric says Serena wants him to believe that but he doesn't and there is no chance for them. Eric says everything was put in perspective. Marlena asks if he means Serena's betrayal or a glimpse at his own mortality. Eric thinks back to kissing Nicole and says it was the whole experience.

Daniel wants to be with Nicole and give her everything she needs which right now is rest so she can get well. Daniel tells her that he loves her and says goodnight. Nicole stops him and wants him to know that she doesn't doubt them and says her whole life, she always hoped a guy like him would love her so she doesn't want to mess this up or lose him. Daniel doesn't want to lose her either and says they won't as they hold each other and kiss.

Donald tells Eve to be gone before Paige gets back. Donald brings up checking out some motels along the way. Eve says she will do whatever he wants to protect Paige and get him to stay away from her. Donald mentions some extra cash might be nice and suggests 10 grand. Donald asks Eve if she thinks Paige is worth it. Eve complains that the banks aren't open and offers a check but Donald says cash only. Donald wants her ring to pawn or else he leaves with Paige tonight and says who knows if they'll ever come back.

JJ questions them wanting him to go undercover. Roman doesn't like the idea but it's not his call. Agent Watts likes JJ for the job and says no one would question him getting back in the game. He mentions they have been following JJ since Kyle approached him so they believe he's perfect to lead them to who is behind the operation. He adds that he'd be working very close with JJ on this. Roman adds that this isn't just weed but a lot of stuff. JJ questions being a narc. Agent Watts explains that it takes a lot of built up trust for someone to do this. JJ declares there is no way in hell he's doing this.

Hope tells Victor that they don't have enough evidence to charge Xander but hopes that will change. Maggie gets a call and steps out. Hope asks Victor about what brought Xander to Salem in the first place. Victor says he just said he was here on work related business. Hope asks if he knew about befriending Serena and Eric in Africa. Victor says he didn't. Hope mentions looking in to his business contacts and dealings. Hope questions him not knowing anything about the situation. Victor says he's sorry. Hope hopes he's telling her the truth and not lying to her. Hope thanks him for talking to her and adds that he knows she loves him as she then exits.

Daniel and Nicole kiss in to bed and have sex.

Agent Watts knows they are asking a lot for JJ. JJ says he doesn't want to freak out his family and just wants to have fun this summer. JJ questions them following him. He warns JJ that this drug problem is destroying the town, his home and people he cares about. Roman is sorry they had to get JJ's attention this way but he agrees that a lot of innocent people could get hurt if they don't shut this down. Watts adds that helping them is the right thing to do. JJ says doing the right thing never seems to work out for him.

Eve argues with Donald that the ring was a gift from her dad and she was going to pass it down to Paige one day. Eve wants him to promise that he'll stay away from Paige forever. Paige returns to the scene. Donald informs her that Eve just gave him $10,000 to keep him away from her. They laugh as Donald gives Paige half of the money. Paige tells him it was well played as Eve realizes she was set up. Paige tells Eve that now she knows what it's like to be lied to, manipulated, and screwed over.

JJ asks if he can go now. They allow him to go if he doesn't say a word to anyone. Roman warns him a lot of lives are at stake and tells him to stay out of trouble. JJ assures that he won't change his mind as he exits.

Eve questions Paige having no interest in that man at all and him being in on it as well as Daphne. Paige explains that she told Daphne after she called Eve. Paige questions Eve giving up that money that fast. Paige says she doesn't want her dirty money and suggests giving it to veterans that she stole it from. Eve says she sounds like Jennifer. Paige says she hates them both but knows giving to a charity of Jennifer's choice would drive Eve crazy. Paige says the hurt Eve is feeling now doesn't compare to what she did to her. Eve tries to apologize but Paige yells at her to shut up as she doesn't want to hear it anymore. Paige tells her to stay out of her life and walks off.

Maggie returns to Victor and asks if Hope is optimistic about the case against Xander. Victor knows she'll do her best and wishes he saw this coming. Maggie says it wasn't his fault but maybe he has resources to help the police. Maggie adds that Daniel and all of them would be very grateful if Xander is locked up. Maggie kisses him and exits.

Nicole lays in bed with Daniel, thinking to herself that it's all she ever wanted but he can't and won't find out about her and Eric.

Serena calls Eric and tells him to just listen as she changed her mind and wants to do what he asked. She wants to help him put Xander away for good.

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