Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/6/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/6/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden tells Hope that he's having trouble forgetting about their little fight so he asks about Clyde but Hope stops him and wants to forget all about Clyde. Aiden says they tried that as Rafe then approaches. Aiden questions if Rafe is pushing Hope on this. Aiden gets a call from Daniel and steps away. Rafe asks Hope about the tension. Hope calls it a disagreement. Rafe guesses it's over Clyde.

Kyle walks in the park on the phone, saying he thinks he's met a guy who can move some product in JJ. Kyle says he knows for a fact that he used to be in the game so he'll be good from day one.

Clyde says on the phone that it's good and to sign him up.

JJ and Bev talk at JJ's. JJ tells Bev that he won't do drugs but he will drink as they toast.

Paige sits at home with her computer and says finding a guy is harder than she thought but he's definitely who she is looking for as she texts someone about meeting up. Paige declares this guy will be perfect.

Eric paces outside and thinks back to kissing Nicole. Serena finds him and says she's been looking for him. Eric doesn't want to hear how sorry she is or how much she loves him. Serena tells him that she's talking about Xander. Eric asks what about him. Serena realizes he hasn't heard and asks if Roman called him. Eric says no and demands to know what's going on. Serena informs him that the police didn't file charges so Xander walked free.

Daniel tells Nicole not to go away as he goes to check on a patient. Xander then arrives at the hospital and greets Nicole, saying it's so nice to see her.

Roman and Marlena talk at the Pub. Marlena says it's insane since Eric and Nicole said what happened. Marlena shouts that Eric almost died because Xander almost killed him. Marlena questions if Roman is going to let Xander get away with that.

Eric argues that Xander can't be free. Serena says she's sorry but it's true and Xander came to her hotel to tell her himself. Eric asks if he hurt her. Serena tells Eric about his alibi. Eric argues that it's impossible because he tried to kill him and Nicole. Eric then accuses Serena of helping Xander by giving him his alibi and betraying him again.

Xander asks Nicole if something's wrong as she looks like she's seen a ghost. Nicole questions what he's doing there and not in jail. Xander says the police talked to him but he's not the guy they are looking for. Nicole complains that he tried to kill her and wants him away from her. Daniel rushes back to the scene and forcefully pulls Xander away, then attacks him with punches to the face!

Aiden tells Rafe and Hope that Daniel called him to investigate Xander. Aiden says he'll see them later and kisses Hope goodbye as he exits. Rafe asks Hope what happened with Clyde. Hope says she blew it as she told Aiden that she dropped Clyde but then assumed he was talking about Clyde and told him about Clyde meeting with Stefano. Hope mentions that she told Justin and she's sure he told Victor. They feel it's only a matter of time before Victor puts a hit out on Clyde.

Clyde tells Kyle on the phone to make sure his name never comes out of his mouth and that no one knows they know each other. Clyde tells Kyle to get everyone whatever they want in the business. Clyde tells him not to let him down. Kyle mentions JJ coming to his party so he'll get him back in the game tonight. Clyde tells him to do it and hangs up. Clyde wipes the burner cell phone and dumps it in the trash before walking off.

Bev tells JJ to slow down or he'll get trashed before the party. JJ feels it just takes the edge off. Bev understands he still misses Paige. JJ doesn't want to think about or talk about her tonight. JJ just wants to have fun with her tonight. Bev lets JJ finish her beer. Bev suggests they could ditch the party and just hang out here. JJ brings up Jennifer walking in. JJ decides to just head to the lake early so they exit together.

Paige complains about the air conditioner dying at her dorm. She gets some ice and thinks back to a past time with JJ so she throws the ice. Paige declares that bastard is not worth thinking about. Paige decides to look for her swimsuit.

Eric calls Nicole, leaving a message wanting her to call him and letting her know that Xander beat the charges and blames Serena. Serena tells Eric that she didn't help Xander intentionally. Serena explains that she told the police that she was with Daniel but had to admit that Xander told her he was leaving town that night. Eric argues that Xander stayed behind to kill them. Serena talks about not having proof. She apologizes and says she did everything she could to help the police make a case. Eric argues that if she did then she would have told the police about them smuggling diamonds and if she did then Xander would be in jail but she would be too.

Nicole yells that Xander deserves this as Daniel continues beating on Xander until security and Anne pull him off. Anne warns Daniel as Nicole shouts that she has no idea what he did to her. Anne decides she's calling the police as Nicole tells her to do it because he's an escaped criminal who is wanted for attempted murder which Xander laughs off.

Rafe and Hope talk about Victor and Clyde. Rafe realizes that maybe Victor already tried a hit on Clyde which is why Clyde stabbed Sonny and this led to Victor backing off. Hope agrees with the speculation and knows Victor won't admit it. Rafe says they can't work together.

Eric questions Serena not backing he and Daniel up in telling the police about smuggling diamonds. Serena explains that Xander fixed it so that there is no evidence. Eric argues against her courage. Serena says Xander made it clear that if she betrays him again, he'll go after Eric. Eric doesn't believe her doing this for him. Serena says she'll do anything he wants because she loves him. Eric warns her not to say that and tells her to go live her life somewhere else without him as he walks off.

Roman finishes a call and tells Marlena that phone records can't be faked so someone was in Chicago using Xander's phone. Roman says they can't charge somebody when all the evidence points the other way. Marlena argues and calls it insane. Roman tells her to give the department some time and just be grateful that Eric is alive as he gets up and exits the Pub.

Anne questions Nicole. Nicole insists that he's an escaped criminal. Xander calls it a mistake as he already talked to the police and they realized their error and let him go. Nicole shouts about Xander trying to kill her and Eric. Nicole calls him a pathological liar and orders Anne to call the cops. Xander sticks to his story about being in Chicago. Daniel argues that they both could've died. Nicole tries to attack Xander as security hold her back and Daniel tells her to let it go as he won't get away with what he did. Daniel takes Nicole and tells her to trust him. Nicole shouts that he should be in jail. Daniel threats back that if Xander touches her again, he'll kill him as they exit through the elevator.

Bev and JJ goes to the party at the lake. Bev thanks Kyle for the invite as Kyle greets her and JJ. A girl pulls Bev away to talk while Kyle asks JJ about getting a summer job. JJ says he got a job at the club which Kyle laughs off as lame. JJ mentions his cousin owning it. Kyle questions cleaning up after people and making minimum wage. Kyle asks JJ about doing work for him a couple days a week while JJ says no way to dealing. The man who has been watching hides in the bushes. JJ tells Kyle that he was involved a long time ago. Paige then arrives at the party and sees JJ.

Rafe apologizes to Hope but says they agreed to back off. Hope calls it habit. Rafe says they need to stop now as they have family to look out for. Hope says she understands. Rafe adds that there's no sense screwing up her and Aiden. Rafe says they agreed and need to back off. Hope responds "for now" and thanks him for looking out for her. Rafe invites her to go in to the club for a drink. Hope gets a call from Doug so Rafe goes in to order for them. Rafe runs in to Clyde inside.

Kyle continues trying to convince JJ but he says it won't happen. Bev comes back and takes JJ away to get another drink. Kyle complains that he needs that guy. Paige approaches. Kyle asks if he knows her. Paige says not yet and asks if this is a private party. Kyle says it is but she's now invited. Paige mentions just coming for a swim. Kyle tells her to swim but be sure to come back and she can have anything she wants from him. JJ looks over and sees Paige with Kyle.

Anne tells Xander that she was appalled by what Daniel did to him and calls it lawsuit material. Xander calls it a misunderstanding and says he doesn't want them to suffer any more grief. Anne complains that Daniel gets away with anything. Xander gets a call from Eric, who demands to meet with him now.

Aiden meets with Nicole and Daniel at the Pub. Aiden says he did some research and spoke with Abe. Nicole questions how it's possible that Xander is walking in the street. Aiden explains how many witnesses are confirming Xander was in Chicago along with the phone records. Daniel calls Xander's whole life a lie. Aiden says unfortunately there's just no case as it's their word against his. Daniel asks about the security cameras but Aiden informs them that they don't show anything and there are no fingerprints so they have no proof. Aiden says right now, it's looking like Xander was never there the night Nicole was almost killed.

Eric meets Xander in the town square and says he's obviously not the only person unhappy to see him. Eric warns him to stay away from Nicole. Xander says Daniel felt the same but claims he doesn't mean any harm as he wasn't involved. Eric talks about thinking Xander was a good guy in Africa but now knowing who he really is, a killer. Xander continues claiming he was in Chicago. Eric calls it a lie and warns that Xander will pay.

Nicole knows she's not the most reliable witness but she insists and brings up Eric saying the same. Aiden says it looks like the police have their hands tied. Nicole complains that Xander could try to kill her again. Daniel asks if there is anything to do to help the police. Aiden doesn't think they can. Nicole worries about coming up empty.

Rafe asks Clyde how things are with he and Kate. Rafe then gets a text and says he hates to be rude but it's business. Clyde responds that he's come to expect nothing but rudeness from him.

Hope starts to go in to the club but her phone rings so she stops.

Clyde tells Rafe that he has better things to do and exits. Rafe follows and catches up with Hope. They talk about Clyde leaving as Rafe says the good move is keeping him off their radar for now. Rafe calls a rain check on the drink as he walks away.

Paige introduces herself to Kyle. She says the parties are not really her scene but she's always looking to try new things. Kyle tells her to wait there as he has to go take care of something then he'll be right back. JJ watches as Kyle walks away and Paige looks towards him. A drunk guy bumps in to JJ and spills his drink on him. JJ gets upset and they argue leading to JJ punching the guy down and starting a fight as Bev yells for them to stop. Bev pulls JJ off and questions what is wrong with him when the guy is wasted. Paige watches as Bev sees her and asks JJ if he's serious. JJ rushes off. The man in the bushes walks away. Bev tells Paige it's always a pleasure bitch as she walks off. Kyle returns to Paige and asks what happened and if she's okay. Paige says a guy started a fight but it had nothing to do with her. Paige decides she has to go. Kyle hopes they can do it again as she walks off.

Marlena talks to Sami on the phone, assuring her that Eric is fine and just has a lot going on. She hangs up and heads in to the club where she joins Hope. Marlena talks about just giving Roman an earful as she had to vent. Hope says at least Eric and Nicole are alright. Marlena talks about people downplaying it. Hope tells her to try not to think about it as no one in the department is going to give up on it. Marlena just wants to make sure Xander gets punished for what he did. Hope talks about not wanting to see people get away without being punished like Stefano. Hope mentions Stefano being back in town. Marlena talks about Chad helping her in a situation with Stefano. Marlena goes back to Xander needing to be punished for what he did.

Xander tells Eric that they can't prove anything so he should stop making false accusations or else he could be extremely sorry. Xander talks about not putting much faith in Serena then talks about being with her and mocks him. Xander smiles and laughs off any threats as he walks away. Eric thanks him, saying that he just gave him a terrific idea to make him pay for good.

Daniel brings Nicole home and wants to get her a bath but notes that she remains terrified. Daniel assures her that they are going to be alright. Nicole complains that it's not right for Xander to be free. Daniel tells her not to think about it but about this being their first night together. Daniel tells her that he's so glad she is with him as he hugs her. Nicole thinks back to kissing Eric in the vent. Nicole pulls away and says no.

Paige goes home and says she knew JJ was watching so she shouldn't have flirted with Kyle. Paige then tells herself that JJ is always going off on people so it's not her fault. She goes to her phone and plans to meet up with the guy from earlier.

The man watching JJ stops him outside of the town square and says he saw JJ attack that guy. He takes JJ down and handcuffs him.

Rafe walks in to the town square and sees Aiden finishing up with Clyde. Clyde says Aiden knows what he needs and knew he could count on him as he walks away.

Hope talks to Marlena about Xander having his alibi. Marlena complains that it just doesn't seem fair as there must be somebody who could prove Xander is guilty. Marlena goes to get a latte as Hope says that someone is probably Victor.

Eric goes to Serena's hotel room and asks if she meant that she would do anything to help him. Eric informs her that here is her chance to prove it.

Daniel questions what Nicole means by no, if she's not ready or scared of Xander. Nicole thinks back to talking to Eric about not telling Daniel what happened. Daniel asks Nicole if this is about Xander. Nicole says no. Daniel assures her that she's safe here as the police have people watching him. Daniel asks what else she is upset about and what's wrong. Nicole tells him that this is a mistake so she can't stay here with him tonight and can't move in.

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