Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/3/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/3/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope joins Aiden outside the club and apologizes for being late. Aiden says it's okay. Hope asks if he's sure. Aiden talks about keeping their professional lives separate but says he needs some help, cop to lawyer. Hope asks if it's Clyde.

Sonny says he's known for awhile but didn't want to admit that a lot of the things that have gone wrong are his fault, not Will's. Will asks if he's talking about Paul. Sonny says it's Will and everything he's done to him since the beginning.

Serena talks on the phone to Roman from her hotel room. Roman tells her to make sure she doesn't leave town and hangs up, leaving Serena frustrated. She gets up and begins smashing the elephant statue.

Daniel joins Victor and Brady at the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor asks if he can get Daniel anything. Daniel wants answers about Xander.

Abe brings Xander in to Roman at the police station. Xander asks what's next for him. Roman yells at him to shut up because he's not going to get away with what he's done. Xander guesses he's free to go.

Nicole gets ready to leave the hospital and assumes Daniel is coming in but it's Eric, who says they need to talk about what happened. Nicole says they went through a really scary time and they are still alive which is what matters most. Eric stops her and asks what about the fact that they almost made love.

Roman reminds Xander they have two victims who claim he tried to kill them and Xander's alibi. Abe goes over that Xander's alibi does check out so the DA is not going forward at this time but he's still a person of interest and they have eyes on him. Abe tells him not to leave town. Xander says to give Eric and Nicole his sympathies. Abe warns him not to push his luck as Xander exits.

Victor tells Daniel that Brady filled him in on what Xander did and it's hard to fathom. Victor asks about Xander being charged at the station. Daniel says they haven't gotten back to him yet. Victor says he must be relieved. Daniel brings up that Victor is the one who freed him in the first place.

Nicole tells Eric that it was complicated and things were so overwhelming but they're not in that position anymore so they can put it behind them and not think about it. Eric asks if she wants to just forget about it. Eric says they can't pretend it never happened. Eric refuses to do that.

Aiden asks Hope why she said Clyde. Hope brings up that he's been a problem for them before. Aiden questions her saying it like she has information on him and why he was the first person she thought of. Hope admits something about Clyde fell in to her lap. Hope apologizes for reacting the wrong way. Aiden asks her what fell in to her lap. Hope informs him that Clyde had a meeting with Stefano.

Sonny talks to Will about loving each other but being very different. Sonny talks about how long he's been out and how he's traveled the world and had relationships. Sonny knows it was very hard and overwhelming for Will to come out. Will says Sonny was always there for him. Sonny feels he took advantage of him.

Victor asks if he's talking about Xander's charges in Scotland and wishes he hadn't gotten those charges dropped. Victor questions them thinking he had something to hide. Victor says Xander was his nephew so he thought he needed a break. Victor argues that you take care of family. Brady brings up Victor always being vague about Xander in the past. Daniel brings up him being charged with murder. Victor thought Xander had changed but obviously he lied to him. Brady tells Victor not to help him in custody this time. Victor agrees that he's on his own.

Nicole tells Eric that she was so happy and grateful, knowing that everything negative between them was gone. Eric says he punished her for way too long so he needed her to know he was wrong before they almost died. Nicole talks about all those feelings being so raw. Nicole says they went through a horrible time and knowing he cared kept her going but she loves Daniel and wants to be with him which she thought he already knew. Eric just thought they needed to talk it out. Nicole says they are and is glad he pushed it because it's giving her a chance to tell him how much he means to her even if she still loves Daniel more than ever. She hopes Eric understands and asks if he does.

Aiden decides he doesn't want to know anymore and doesn't want her having anyone following Clyde. Hope says they aren't but Stefano is always on their radar. Aiden doesn't want to talk about it so Hope drops it. Aiden calls it a bad idea but Hope stops him and wants to know what is going on.

Will questions where Sonny is getting this from as he never took advantage of him. Sonny says it didn't come out right but he made a mistake at the time. Sonny calls it incredible that he was Will's first and only man. Will says he is the only man he's ever loved. Sonny brings up Paul and the other guy that Will slept with. Sonny says it's not random as it means something that he slept with two other guys. Sonny declares it means that he wasn't ready to get married.

Xander goes to Serena's and tells her that he's free because his alibi checked out but he still has a problem. Xander brings up seeing Serena's statement to the police and how she called him dangerous. Xander tells her to stick to facts when the police come around again and they'll be just fine. Serena asks if she's just supposed to forget what he did to Eric. Xander wants to make something absolutely clear to her about Eric.

Eric just wants Nicole to be happy. Eric calls it strange to finally have the chance to be open and honest with each other. Eric asks Nicole how she wants to tell Daniel about what happened as it's going to hurt him pretty badly. Nicole admits she almost told him but wasn't thinking straight and then she thought why should they tell him what they almost did and hurt him. Nicole tells Eric to keep this between them. Eric questions lying and not telling Daniel something that important. Eric refuses to do that and says he can't. Eric says all the feelings he had when they were together came rushing back to him and he knows she had the same feelings. Eric calls it a very important moment for them. Nicole shouts that they didn't go all the way and asks what is the right thing to do. Nicole questions hurting someone they both love by telling him something they didn't do. Eric questions if she can live with that and if she can put what they were feeling in a box like it was meaningless. Daniel and Brady enter, commenting on them being ready to go and ask how it's going.

Aiden tells Hope that he has a case where there is a lot of evidence against his client but most of it comes from a jailhouse snitch, who Hope put behind bars so he needs everything on him to discredit him. Aiden says this means he needs Hope as they kiss.

Will argues that it's bogus and tells Sonny not to say things like that as it's not true. Will argues that he wanted to marry him and wants to stay married forever. Will doesn't want to listen to this. Sonny questions never facing the truth. Sonny feels Will is going to hate him if they don't face their problems. Will argues that they are facing whatever. Will says they can forget Dr. Myers and he can pick the therapist. Sonny wants to figure things out today rather than push in to a future therapy session. Sonny admits that when Will told him about the guy in LA, the first thing he wanted to do was find Paul and sleep with him.

Xander brings up Serena telling Eric about the diamonds and realizes she thought she was protecting him but she wasn't as now Daniel, Nicole, and the police know which will make his business dealings more difficult. Xander yells at her to shut up and says there's no proof so it's his e-mails against her lies. Xander says all that's left is the cash in her account but she signed a contract to write articles for his company. Xander says they only need to take care of her big mouth. Xander warns that if anything from her ends up in his police file, he will go after Eric. Xander tells her that her first priority should be to make sure there's still an Eric for her to redeem herself to. Xander remarks that he hopes he hasn't been vague as he exits.

Daniel and Brady tell Nicole and Eric that they are good to go. Nicole says they were just talking about what happened and how lucky they are to be alive. Brady knows it must be upsetting. Eric tells Nicole that he's glad she's all good. Eric thanks them for everything and exits for fresh air. Brady asks if he's okay. Nicole says it's just hard to deal with. Brady goes to catch up to Eric to talk more. Daniel notes that he can see she still cares about Eric a lot. Nicole says she's ready to go. Daniel says it's great that she's getting out and suggests she come to his place. Nicole asks if he means just for tonight but Daniel was thinking for good.

Aiden shows Hope the guy he's talking about. Hope recalls him as a con artist and agrees to text Aiden the information. Hope knows he hated coming to her but she's glad to do it. Aiden kisses her. Aiden asks if she's ready for the holiday. They talk about the kids being excited. Hope comments on Aiden making such a difference in Ciara's life and says something was missing for both of them until he came along as they kiss again.

Will feels he gave Sonny the excuse he needed to sleep with Paul and knew he still loved him. Sonny admits he was hurt and wanted to hurt him back. Sonny assures that he didn't sleep with Paul and that would be unfair. Sonny talks about getting where they are because he wanted to get married since he was ready. Sonny argues that Will wasn't ready as everything was so new to him. Will argues that he knew what he wanted. Sonny tells him to be honest and asks if it was just comforting to latch on to him to feel normal.

Daniel knows it sounds impulsive but he's been thinking about it for quite awhile. Daniel knows he wants to take it slow and has trust issues but if not for that then maybe this nightmare wouldn't have happened. Daniel says it hit him while fighting to get to her alive that he doesn't want her anywhere but right by his side. Nicole calls it so sweet. Daniel states life is too short so they've got to live. Daniel adds about always making sure Parker didn't get to close to anybody in case things didn't work out but he loves Nicole to death. Nicole says she loves him too. Daniel asks her to please say yes as he hugs her. Nicole tells him that she loves him.

Brady finds Eric outside and notes that he seemed a little off at the hospital. Brady knows Xander put them through Hell but they survived and is fine so everything is going to get better. Brady asks if there's anything he wants to talk about. Brady asks Eric what really went on in that room where they were locked in together.

Will tells Sonny that's enough and says he's wrong. Sonny asks about California and the job being very appealing for him to take off. Will argues that his family needed his support. Sonny feels it opened the door for him to have freedom. Will says it was a job. Sonny brings up Will saying their life was boring before he left. Will insists that he didn't mean it. Sonny says he might have thought it was boring too if he hadn't traveled the world. Will wants to go on an adventure then and do whatever he wants. Sonny responds that it's not the answer.

Daniel and Nicole prepare to leave the hospital but Nicole forgot her papers so she goes back to get them. Roman catches up to Daniel and asks if Eric is still there. Daniel says he just left. Roman says he needs to warn them that Xander is out which shocks Daniel.

Victor makes a call wanting to have no connection or trail between he and Xander. Victor hangs up and gets a call from Xander. Xander informs him that he is out of custody as they have no case. Victor tells him to stay away from him until he's sure they have nothing on him. Victor says he doesn't give a damn about him but he does about himself so he doesn't want anyone knowing they are connected. Victor warns him about what will happen if anyone finds out as he hangs up.

Eric tells Brady that he always thinks he knows what choice to make but he's never been so confused. Brady asks if he means because of Xander. Eric says he's going to testify but feels so strange about what happened. Brady argues that Eric isn't responsible. Eric knows Brady is trying to help but he's so exhausted and just wants to be alone to think. Brady reminds him about Tate if he wants to come by the house. Brady says they'll talk soon as he walks away.

Daniel questions why the DA would say she has no case against Xander. Roman says his alibi is rock solid and they are still trying to break it. Roman says they need more than Eric and Nicole's words so they are working on it. Roman gets paged back to the station and insists he's doing everything he can as he exits. Nicole returns to Daniel and asks if something is wrong.

Aiden tells Hope that he's having trouble forgetting about their little fight so he asks about Clyde but Hope stops him and wants to forget all about Clyde. Aiden says they tried that as someone then approaches.

Will asks Sonny what the answer is for them. Sonny wants to try another couples therapist but also thinks Will should try his own therapist alone without having to worry about him. Will calls that huge. Sonny wouldn't trade what they've had for anything but says they can't go on like the last six months. Sonny wants to figure out where they are going and thinks they can get through it no matter what. Will hugs him.

Eric paces outside and thinks back to kissing Nicole. Serena finds him and says she's been looking for him. Eric doesn't want to hear how sorry she is or how much she loves him. Serena tells him that she's talking about Xander.

Daniel tells Nicole that he just wants to get her home but a nurse gets Daniel to check on a patient so he rushes off. Xander then arrives at the hospital and smiles as he sees Nicole.

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