Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/2/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/2/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Justin goes home where Adrienne follows him in and tells him he can't drop a bomb like the divorce and walk away. Adrienne says they have to talk and see where they are but Justin shouts that she's having an affair with Lucas so she can't possibly be surprised.

Kate tells Lucas that she has a proposition for him that he can't turn down because she knows he cares about his son.

Marlena goes to see Will. Will asks if Sonny sent her. She says no and asks what's wrong. Will informs her that he screwed up and may have lost Sonny for good.

Rafe talks to Sonny at the club about having a pick up game again and mentions getting Ben in. Sonny tells Rafe about Abigail moving in with Ben and he hopes it lasts. Rafe decides to go. Paul quickly rushes away from the door outside as Rafe exits. After he leaves, Paul enters and tells Sonny that he needs to speak to him about something important.

Hope walks through the town square and gets a call.

Clyde enters the DiMera Mansion and Stefano asks what the hell he wants. Clyde says he wanted to come introduce himself. Stefano says he knows who he is.

Chad encourages Theo as Abigail enters. Theo runs up and hugs her. Theo mentions going to the lake and wants Abigail to come with them like the last time. Abigail says she just came for a file so Chad gives it to her. Chad tries to explain to Theo that Abigail can't come but Theo insists that she has to.

Hope finishes the call about Clyde as Rafe approaches. Hope tells Rafe that he'll never guess where Clyde is right now.

Clyde thinks they should come to an understanding about their mutual business. Stefano responds they have nothing in common. Clyde says they have different goals but share some of the same ground. Clyde suggests he ask Victor how well cutting him off worked for him. Clyde suggests he, Stefano, and Victor come to an agreement.

Adrienne questions Justin not discussing anything. Justin says she made her choice. Adrienne argues that he made his choice first so he can't put it all on her. Justin argues that what he did was Elsa wasn't the same as he was 5000 miles away and never meant for it to be more than affair unlike her.

Lucas tells Kate that he would do anything for Will but she said this was about business. Kate says it's both and even making this offer is putting her job at risk. Kate says it's truly a gift. Kate tells him that it's Paul Narita.

Marlena knows Will has made mistakes and acknowledged them but is now getting help. Will argues that it's not enough. Marlena asks why he said that. Will tells her that Sonny found out that he told Dr. Myers that Sonix would write an article about him. Marlena asks if Dr. Myers asked for that. Will explains that he offered. He complains that he and Sonny need to focus and fix their marriage. Marlena asks what Will is worried about. Will reveals that Sonny figured out that he made another mistake in Los Angeles.

Sonny tells Paul that he isn't going to talk about what's going on. Paul says it's more about him than Sonny and Will. Paul adds that he thinks this can help them. Paul brings up Derrick from the hotel and running in to him. Paul asks Sonny to just hear him out as something Derrick said really hit him.

Lucas questions Kate giving him Paul. Kate explains that Justin forced her to give him an endorsement deal for a men's line. Kate thinks Paul would be a better fit with Lucas's line than hers. Lucas asks why. Kate explains that with Mad World, Paul will be based in Salem but with Countess Wilhelmina, he'd be in San Diego far away from Will. Kate argues that it would give Will and Sonny time to work on their marriage. Lucas turns her down and says he almost started thinking like her.

Adrienne complains that Justin can justify anything. Justin insists that he never meant to leave her over Elsa and never planned to leave her. Adrienne argues that it was clear when he didn't come home for a holiday. Justin says he e-mailed and called. Adrienne brings up Sonny being stabbed and she couldn't get him out of Elsa's bed. Justin argues that he was on the first flight back. Adrienne asks where he went when he got here. Justin points out that Sonny went to Arizona. Adrienne argues that she was there. Justin says she was with Lucas. Justin feels she wanted to humiliate him and then walks out.

Will tells Marlena there was one guy, one time in LA. Will says the guy worked him and he fell for it. Will assures her that it was just one time and he got fired after so he was relieved that it was over. Marlena asks if he thought about telling Sonny. Will says he did but figured what good would it do when it only happened once and wouldn't happen again but Marlena points out that it did happen again with Paul.

Sonny steps outside with Paul and asks what he came up with. Paul says it's more about Will. Sonny doesn't want him in the middle of this. Paul explains that Derrick asked him about coming out and how it was going then he mentioned being surprised that Will and Sonny were already settled down. Paul tells Sonny that he loves him and wants to be with him but he realized he couldn't get married yet. Paul talks about being so focused on getting him back and says it was easier than dealing with coming out and everything. Sonny asks if he thinks it was like Will skipped a step.

Abigail agrees to go to the lake with Theo which makes him happy. Theo's therapist comes in so they leave for his session. Chad tells Abigail that she shouldn't have lied to Theo.

Rafe asks Hope if she thinks Clyde is working for Stefano. Hope doesn't think so but wonders what if Stefano uses Clyde. They agree that it doesn't sound right. Rafe suggests maybe it's not business as Clyde is with Kate. Hope wonders why Clyde would go to the DiMera Mansion with a target on his back. Rafe says Clyde knows Stefano wouldn't kill him in his own house. Hope says that must be why he went there. Rafe jokes about if they'd take each other out.

Clyde talks to Stefano about his business being local compared to Victor and Stefano being more international. Clyde talks about expanding his business here. Clyde reaches under a table and plants a bugging device. Clyde adds that he's seeing Kate but there shouldn't be any hard feelings since he moved on as well. Stefano calls his guard to escort Clyde out. Clyde says he said his piece but came to listen as well. Stefano says he's learned all he needs to know about him so he orders him out. Clyde exits.

Lucas tells Kate that she almost got him. Kate argues that they would be helping Will but Lucas feels it's interfering in his life. Kate insists that she cares about Will like she always did about Lucas. Lucas complains that she just wants to run his life. Lucas says Will is a grown man who needs to work on his marriage by himself. Kate argues that Justin pushed this job on Paul to keep in Salem so he's inserting himself between Will and Sonny. Lucas doesn't want to start a fight with Justin. Kate remarks that Lucas already moved in on Adrienne. Lucas wishes her luck on her schemes and hopes her boss doesn't find out as he storms off.

Hope and Rafe continue to joke about Stefano and Clyde. Hope only worries about the collateral damage in Chad, Abigail, or Ben. Rafe brings up Abigail moving in with Ben which surprises Hope. Rafe says Ben's a good kid but it just means she'll be closer to Clyde. They mention that Victor might be interested in Clyde meeting Stefano. Hope says she would just be passing along some news. Rafe tells her to text him if she needs backup as she walks on.

Kate goes to the club and looks out the window to see Sonny with Paul.

Paul knows Will loves Sonny and doesn't doubt that. Paul brings up Will marrying the first guy he'd ever been with. Paul says he feels like he kind of gets Will and what happened between them. Sonny responds that he gets it and he has to get back to work so he heads back inside. Sonny tells a worker that he'll be at home and to only call if there's an emergency.

Marlena tells Will that she's not judging him and encourages him to talk to somebody about this. Will calls it just mistakes. Will gets a text from Kate that Sonny is on his way home and he's not happy. Will informs Marlena so she decides she'll go. Marlena advises Will to stay calm and listen to everything Sonny has to say before reacting. Will thanks her and hugs her as she then exits.

Abigail tells Chad that she didn't lie as she will go to the lake with them. Abigail adds that Ben would love to join them since he and Theo get along. Abigail goes to leave but stops and questions him being so sweet and kind with Theo then cruel with her. Chad calls payback a bitch. Abigail asks if it really was all a plan with him working her since he got back to town. Chad tells her they both got what they wanted. Abigail says she didn't want that. Chad tells her that she can go play house with Ben while he moves on with other women. Abigail asks if he means Zoe. Chad tells her that Zoe is hot in ways that she will never get and that she should see the things they do together. Abigail calls him disgusting and storms out.

Hope goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and informs Justin that Stefano is meeting with Clyde. Justin asks why she wants him to pass this along to Victor. Hope says he'll know and adds that she only found out in a routine update. Hope stops to ask how things are with he and Adrienne as she's sorry about them. Justin says they're ending up like Hope and Bo.

Adrienne goes to Lucas's, looking upset. He asks what is it and she responds it's Justin.

Will calls Kate and questions her about Sonny being unhappy. Kate notes that she heard Sonny say things weren't okay as he left. Kate adds that she saw Sonny talking to Paul. Kate says it was very intense but she has to go and hangs up. Paul enters and tells Kate that she's just who he wanted to see. Kate thought maybe he'd be looking for Sonny.

Justin tells Hope that he drew up the divorce papers but feels Adrienne would have if he didn't. Justin says that Lucas makes her happy now while he makes her miserable. Hope is sorry and knows he must be crushed. Justin says that's where they are. Hope thought they could work through anything. Justin says nobody is talking. Hope advises him not to do anything out of anger because it never helps. Justin responds that it's too late for that.

Adrienne complains to Lucas that the divorce papers came out of nowhere and they didn't even talk about it. She feels blindsided. Lucas is surprised by her reaction.

Clyde walks through the town square and finds Abigail. Clyde mentions her making Ben very happy.

Marlena finds Chad at the hospital and says she's been trying to get a hold of him. Chad says he planned to call her later. Marlena thanks him for what he did for Stefano. Chad asks if she's okay. Marlena says she is thanks to him. Marlena adds that she didn't tell Abe or Roman what Stefano did because they would just get upset. Marlena feels Stefano is out of reach so it's over. Chad then reveals to her that Stefano is back in town for good.

Paul questions Kate not getting her calls or texts. Paul informs her that he's taking the job and his manager will handle the profits. Kate tells him that the deal is not for negotiation. Paul feels all deals are. Kate says it's business but they don't have to like each other.

Sonny goes home and asks Will where Arianna is. Will says she's at a play group so they have an hour. Sonny says they need to discuss. Will asks if it's Paul since he talked to him. Sonny questions how he knew and if he's having him followed. Will explains that a friend told him that he was talking to Paul. Sonny says this is about them not Paul so he wants to talk. Will wants to listen to what he has to say. Will insists that he loves him. Sonny believes him and knows he loves him. Sonny brings up Will being willing to go to prison for him when he thought he killed Nick. Will admits he's made mistakes. Sonny agrees that Will could've handled things better. Sonny says the truth is, there's a lot of things he could've handled better too.

Chad tells Marlena that Stefano beat the tax charges which shocks her. Marlena asks how it is for him. Chad jokes that he hasn't threatened to kill him yet. Marlena tells him that she's there if he ever needs to talk in private. She says she has a busy schedule but would make time for him as she walks away.

Clyde tells Abigail that he got her a house warming present of a gift card for furniture. Abigail jokes that Ben would have to approve whatever she picks out but knows Ben will appreciate it. Clyde adds that nothing is more important to him than Ben's happiness and she makes him very happy. Clyde then walks away. Clyde comments to himself that if she stays away from Chad, everything will be fine.

Lucas knows that Justin's move came out of the blue but he thought she knew that's the kind of thing that should happen but she sounds devastated. Lucas asks if she wants something else. Adrienne apologizes for coming. Lucas stops her and knows they were married for a long time so she's in shock from losing her husband. Adrienne cries that she doesn't know what she wants as Lucas hugs her.

Stefano calls Harold to order how his food be made. Clyde listens in from outside the town square on the device he planted.

Paul tells Kate that he is just looking to be treated with respect. Kate responds that respecting her means staying away from Will and Sonny. Paul wants to stick to business and says he'll be waiting for the contract as he exits.

Will tells Sonny that he's done nothing wrong and calls him perfect. Sonny tells him that Paul said something to him that landed. Sonny says he's known for awhile but didn't want to admit that a lot of the things that have gone wrong are his fault, not Will's.

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