Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/1/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/1/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa watches as the couple hug over good news. The nurse comments that the couple came in a year ago and were yelling, blaming each other and now look at them. Anne interrupts and asks Theresa about her missing master keys.

Eve goes to leave Marlena's office with Laura's file when Jennifer enters and bumps in to Eve, causing her to drop the file. Eve quickly picks up the file before Jennifer sees it.

Justin finishes a call, yelling at someone about work. Kate enters and mocks Justin sounding like Victor. Justin threatens her job. Kate tells him not to snap at her just because of Lucas sleeping with Adrienne.

JJ asks Bev about Kyle, saying it seems like he wants something but it's no big deal. Kyle then interrupts and is followed by the man watching from the bushes.

Abigail talks to Bridget from Ireland on the phone and promises to come visit in September. She hangs up and Adrienne enters. Abigail cries about everything being so complicated.

Stefano asks Chad why he thinks he chose this moment to come back to Salem. Chad responds that he knows he's there because of he and Abigail. Stefano breaks out in laughter.

Ben tells Clyde that he used the app to track Abigail's phone to the DiMera Mansion. Ben reveals that he overheard Abigail make Chad promise to never tell him that they slept together. Ben states that they had sex right there in the garden a few days ago. Ben adds that Chad and Abigail didn't know he was there but she didn't deny it and it happened more than once. Ben throws his glass in anger.

Paige remains in the club with her tablet and says this is going to take a lot more time and effort than she thought so maybe she should just let it go. Paige is unsure and decides she needs air so she exits.

Kyle tells JJ and Bev that he's throwing a party over the holiday and asks for JJ's number. JJ responds that they want to be alone and they walk away as the man watches on.

Anne complains about her missing keys and tells Theresa that she isn't accusing her but is just asking her. Theresa insists that she doesn't have them and has more important things to focus on. Anne brings up Brady hating her. Theresa complains that she's supposed to be her friend. Anne continues to question her about the keys.

Eve tells Jennifer that she has very confidential referral papers from Marlena. Eve questions what Jennifer is even doing there and tells her to get out and go to her own office as she storms out.

Justin tells Kate that he didn't call her to talk about Lucas and Adrienne but about work. Justin tells her to close the deal on Paul in the men's line and do her job as he walks out.

Adrienne asks Abigail what's going on. Abigail tells her about Bridget in Ireland not doing too well. Abigail says she really needs to see her and mentions going in September. Adrienne asks if there is something else. Abigail says it's reminding her of how much simple things were back then. Adrienne tells her that she's in love and has everything to look forward to so she asks what has her so upset. Abigail thinks back to sex with Chad.

Clyde tells Ben that he'll need to clean the glass up before Abigail brings her things over. Ben mentions Abigail having no idea that he knows she slept with Chad. Clyde questions him still letting her move in. Ben says that she loves him and he heard her tell that to Chad. Ben adds that last night, she proved she wants him and only him. Clyde asks if he's convinced he's over between her and Chad. Ben says he has to live with it because he loves her and has to make it work. Ben tells him that he made sure Chad knows that Abigail is all his.

Stefano tells Chad that the idea that he would rearrange his life because of Chad's romantic escapades made him laugh. Chad brings up him being furious that he blew Abigail off. Stefano admits he was upset for Chad throwing in the towel when he loves her. Chad says he had a very good reason and he's looking at him.

Theresa continues complaining about Anne thinking she stole her keys. Anne threatens if she does find out that she has them. Anne gets a call and steps away. Theresa tells Eve about Anne thinking she stole her keys. Eve gives them back and says now she can be the hero who found them. Theresa tells her that she owes her for taking a big risk. Eve hopes it will pay off big time.

Bev asks JJ about hanging out all night as they go to the park but JJ says he can't because Sonny hired him to work at the club. Bev wants to make him feel better and tells him not to beat himself up. JJ admits being with her is really helping and lifting his spirits as they kiss. Paige walks up and sees them. They stop when they see Paige. Bev decides to leave. Paige warns Bev that JJ is once a cheater, always a cheater and calls him a liar.

Anne argues with Eve, reminding her that Theresa is working now. Theresa comes over with they keys, saying she found them in her drawer. Anne swears she looked there. Theresa mocks her as Anne walks away. Theresa warns Eve about that being close. Eve assures her that she got everything she needs. They look over at Jennifer as Theresa wonders what she took. Eve says it's only important to her and Jennifer.

Abigail apologizes to Adrienne for complaining as she knows how lucky she is to have Ben. Adrienne understands she's stressed. Abigail insists she's really happy about moving in with Ben but is afraid she's disappointing Jennifer or letting her down. Jennifer enters and assures that she's not letting her down as she's so happy for them. Adrienne says they are obviously a great couple. Jennifer admits she'll miss having her around but she'll be close and she's happy that she found her soulmate that she's supposed to be with.

Clyde doesn't know how Ben can forgive Abigail for a mistake like that. Ben states that he knows she'll never do it again. Clyde is unsure but Ben regrets telling him about this. Clyde is glad he did and appreciates Ben confiding in him so he supports whatever he does. Ben calls him the exact opposite of Chad's father as he heard Chad shout that Stefano should stop trying to push he and Abigail together which he found weird.

Stefano tells Chad that it breaks his heart for him to imply. Chad says it's a fact that he wants him with Abigail and he's worried about why because it has nothing to do with him. Stefano insists that Chad loves Abigail. Chad says if he did, he would never make her live in this house. Stefano argues that EJ and Sami lived there happily. Chad says that lasted six weeks before he was killed. Chad adds that Abigail is nothing like Sami. Stefano questions him approving of Abigail with Ben. Chad responds that it's not his business. Stefano asks if he loves Abigail that much, how does he expect to live without her. Chad questions why he would want to tie himself down to one woman. Chad says he got what he wanted from Abigail, revenge for sleeping with EJ so he used her and dumped her. Chad tells Stefano to let it go like he has and walks out. Chad stops and thinks back to sex with Abigail then continues on. Stefano remarks that Chad loves her enough to give her up so he'll see how long that lasts.

Clyde questions Stefano pushing Chad to be with Abigail. Ben says that's what he heard Chad say but it doesn't matter because Abigail is with him now and moving in. Clyde decides he'll let him get back to it and adds that he wants nothing but the best for him. Clyde says Abigail is luckier than she knows to have a man like him. Clyde tells him to take care as he exits. Clyde says to himself that Stefano is back in town and playing matchmaker.

Theresa jokes about Eve getting what she wanted because it's all about her. Eve insists that she's been thinking about her situation and hopes it works out for her. Eve warns her not to get in Brady's face about anything and stay calm. Theresa laughs at her advice. Theresa says she came up with a new plan to get Brady close to her. Theresa brings up Eve saying she owed her so she might be calling on that. Eve tells her that she knows where to find her and walks away. Anne returns to Theresa and wants her to get to work but Theresa says it's her time with Tate and walks away.

Bev tells JJ that she'll catch him later and leaves the park. JJ tries to apologize but Paige doesn't care what he's doing and accuses him of using girls and dumping them. Paige asks if he's going to do Bev like he did her. JJ tries to stop her. Paige asks JJ how many other sluts he was sleeping with while they were together. JJ yells at her to stop and listen to him right now.

Kate meets Clyde at the club and says she has a meeting so they need to make it quick. Clyde questions why she didn't tell him that Stefano is back in town.

Chad brings Theo to the hospital for his therapy. Theo asks if he can play a game on his phone while they wait for his therapist. Chad wants to talk instead and asks about he and his friend Sawyer after school today. Chad tells him that friends are important so he wants them to work it out. Theo comments that he sounds like Abe. Chad tells him he's really proud of him. Theo asks if Chad can take him to the lake again and recalls Abigail being there. Abigail then appears outside the door.

Theresa goes home to see Tate. She orders Haley the nanny to get her food but she responds that her job is the baby not her. Theresa tells her that she has it covered now and to go tell Henderson that she's starving. Theresa says that they have some work to do.

JJ tells Paige that he ended everything with Eve before he asked her to take him back. JJ says he was never unfaithful while they were together so he never cheated on her. JJ assures that he was just with her and asks if she believes him. Paige mocks him making such a big sacrifice. Paige tells JJ that it was never just them because Eve's shadow was always next to him.

Adrienne meets Justin at the Pub and asks what he wants to talk about. Justin says he has nothing to say and just gives her an envelope then exits. Adrienne opens it and it's a petition for divorce.

Kate tells Clyde that she was going to tell him eventually. Clyde questions the hold up and if she thought he wouldn't be interested. Kate asks if he's jealous. Clyde responds that he doesn't bat in his league. Kate agrees. Clyde knows Kate's with him because it's what she wants as he kisses her and says he'll see her later. Clyde exits.

Paige tells JJ that what happened was disgusting and so wrong. Paige says she hates him and Eve so much as she walks off.

Jennifer joins Maxine at the hospital. Maxine gives her information about a press release. Jennifer finds out that Dr. McCallister is going to be treated at the Lakewood Sanitarium where her mom was admitted a long time ago.

Eve sits at home reading through Laura's medical file, finding the medical disorder's symptoms and that it can trigger at any time.

Theresa talks to Tate about their life and how great it would be if Brady loved her too. Theresa says she isn't going to put him in danger but they might have to lie a little bit to give Brady a little scare.

Maxine didn't realize Jennifer's mom had been to Lakewood. Jennifer says she was there a long time and it was really horrible but it's in the past.

Eve says it's good to know that drugs can cause each of the symptoms.

Theresa tells Tate that it will be perfect if she can scare Brady and be the hero at the same time. Theresa says she has to be careful and if it all works then Melanie will just be a memory and then they'll live happily ever after.

Kyle talks on the phone in the town square, saying he's making moves and they know he's done this before.

Bev returns to JJ in the park and asks how it went. JJ doesn't want to talk about it. Bev mentions getting a text from Kyle about the party but she told him no, knowing JJ doesn't want anything to do with that scene. JJ decides they should go to the party so they walk off together.

Paige goes home and back to her tablet. She cries that this will work and then lays on her bed crying.

Ben gets Abigail's favorite flowers set up on the table at home and prepares the place. He thinks about Abigail sleeping wiith Chad.

Kate sits outside the town square on her phone. Someone approaches. She thanks them for meeting her and says she has a proposition that they can't turn down.

Chad encourages Theo as Abigail enters. Theo runs up and hugs her.

Stefano sits at home and gets a call. He tells Harold to send them in. Clyde enters and Stefano asks what the hell he wants.

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