Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/30/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/30/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ calls Bev to meet in the park. Jennifer confronts JJ and says she knows what he's doing but this never works.

Daphne sits with Paige at the club and warns her about meeting an older guy.

Eve stands at the hospital and thinks about trying to find more about Laura's illness. She complains about Theresa not being where she needs her. Eve sees Anne and questions her about Theresa coming to work. Anne informs her that she may never show her face there again. Eve complains that she needs her there now. Anne questions why.

Brady reminds her that her stuff isn't arriving until later and there isn't much for her to do around here plus she's probably uncomfortable. She asks what he thinks she should do. Brady suggests she go to work which she questions him expecting her to work. Theresa tells him there's no way that's happening. Theresa wants to be a full time mother to Tate and not be away from him. Brady tells her that she can't be and brings up their agreement.

Clyde talks on the phone outside the town square, being informed that Stefano is back in town. Clyde says all the charges must be dropped. Clyde declares he handled Victor so he won't have any problem with Stefano.

Stefano talks on the phone at home, saying not to worry about Abigail as she will come around and so will Chad.

Ben and Abigail walk through the town square together. Ben is excited about her moving in and they stop to kiss as Chad walks by and sees them.

Jennifer thinks JJ is trying to move on too fast. JJ doesn't want to hang around feeling bad for himself. Jennifer offers to spend time with him and doesn't think Bev is good for him. JJ praises Bev actually liking him and not making him feel like scum.

Eve asks Anne if Theresa quit her job. Anne questions why she's so interested in her work habits. Anne asks if she's worried about having to support her. Marlena interrupts and asks to speak with Eve for a moment so they step aside. Marlena asks Eve if they weren't meant to be meeting for a consultation.

Theresa argues with Brady. Brady tells her that she's in the house temporarily and he wants her away if he's spending time with his son. Brady asks what she's going to do for money if she quits her job.

Chad tries to walk away but Ben spots him and asks if he's going to say hello so he does.

Paige assures Daphne that she knows what she's doing and sends her away. The man named Mark arrives and meets Paige. Paige points out that he didn't list his age in his profile. Mark says he wasn't trying to fool anyone and asks if he looks older than she thought. Paige stops him and says this isn't going to work out.

JJ tells Jennifer that Bev knows everything and understands so being with her is a relief. JJ just wants to have some fun. Jennifer questions him using a girl who liked him for a long time. JJ feels they are using each other and they both know that. Jennifer tells him that he's coming with her to work so they can finish this conversation but JJ refuses, saying he's done talking about this and doesn't want to run in to Abigail, Kayla, or Daniel. JJ complains about going nuts and feeling insane.

Eve apologizes to Marlena and says she lost track of time and has something to take care of but will meet her in her office. Marlena goes to her office. Eve tells Anne to tell Theresa to text her the second she gets there.

Theresa complains that what she makes at the hospital will never be enough and she wants to spend time with her son. Brady doesn't want her financially dependent on him. Theresa complains that she hates her job and everyone there hates her. Brady suggests she go find another job. Brady repeats that the living situation is temporary and what happens after is completely up to her.

Ben asks Chad how it's going. Chad questions him caring. Ben apologizes for the last time they talked and making things tense. Chad tells him not to worry about it. Ben says they will never be friends but they are going to run in to each other so he suggests keeping it civil.

JJ tells Jennifer that he was out of line and apologizes. Jennifer tells him to never say he's insane again. JJ brings up what happened to his grandma Laura and says she's better now. Jennifer talks about going through that and it being really sad so it's still hard to talk about after all these years. Jennifer assures JJ that she's here for him and mentions he starts his new job with Sonny tomorrow. Jennifer tells him to have fun. JJ hugs her and says he loves her and doesn't know what he would do without her then he exits.

Eve meets Marlena in her office and asks if she has a name to refer her to. Marlena has a couple of more questions. Marlena brings up Eve saying she did something unforgivable involving her daughter and asks if she could talk more about that. Eve says it also involves Jennifer and JJ and it's just hard to talk about because it's very complicated. Eve talks about Marlena going way back with Jennifer's family and mentions her treating Laura during her breakdown. Marlena says she can only talk about her. Eve tells her that she wants her daughter back and she'll do whatever it takes.

Mark wants to change her mind and offers to buy a drink. Paige says she's sorry for wasting his time so he exits. Daphne returns and asks what happened. Paige says he just wasn't right and thanks her for being there. Paige goes back to the web site to start over.

Brady tells Theresa that their love and concern for Tate is all they share. Brady is happy to pay for a nanny or whatever Tate needs but he will not be giving Theresa money to spend on herself. Theresa questions him thinking of her as a gold digger. Haley the nanny interrupts and says it's time for the baby's bottle. Brady declares he will be happy to take care of it. She asks if he wants to go to the nursery or have her bring him down. Theresa tells Brady to do whatever he wants like he always does and storms out.

Chad questions Ben's good mood. Ben informs him that Abigail is moving in today. Chad congratulates him and calls him a lucky guy. Abigail has to get to work and they kiss goodbye. Chad tells Ben to be good to her. Ben responds that he plans to for the rest of their lives. Chad walks away as Ben thinks back to overhearing what happened between Chad and Abigail.

Clyde goes to Ben's and apologizes for not calling first as it looks like he's in the middle of something. Ben tells him it's okay and informs him that Abigail is moving in. Clyde is excited and wants to celebrate. Clyde asks if that's what he wanted. Ben informs him that he wants Abigail and now she'll be all his.

Abigail goes to the hospital to tell Jennifer in person that she's moving in with Ben. Jennifer is not surprised as it's a regular step for two people in love but wonders why Abigail is not happier about it.

Chad goes home and asks Stefano if he let everyone know he's back. Chad is glad he's there as he has a question that Kate brought up. Chad asks why it was so important for him to come back now.

Brady sits with Tate and he finishes his whole bottle. Brady apologizes to Haley for the scene with Theresa. She tells him not to worry and calls him such a good dad. Brady hands Tate to her as his phone rings with a call from John. John asks how Tate is doing and says he was thinking about stopping by to see him as he needs to talk to him. Brady wants to talk too but not there. Brady agrees to meet John at the club in ten minutes, adding that it's important.

Theresa goes to the hospital. Anne is surprised to see her. Theresa complains that Brady won't let her quit and argues that the whole point of living in the mansion was for Brady to see her being a loving mom and see her in a new light. Theresa complains about the hospital. Anne tells her that Eve needs to see her immediately. Theresa says she has too much going on right now.

Marlena tells Eve that she can give her the name of two doctors. Eve says she's uncomfortable with a man so Marlena refers her to a woman. Eve worries about her being judgmental as she wants someone compassionate with experience. Marlena decides that she'll e-mail her a list then but Eve wants to come up with someone now. Eve adds that she feels so comfortable talking to her. Eve gets a text from Theresa that she's here and asks what she wants. Eve claims she's hoping the call is from Paige and rushes out. Eve confronts Theresa about quitting her job. Theresa says Brady told her she can't. Eve says she needs her help now. Eve brings up Anne having the master keys to everything in the hospital. Theresa responds that she can't do that but Eve argues that she'll have it back within in an hour. Theresa worries about getting in trouble. Eve insists it's for a good cause and something she'll want to in payback for Jennifer. Theresa smiles and agrees to see what she can do. Eve stops and asks for Marlena's schedule as well as Theresa walks off.

Clyde wants Ben to talk to him and questions what's going on. Ben says he can handle it and doesn't want to talk about it. Clyde worries about him letting it come out in a bad way.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she is happy to be moving in with Ben but was afraid that Jennifer wouldn't be happy about her leaving the house with everything involving JJ. Jennifer understands she's an adult now and knew this moment would come. Jennifer calls it a big step for them. Abigail assures they are ready. Jennifer calls him a good man and knows how lucky he feels to have her. Jennifer gives Abigail a letter that came for her from Ireland as she exits.

JJ joins Bev in the park with a picnic setup. JJ is ready to have fun. Bev helps him take his shirt off as they talk about tanning. Bev's drug dealer Kyle approaches and tells her that one of her friends is looking for her so Bev goes to see her. Kyle then tells JJ that after meeting hm, he realized who he was.

Daphne asks what kind of guy Paige is looking for.

Brady meets John at the club and asks about Xander. John explains Xander's story and asks about Tate. Brady says he's good and he can come see him any time. Brady reveals to him that when Tate moved in, so did Theresa.

Theresa returns to Eve and gives her Anne's master key then informs her that Marlena has a staff meeting in five minutes. Eve excitedly walks off.

Kyle asks JJ about his past and suggests they do business together. JJ tells him that he gave all that up. Someone watches them from the bushes. Bev returns and tells Kyle that her friend didn't need to talk to her. Kyle says he must have misunderstood but at least he got a chance to get to know JJ. JJ decides they're going to take off so he and Bev walk away. A man peeks out from the bushes.

Anne asks Theresa why she was so worked up. Theresa says she just needed something. Anne questions her looking up designer dresses on the computer at work. Anne reminds her that she has no money. Anne tells her that Brady wanting her to work there is to keep her away from him. Anne adds that she is not going to be able to seduce Brady back in to her life and tells her to grow up.

John jokes with Brady about having the fireplace pokers removed before he visits Tate. Brady tells him that Maggie took care of it but he couldn't leave Tate with Theresa in her apartment. Brady says it's only temporary and swears that he won't let her get her hooks in as she is only someone that he shares a kid with. Paige sees Brady leave and tells Daphne that someone his age or maybe John's age could work. Paige tells her not to worry as she'll find someone.

Ben tells Clyde not to worry as he's never going to hurt Abigail. Clyde still thinks he needs to open up to someone who won't betray him.

Stefano tells Chad that he is a grieving father who desperately wants to be with his only surviving son. Chad asks why he didn't want to be with him last year. Stefano says it's getting tedious as he's answered the same question repeatedly but he's never satisfied. Chad says he wants to believe him but just can't.

Abigail reads her letter from Ireland and finds out the woman who took care of them there is in bad health.

Eve returns to Marlena and apologizes that took so long. Marlena tells Eve that she has one more person who might be able to help her. Eve complains about Paige hating her. Eve cries about going on without her daughter. Marlena gets a call and says she's in a session. Marlena tells Eve that she can cancel her staff meeting but Eve tells her to go ahead. Eve asks if she can stay behind so nobody sees her like this. Marlena agrees and is sorry she's going through all of this. Marlena exits so Eve jumps up and uses the key to unlock her drawers then look through the file cabinet. Eve finds the folder on Laura Horton's psychiatric history.

Daphne questions Paige wanting to date some old guy. Daphne asks if this is about getting back at Eve or JJ and asks how she's going to do it. Paige responds that she'll see.

JJ and Bev go to the town square. JJ asks how well she knows Kyle. Bev says not very well as he just supplies everyone now that he and Rory are out of it. JJ comments that it seemed like he wanted something but it's no big deal.

The man from the bushes talks on the phone that JJ was definitely talking to the drug dealer for a second time and asks if they want him to keep watch.

Ben tells Clyde that he used the app to track Abigail's phone to the DiMera Mansion. Ben reveals that he overheard Abigail make Chad promise to never tell him that they slept together.

Stefano asks Chad why he thinks he chose this moment to come back to Salem. Chad responds that he knows he's there because of he and Abigail.

Abigail finishes reading the letter about Bridget from Ireland.

Brady returns home and tells Tate that he missed him.

Theresa asks a nurse about a couple at the hospital. She informs her that their kid fell off the slide and they are a wreck.

Brady tells Tate that he's already the most important guy in his life.

Theresa watches as the couple hug over good news. The nurse comments that the couple came in a year ago and were yelling, blaming each other and now look at them. Theresa remarks that a scare like that can really bring you closer.

Brady continues spending time with Tate.

Theresa watches as the couple leaves the hospital.

Eve goes to leave Marlena's office with Laura's file when Jennifer enters and bumps in to Eve, causing her to drop the file.

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