Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/29/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/29/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will swears he isn't writing an article on Dr. Myers. Will says he only suggested it to Zoe but said he couldn't write it because he's their therapist. Sonny questions him and accuses him of more lies.

Paul goes to the lake in the park where Derrick the hotel clerk recognizes him.

Theresa puts Tate in his crib and gives him a toy rattle. Theresa tells him that she's there and not going anywhere. Victor enters and questions what the hell she's doing in his house. Victor threatens to call the police. Theresa mocks his anger. Victor decides he'll throw her out himself but Brady and Maggie interrupt. Brady says she's staying but Victor says over his dead body. Maggie says she's been trying to reach him for hours and asks where he's been. Victor thinks back to dealing with Xander and tells Maggie that he was taking care of business.

Roman has a cop bring Xander in to the waiting room. He walks in and comments that someone had a rough night. Abe arrests Xander for the attempted murder of Eric and Nicole.

Nicole says Eric shouldn't be here as it's not a good time. Eric tells Nicole that they need to talk about all of what happened last night. They think back to kissing as Daniel enters and declares he wants to hear everything that happened.

Victor threatens to kick Theresa out again. Brady repeats that she's staying but Victor refuses.

Xander asks about Eric and Nicole being alright with nothing serious happening to them. Xander calls it ridiculous and claims he'd never hurt Eric as he's his friend. Abe reminds him about the right to remain silent. Xander says he knows his rights but he'll still answer any questions. Xander claims there's no way he could've hurt Eric or Nicole because he wasn't here.

Daniel stops Eric from leaving and claims he knows exactly what Eric did.

Will feels like he's on trial and questions the big deal. Sonny continues to accuse him of lying. Will says he's not lying and just thought Dr. Myers would make a good article. Sonny asks what Dr. Myers thought of it. Will wonders why he's getting so worked up. Sonny comments on Dr. Myers having an ego and jumping at the chance to be profiled at Sonix. Sonny says all he talked about was their future instead of what happened. Sonny thinks that's just how Will wanted it to work.

Paul remembers Derrick. Derrick mentions hearing he was back in town and adds that he lost his job at the hotel. Derrick brings up his article and asks about Will and Sonny being married.

Will questions Sonny thinking he would try to influence their therapist. Sonny is unsure if there's anything Will wouldn't do. Will says he's trying to hang on to their marriage. Sonny asks why he's so desperate to hang on to him.

Brady mocks Victor's anger. Maggie tries to give them time alone. Victor still wants Theresa gone. Maggie tells Victor and Brady to step out and talk so they do. Theresa thanks Maggie. Maggie stops her and says what Victor says is what everyone thinks. Maggie adds that she doesn't want her there and she's not welcome. Maggie says that Tate is welcome so they are going to do their best for him. Maggie warns her that she's got her number.

Brady tells Victor that he's not thrilled about this but it's what is best for Tate. Brady brings up his long night worrying about Eric and Nicole then says he knows Victor had a long night too. Victor questions him and what happened. Brady tells him that Xander tried to kill Eric and Nicole.

Roman asks Xander where he was last night. Xander claims he was at a party in Chicago and there's at least ten people who can verify it. Roman says they'll also check his phone. Xander says he can save them trouble as Serena can back up most of what he says.

Daniel hugs Eric and is thankful that he's okay. Daniel says he heard from the police that Eric saved Nicole's life so he doesn't know how he'll ever repay him. Eric stops him and doesn't want to talk about it. Daniel asks him what's wrong.

Will tells Sonny that he's not desperate but in love with him. Sonny remarks that he has a funny way of showing it. Sonny brings up when Will left for LA with Sami. Will argues that she needed his help after EJ died. Sonny argues that he went out there to be a big Hollywood writer then came back when it didn't work out. Will says he came back because he missed him but Sonny doesn't believe him. Will insists that he wanted him to come with him. Sonny continues to accuse him of lying. Sonny brings up Will calling their life boring, their always arguing and then sleeping with Paul.

Paul doesn't want to talk abou it but Derrick says he can't believe they are married with a daughter. Derrick says he wants a husband and a kid some day. He asks Paul if he's ready to settle down.

Will yells at Sonny that he didn't sleep with Paul to get the story as it just happened and didn't mean anything. Will remarks that at least he didn't ask him to marry him. Sonny asks why he slept with him then.

Maggie sends the nanny Haley to put Tate down for a nap. Theresa offers to do it herself but Maggie insists. Maggie blames Theresa for Melanie being gone and says they won't take any attitude from her. Maggie wants to check on Victor and Brady.

Victor admits he knew about Xander's history but thought he could help him and never thought it would come to this. Victor says the longer he was in town, the less he liked him and then he started messing with Daniel which was unforgivable so he told him to get out of town. Victor regrets not making sure he left. Victor decides to call Daniel to apologize. Brady asks what he wants to do about Xander. Victor doesn't care if he rots in Hell and says he should hope the police find him before he does.

Serena says she can't back up Xander's story. Xander reminds her that he came to say goodbye and that Serena can tell them why he left. Xander talks about his feelings for Nicole not being returned so he accepted that and decided to leave Salem. Serena admits that he did tell her that. Xander says after that, he left for Chicago. Abe says Xander isn't saving them any time. Roman wants to check his phone which Xander says they'll see multiple calls and texts. Abe calls Xander a very careful man which Roman agrees with. Serena mentions Xander not answering her calls. Xander talks about avoiding this misunderstanding and says all that really matters is that Eric and Nicole are okay.

Daniel asks Eric if he's still worried that Xander is out there. Eric says so much happened last night. Daniel notes that Eric had a pretty big response now. Eric states that he does think he knows what's bothering him. Nicole says she does too and he can't hold it in so he has to tell Daniel what happened. Nicole says this isn't just about what Xander did. Nicole brings up how important trust is to Eric. Daniel asks what trust has to do with this. Eric responds actually a lot. Nicole thinks for Eric, as bad as the heat was, the betrayal was worse. Eric starts to speak up but Nicole explains she was talking about Serena betraying him. Nicole says Eric needs to move on from that first. Daniel says it's Eric's call and asks him if it was Serena who got him so upset.

Roman and Abe talk about accepting when feelings are not returned by a woman and joke about Xander having no anger. Roman brings up Eric and Nicole saying Xander was very angry and trying to kill them. Xander claims it's not true but Roman says they have conclusive evidence that someone tried to kill them and they swear it's him. Xander argues but Roman says all he has is manufactured evidence. Roman assures him that he won't stop until the one who did this to Eric pays. Roman tells Abe to get Xander out and away from him. Abe tells Xander that he's taking him to the interrogation room to ask him a lot of questions about that party. Xander stops to make sure Serena wasn't with Eric and Nicole and feigns concern for her well being. Abe takes Xander out. Roman sits with Serena and asks how she thought she could get mixed up with someone like that and not end up with blood on her hands. Serena says she was with Daniel most of the night. Roman questions her being blameless. Serena says she doesn't have anything they can use against Xander. Roman questions how she can sleep at night after seeing Eric and Nicole. Serena's attorney arrives and says this is finished. Roman exits for fresh air. She stops Serena and tells her not to say another word if she cares about her life.

Victor tells Brady that Xander will be dealt with but he wants to know what he was thinking when he told Theresa she could stay here.

Maggie tells Theresa that she has played every card to get in to the house but she's never had to deal with Victor hand to hand. Maggie talks about Theresa thinking she plays dirty. Maggie remarks about not keeping the fireplace pokers around.

Brady tells Victor that he's doing this for his son because Theresa's parents want to take him to LA so this is the compromise. Brady talks about Theresa not knowing about being a mother so they have to make sure they take care of Tate. Victor tells him that she's playing him. Brady knows but has to put his son first. Victor says soon he may be dealing with her whole family. Victor insists on putting his foot down that she cannot stay here. Brady agrees that it is his house so they will be out then. Brady informs Victor that if Theresa goes, Tate goes which means he goes and they'll find some place else to live.

Sonny questions how Will could sleep with Paul if he cared so much about their marriage. Will says he wasn't thinking and thought Paul would leave town. Will complains about Sonny throwing all of his failings in his face. Sonny questions him blaming him. Will remarks about nothing ever being Sonny's fault. Will talks about Sonny mocking his work while nothing's wrong with him being best friends with Chad. Will argues about everything he does being made wrong while everything Sonny does made right. Will complains about having a husband who doesn't think he's on his level. Sonny questions if that's what made him sleep with Paul. Will says yeah and turns away. Sonny then asks if Paul wasn't the only one and if he slept with someone before Paul.

Paul tells Derrick that he would like to settle down when he finds the right person. Derrick asks if Sonny wasn't the one. Derrick feels getting married wouldn't last right after coming out. Paul says it was nice seeing him but he's going for a swim.

Sonny asks if Will slept with someone before Paul. Will swears he didn't. Sonny accuses him of lying again. Will tells him that he loves him and only cares about trying to fix their marriage. Sonny accuses him of sleeping with someone in Los Angeles. Will tries to explain but Sonny talks about Will not having time to call him in LA since he was screwing around. Sonny puts it all together leading Will to admit it only happened once. Sonny shoves him away. Will asks what he wants him to say. Sonny remarks they should wait to talk to Dr. Myers and storms out.

Daniel gets a text from Abe that Xander is in custody and they are charging him with attempted murder. Eric rushes out to call Roman and find out what's happening with Serena.

Theresa tells Maggie that they can always live somewhere else. Maggie says she will put up with her for Tate. Victor enters and says him too. Victor adds that it will work a lot better if she stays out of his way. Victor calls it a rough night and wants a nap. Victor tells Brady that he's glad he's staying and wants to do some male bonding with Tate later. Theresa remarks to Maggie that she's not too bad at hand to hand combat either. Maggie thinks it's easier to get along when the rules are clear. Maggie and Victor exit. Theresa tells Brady that she's really here, living in the mansion. Brady points out that it's just for now.

Serena's attorney tells Serena that nothing backs up the claims against her or Xander and it's clear she wasn't involved with what happened but she was there to save them. She warns Serena about saying any more to the police or the consequences could be serious for her. Serena stops and asks her if Xander got to her.

Nicole asks Daniel where they found Xander. Daniel says there's something he wants to tell her first.

Sonny goes to the park and stops to think back to Will admitting he cheated. Paul comes from the lake and finds Sonny.

Brady reminds Theresa of their custody agreement and says it's pretty equal. Theresa agrees and is glad they didn't go to war as she wants to be on the same side. Brady says now is his time to be with him. Theresa decides she'll just sit there then but it's not what Brady had in mind.

Victor gets a text from Daniel that Nicole is okay. Maggie is glad. Victor decides to call him but Maggie suggests giving him some time. Maggie asks if this is why Victor canceled the dinner party and said Xander would never be back in this house again. Maggie stops him and asks what he's not telling her.

Serena tells her attorney that Eric and Nicole know Xander locked them in. She warns Serena that if she keeps talking, she might not be the only one to pay. She tells her to let the police deal with Xander.

Daniel tells Nicole that he has a lot to tell her. Daniel talks about finding her and thinking she might die which put him out of his mind. Nicole notes that he saved her life. Daniel talks about having his guard up for so long but when he thought he might lose her, he realized how much he loves her and needs her in his life. Nicole talks about what could've happened and everything they had together almost being lost. Daniel assures her that they are here and everything she went through can be put behind them now. Nicole agrees that it's over and they can put last night behind them to finally get the fresh start that they both want as they hug.

Paul asks Sonny how he knew he was there. Sonny says he didn't as he came to think. Paul asks if he's okay and wants to talk about it. Sonny claims it's problems at the club. Paul doesn't believe him but Sonny says he can't talk to him about this and walks off.

Will cries at home, promising Arianna that he's not going to lose Sonny.

Theresa tells Brady that she'll go unpack then. Brady reminds her that her stuff isn't arriving until later and there isn't much for her to do around here plus she's probably uncomfortable. She asks what he thinks she should do. Brady suggests she go to work which she questions him expecting her to work. Theresa tells him there's no way that's happening.

Abe tells Serena that she's free to go. Roman brings Xander back in. Xander questions Eric and Nicole's story. Xander says he'll see Serena soon as she exits.

Victor explains to Maggie that Daniel came to him and told him he knew for a fact that Xander was no good so he decided then to tell him to get out and never come back which is when he went off the rails and did what he did. Maggie asks if that's all that happened with them. Victor doesn't want to talk about Xander and wants to call Daniel to make sure he's okay. Maggie reminds him that Daniel will have some pretty rough questions for him too as she walks away.

Daniel comes back to Nicole's room and tells her that she should be released in a few hours. Daniel tells her how glad he is to still have her in his life. They kiss as Eric walks back to the doorway and sees them.

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